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Find Your Family in Ohio Historical Newspapers

The task of researching your ancestors and your family history may be centered on census records, marriage and death certificates, or other records kept by governments and religious institutions. Often overlooked though, is information and stories found in old newspapers. When sifting through old newspaper articles, you may stumble upon articles that mention dates, other family members, or impactful events involving your family.

Other records have great information and shouldn't be overlooked, but archived newspapers supplement that information and may even help you fill in some of the gaps when other records fall short.

What Can You Learn About Your Family From Old Ohio Newspapers Online?

When the usual records are missing data, newspapers can potentially offer a lot of clues that aid in completing your family's story. You may be able to find dates, names of family members and friends, business associations and colleagues, social standing, volunteer work, community involvement, and much more. Articles such as birth and wedding announcements, and obituaries offer invaluable information to help complete family trees.

Researching newspaper content isn't only about the data though. Looking through old Ohio newspapers, you may be able to discover stories about your family. You may find stories that illustrate your ancestors' involvement in the community, or their valiant service in the military.

While names and dates are crucial to family history, stories connect individuals with their history. Reading stories is how one can come to know those who have passed on before. If you don't know much about your family history, an ancestor mentioned in an old article is a treasure. For those who know their family well and already have stories recorded, newspapers still have something to bring to the table. There may be small local stories that highlight things your ancestor did that aren't mentioned in journals or other memorabilia that has been passed down.

How to Start Your Newspaper Search

Before you begin browsing old Ohio newspapers, gather the facts you already have and define your family history research goals.

When looking at the facts you already have, take notice of names, dates, locations, group affiliations, and occupations.

Dates to think of when you are gathering data include, birth and death dates, marriage dates, move dates, military service dates, business opening, moving, or closing dates, date a job was started, important religious ceremony dates, and any other dates related to events you want to know more about.

Names are also very important in searching newspapers. Having names of relatives, friends, mentors, colleagues, bosses, neighbors, or other influential people can help you narrow your search and find stories. You may find stories about your relatives or stories about those who were close to your relatives.

Knowing where your ancestor lived is valuable, but knowing where they worked, what town they gave birth in, or where their relatives resided can also help you. These facts will help you not only discover more stories, but potentially lead you to other information. If you don't know where they lived, but you know of a city where they worked, visited, or had family, you might be able to find their resident city or even an exact address.

If you know that your great, great grandmother was a nurse in the Cleveland State Hospital, you might be able to find stories about her workplace. She may have even been highlighted in an article about the hospital staff. In addition to stories about the hospital, you may also find bits of information. The writer may have mentioned that your great, great grandmother had six children, but you only have documentation of five. This is a helpful clue that can lead to some research.

After you've categorized your data, define what you want to find. If you are looking for stories, great! Just search with keywords that will direct you to the kind of stories you want to learn. If you are looking for more data to find more relatives, that is also great! Use the data you have to search for records that will give you more data.

How to Find Old Newspaper Articles

There is a wealth of great family history knowledge available in newspapers, but how can you find it? Start your search with family names. If your ancestor has a unique name, you might more easily find information. This type of search is really broad, so often, you have to dig a little deeper. Add dates to narrow your search. Adding date ranges that encompass important events may help you find information relating to marriages, deaths, business ventures, military events, or religious recognitions.

Searching with dates is great, but you can narrow it down even further. Adding keywords to your research will give you even better results. Search with keywords related to your ancestor's connections and affiliations. Adjust your keywords to align with some of the following article types.

  • Academic Stories
  • Advertisements
  • Anniversary Announcements
  • Arrests
  • Attendance Rolls
  • Bankruptcies
  • Biographical Sketches
  • Birth Announcements
  • Business Announcements
  • Car Wrecks
  • Church New Members
  • Church News
  • Civil War Battles
  • Hotel Guest Lists
  • Indentured Servants
  • Jury Lists
  • Legal Notices
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Marriage Announcements
  • Military Lists
  • Minutes of Meetings (county, city, etc.)
  • News from Soldiers
  • News Stories
  • Obituaries
  • "Old Settler" meetings
  • Personal Notices
  • Police Blotters
  • Political Events
  • Class Reunions
  • Club and Sport Announcements
  • Community Events
  • Court Dockets or Filings
  • Dean's List
  • Death Notices
  • Elopements
  • Estate Settlements
  • Foreclosures
  • Graduates
  • High School Sports and academic Stories
  • Honor Rolls
  • Probate Notices
  • Public Auctions
  • Public Sales
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Reports of Accidents and crimes
  • School Board Meetings/Minutes
  • Slave Runaways
  • Social Announcements
  • Tax Delinquencies
  • Tax Lists
  • Teachers
  • Train Schedules
  • Unclaimed Letters
  • War Time Volunteers

Tips for Searching Ohio Newspaper Archives

Family history requires dedicated research, but knowing how to research simplifies the process. When searching the Ohio Newspaper Archives, keep these tips in mind.

Dates and Date Ranges

If you have a date or date range in mind, increase the range to account for writing and publication time. For example, if you want to find more information about an ancestor by looking for an obituary, increase the date range to include two weeks following the death of your ancestor.

Branch Out

Instead of tracing a line straight back, don't be afraid to look into siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, and even friends or mentors. Looking at family members to the side will help you learn more of the story, but they also might have their own stories that may have helpful hints about family members in the line you're tracing.

