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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randii 8. Terry. Or a do it co Public Thor d a. Rawley co David a Rawley Orzuk a a. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood. Vico of. Joseph p. Rawley. Goo. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Washington merry go round Colson testimony tells of improvement 4a Matey. Jim 3. Of 4 Helms says no to or. K our candidate for the most incomplete news Story of the week was a to cd paragraph item on wednesday which informed the North Carolina Reading Public that sen Jesse Helms had asked of his name from a Senate Resolution in support of Secretary of state Henry Kissinger the inclusion of his name on the document signed by 51 other senators after Kissinger s threat to resign was erroneous he said and it was subsequently deleted from the Resolution a Story of that Type seemed to us to cry for some explanation and happily hat explanation was forthcoming in a news release mailed from Helms office we d share it Here in the belief that it gives some insight into the senator s foreign policy stews to the extent that the Resolution was expressing the Senate s regrets that Kissinger was being a tried and convicted in the news Media. Helms said he was in full agreement his unwillingness to be a co signer came on the basis that he does not agree with those who give the Secretary of state an unqualified endorsement. A for my country s Sake. He declared. A i yet Hope that i am wrong in my doubts about or. Kissinger in the other hand. I feel that it is imperative to examine the situation As it is a not As we might Hope it could be hts principal reservation about Kissinger performance is involved with the ending of the Vietnam conflict a Cdr Kissinger left the North Vietnam troops in the South and they Are acting like communist troops anywhere a they Are fighting every Chance they get. And they Are re supplying themselves liberally through loopholes which or Kissinger left to the pans agreement it would be interesting to canvass the Mia if they could be found on the successes of or Kissinger s negotiations Quot otherwise. Sen. Helms questioned the Secretary s tearful Saltzburg press conference As a a breakdown in logical thinking a which leads one to wonder a what kind of advice does he give the president in a crisis he believes Kissinger underestimated the Kremlin in the Salt i agreements leaving the with Little to negotiate at Salt la he sees the Kissinger relations with red China As having a disillusioned our friends and allies in the far fast with the Only positive action being a tendency a to shovel free China out the Back door. And he questions what Price the u. S. May have paid to bring about a cease fire agreement in the Middle fast a Cdr. Kissinger cools an International hot spot by pouring nuclear Power even a hand edly on both sides finally he raises objections to several of the Secretary s state department appointees a i am willing to wait for the super Resolution of or Kissinger s super a diplomacy of it works. I will congratulate him. But i am not wilting to pay the Bill. Because his Coats Are always High his style is to ignore the Security interests of our nation when he chooses his men that is his defense against charges that he took precautions for our National safely. One Hopes that his substance exceeds his style. All of which adds up to a pretty Stern judgment of the Man to whom so Many refer As a super a k in View of the opinion in some quarters that Kissinger s apparent successes in the International Field Are a Cornerstone of president Nixon Public opinion defences one must wonder How the Helms news release was read in the Oval office. Surely the Junior senator from North Carolina had been one on whom Nixon thought be could count if the chips get Down that far. And yet. It would be presumptive to relate too closely Helms disapproval of Kissinger and his attitude toward Nixon. For one solidly committed to a conservative course much of our foreign policy even under a Republican administration must be judged As rather leftist. It does however make it a bit harder for the folks Back Home to be confident of the predictability of the Man soon to become our senior senator. It can be done if we read it correctly what the High Point Board of education is saying about special class arrangements for unusually Bright youngsters is. A let s find a Way to do it a a and that is precisely the attitude that is needed in All areas of government service when a worthwhile project is before the House admittedly there Are always bureaucratic rules that stand in the Way of change and this has become increasingly so in education As the Federal government has assumed a greater role in what were once recognized As purely local affairs for some years now. The overriding Federal Rule has been that if it can to be done within a racially balanced framework it can t be done at All. This has put a crimp into All sorts of innovative efforts. Some of the current local red tape involves the Validity of the in testing system which for Many years was the Standard measurement of brain Power. Somewhat in the same vein with the challenged National teacher examination there has been an Effort to discredit the in test As an acceptable yardstick bul we have Long held that if presently accepted testing systems Are faulty no institution is better equipped to work out improved systems than the world of education. Of education is Ever to meet the full needs of those it attempts to serve it must be prepared to accept and Deal with children As they