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Genealogy has soared in popularity as people are becoming more interested in their family heritage. It can be fun to sift through old records and build a family tree, but it's also incredibly rewarding.

Once you start searching it's hard to stop. When you dive into your research, you can uncover story after story about your ancestors. You may find that your great, great grandfather was a notorious bank robber, or your great grandmother came to America from Germany because she was avoiding persecution. You can learn so much about where you came from by looking at the lives of your ancient relatives in New York.

The best part is that with the wide availability of records through the internet, searching your heritage is pretty easy. There are many sites and databases on the internet that contain tons of information. They can be a treasure trove of family history.

One resource that you may have overlooked is New York newspaper archives. They allow you to tap into hundreds of listings of newspapers that go back decades. If you haven't considered looking at old newspapers to learn more about your family, you are probably missing out. They offer so much information and it's right at your fingertips.

What kind of information can you learn from New York newspaper archives?

While most people flock to the internet and especially websites that specialize in ancestry searches and family tree builders, newspaper archives often get overlooked. People may not be aware of all that old newspapers offer to the heritage sleuth. In truth, it was the newspaper that was the main source of information for most people long before the telephone, television, and internet.

For hundreds of years (the first known newspaper in the U.S. was printed and distributed in the late 1700s), the newspaper has been the way that people learn about the events in their community and the world. And for a very long time, it was the only source of news, other than word of mouth.

The fact that newspapers have been around for so long is pretty good assurance that you can get some great information from them. There's a lot more potential than you might realize. Obituaries can tell you the date of death, place of death, place of burial, and often family member names. But there's a lot more than that. Browse the archives and see what discoveries old newspapers have in store for you.

Where should you search in New York state historic newspapers?

Just about every section in the newspaper has the potential to provide some type of information that will help your search. It's like a detective game or intricate puzzle. Each little bit of information helps you to build the big picture.

Different sections of the paper have different types of information, but they all offer clues to your family heritage. Over the years, some sections are no longer used because they are considered obsolete, but when you look at the older papers, those sections can be gold mines.

While looking through the entire paper is a good practice, you can take it section by section, using a more systematic approach to find what you are looking for.

Here are some of the sections and the information you can find.

  • Attendance Records
  • Class Reunion Announcements
  • Dean's List
  • Graduate Notices
  • Honor Roll Announcements
  • School Events
  • School Sports News and Announcements
  • Teacher Records
  • Business Notices
  • Business Openings
  • Local Business News
  • New Business Openings
  • Church News
  • New Church or Church Plants
  • New Member Announcements
Civil War, Slavery, Servants
  • Civil War Battles
  • Indentured Servants
  • Runaway Slave Notices
  • Club Announcements
  • Community Announcements
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Organization Events
  • Political Events
  • Social Announcements
  • Volunteer Announcements
  • War Time Volunteers
Court and Legal
  • Arrest Reports
  • Court Dockets
  • Court Filings
  • Jury Lists
  • Legal Notices
  • Personal Legal Notices
  • Police Blotters
  • Tax Delinquencies
  • Tax Lists
  • Unclaimed Letters
  • Death Notices
  • Funerals
  • Obituaries
Marriages, Weddings, and Births
  • Anniversaries
  • Birth Announcements
  • Elopements
  • Marriage Announcements
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Minutes of Meetings (county, city, etc.)
  • "Old Settler" meetings
  • School Board Meetings/Minutes
  • Draft Lists
  • Local and Community Soldier News
  • Military Lists
  • News from Soldiers
  • Soldier Homecomings
  • Accidents and Car Wrecks
  • Advertisements
  • Biographical Sketches
  • Classified Ads
  • Editorials
  • Local Personality Highlights
  • News Stories
  • Society Pages
  • Bankruptcies
  • Estate Settlements
  • Foreclosures
  • Probate Notices
  • Property Transfers
  • Public Auctions
  • Public Sales
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Hotel Guest Lists
  • Immigrant Card
  • Ship Arrivals
  • Stagecoach Passenger Lists
  • Ship Passenger Lists
  • Train Passenger Lists
  • Train Schedules

Organize your facts for better results

If you are just beginning to research your heritage, New York historical newspapers can be a tremendous resource to help you get your search off the ground. But even if you have been working on your family tree for years, newspaper archives could still have a lot to offer. They can help you fill in a lot of the blanks where you are missing info.

