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Georgia historic newspapers

Researching your family heritage can be an exciting and fun project. It can be tough to start though, if you don't have adequate information. Of course, there are also the roadblocks that are bound to pop up as you research one of your relatives and hit a dead end.

Using Georgia newspapers for family history

When you begin pouring over all of the information, it can be overwhelming, so it's best to approach it more systematically. If you have ancestors from Georgia, USA (or suspect you do), Georgia historic newspapers are sure to become your new best friend.

Newspaper archives are a great place to start your search, but they are even better for breaking through family history roadblocks. In online newspapers, you can search many different newspapers at once and expand your search into various cities, towns, settlements, and counties. And because it's online, everything is right at your fingertips.

Georgia historical newspapers online are a great resource for people who have relatives that settled in the area or who have lived in Georgia. Georgia has a rich Civil War history. You never know what gem of information you might turn up the next time you turn a page. And that little piece of information could bring with it a veritable flood that will propel your search.

What can you learn from Georgia newspaper archives?

If you've discounted the usefulness of old newspapers in your family research so far, it might be time to rethink your position. Even pretty far back in history, newspapers were vital forms of communication and people relied on them to keep up with what was going on in their communities, with their neighbors, and in their world.

For instance, an Atlanta newspaper from the early to mid-1860s may have information on Civil War battles or soldiers who were killed, came home, or did something outstanding. It may list crimes or interesting human interest stories as well as the daily news. You never know what you will find.

You may find a report on a town meeting where your relative spoke on a community concern, or you may learn that you have ancestors who were evangelists, doctors, war heroes, politicians, or even criminals. There is so much to discover.

Sections to explore in a Georgia historic newspaper database

While most newspapers will have generally the same sections, there will be some differences. This is even more true when you go back to some of the very early newspapers. A newspaper from the early days in Atlanta will likely be quite different from a newspaper from a small settlement near Columbus during the same time.

So, as you search Georgia newspaper archives check out these newspaper sections:


School activities have long been a favorite section in newspapers. You can learn about students, administrators, and teachers just by accessing some of these sections.

  • Attendance Records
  • Class Reunion Announcements
  • Dean's List
  • Graduate Notices
  • Honor Roll Announcements
  • School Events
  • School Sports News and Announcements
  • Teacher Records

Business news is a huge interest today and throughout history. People recorded business openings, closing, and other important events. Almost always the owners and key personnel were named in the stories.

  • Business Notices
  • Business Openings
  • Local Business News
  • New Business Openings

Church is an institution that has drawn people since the beginning of time. Because of this, church news is a popular section in just about every newspaper.

  • Church News
  • New Church or Church Plants
  • New Member Announcements
Civil War, servants, slavery

Find out about slaves, Civil War events, and more by thumbing through these sections in the older papers.

  • Civil War Battles
  • Indentured Servants
  • Runaway Slave Notices

Community pages have always had a huge readership, so they tend to be very well populated. Don't skip this section!

  • Club Announcements
  • Community Announcements
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Organization Events
  • Political Events
  • Social Announcements
  • Volunteer Announcements
  • War Time Volunteers
Court and legal

You can find out a lot about your relatives through these sections. Arrests, property, civil lawsuits, and more will keep you entertained for quite a while.

  • Arrest Reports
  • Court Dockets
  • Court Filings
  • Jury Lists
  • Legal Notices
  • Personal Legal Notices
  • Police Blotters
  • Tax Delinquencies
  • Tax Lists
  • Unclaimed Letters

This is an important section because you can get some precise information about dates and places regarding death and burial.

  • Death Notices
  • Funerals
  • Obituaries
Marriages, weddings, and births

This is another section that will give you some precise information like birth dates, marriage dates, place of birth, and more.

  • Anniversaries
  • Birth Announcements
  • Elopements
  • Marriage Announcements
  • Wedding Announcements

If you have relatives who were involved in community events and wanted to help the community then you just might find some information on them here.

  • Minutes of Meetings (county, city, etc.)
  • "Old Settler" meetings
  • School Board Meetings/Minutes

Homecomings, drafts, deaths, and other military news can give you a ton of information on relatives who served their country.