Look at Nearby Locations

If you know exactly where your family member lived, it may be tempting to only look for publications in that city. This is a good way to find info, but your ancestor may have been in an organization that had influence in a neighboring town and you will only find that by searching further out.

Misspell Names

Sometimes digitized newspapers have mistakes and misspellings. Search for common misspelled versions of your ancestor's name if you aren't getting any results. In addition to misspelled names, look for other versions of your ancestor's name, such as maiden names, middle names, husband's names, or nicknames.

Narrow Your Search

If your searches are returning too many results, narrow your search criteria. Try searching with more specific data. Narrow your date ranges, add a middle name, or include pertinent keywords.

Look In Unlikely Places

If you've searched all of the logical places, but you still aren't coming up with anything new, try looking in the less obvious places. A marriage announcement is likely to have parents' names on there, but you can't always find a marriage announcement. You may find your answer by looking at a Dean's list. There you might find an address that you can then use to track down the residents at the address and find the parents of your family member.

Make Allowance for Mistakes

An article might state that a relative was 25 at the time of the article, giving a clue to a birthday. It's possible that it was mistyped and was supposed to be 26. While typos don't generally pose a huge threat, be open to the possibility of mistakes.

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  482. The Anti Slavery Bugle
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  484. The Cadiz Democratic Sentinel
  485. The Cadiz Informant
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  487. The Celina Democrat
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  490. The Chronicle
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  495. The Cincinnati Sun
  496. The Cincinnati Telegram
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  498. The Cincinnati Weekly Star
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  501. The Colored Citizen
  502. The Commentator
  503. The Conservative
  504. The Creston Journal
  505. The Daily Atlas
  506. The Daily Bulletin
  507. The Daily Cincinnati Republican And Commercial Regeister
  508. The Daily Dispatch
  509. The Daily Empire
  510. The Daily Ohio Statesman
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  527. The Greenville Journal
  528. The Hancock Jeffersonian
  529. The Harrison News
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  531. The Highland Weekly News
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  533. The Hilltop News and Community News
  534. The Independent Republican
  535. The Jackson Standard
  536. The Jeffersonian Democrat
  537. The Journal
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  540. The Liberty Hall And Cincinnati Gazette
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  552. The Ohio Democrat
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  554. The Ohio Organ Of The Temperance Reform
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  559. The peoples voice
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  561. The Philanthropist
  562. The Portage County Democrat
  563. The Portsmouth Inquirer
  564. The Price Hill Press
  565. The Record
  566. The Rittman Press
  567. The Sabina Advertiser
  568. The Sabina News
  569. The Semi Weekly Madison County Democrat
  570. The Somerset Press
  571. The Spirit of Democracy
  572. The Star
  573. The States and Union
  574. The Sun
  575. The Times Reporter
  576. The Toiler
  577. The Union
  578. The Value City Story
  579. The Wayne County Democrat
  580. The Weekly Lancaster Gazette
  581. The Weekly Perrysburg Journal
  582. The Western Fountain
  583. The Western Spy
  584. The Whig
  585. The World We Live In
  586. The Wyandot Pioneer
  587. The Xenia Sentinel
  588. Tiffin Tribune
  589. Tiffin Weekly Tribune
  590. Times Signal
  591. Toledo Ameryka Echo
  592. Tri County Record
  593. Tri Weekly Cincinnati Gazette
  594. True American
  595. Twin City Independent
  596. Twin City News
  597. Uhrichsville News Democrat
  598. Uhrichsville Twin City News
  599. Ulster County Gazette
  600. Union Liberty Journal
  601. Urbana Union
  602. Van Wert American
  603. Van Wert Daily Bulletin
  604. Van Wert Ohio Weekly Bulletin
  605. Van Wert Republican
  606. Van Wert Times
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  609. Volksblatt
  610. Wahrheits Freund
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  612. Washington C H Herald
  613. Washington C H Record Herald
  614. Washington Court House Daily Herald
  615. Washington Court House Herald
  616. Washington Court House Record Herald
  617. Washington Daily Herald
  618. Washington Fayette County Herald
  619. Washington Guernsey Jeffersonian
  620. Washington Herald
  621. Wayne County Herald
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  623. Weekly Cincinnati Times
  624. Weekly Times
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  626. West And South
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  643. Wilmington Herald Of Freedom
  644. Wilmington News Journal
  645. Wochenblatt Des Westboten
  646. Wooster Daily Republican
  647. Wooster Democrat
  648. Wooster Republican
  649. Wyandot County Republican
  650. Xenia Daily Gazette
  651. Xenia Daily Gazette and Torchlight
  652. Xenia Evening Gazette
  653. Xenia Gazette News Current
  654. Xenia Morning Republican
  655. Xenia Sunday Gazette
  656. Youngstown Amerikai Magyar Hirlap American Magyar Journal
  657. Youngstown Zajednicar Fraternalist
  658. Youngstownske Slovenske Noviny Youngstown Slovak News
  659. Zanesville Courier
  660. Zanesville Daily Courier
  661. Zanesville News
  662. Zanesville Post Crescent
  663. Zanesville Signal
  664. Zanesville Times Recorder
  665. Zanesville Times Signal
  666. Zanesville Tri Weekly Courier
  667. Zanesville Weekly Courier
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