Are and not attempt to Force them into a common Mold. That goes for the gifted child quite As much As it goes for the where nothing happened a and Jesus and hit disciples went on into a norber Village Luke i 56. Shut out of one town by thoughtless people of that Day with the Gates of the City closed and locked against him and his blessed coming Jesus and his band of twelve passed on by a place where they would receive a gracious Welcome. To have a door slammed in one s face is not a pleasant thing to experience in human life. But Here in that Samaritan Village our lord had to face a hostile and thankless people who howled in derision in his face so angered were some of hts disciples that they would have welcomed a Bolt of lightening from the sky to strike and destroy the last one of them. But there was a big Ino no. On the part of this Nazarene who never returned hatred for hatred. Only Good will was Ever in his heart of hearts for All even those who opposed hts comings. Thus he led them on into the next Village where there would be a Welcome and an Opportunity for his services. Just think of what did not happen in place that turned him away. Just think that there were no lepers healed there. There were no saddened hearts made glad among those people who like All had their sorrows. There were no fevers cooled no demons cast out no cripple Given strength again no deaf ears restored to hearing no blinded eyes Given vision a what did not happen in that town and among those people All of whom needed so much of the presence and Power of the lord Christ. Whenever Christ is denied Entrance into ones heart and life there is a base denial of heavens Blessing upon that individual and a loss to that benighted soul that can never be recovered. This is life s bitterest tragedy the unopened door to an individual s hungry soul. The Young Rich ruler one Day came running Fly Jack Anderson matted fee Tare Syndicate Washington former White House special Comet Charles cats has told roast impeachment investigators he warned president Nixon twice by mid february tin that Nixon confidants Wert involved in the watergate scandal that a five weeks before March St. The Day Nixon insists he first became aware that the scandal touched his own staff on that Day said Colson he suggested to the president that be immediately Call in a distinguished outside lawyer to investigate the Rase for him a recommendation Nixon did not take while Colson s statements of hoi the president his testimony Hearty shows that Nixon faltered in pursuing the avenues open to him we have obtained a draft of testimony prepared by Colson it parallels what Colson has already told the House impeachment Pond s chief counsel John door in january Vii. Colson said he became convinced that people close to the president including John Mitchell and Deb a Snider were involved to watergate he talked about his concern to White House chief of staff he Boh Haldeman. And to Nixon a pm not sure of the exact time sequence but t believe it was after my first conversations with or. Haldeman that i determined it my responsibility to express to the president my belief that certain persons in the Campaign organisation namely messes Mitchell and Manider must have been involved in the watergate. 4 Colson said a i told the president that whoever it was who had Polit Teal project ordered the watergate had ill served him i did not discuss say specific information about Mitchell. Manider or others because frankly t had no Bard evidence that they were involved but t did express anger that my Friend e. Howard Hunt would be punished while others who must have been responsible would not be a Ursu Ewe in mfg we during the conversation. I did express my compassion for Hunt s plight particularly the fact that he had lost hts wife upon whom he had relied so heavily and that he had four children to raise i did not Asb the president for clemency for Hunt the president said that it i had any facts about the involvement of others in watergate i should bring them to Bim at that tune. Colson was preparing to leave the White House to join a Washington Law firm he said he discussed the watergate situation with his lawyer and partner to be. David i. Shapiro in Early february a after reviewing All the information then available to me. Or Shapiro said the real problem for the White House did not appear to be the watergate Brent in per be but rather the possibility that the White House might become involved in obstruction of Justice he urged me to get to the president St the first Opportunity to explain the necessity for him to get out in front of the situation. On feb 14, i told the president of the extensive conversations i had been having with or Shapiro i told him that i thought whoever was involved St the committee for the reelection in ordering or authoring the watergate would eventually be exposed i told the president Specif fealty that i thought John Mitchell had to accept the responsibility. That the facts would in due course come out. And hat from the president standpoint the sooner the better a the president again asked whether i had any evidence. I told him no. That i merely had hearsay reports and my own suspicions. I recall that the president reacted angrily i can almost recall his precise words a Are you suggesting that John Mitchell by Beld responsible or be made a Scapegoat Mitchell Bas. After All. Sworn be was not involved. I want to get to the Bottom of watergate but i cannot ask a possibly innocent bystander to be a Scapegoat Colson said Nixon told Bim to report to him directly if he Learned any significant information