  • Draft Lists
  • Local and Community Soldier News
  • Military Lists
  • News from Soldiers
  • Soldier Homecomings

This can be a fun section because you may see your relatives in some interesting situations. You just never know.

  • Accidents and Car Wrecks
  • Advertisements
  • Biographical Sketches
  • Classified Ads
  • Editorials
  • Local Personality Highlights
  • News Stories
  • Society Pages

Property is a great way to track your ancestors and get information on them.

  • Bankruptcies
  • Estate Settlements
  • Foreclosures
  • Probate Notices
  • Property Transfers
  • Public Auctions
  • Public Sales
  • Real Estate Transactions

If your relatives immigrated to the US or if they traveled from one area to another, this section could help you track them.

  • Hotel Guest Lists
  • Immigrant Card
  • Ship Arrivals
  • Stagecoach Passenger Lists
  • Ship Passenger Lists
  • Train Passenger Lists
  • Train Schedules

Start your search with some organization

Before you begin your search, you are going to want to get organized. Searching Georgia newspaper archives online will likely provide a lot of data for you to wade through and the more organized you are, the easier it will be to make sense of it.

A good place to start is to assemble your facts. Put together all the information that you have on each person. You can use index cards, notebooks, or even computer files to organize your information on your relatives. As you are gathering and organizing your data, take special note to record their first and last name, middle name, maiden name, birth date, birthplace, date of death, place of death, and other key info.

If your ancestor was married, include their spouse's information as well as their children's names and dates.

If you are missing some information, don't worry. Just pull together what you have. Once you get it all in one place you might be surprised to see how much you have.

By making a separate card or file for each person you are searching, it will be easier for you to keep their information straight. It is easy to get confused when you have so much information pouring in. Just keep it together and keep it organized and you will love watching those files grow.

Top tips for searching Georgia newspapers online

Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

  • Search the towns you know your relatives were in but also search the surrounding towns.
  • Search extended family like uncles, cousins, and even great aunts and uncles instead of limiting your search to only your direct ancestors.
  • Narrow your search to get more precise information.
  • Broaden your search if you aren't getting good results – or any at all – by removing dates or middle names and including flexible date ranges.
  • Try spelling surnames in several different ways.
  • Remember that many women used to take on their husband's name – literally. Mrs. Joe Brown was a common way women signed legal documents.
  • Keep date ranges fairly wide. Events took time to get to press, so make sure you account for that time.

Searching Georgia newspapers will not only help you complete your family tree, but will help you learn your family heritage and build your family narrative. Dive in and learn where you came from!