Before you jump into an intensive search you might find it helpful to get the information that you already have in some sort of organized format. While you might have all of the vital information attached to members in your family tree, you should also keep some basics handy. Keep a document on your computer or a notebook where you can easily joy down information on certain ancestors.

Record the information that you have on each person, known names, dates, places, and schools. If you are missing certain pieces of information, leave those spaces open so you can fill them in when you find them.

You might also want to have one place for information that might be relevant to your search in the future. While not all of your family facts are helpful in your genealogy research now, some may prove to be necessary later.

Tips for searching New York state newspaper archives

Beginning your newspaper search is easy, just do it! Here are some tips that will help you get even better results.

Look at the outskirts of town and in neighboring towns

Your first inclination may be to search in specific towns where you know your ancestors lived or worked, but it's a good idea to expand your search out a little. Look at neighboring cities and areas outside of the town limits.

Look at extended family members

Looking at your direct relatives only may seem like a good idea, but you can get some really good clues by looking at extended family members such as aunts, uncles, and cousins. As you search them you can backtrack and trace them to your relatives. In doing so it can turn up new, useful information.

Narrow the parameters of your search

If you find that you are getting flooded with search results, add more information to narrow it and get more focused, relevant results.

Broaden the parameters of your search

If you find that you aren't getting many search results—or none at all—then cut back on your search terms to make your search broader. Try searching with only a last name, date and location.

Spell names in different ways

Many records were handwritten long ago so names were often recorded inaccurately. Try different spellings for your ancestors' names, especially surnames.

Check date ranges to find specific events

Newspaper stories often publish very close to the day the events occur, but sometimes they don't. Sometimes it could be days or weeks before a story would show up in those printed pages. So don't limit your search to just a few specific days, expand your search.

Searching for your ancestors is as educational as it is fun. There is so much that you can learn about the history of your family and the areas they are from. Online newspapers have so much to offer so let them fuel your search and help you fill in your family tree.

