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Search for names and keywords to find your ancestors in historical newspapers. Look for your family members that have passed on and learn what they were known for among their community. Read their stories and experience the details of their everyday life.

Or search for keywords to learn about historical events in Alabama. Learn about the days of slavery and follow history through its abolishment. Read about brave souls who stood for what was right and those who quietly made a difference in their local community. Step into the shoes of the past and read about events that changed Alabama, the United States, and the world. Read more

Find Historical Alabama Newspapers by City

Search Alabama newspapers from 27 cities to find information about your family's hometown or other cities of interest. Searching by city allows you to take a look at your family roots—where your family came from, how they impacted their community, and how the news affected them.

Search Alabama newspaper archives by city to experience the story of Rosa Parks before the famous bus incident, and after her release from jail. Or discover other influential figures during the civil rights movement who stood up for themselves and their community. Learn about historical events in specific cities in Alabama. Experience the news as it was when it was new.


Newspaper Publishers in Alabama

Our digital collection has more than 99 publications from 27 cities across Alabama, including publications like the Jacksonville Republican, Decatur Daily, and Anniston Star. Search through Alabama newspaper archives to find newspaper publications as far back as 1830.

Search by city to find all newspaper publications in that city or see all the Alabama newspaper publications here .

Searching in Alabama Newspaper Records

Newspaper Archives aims to give you the best newspaper content, so you have a higher chance of finding your family or other important news. While our Alabama newspaper archive has records from Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, and other big cities in Alabama we focus on smaller publications from smaller towns like Courtland or Hanceville.

Collecting smaller publications increases your chances of finding ancestors in old newspaper articles. In big cities, the paper is generally focused on state, country, or world news and well-attended events, but in smaller towns, everyone has a greater chance of being featured in a newspaper article. Find your family in small newspaper publications.

Newspaper Archive reaches out to libraries, historical societies, and newspaper publications to gather content for our archives. We put great care into digitizing microfilm and physical newspapers, so we can offer relevant Alabama records and help you find your family.

Alabama's Rich Civil War History

Alabama has a lot of history surrounding the United States Civil War—much of the news about battles and tensions is documented in newspapers. Read of the conflicting opinions of north and south Alabama and see the historical war in a new light. Find other meaningful events that affected the war and learn the minds of the people in historical Alabama.

The History of Alabama and Dictionary Biography

In our Alabama Newspaper Archives, you can find a volume on the history of Alabama, complete with a dictionary biography. This 1157-page volume provides valuable information for any dive into Alabama history, including biographies of common people in Alabama. Delve into The History of Alabama and Dictionary Biography and gain new information about the people of Alabama.

Alabama History and Genealogy

Learn the history of Alabama! Jump in and experience the news just as Alabama residents did in history. Take in the attitudes of Alabama residents from 1830 up to the present day. Follow the changes from a culture of slavery and injustice through the Civil War to the exciting news of activists like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. Read news about influential people like Harper Lee and Nat King Cole and see how Alabama reacted to them.

Learning the history of your Alabama ancestry is important and can impact you in positive and profound ways. Newspaper Archive gives you the tools you need to find your family and learn their story. Search Alabama newspapers to find birth, marriage, and death records. Uncover your family story through news stories, mentions in articles, and even advertisements. There is so much to discover about your family and the places they lived—sometimes a quick read in a historical newspaper will give you an important piece in your family history puzzle.

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