Additional Georgia newspaper FAQs

  1. Albany American Standard
  2. Albany Courier
  3. Albany Daily Herald
  4. Albany Georgia Courier
  5. Albany News
  6. Albany Patriot
  7. Albany Tri Weekly News
  8. Albany Weekly Herald
  9. Albany Weekly News and Advertiser
  10. Americus Daily Recorder
  11. Americus Recorder Tri Weekly
  12. Americus South Western News
  13. Americus Times Recorder
  14. Americus Weekly Recorder
  15. Americus Weekly Sumter Republican
  16. Americus Weekly Times Recorder
  17. Athans Athenian
  18. Athans Weekly Banner
  19. Athens Athenian
  20. Athens Banner
  21. Athens Banner Herald
  22. Athens Banner Watchman
  23. Athens Banner Weekly
  24. Athens Clarke County Courier
  25. Athens Daily and Weekly Banner
  26. Athens Daily Banner
  27. Athens Daily Banner Centennial Edition
  28. Athens Daily Banner Watchman
  29. Athens Daily Herald
  30. Athens Foreign Correspondent and Georgia Express
  31. Athens Gazette
  32. Athens Georgia Express
  33. Athens Herald
  34. Athens Northeast Georgian
  35. Athens Red And Black
  36. Athens Richards Weekly Gazette
  37. Athens Semi Weekly Banner
  38. Athens Southern Banner
  39. Athens Southern Herald
  40. Athens Southern Watchman
  41. Athens Southern Weekly Banner
  42. Athens Southern Whig
  43. Athens Sunday Banner
  44. Athens Sunday Banner Watchman
  45. Athens Weekly Banner
  46. Athens Weekly Banner Watchman
  47. Athens Weekly Georgian
  48. Atlanta Atlantian
  49. Atlanta Campus Mirror
  50. Atlanta Constitution
  51. Atlanta Crogman Cycle
  52. Atlanta Daily Atlanta Intelligencer
  53. Atlanta Daily Constitution
  54. Atlanta Daily Examiner
  55. Atlanta Daily Herald
  56. Atlanta Daily Intelligencer
  57. Atlanta Daily Intelligencer and Examiner
  58. Atlanta Daily Locomotive
  59. Atlanta Daily New Era
  60. Atlanta Daily Opinion
  61. Atlanta Daily Southern Opinion
  62. Atlanta Daily Sun
  63. Atlanta Gate City Guardian
  64. Atlanta Georgia Literary and Temperance Crusader
  65. Atlanta Georgia Temperance Crusader
  66. Atlanta Georgia Weekly Opinion
  67. Atlanta Georgian
  68. Atlanta Georgian and News
  69. Atlanta National American
  70. Atlanta Panther
  71. Atlanta Presbyterian Of South
  72. Atlanta Presbyterian of the South
  73. Atlanta Southern Confederacy
  74. Atlanta Southern Israelite
  75. Atlanta Southern World
  76. Atlanta Southern World Journal Industry Farm Home and Workshop
  77. Atlanta Southern World Journal Of Industry For The Farm Home and Workshop
  78. Atlanta Spelman Reflections
  79. Atlanta Spelman Spotlight
  80. Atlanta Sunny South
  81. Atlanta University Center Light
  82. Atlanta Weekly Atlanta Intelligencer
  83. Atlanta Weekly Constitution
  84. Atlanta Weekly Intelligencer
  85. Atlanta Weekly Intelligencer and Cherokee Advocate
  86. Atlanta Weekly New Era
  87. Atlanta Weekly Sun
  88. Atlanta Wolverine Observer
  89. Augusta Bulletin
  90. Augusta Chronicle
  91. Augusta Chronicle and Gazette Of The State
  92. Augusta Chronicle and Gazette State
  93. Augusta Chronicle and Georgia Advertiser
  94. Augusta Chronicle and Georgia Gazette
  95. Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel
  96. Augusta Columbian Centinel
  97. Augusta Constitutionalist
  98. Augusta Constitutionalist and Republic
  99. Augusta Daily Chronicle and Sentinel
  100. Augusta Daily Constitutionalist
  101. Augusta Daily Constitutionalist and Republic
  102. Augusta Daily True Democrat
  103. Augusta Evening Dispatch
  104. Augusta Georgia Constitutionalist
  105. Augusta Georgia Courier
  106. Augusta Georgia State Gazette Or Independent Register
  107. Augusta Georgia Weekly Constitutionalist
  108. Augusta Herald
  109. Augusta Mirror
  110. Augusta Mirror Of The Times
  111. Augusta Southern Centinel and Gazette Of The State