Additional New York newspaper FAQs

  1. Adirondack Record
  2. Adirondack Record Elizabethtown Post
  3. Albany Centinel
  4. Albany Log Cabin
  5. Albany Register
  6. Albany Weekly Argus and Rough hewer
  7. Allegany County Reporter
  8. Allegany County Republican
  9. Allegany Democrat
  10. Allegany Federal Census
  11. Altamont Enterprise
  12. Altamont Enterprise and Albany County Post
  13. Altamont Knowersville Enterprise
  14. Angelica Advertiser
  15. Angelica Allegani County Republican
  16. Angelica Allegany County Advocate
  17. Angelica Allegany Republican
  18. Angelica Reporter
  19. Angelica Whig and Advocate
  20. Anti Masonic Sentinel
  21. Arcade Herald
  22. Au Sable Forks Adirondack Record
  23. Au Sable Forks Adirondack Record Elizabethtown Post
  24. Auburn Citizen
  25. Auburn Citizen Advertiser
  26. Auburn Free Press
  27. Auburn Journal and Advertiser
  28. Auburn Weekly American
  29. Aurora Gazette
  30. Austria
  31. Austrian Labor Information
  32. Babylon Beacon
  33. Babylon South Side Signal
  34. Banner of Liberty
  35. Barnard Bulletin
  36. Batavia Daily Morning News
  37. Batavia Daily News
  38. Bellmore Life
  39. Belmont Genesee Valley Post
  40. Belmont Weekly Dispatch
  41. Bethpage Tribune
  42. Binghamton Broome Republican
  43. Binghamton Courier
  44. Black Republican And Office Holders Journal
  45. Bolivar Breeze
  46. Brewster Standard
  47. Bridgehampton Hampton Exchange
  48. Broadalbin Herald
  49. Brockport Republic
  50. Brockport Republic and Brockport Democrat
  51. Bronx City Island Drift
  52. Bronxville Press
  53. Bronxville Reporter
  54. Bronxville Review
  55. Bronxville Review Press
  56. Bronxville Review Press and Reporter
  57. Brookfield Courier
  58. Brookfield Courier and Reporter
  59. Brookhaven Port Jefferson Echo
  60. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
  61. Brooklyn Daily Eagle and Kings County Democrat
  62. Brooklyn Eagle And Kings County Democrat
  63. Buffalo 5th Freedom
  64. Buffalo Argus
  65. Buffalo Bee
  66. Buffalo Canisian
  67. Buffalo Criterion
  68. Buffalo Daily Republic
  69. Buffalo Daily Republic And Times
  70. Buffalo Dziennik Dla Wszystkich
  71. Buffalo Dziennik Dla Wszystkich Polish Everybodys Daily
  72. Buffalo Evening Courier and Republic
  73. Buffalo Evening Post
  74. Buffalo Express
  75. Buffalo Morning Express
  76. Buffalo Morning Express and Daily Democracy
  77. Buffalo Spectrum
  78. Canandaigua Daily Messenger
  79. Canton A T Eye
  80. Canton A T See
  81. Canton Aggie Observer
  82. Canton Aggie Spirit
  83. Canton Commercial Advertiser
  84. Canton Hill News
  85. Cape Vincent Democratic Eagle
  86. Cape Vincent Eagle
  87. Cape Vincent Gazette
  88. Catskill Recorder
  89. Catskill Recorder and Democrat and Democratic Herald
  90. Catskill Recorder and Greene County Republican
  91. Cattaraugus Times
  92. Cazenovia Republican
  93. Central City Daily Courier
  94. Central Valley Post
  95. Chappaqua Sun
  96. Chateaugay Journal
  97. Chateaugay Record
  98. Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat
  99. Chatham Courier
  100. Chatham Republican
  101. Chatham Semi Weekly Courier
  102. Chester Press
  103. City Island Drift
  104. Clayton Daily on St Lawrence
  105. Clayton Free Press
  106. Clayton Independent
  107. Clayton News
  108. Clayton On St Lawrence and Clayton Independent
  109. Cobleskill Index
  110. Coeymans Herald
  111. Cohoes Republican
  112. Cooperstown Federalist
  113. Cooperstown Freemans Journal
  114. Cortland Hilltop Press
  115. Cortland Standard
  116. Cortland Standard and Weekly Journal
  117. Coxsackie Union
  118. Coxsackie Weekly Union
  119. Cuba Patriot
  120. Cuba True Patriot
  121. Daily Herald
  122. Daily Herald Middletown Times Press
  123. Daily Messenger
  124. Daily Star
  125. Daily Vineyardist
  126. Dansville Advertiser
  127. Dansville Breeze
