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Nebraska newspaper archives

Here, you can access a wealth of information and historical perspectives on Nebraska's past through its newspapers. We have a wide range of newspapers available for research and viewing, including the "Omaha World-Herald," "Lincoln Journal Star," and "The Nebraska State Journal."

Explore Nebraska's history through its newspapers

Our newspaper archives provide a unique window into Nebraska's history, covering local and national news, political and social commentary, advertisements, and more. They are an invaluable resource for researchers, historians, genealogists, and anyone interested in learning more about the state and its people.

Preserving Nebraska’s History

We have made it easy for you to access these newspapers by digitizing them and making them available online. You can search our newspaper archives by keyword, date, or newspaper title to find the information you need.

We are constantly updating and expanding our collection of Nebraskas historical newspapers, so be sure to check back often for new additions. We also have a team of experts available to answer any questions you may have about our newspaper archives or assist with your research.

Nebraska Newspaper Archives FAQs

  1. Alliance Herald
  2. Beatrice Daily Sun
  3. Bellevue Gazette
  4. Bellevue Nebraska Palladium
  5. Broken Bow Custer County Republican
  6. Brownville Nebraska Advertiser
  7. Cheyenne County Record
  8. Clarkson Ozvena Zapadu
  9. Columbus Daily Telegram
  10. Columbus Journal
  11. Columbus Telegram
  12. Daily Nebraska State Journal
  13. Dakota City County Herald
  14. Dakota City Herald
  15. Evening State Journal
  16. Fairbury Journal News
  17. Fairbury Republican
  18. Falls City Tribune
  19. Harrison Journal
  20. Harrison Press Journal
  21. Harrison Sioux County Journal
  22. Hemingford Herald
  23. Jefferson County Journal
  24. Jefferson County News
  25. Lincoln Capital City Courier
  26. Lincoln Commoner
  27. Lincoln Courier
  28. Lincoln Daily Evening News
  29. Lincoln Daily Nebraska State Journal
  30. Lincoln Daily Nebraskan
  31. Lincoln Daily News
  32. Lincoln Daily Star
  33. Lincoln Daily State Journal
  34. Lincoln Evening Journal
  35. Lincoln Evening Journal and Nebraska State Journal
  36. Lincoln Evening News
  37. Lincoln Evening News Call
  38. Lincoln Evening State Journal
  39. Lincoln Evening State Journal and Daily News
  40. Lincoln Hesperian
  41. Lincoln Hesperian Student
  42. Lincoln Independent
  43. Lincoln Journal
  44. Lincoln Journal Star
  45. Lincoln Lincoln Evening State Journal
  46. Lincoln Maupins Weekly
  47. Lincoln Nebraska Commonwealth
  48. Lincoln Nebraska Independent
  49. Lincoln Nebraska Staats Anzeiger
  50. Lincoln Nebraska State Journal
  51. Lincoln Nebraskan
  52. Lincoln News
  53. Lincoln Night Journal
  54. Lincoln Saturday Morning Courier
  55. Lincoln Semi Weekly Nebraska State Journal
  56. Lincoln Semi Weekly State Journal
  57. Lincoln Staats Anzeiger
  58. Lincoln Star
  59. Lincoln State Journal
  60. Lincoln Sunday Journal and Star
  61. Lincoln Sunday Journal And Star Ancestry
  62. Lincoln Sunday Morning Courier
  63. Lincoln Sunday Star
  64. Lincoln Sunday State Journal
  65. Lincoln Wageworker
  66. Lincoln Wealth Makers of World
  67. Lincoln Weekly Independent
  68. Lincoln Weekly Nebraska State Journal
  69. Lincoln Will Maupins Weekly
  70. Loup City Northwestern
  71. McCook Tribune
  72. McCook Weekly Tribune
  73. Nebraska Advertiser
  74. Nebraska City Conservative
  75. Nebraska Republican
  76. Nebraska Staats Anzeiger
  77. Nebraska State Journal
  78. Nemaha Nebraska Advertiser
  79. Norfolk Weekly News
  80. Norfolk Weekly News Journal
  81. North Platte Lincoln County Tribune
  82. North Platte Semi Weekly Tribune
  83. North Platte Tribune
  84. Omaha American
  85. Omaha Daily Bee
  86. Omaha Morning Bee
  87. Omaha Pokrok Zapadu
  88. Omaha Tagliche Omaha Tribune
  89. Osceola Homesteader
  90. Osceola Polk County Democrat
  91. Osceola Polk County Farmers Advocate
  92. Osceola Polk County Independent
  93. Osceola Polk County Republican
  94. Osceola Record
  95. Peoples Poniard
  96. Plattsmouth Daily Herald
  97. Plattsmouth Herald
  98. Plattsmouth Journal
  99. Plattsmouth Nebraska Herald
  100. Plattsmouth News Herald
  101. Plattsmouth Semi Weekly News Herald
  102. Plattsmouth Weekly Herald
  103. Plattsmouth Weekly Journal
  104. Pokrok Zapadu
  105. Polk Progress
  106. Red Cloud Chief
  107. Shelby Sun
  108. Sidney Telegraph
  109. Southern Nebraskan Advance
  110. Steele City Press
  111. Steele City Standard
  112. Stromsburg Headlight
  113. Stromsburg News
  114. Stromsburg Republican
  115. Stromsburg Weekly News
  116. Sunday Journal and Star
  117. The Alliance
  118. The Alliance Independent
  119. The Daykin Herald
  120. The Diller Record
  121. The Fairbury Clipper
  122. The Fairbury Daily News
  123. The Fairbury Enterprise
  124. The Fairbury Gazette
  125. The Fairbury Journal
  126. The Fairbury News
  127. The Fairbury News and The Fairbury Gazette
  128. The Fairbury X Ray
  129. The Farmers Alliance
  130. The Farmers Alliance And Nebraska Independent
  131. The Frontier
  132. The Jansen News
  133. The Jefferson County Record
  134. The Monitor
  135. The Nebraska Telegraph
  136. The Plaindealer Telegraph
  137. The Plymouth News
  138. The Potter Review
  139. The Sidney News
  140. The Sidney Republican
  141. The Sidney Telegraph And The Peoples Poniard
  142. The Steele City News
  143. The Telegraph News
  144. Valentine Cherry County Independent
  145. Valentine Democrat
  146. Valentine Western News
  147. Wilber Pritel Lidu
  148. Wilber Wilberske Listy
  149. Wood River Huntsmans Echo
The Nebraska newspaper archives include a wide range of newspapers, including the "Omaha World-Herald", "Lincoln Journal Star", and "The Nebraska State Journal".
The Nebraska newspaper archives provide a wealth of information, including local and national news, political and social commentary, advertisements, and more. They can also be used to research specific events, people, and places in Nebraska's history.
The archives are constantly being updated and expanded, so new newspapers are added regularly. Be sure to check back often for new additions.