  112. Augusta Southern Centinel and Gazette State
  113. Augusta Southern Field and Fireside
  114. Augusta Southern Israelite
  115. Augusta Southerner
  116. Augusta Tri Weekly Chronicle and Sentinel
  117. Augusta Tri Weekly Constitutionalist
  118. Augusta Washingtonian
  119. Augusta Washingtonian Or Total Abstinence Advocate
  120. Augusta Weekly Chronicle and Sentinel
  121. Augusta Weekly Constitutionalist
  122. Augusta Weekly Georgia Constitutionalist
  123. Augusta Weekly Georgia Constitutionalist and Republic
  124. Augusta Weekly State Rights Sentinel
  125. Augusta Weekly True Democrat
  126. Auraria Western Herald
  127. Bainbridge Democrat
  128. Bainbridge Post Search Light
  129. Bainbridge Search Light
  130. Bainbridge Weekly Democrat
  131. Barnesville Daily Gazette
  132. Barnesville Gazette
  133. Barnesville News Gazette
  134. Barnesville Orthodox Democrat
  135. Barnesville Weekly Gazette
  136. Blakely Early County News
  137. Brunswick Advertiser
  138. Brunswick Advertiser and Appeal
  139. Brunswick Daily Advertiser Appeal
  140. Brunswick Daily News
  141. Brunswick News
  142. Brunswick Times
  143. Brunswick Times Call
  144. Brunswick Weekly Advertiser
  145. Brunswick Weekly Advertiser Appeal
  146. Butler Herald
  147. Butler Taylor County News
  148. Butler Taylor County News and Butler Herald
  149. Butts County Argus
  150. Butts County Progress
  151. Cairo Grady County Progress
  152. Calhoun Democratic Platform
  153. Calhoun Georgia Platform
  154. Canton Cherokee Advance
  155. Carroll County Times
  156. Carroll Free Press
  157. Carrollton Advocate
  158. Carrollton Carroll Free Press
  159. Cartersville Express
  160. Cassville Georgia Pioneer
  161. Cassville Georgia Pioneer and Retrenchment Banner
  162. Cassville Standard
  163. Cedartown Advertiser
  164. Cedartown Express
  165. Cedartown Record
  166. Cedartown Standard
  167. Clarkesville North East Georgian
  168. Clayton Tribune
  169. Cleveland Progress
  170. Columbus Corner Stone
  171. Columbus Daily Enquirer
  172. Columbus Daily Enquirer Sun
  173. Columbus Daily Sun
  174. Columbus Daily Times
  175. Columbus Enquirer
  176. Columbus Enquirer Sun
  177. Columbus Enquirer Tri Weekly
  178. Columbus Muscogee Democrat
  179. Columbus Muscogee Democrat And Mercantile Advertiser
  180. Columbus Sentinel
  181. Columbus Sentinel and Herald
  182. Columbus Southern Sentinel
  183. Columbus Sunday Enquirer
  184. Columbus Times
  185. Columbus Times and Sentinel Tri Weekly
  186. Columbus Times Sentinel Tri Weekly
  187. Columbus Tri Weekly Columbus Times
  188. Columbus Tri Weekly Times and Sentinel
  189. Columbus Weekly Columbus Enquirer
  190. Columbus Weekly Enquirer
  191. Columbus Weekly Sun
  192. Columbus Weekly Times
  193. Commerce Harmony Grove Echo
  194. Commerce News
  195. Covington Herald
  196. Covington Southern Baptist Messenger
  197. Crawfordville Gulf Coast Breeze
  198. Cumming Forsyth County News
  199. Cumming North Georgian
  200. Cuthbert Appeal
  201. Cuthbert Enterprise and Appeal
  202. Cuthbert Reporter
  203. Dahlonega Nugget
  204. Dallas New Era
  205. Dallas Paulding New Era
  206. Dalton North Georgia Citizen
  207. Danielsville Monitor
  208. Darien Gazette
  209. Darien McIntosh County Herald and Darien Commercial Register
  210. Darien Telegraph
  211. Dawson County Advertiser
  212. Dawson County Advertiser and Dawson County News
  213. Dawson County News
  214. Dawsonville Cosmopolite
  215. Douglasville Douglas County Sentinel
  216. Douglasville West Georgia Sentinel
  217. Dublin Post
  218. Eatonton Countryman
  219. Eatonton Messenger
  220. Elberton Star Of The South
  221. Fayetteville Advertiser
  222. Fayetteville Chronicle
  223. Fayetteville News
  224. Forsyth Bee
  225. Fort Hawkins Messenger