  128. Dansville Express
  129. Dansville Express And Advertiser
  130. Dansville Herald
  131. Dansville Weekly Herald
  132. Delhi Delaware Gazette
  133. Dundee Record
  134. Dunkirk Evening Observer
  135. Dunkirk Fredonia Grape Belt
  136. Dunkirk Grape Belt and Chautauqua Farmer
  137. Dunkirk Lake Shore Observer
  138. Dunkirk Observer
  139. Dunkirk Observer Journal
  140. East Hampton Star
  141. East Hampton Summer Sun
  142. Eastern State Journal
  143. Eclectic Scalpel
  144. Elizabethtown Post
  145. Elizabethtown Post and Gazette
  146. Ellicottville American Union
  147. Ellicottville Cattaraugus Union
  148. Ellicottville News
  149. Ellicottville Post
  150. Elmira Advertiser
  151. Elmira College Weekly
  152. Elmira Daily Advertiser
  153. Elmira Daily Bazoo
  154. Elmira Gazette
  155. Elmira Star Gazette
  156. Elmira Sunday Telegram
  157. Endicott Bulletin
  158. Endicott Daily Bulletin
  159. Endicott Times
  160. Evening Observer
  161. Evening Tribune Times
  162. Fairport Herald
  163. Fairport Herald Mail
  164. Fairport Monroe County Mail
  165. Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin
  166. Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin And DeWitt News Times
  167. Fayetteville Eagle Bulletin and Dewitt Times
  168. Fayetteville Recorder
  169. Fayetteville Weekly Recorder
  170. Florida Journal
  171. Free Press
  172. Free Press and Sentinel
  173. Freeman and Messenger
  174. Freeport Daily Review
  175. Friendship Chronicle
  176. Friendship Register
  177. Friendship Weekly Register
  178. Geneseo Livingston Republican
  179. Geneva Advertiser
  180. Geneva Daily Gazette
  181. Geneva Herald
  182. Geneva Hobart Herald
  183. Gilboa Monitor
  184. Glens Falls Post Star
  185. Glens Falls Post Star And Times
  186. Glens Falls Times
  187. Gloversville Daily Leader
  188. Gouverneur Free Press
  189. Gouverneur Northern Tribune
  190. Gouverneur Northern Tribune and Gouverneur Herald
  191. Granville Sentinel
  192. Greene Chenango American
  193. Greenwich Peoples Journal
  194. Hammond Advertiser
  195. Haverstraw Rockland County Messenger
  196. Haverstraw Rockland County Times
  197. Herald of the Times
  198. Herkimer County American
  199. Herkimer County Democrat
  200. Herkimer Democrat
  201. Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls Gazette
  202. Herkimer Evening Telegram
  203. Herkimer Telegram
  204. Heuvelton Bee
  205. Highland Falls Standard
  206. Highland Mills Star
  207. Home Advocate
  208. Honeoye Falls Times
  209. Hope Hamilton County Press
  210. Hornell Evening Tribune
  211. Hornellsville Tribune
  212. Hornellsville Weekly Tribune
  213. Hudson Columbia Republican
  214. Hudson Columbia Washingtonian
  215. Hudson Columbia Weekly Republican
  216. Huntington Long Islander
  217. Illustrated Speedway News
  218. Irvington Gazette
  219. Ithaca American Journal
  220. Ithaca Cornell Daily Sun
  221. Ithaca Daily Journal
  222. Ithaca Ithacan
  223. Jamestown Evening Journal
  224. Jamestown Morning Post
  225. Jamestown Post Journal
  226. Jeffersonville Sullivan County Record
  227. Johnstown Fulton County Republican
  228. Keeseville Essex County Republican
  229. Kingston Craftsman
  230. Kingston Daily Freeman
  231. Kingston Graftsman
  232. Kingston Sunday Freeman
  233. Kingston Weekly Freeman and Journal
  234. Lake George Mirror
  235. Lake Light
  236. Lake Region Reporter
  237. Lansingburgh Courier
  238. Little Valley Capital Herald
  239. Little Valley Cattaraugus Republican
  240. Lowville Black River Democrat
  241. Lowville Black River Gazette
  242. Lowville Journal and Republican
  243. Lowville Lewis County Democrat
  244. Lowville Times and Lewis County Independent
  245. Lynbrook Helm
  246. Lynbrook Helm Independent Review
  247. Macedon News Gatherer
  248. Malone Franklin Gazette
  249. Malone Palladium