after that february meeting with the president Colson went to Europe for three weeks to negotiate the emigration of jews from Huss to Israel when he returned to Washington he mud. Shapiro told me that. In is View. The situation was getting serious he said. For god s Sake. The president Bas to get the facts who knows what is going on in that place. The Fox May be guarding the chickens a i reminded or Shapiro that i had discussed my suspicions about John Mitchell on feb 14. But the Ines knt said that Mitchell had sworn be was innocent i said it was impossible to know what advice Ike president was getting i further said that if i should now Start warning the president about others without hard evidence be might erroneously think that i was myself involved and was Only trying to shift the blame to others Colson said that Shapiro suggested impartial outside counsel for the president and mentioned j. Lee Rankin. U s solicitor general during the Eisenhower administration. Shapiro met with Rankin on March to. 1973. To see of Rankin would take the Job. A on he evening of March to the president called me at my Colson went on a the asked for my recommendations with respect to watergate i told the president that i thought he could no longer rely upon any of the people around him Many of whom might have some personal interest or involvement and that he should consider retaining. Independent special counsel to advise him. Good morning county s plans for East Side unfold to Jesus to find and possess the blessed life. Yes we believe that he was craving within to learn the Way of life Ami Faith in the infinite. Jesus revealed to him the straight and narrow Way in few words telling him the proper direction of life and service then we read those words so filled with disappointment. A and the Young Man was sad at that saying for he had great possessions a what a refusal in the face of Man s greatest Friend. What a denial of human Hope in a world of despair but Jesus was refused Many times in his career of service to Mankind. As a babe he was turned away. From the old inn in Bethlehem soon to be followed by his flight into Egypt to escape the Wrath of King Herod. When he offered the Home Folk in Nazareth his first Sermon they in fury cast him out of hts old Home and As far As we know he never returned to the place of his boyhood. He was ordered out of the Dadarene across the sea of Galilee where he had healed a crazy Man and restored him to his right mind these and Many other limes and places refused him Entrance and As a result nothing at All happened for human Good and the Peoples Blessing. Holman Hunt the famed artist painted a picture of Quot Christ knocking at the it s a parable of human life offering to enter into Man s heart. But Hunt placed no Knob on that door. A Why so a someone asked the artist. A because that door can Only be opened from the inside by the individual himself Quot answered or. Hunt. What a Challenge to each of us today. Every Man must say to the visitor a Yea Are Welcome come inside and be my guest for a at one place where Jesus was ministering to some rebellious people we read this sad sentence a and Jesus could do no mighty work there because of their ceh by Holt Mcpherson eat Rome editor emeritus county commissioners have decided upon the site Here onto which they propose to gather most of Guilford governmental functions in this end of the county to end a Long search for the Best location for such a concentration county commissioner Dale Montgomery working closely with his fellow Board members Ami realtor de Mendenhall checked out numerous properties before veining tentatively on the 21-acres-plus site that fronts 300 feet on the Greensboro Road opposite the presbyterian Home. It extends about 1,500 feet southward at an average Width of around 400 feet almost to Cedrow. It has Street Access from both the Greensboro Road and Beaumont. Of things follow schedule the county Hopes to see the High Point evergreens project a nursing Home for which Bonds were approved earlier this year completed and in service by around the Middle of next year or certainly by Early fall. There May be some delay because of budgetary necessities in following through with the health unit now in overcrowded quarters on Mont lieu opposite High Point College but that is definitely in the plans As rapidly As the necessary financing can be arranged. The social service facilities and probably the veterans service offices will follow As soon As practicable to gather most of the county operations into what commissioner Montgomery feels is a Well and conveniently located site which is nicely drained and suitable for location of the several facilities. The site will be on the West Side of the new Highway 311 when that cuts through on the East Side of the City and it has already bus service to the presbyterian Home that would Likely have to be expanded once All those county operations Are entered there Thomasville s James b. Lambeth jr., and hts wife Ray Are Back from that a Quality of life Quot rotary International convention at Minneapolis St. Paul thrilled with the Appeal of retiring president William c. Carter a Battersea London attorney for establishment a without delay a of an Empire of the mind an Ever widening philosophy whereby men will come to regard themselves As world citizens and will emphasize what they have in but he x wondering after two years of vigorous travel As an International director of that far Flung worldwide civic organization How hell Ever get his feet Back to the ground. He regards those two years which conclude july i when his term of