  226. Gainesville Georgia Cracker
  227. Gainesville News
  228. Georgia Boston Journal
  229. Georgia Boston Times
  230. Georgia Boston World
  231. Greensboro Planters Weekly
  232. Griffin American Union
  233. Griffin American Whig
  234. Griffin Daily Chattanooga Rebel
  235. Griffin Empire State
  236. Griffin Georgia Jeffersonian
  237. Griffin Independent South
  238. Hamilton Harris County Enterprise
  239. Hamilton Organ
  240. Homer Banks County Gazette
  241. Homer Banks County Journal
  242. Homer Banks County Observer
  243. Homer Farmers Journal
  244. Homer Weekly Journal
  245. Jackson Argus
  246. Jackson Butts County Progress
  247. Jackson Jacksonian
  248. Jackson Middle Georgia Argus
  249. Jackson News
  250. Jackson Progress Argus
  251. Jefferson Forest News
  252. Jefferson Jackson Herald
  253. LaFayette Walker County Messenger
  254. LaGrange Herald
  255. LaGrange Reporter
  256. Leesburg Lee County Journal
  257. Louisville American Advocate
  258. Louisville Gazette
  259. Louisville Gazette and Republican Trumpet
  260. Louisville Sentinel
  261. Lyons Progress
  262. Macon American Republic
  263. Macon Daily Citizen
  264. Macon Daily Georgia Citizen
  265. Macon Daily Telegraph
  266. Macon Daily Telegraph and Messenger
  267. Macon Georgia Christian Repertory
  268. Macon Georgia Citizen
  269. Macon Georgia Citizen Advertiser
  270. Macon Georgia Journal and Messenger
  271. Macon Georgia Messenger
  272. Macon Georgia Telegraph
  273. Macon Georgia Telegraph and Republic
  274. Macon Georgia Weekly Telegraph
  275. Macon Georgia Weekly Telegraph and Georgia Journal and Messenger
  276. Macon Georgia Weekly Telegraph Journal and Messenger
  277. Macon Mercer Cluster
  278. Macon State Press
  279. Macon Telegraph
  280. Macon Telegraph and Messenger
  281. Macon Tri Weekly Telegraph
  282. Macon Twice A Week Telegraph
  283. Macon Weekly Georgia Citizen
  284. Macon Weekly Georgia Telegraph
  285. Macon Weekly Telegraph
  286. Macon Weekly Telegraph and Messenger
  287. Macon Weekly Telegraph Premium Supplement
  288. Madison Madisonian
  289. Madison Morgan County News
  290. Madison Southern Miscellany
  291. Madison Weekly Madisonian
  292. Marietta Mariettian
  293. Meigs Herald
  294. Middle Georgia Argus
  295. Milledgeville Confederate Union
  296. Milledgeville Federal Union
  297. Milledgeville Future Citizen
  298. Milledgeville Georgia Argus
  299. Milledgeville Georgia Journal
  300. Milledgeville Intelligencer
  301. Milledgeville News
  302. Milledgeville Reflector
  303. Milledgeville Southern Federal Union
  304. Milledgeville Southern Recorder
  305. Milledgeville Southron
  306. Milledgeville Standard of Union
  307. Milledgeville Standard Of Union And Free Trade Advocate
  308. Milledgeville Standard Union and Free Trade Advocate
  309. Milledgeville Union and Recorder
  310. Milledgeville Union Recorder
  311. Monroe Bulletin
  312. Monroe Confederate Pension
  313. Monroe Savannah Bulletin
  314. Monroe Walton Tribune
  315. Monticello Jasper County News
  316. Mount Vernon Montgomery Monitor
  317. Mount Zion Hancock Advertiser
  318. Mount Zion Missionary
  319. New Echota Cherokee Phoenix
  320. New Echota Cherokee Phoenix and Indians Advocate
  321. Newnan Georgia Banner
  322. Newnan Herald
  323. Newnan Herald and Advertiser
  324. Newnan Independent Blade
  325. Newnan News
  326. Newnan Palladium
  327. Newnan Southern Literary Companion
  328. Newnan Weekly News
  329. Oglethorpe South West Georgian
  330. Oglethorpe Southern Democrat
  331. Pavo Weekly News
  332. Penfield Christian Index
  333. Penfield Georgia Temperance Crusader
  334. Penfield Temperance Banner
  335. Penfield Temperance Crusader
  336. Perry Home Journal
  337. Perry Houston Home Journal