  250. Manhattan Havana Journal
  251. Margaretville Catskill Mountain News
  252. Margaretville Catskill Recorder
  253. Marion Enterprise
  254. Massena Northern Observer
  255. Maybrook Enterprise
  256. McGrawville Sentinel
  257. Mechanicville Mercury
  258. Medina Register
  259. Medina Tribune
  260. Mexico Independent
  261. Middletown Daily Argus
  262. Middletown Daily Evening Press
  263. Middletown Daily Herald
  264. Middletown Daily Herald And Times Press
  265. Middletown Daily Press
  266. Middletown Daily Record
  267. Middletown Daily Times
  268. Middletown Daily Times Press
  269. Middletown Evening Press
  270. Middletown Highland Mills Star
  271. Middletown Maybrook Enterprise
  272. Middletown Orange County Independent
  273. Middletown Orange County Press
  274. Middletown Orange County Star Eagle
  275. Middletown Orange County Times
  276. Middletown Orange County Times Press
  277. Middletown Record
  278. Middletown the Daily Herald
  279. Middletown Times Herald
  280. Middletown Times Herald Record
  281. Middletown Times Press
  282. Middletown Whig Press
  283. Millbrook Round Table
  284. Montauk Pioneer
  285. Mount Vernon Chronicle
  286. Naples Neapolitan Record
  287. New Paltz Times
  288. New Rochelle Pioneer
  289. New York Ameerika Eestlane Hariduslik Ja Informatsiooni Ajakiri
  290. New York Amerika Eesti Postimees Toob Kiriku Ja Politika Sonumid
  291. New York Atlas
  292. New York City Richmond County Advance
  293. New York Clipper
  294. New York Columbia Spectator
  295. New York Commercial Advertiser
  296. New York Daily Times
  297. New York Daily Tribune
  298. New York Evening Post
  299. New York Evening Times
  300. New York Evening World
  301. New York Experienced Christian Magazine
  302. New York Gazette of the United States
  303. New York Herald
  304. New York Herald Progress
  305. New York Irish World and American Industrial Liberator
  306. New York Morning Herald
  307. New York Newfoundland Times
  308. New York Newfoundland Weekly
  309. New York Nightingale
  310. New York Northern Ireland Stars and Stripes
  311. New York Observer
  312. New York Occasional Reverberator
  313. New York Player
  314. New York Radnicka Borba Workers Struggle
  315. New York Stars and Stripes
  316. New York Sun
  317. New York That Same Old Coon
  318. New York Times
  319. New York Tribune
  320. New York Vaba Eesti Sona Free Estonian Word Estonian Weekly
  321. New York Vaudeville News
  322. New York Weekly Magazine
  323. New York Weekly Sun
  324. New York Weekly Tribune
  325. New York Weekly World
  326. New York World
  327. Newark Arcadian Weekly Gazette
  328. Newark Courier
  329. Newark Courier Gazette
  330. Newark Union
  331. Newburgh Telegraph
  332. Niagara Falls Entricy Herald
  333. Norwich Evening Sun
  334. Norwich Sun
  335. Norwood News
  336. Nyack Rockland County Journal
  337. Ogdensburg Advance
  338. Ogdensburg Advance and St Lawrence Weekly Democrat
  339. Ogdensburg Advance News
  340. Ogdensburg Daily Journal
  341. Ogdensburg Daily Sentinel
  342. Ogdensburg Journal
  343. Ogdensburg St Lawrence Republican and Ogdensburgh Weekly Journal
  344. Olean Democrat
  345. Olean Evening Herald
  346. Olean Herald
  347. Olean Shopper
  348. Olean Times
  349. Olean Times Herald
  350. Oneonta Daily Star
  351. Oneonta Star
  352. Onondaga Standard
  353. Ontario Gazette
  354. Orange County Independent
  355. Orange County Record
  356. Orange County Times Press
  357. Oswego Daily Palladium
  358. Oswego Palladium Times
  359. Owego Times
  360. Owego Tioga County Record
  361. Palladium Times
  362. Penn Yan Chronicle
  363. Penn Yan Chronicle Express
  364. Penn Yan Democrat
  365. Penn Yan Express
  366. Penn Yan Milo Question
  367. Penn Yan Record
  368. Plattsburgh Cardinal Points
  369. Plattsburgh Republican
  370. Plattsburgh Sentinel
