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Newspaper Archive has 12,111 publications in 2,671 cities from all 53 states. Narrow your search results by state and find family, relevant stories, and historical news articles. We are constantly looking for more historical newspapers, so we can ensure that you can find the stories you are looking for. Newspaper Archive reaches out to libraries, historical societies, and newspaper publishers, so we can gather content that will help you find the stories that will further your research.

Narrow your search even further to find historical news articles in cities all over the United States. Browse old United States newspapers by city. Search the big cities to learn about state and national news, or browse your hometown to discover your family history and get back to your roots.

United States Newspapers from 1736 to 2023

Browse through United States Newspapers dating back to 1736. Search by name, keyword, date, location, or publication. Dive deep into the history of America and read the news as far back as 03 Sep, 1736. Follow history from before the founding of the United States to the 2023.

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Researching United States Newspaper Records

Search newspapers in the United States archives to further your genealogical research and your historical research. Whether you are looking for your family or events, Newspaper Archive is full of United States newspapers to facilitate your research. Find United States obituary records, US marriage announcements, United States birth announcements and more with a refined US newspaper record search by record type!

Search by name to find family and grow your family tree as you find names, dates, and personal events in old U.S. newspapers. Read about historical figures, politicians, political figures, and religious martyrs. Discover stories about people, read their legacies and experience the past.

Or take a closer look at events that changed the nation and the world by searching with keywords. Research wars, technological triumphs, natural disasters, and nationwide celebrations. Experience the past as if you are were there. Learn about those who came before. Discover the world behind you.

Revolutionary War and Independence Day

With United States newspapers going back to the 1700s, you are sure to find historical news articles detailing the Revolutionary War, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the founding of America. Learn about the formation of America before the war and read about the founding fathers who organized a free nation.

Civil War

The Civil War, a crucial moment in America's history, resulted in the abolition of slavery as well as a shift in government power. Read historical newspapers detailing the battles, physical and political. Experience the news of Abraham Lincoln, his influence, and eventual assassination, just as they did in historical America.

The Roaring 20s

One of the best unknown times for fashion, jazz, and gangsters, the Roaring 20s, has a slew of stories, surprising headlines, and shocking news. Read about the prohibition, gang fights, flappers, and jazz halls. Experience the 1920s with the Americans in the past through stories and photographs in historical news articles.

The Great Depression

The late 1920s and 1930s brought the Great Depression, a blow almost as devastating as the World Wars that came before and after. While the economy cut out a lot of unnecessary expenses, newspapers were still printed. Browse through old newspapers from the time to learn of the most important events. View the world and the United States as those who lived through such hardship did.


One of the most infamous and influential wars, World War II, delivers stories upon stories about soldiers, battles, and valiant supporters from home. In newspapers, you may find an ancestor who served their country. You may read stories of brave individuals abroad and on American soil.

United States Family History Research

While church records and government records are a great basis for family history, they don't always give you everything you need. Newspapers are an excellent addition to other genealogy sources. They can provide you with names, dates, and events that will help you trace your family line back further. Grow your family tree with the vital information you can find in historical newspapers. Look for birth, marriage, and death records in United States newspaper records.

Family history is more than just names and dates, though. Take your genealogical research to the next level by finding stories about your ancestors. Clip articles and save them to your collection or attach them to people on your profile. A death certificate will let you know who died and when they died, but an obituary from a newspaper will give you a snapshot of your ancestor's life, what they were known for in the community, and how their family remembered them.

Additional United States Newspaper FAQs

United States historical newspapers have so much to share about the past, you only have to look for them. See these FAQs or hop over to the Help Center if you aren't sure where to start.

NewspaperArchive is an online platform that provides access to millions of historical newspapers from across the United States. We have an extensive collection of newspapers dating back to the 1700s, making it the perfect resource for anyone interested in exploring the rich history of the country.
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Newspapers are a treasure trove of historical information, and our collection of United States historical newspapers is no exception. You can expect to find news stories, editorials, advertisements, obituaries, and much more. Our newspapers offer a unique glimpse into the past, giving you a firsthand account of what life was like in different parts of the country at different points in history.