  338. Petersburg Georgia and Carolina Gazette
  339. Rome Courier
  340. Rome Republican Sentinel
  341. Rome Semi Weekly True Flag
  342. Rome Tri Weekly Courier
  343. Rome Weekly Courier
  344. Sandersville Central Georgian
  345. Sandersville Herald
  346. Sandersville Mercury
  347. Savannah American Patriot
  348. Savannah Argus
  349. Savannah Colored Tribune
  350. Savannah Columbian Museum and Savannah Advertiser
  351. Savannah Columbian Museum and Savannah Commercial Advertiser
  352. Savannah Columbian Museum and Savannah Daily Gazette
  353. Savannah Courier
  354. Savannah Crusader
  355. Savannah Daily Georgian
  356. Savannah Daily Georgian And Journal
  357. Savannah Daily Herald
  358. Savannah Daily Journal And Courier
  359. Savannah Daily Morning News
  360. Savannah Daily News and Herald
  361. Savannah Daily Republican
  362. Savannah Daily Savannah Republican
  363. Savannah Daily Telegraph
  364. Savannah Dollar News
  365. Savannah Evening Journal
  366. Savannah Evening Mirror
  367. Savannah Federal Republican Advocate and Commercial Advertiser
  368. Savannah Friend Of The Family
  369. Savannah Georgia Gazette
  370. Savannah Georgia Journal and Independent Federal Register
  371. Savannah Georgia Republican
  372. Savannah Georgia Republican and State Intelligencer
  373. Savannah Georgian
  374. Savannah Georgian and Evening Advertiser
  375. Savannah Georgian and Journal
  376. Savannah Georgian Country
  377. Savannah Georgian For The Country
  378. Savannah Georgian Georgian
  379. Savannah Journal
  380. Savannah Mercury
  381. Savannah Morning Chronicle
  382. Savannah Morning News
  383. Savannah Museum
  384. Savannah National Republican
  385. Savannah National Republican Supplement
  386. Savannah Patriot And Commercial Advertiser
  387. Savannah Public Intelligencer
  388. Savannah Republican
  389. Savannah Republican and Savannah Evening Ledger
  390. Savannah Republican Extra
  391. Savannah Royal Georgia Gazette
  392. Savannah Supplement Republican
  393. Savannah Supplement to the Republican
  394. Savannah Weekly Echo
  395. Savannah Weekly Georgian
  396. Sparta Ishmaelite
  397. The Colored American
  398. The Weekly Defiance
  399. Thomaston Backwoodsman and Upson Yeoman
  400. Thomaston Hickory Nut and Upson Vigil
  401. Thomaston Upson Pilot
  402. Thomasville Daily Times Enterprise
  403. Thomasville Enterprise
  404. Thomasville Federal Mortality Census
  405. Thomasville News
  406. Thomasville Press
  407. Thomasville Progress News
  408. Thomasville Southern Enterprise
  409. Thomasville Times
  410. Thomasville Times Enterprise
  411. Thomasville Times Enterprise And South Georgia Progress
  412. Thomasville Times Enterprise Semi Weekly Edition
  413. Thomasville Weekly Times Enterprise
  414. Thomasville Wire Grass Reporter
  415. Thomson McDuffie Progress
  416. Tifton Gazette
  417. Valdosta Times
  418. Vidalia Advance
  419. Vidalia Toombs County Local
  420. Vienna News
  421. Vienna Progress
  422. Warrenton Georgia Clipper
  423. Warrenton Rural Cabinet
  424. Washington Friend and Monitor
  425. Washington Independent Press
  426. Washington Monitor
  427. Washington News
  428. Washington News And Miscellaneous Advertiser
  429. Washington News And Planters Gazette
  430. Washington Wilkes Republican
  431. Waycross Evening Herald
  432. Waycross Headlight
  433. Waycross Herald
  434. Waycross Journal
  435. Waycross Weekly Edition of the Waycross Evening Herald
  436. Waycross Weekly Herald
  437. Waycross Weekly Journal
  438. Waynesboro True Citizen
  439. Winder Barrow Times
  440. Winder Jackson Economist
  441. Winder News
  442. Winder News and Barrow Times
  443. Winder Reform World
  444. Winder Weekly News
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