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Online Historical Newspapers in Michigan

Explore Michigan's past with ease through the digitized historical newspapers available on NewspaperArchive. From Detroit to Grand Rapids, our online archive provides access to newspapers from across the state, giving Michiganders the ability to research their hometown or uncover the state's rich history from the comfort of their own home.

Michigan Newspaper Archives: A Window to the Past

Discover the stories of Michigan's past with NewspaperArchive's extensive collection of historical newspapers. Including regions of the Upper Peninsula down to the Lower Peninsula, our archive offers a window into the state's rich history, with newspapers dating back to the 1800s from various cities and towns across Michigan.

Michigan Genealogy: Uncovering Ancestry through Historical Newspapers

Find your Michigan ancestors with the genealogy research resources available on NewspaperArchive. Our archive includes newspapers events and vital records providing a valuable resource for genealogists looking to uncover information.

Microfilm Preservation of Michigan's Newspaper History

Preserving Michigan's newspaper history for future generations is a priority for NewspaperArchive through our digitization and microfilm collections. We have content for folks looking anywhere from Flint to Ann Arbor, our collection includes newspapers from various cities and towns across the state.

Michigan Newspaper Archives FAQs

  1. Ad Daleel
  2. Adrian Daily Telegram
  3. Alpena Argus
  4. Alpena Evening News
  5. Alpena Labor Journal
  6. Alpena Michigan Labor Journal
  7. Alpena Weekly Argus
  8. American Citizen
  9. Belding Banner
  10. Benton Harbor Daily Palladium
  11. Benton Harbor Evening News
  12. Benton Harbor Herald Palladium
  13. Benton Harbor News Palladium
  14. Benton Harbor Weekly Palladium
  15. Bessemer Gogebic Explorer
  16. Bessemer Herald
  17. Bessemer Pick and Axe
  18. Calhoun County Patriot
  19. Charlevoix County Herald
  20. Cheboygan Democrat
  21. Clare County Press
  22. Clare Courier
  23. Clare Democrat
  24. Clare Democrat and Press
  25. Clare Press
  26. Clare Rotary Chronicle
  27. Clare Sentinel
  28. Clare Sentinel and the Democrat
  29. Constantine Republican
  30. Covert Weekly Review
  31. Crawford Avalanche
  32. Daily Advocate
  33. Daily Chronicle
  34. Daily Globe
  35. Daily News
  36. Daily News Record
  37. Daily Press
  38. Daily Statesman
  39. De Grondwet
  40. De Sheboygan Nieuwsbode
  41. Dearborn Independent
  42. Democratic Expounder
  43. Detroit American Catholic Tribune
  44. Detroit Detroiter Abend Post
  45. Detroit Radnicka Borba Workers Struggle
  46. Detroit Times
  47. Detroit Tribune
  48. Escanaba Daily Press
  49. Escanaba Morning Press
  50. Escanaba Upper Peninsula Sunday Times
  51. Evening Chronicle
  52. Evening Statesman
  53. Farwell News
  54. Gogebic Advocate
  55. Gogebic Explorer
  56. Gogebic Iron Spirit
  57. Grand Rapids Herald
  58. Grand Rapids Morning Telegram
  59. Grand Rapids Telegram Herald
  60. Grand River Times
  61. Grand Traverse Herald
  62. Grand Traverse Herald and Traverse Bay Eagle
  63. Grand Traverse Press
  64. Harrison Clare County Cleaver
  65. Hillsdale Daily News
  66. Hillsdale Daily Standard
  67. Hillsdale Standard
  68. Hillsdale Whig Standard
  69. Holland City News
  70. Holland Evening Sentinel
  71. Holland Sentinel
  72. Inter State News Record
  73. Interstate News Record
  74. Iron County Miner
  75. Ironwood Advocate
  76. Ironwood American Citizen
  77. Ironwood Auttaja
  78. Ironwood Daily Advocate
  79. Ironwood Daily Globe
  80. Ironwood Gogebic Advocate
  81. Ironwood Inter State News
  82. Ironwood Interstate News Record
  83. Ironwood Lake Superior Citizen
  84. Ironwood News Record
  85. Ironwood Times
  86. Kalamazoo College Index
  87. Kalamazoo Focus
  88. Kalamazoo Focus News
  89. L Anse Sentinel