  371. Port Jervis Evening Gazette
  372. Port Jervis Tri States Union
  373. Port Jervis Union
  374. Potsdam Clarkson Integrator
  375. Potsdam Commercial Advertiser
  376. Potsdam Courier and Freeman
  377. Potsdam St Lawrence Herald
  378. Poughkeepsie Miscellany News
  379. Poughkeepsie Unscrewed
  380. Poughkeepsie Vassar Alumnae Quarterly
  381. Poughkeepsie Vassar Chronicle
  382. Poughkeepsie Vassar Miscellany
  383. Protection and Reciprocity
  384. Pulaski Democrat
  385. Riverhead County Review
  386. Rochester Catholic Courier
  387. Rochester Catholic Courier and Journal
  388. Rochester Catholic Courier Journal
  389. Rochester Catholic Journal
  390. Rochester Courier Journal
  391. Rochester Morning Herald
  392. Rochester Volunteer
  393. Rondout Daily Freeman
  394. Rush Echo
  395. Rushford Spectator
  396. Sag Harbor Corrector
  397. Sag Harbor Express
  398. Saint Regis Falls Adirondack News
  399. Salamanca Cattaraugus Republican
  400. Salamanca Republican Press
  401. Sandy Creek News
  402. Saranac Lake Adirondack Daily Enterprise
  403. Saranac Lake Adirondack News
  404. Saratoga Springs Daily Saratogian
  405. Sayville Suffolk County News
  406. Scarsdale Inquirer
  407. Schenectady Concordiensis
  408. Silver Creek Creeker
  409. Silver Creek Gazette
  410. Silver Creek Hanover Gazette
  411. Silver Creek Local
  412. Southampton Dans Papers Southampton Summer Day
  413. Southold Long Island Traveler
  414. Spectator
  415. Storm King Sentinel
  416. Sunday Dispatch
  417. Sunday Freeman
  418. Sunday Morning Herald
  419. Syracuse Courier
  420. Syracuse Courier and Union
  421. Syracuse Daily Courier
  422. Syracuse Daily Courier and Union
  423. Syracuse Daily Journal
  424. Syracuse Daily Standard
  425. Syracuse Evening Herald
  426. Syracuse Evening Telegram
  427. Syracuse Herald
  428. Syracuse Herald American
  429. Syracuse Herald American the Post Standard
  430. Syracuse Herald Journal
  431. Syracuse Herald Syracuse Journal
  432. Syracuse Journal
  433. Syracuse Post Standard
  434. Syracuse Semi Weekly Standard
  435. Syracuse Standard
  436. Syracuse Sunday Herald
  437. Syracuse Union
  438. Syracuse Weekly Standard
  439. The Echo
  440. The Free Press
  441. The Herald
  442. The Messenger
  443. The Record Newspapers
  444. The Rights Of All
  445. The Sun and The New York Herald
  446. The Wasp
  447. Ticonderoga Sentinel
  448. Times Evening Herald
  449. Times Recorder
  450. Tompkins County Sentinel
  451. Troy Clarion
  452. Troy Clarion Volume
  453. Troy Ray
  454. Troy Record
  455. Troy Times Record
  456. Trumansburg Advertiser
  457. Trumansburg Advertiser and Tompkins County Whig
  458. Trumansburg Advertiser and Weekly Miscellany
  459. Trumansburg Gazette
  460. Trumansburg Herald
  461. Trumansburg Leader
  462. Trumansburg News
  463. Trumansburg Sentinel
  464. Trumansburg Sun
  465. United States Journal
  466. Van Etten Valley Breeze
  467. Warsaw Wyoming County Times
  468. Watertown Cannoneer
  469. Watertown Daily Times
  470. Watertown Herald
  471. Watertown Re Union
  472. Watertown Times
  473. Weekly World
  474. Wells Hamilton County Record
  475. Wellsville Allegany County Democrat
  476. Wellsville Allegany County Reporter
  477. Wellsville Allegany County Republican
  478. Wellsville Daily Reporter
  479. Wellsville Free Press
  480. Wellsville Genesee Valley Free Press
  481. Wellsville Seventh Census
  482. Wellsville Times
  483. Westfield Republican
  484. Whig and Advocate
  485. White Plains Daily Press
  486. White Plains Eastern State Journal
  487. Whitesville Allegany County News
  488. World
  489. Yank
  490. Yank the Army Weekly
  491. Yates County Chronicle
  492. Yates County Whig
  493. Youngstown News
  494. Youngstown News and Niagara Free Press
  495. Youngsville Callicoon Local Record
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