office expires As the most interesting of his 36 years As a Rol Artan. He looks Forward to further rotary service by reason of worldwide contacts it enabled. He says he take anything for the experience of it All. That experience included entertaining top rotary dignitaries in the Lambeth Home on numerous occasions addressing the 355 incoming rotary governors at their Lake Placid training session flying with International president Carter on a hedge hopping trip through the South with visitation stops in every state from Delaware to Louisiana. He says it has renewed his enthusiasm for and understanding of rotary a meaning and usefulness to three quarters of a million men convinced that time is now for action to bring about that better world which is the dream and Hope of All Mankind. It s Likely that International rotary will have still larger responsibilities tor Jim Lambeth. If president w. D. Lee or. And vice president James Johnson succeed in getting the programs they re seeking tor next season s executives club they should maintain the Quality of two years at the Helm by r. T. Amos jr., who supplied a phenomenal Brand of leadership Over hut terms. The executives club which has no projects but does have an extensive membership with a lengthy waiting ult supplies a varied Type of entertainment programs that draw Large dinner audiences from throughout the greater High Poult area. Purchase cards where partial manner of distributing the payment is required based on food Stamps will be supplied income instructions for the through the Guilford county change of the revised social services department. Capital viewpoint exporting our jobs that same Little Wren which hatched four baby Wrens just outside our breakfast table window i Plain View of us came Back this Spring to the same nest which we have left untouched in the dish Garden. She primed it a bit and now has yet another family underway. There Are evidences As she sits and looks us straight in the Eye the Little ones will be emerging from the nest shortly. She a become almost one of the family As she looks at us and Cheeps keeping a weather Eye on her nest at the same time. We know she a the same for her movements and approach guardedly to the nest Are exactly in the pattern of a year ago As she virtually says a Happy a hello Quot to us Ever time she approaches that nest. Arrangements Are being made for distribution of Federal food Stamps to qualified recipients through three Guilford cities a High Poult Central Greensboro Central and Gibsonville a beginning with july. Some 850 or More residents Are presently eligible As recipients in the High Point area a number Likely to grow As inflation and lowered incomes create need that qualifies. The Stamps Are a received As yet but clerks will pass them out to recipients who must have id cards and authorization to by Ray Cromley newspaper eater me Asta. An incredibly stupid tax policy Over the last decade Bas Cost us dearly in jobs exported in lost purchasing Power and in vulnerability to foreign economic Boycotts. Despite heated congressional debate the policy continues. As is Well known the Oil Rich nations Label As a a taxes much of what they charge . Companies for Oil these payments therefor Are not treated merely As deductions on corporate income but a Dollar for dollars income tax payments. They Are so credited by the internal Revenue service against what these corporations would otherwise owe the . Government since these payments quite frequently Are greater than an Oil company a local profits after depletion and other allowances the Large american concerns typically pay no tax at All on their foreign operations according to research by a team working at the Brookings institution. The companies usually end up with excess tax credits. Over the years . Petroleum firms have accumulated Large amounts of such they Are currently building up at a Steep rate because of the enormous jump in the Price paid for Oil one can argue whether this considerable tax break is Good or bad. What is destructive to the interests of the american consumer is not the tax break itself which May help to keep Oil prices Down but these excess tax credits which by Law cannot be used in the United states. This wrinkle in the Law penalizes these firms if they do not use their foreign profits to make further investments abroad rather than in the United states. For if they invest abroad and Only if they do so these tax credits liberally used can insure that these new foreign investments in turn can be made virtually free from . Taxes. These provisions of . Law seem calculated the Brookings men say to inspire the investment in Caribbean and refineries and in tankers registered in Liberia Honduras and Panama a rather than investments to increase this country a Domestic output of Energy. It is a Clear subsidy of foreign investment at the expense of the . Economy. Moreover this policy encourages the growth of Large vertically integrated multinational companies in conflict with our antitrust objectives. It is customary to blame the Oil companies for this mess but it was Congress which voted the Laws. If the rules were changed so that these foreign taxes would be credited As excise tax payments that is As Normal deductions on income rather than As income tax payments it would mean but a Small increase in yearly . Government collections. Estimates run from Hoo million to 200 million Overall. But this one move would eliminate most excess foreign tax credits and reduce the pressure to use profits for tax free investment abroad

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