  90. Lake Superior Citizen
  91. Lansing Inner City Times
  92. Lansing New World
  93. Lansing Post
  94. Lansing Sol de Aztlan
  95. Lansing Times
  96. Lansing Westside News
  97. Ludington Daily News
  98. Marquette Upper Peninsula Catholic
  99. Marshall Advisor and Chronicle
  100. Marshall Chronicle
  101. Marshall Community Ad-Visor
  102. Marshall Daily Chronicle
  103. Marshall Daily News
  104. Marshall Democratic Expounder and Calhoun Patriot
  105. Marshall Evening Chronicle
  106. Marshall Evening Statesman
  107. Marshall Expounder
  108. Marshall Historian
  109. Marshall News
  110. Marshall News Statesman
  111. Marshall Review
  112. Marshall Statesman
  113. Marshall Western Statesman
  114. Midweek Daily Globe
  115. Milford Times
  116. Monitor Leader
  117. Mount Pleasant Daily Times
  118. Mount Pleasant Isabella County Enterprise
  119. Mount Pleasant Times
  120. Mount Pleasant Times and Isabella County Enterprise
  121. News Palladium
  122. Owosso times
  123. Pinckney Dispatch
  124. Romanul American
  125. Saint Clair times
  126. Saint Joseph Weekly Press
  127. Saint Louis Leader
  128. Saline Observer
  129. Saline Reporter
  130. Saline Review
  131. Sault News Record
  132. Sault Ste Marie Daily News
  133. Sault Ste Marie Democrat
  134. Sault Ste Marie Evening News
  135. Semi Weekly Marshall Expounder
  136. Semi Weekly Statesman
  137. Shepherd Argus
  138. Sherman Wexford County Pioneer
  139. South Haven Daily Tribune
  140. South Haven Messenger
  141. South Haven Morning Sentinel
  142. South Haven Sentinel
  143. South Haven Tribune
  144. South Haven Tribune Messenger
  145. South Haven Weekly Tribune
  146. St Joseph Herald Press
  147. The Alma Record
  148. The Calumet News
  149. The Cass County Republican
  150. The Clio Messenger
  151. The Copper Country Evening News
  152. The Diamond Drill
  153. The East Saginaw Courier
  154. The Grand Haven News
  155. The Lake County Star
  156. The Lanse Sentinel
  157. The Lansing State Republican
  158. The Northern Tribune
  159. The Tribune Independent Of Michigan
  160. The True Northerner
  161. Traverse Bay Eagle
  162. Traverse City Bay Eagle
  163. Traverse City Evening Record
  164. Traverse City Honest Opinion
  165. Traverse City Morning Record
  166. Traverse City North Coast
  167. Traverse City Press
  168. Traverse City Record Eagle
  169. Wakefield Advocate
  170. Wakefield Bulletin
  171. Wakefield News
  172. Wakefield News Review
  173. Washtenaw Reporter
  174. Weekend Marshall Chronicle
  175. Weekly Expositor
  176. Weekly Statesman
  177. Weidman Dispatch
  178. Yale Expositor
  179. Ypsilanti Sentinel
NewspaperArchive has a wide range of digitized historical newspapers from various cities and towns across Michigan, dating back to the 18th century. Our collection includes newspapers from major cities such as Detroit and Grand Rapids, as well as smaller towns and rural areas.
Yes, NewspaperArchive offers a valuable resource for genealogists looking to trace their Michigan ancestry. Our archive includes newspapers from various cities and towns across the state, dating back to the 18th century, providing a wealth of information such as marriage announcements, obituaries, and more.
NewspaperArchive maintains a vast collection of microfilms of historical newspapers from Michigan. Our microfilm collection includes newspapers from various cities and towns across the state, dating back to the 18th century. This allows researchers, historians, and genealogists to study and preserve the state's newspaper history for future generations.
NewspaperArchive's collection of historical newspapers from Michigan covers a wide range of topics and perspectives. You can expect to find stories on local news, politics, social events, and more. Additionally, our archive includes newspapers from various cities and towns across the state, providing a diverse range of perspectives on Michigan's past.