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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather warm staffers More data on Page 3a loth year no. 171 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation m2 1711 High Point. N. A. Saturday afternoon. June a. 1174 la pages classified ads ms-2177 other dept. Ms-2111 daily 10c. Sunday 2sc senator reports Nixon altered Salt bargain on Nixon s e role judiciary panel Likely to interrogate Colson Washington a sen. Henry m. Jackson charges that the Nixon administration secretly negotiated a rather startling Quot changes in the . And soviet missile Levels permitted under the Salt agreement knowledgeable sources said that a a subsequent agreement Quot was reached after the original 1972 pact. The sources said the 950-sea based missiles permitted the soviet Union were raised to 1.020, while the u. S. Total was lowered from 710 to 656. The level before the strategic arms limitation talks Salt agreement was reached Jackson a Washington Democrat said he plans to ask Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger about the matter when Kissinger testifies monday before Jackson s armed services subcommittee on arms control. Asked about Jackson s statement As he emerged from a briefing for the Senate armed services committee on Friday. Kissinger replied a such views must be based on some misapprehension of the negotiations a a Jackson who has been critical of president Nixon s detente policy with the soviets told newsmen he has received a reliable and creditable information Quot that the True missile ceilings Quot Are higher for the soviets and lower for the americans than those Given to Congress in 1972 a it s a material change Quot Jackson added a it s not a matter of talking about five or to he said a we were led to believe there would be Good consultation with the Congress Quot but that the administration failed to give the information about the changed missile Levels he called both the information about the changed missile Levels and the Way in which he Learned it. A rather startling Quot and said he Hopes Kissinger will shed some Light on it at monday s session. Jackson said the armed services subcommittee on u in sin a a of a of Uvaas Winner Jack Brake a member of the . Army parachuting parachuting championships in Tahlequah. Okla. Team from it. Bragg. N.c., won the men s title in Debby Schmidt Joliet iii., was named Over Ali Over All Competition Friday at the National Winner in the women a division. Jap wrap it it to it to prevent demonstrations soviet police Widen search for dissident jewish citizens Moscow a secret police widened a dragnet operation to several soviet cities today rounding up jewish activists to Block demonstrations and protests during president Nixon a Summit visit next week jewish sources reported. The police agents have detained nearly 40 jews All denied permission to go to Israel a and interrogated and warned Many others the informants said. A in Moscow there s a real Hunt on for jews Quot asserted Alexander Goldfarb a 27-year-old chemist who said he has managed to evade the police. A we Are on the run. We Are under seige. It is not a very pleasant feeling to hide away like a More than 12 jewish activists were picked up in the soviet capital Friday and the sources said further arrests were expected Over the weekend. Preventive arrests were underway in Leningrad Odessa Kishinev Kiev and visits they claimed. The cities have Large jewish communities. The Roundup appeared greater than the similar precautions taken by the government Here prior to president Nixon s first Israel halts strikes on lebanese towns arms control was unable to get any detailed information from a series of top administration officials because none of them knew the officials included Secretary of defense James h. Schlesinger. Resigned disarmament adviser Paul Nitze and adm. Thomas h. Moorer the outgoing chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. Sen Stuart Symington do. Another armed services member said after a session thursday with Nitze that there had been a clarifications Quot in the Salt agreements that a might be considered changes Quot legislative Power Bill approved Washington map the Senate has unanimously approved and sent to president Nixon legislation giving Congress a larger role in setting Federal spending in unties. The president is expected to sign it even though he objects to provisions limiting his Power to impound funds voted by Congress the Senate passed the budget Reform Bill Friday by 75-0 vote sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., manager of the Bill. Asserted. Quot this is the most important piece of legislation i have worked on in the 20 years i have been in a but two other sponsors. Sens. Edmund s. Muskie. A Maine and Charles h. Percy r-ill., said that while the machinery could be extremely valuable it would work Only if senators and representatives would make sacrifices to see that it did. Congress now acts on spending issues within the framework of the presidents budget and through 14 separate appropriations Bills which Are not tied together in any systematic Way. The Reform Bill would require Congress to adopt its own budget each year by May 15, with a spending ceiling. It would then have four months in which to approve All the Money Bills. If Congress exceeds its ceiling in acting on All Money Bills there would have to be adjustments through cutbacks in programs new taxes or changes in the ceiling. The fiscal year would begin oct. I starting in 1976, instead of the present july i in order to allow time for the new schedule to work. By Jeffrey Mills associated pres writer Washington a the House judiciary committee appears Likely to question Charlesw Colson about president Nixon role in an attempted smear of Darnel Ellsberg Colson said Friday Quot the president on numerous occasions urged me to disseminate damaging information about Daniel Ellsberg Quot the former presidential aide made the statement before he was sentenced to one to three years in prison for obstructing Justice he had pleaded guilty to scheming to defame and destroy Quot the Public image of Ellsberg in 1971 after the Colson statement several judiciary committee members said Colson should be called to testify in the panel s impeachment inquiry. Chairman Peter w. Rod to jr., in said. Quot certainly the developments of today raise serious questions As to what that Colson a courtroom statement implies Quot the chairman would by the associated press Israel has suspended air Rikes against Lebanon with demand that Lebanon keep Rah terrorists from Cross in into Israel. Egyptian president Anwar adat in turn appealed to resident Nixon to restrain in israelis. And an Arab league emis iry to the United states arned the israeli raids Ere jeopardizing the syrian israeli Dis engagement agreement so tinted through Secretary f state Henry a. Kissinger the Circle of warnings and mands followed cessation i Friday of four Days of israeli air raids into Lebanon i retaliation for terrorist at icks. Thirty one palestinians Raj two lebanese were kill i in the israeli air strikes bile terrorist raids Over the is to weeks have taken the yes of 49 israelis. Shimon Peres the israeli defense minister warned Lebanon to Seal its Borders against terrorists and said Lebanon must decide Between a being an Independent state or giving in to terrorist extortion and being pushed into the Cairo newspaper Akbar Al Yourn reported Sadat had asked Nixon to take a a firm stand against israelis repeated aggression on the newspaper said Nixon replied to Sadat that his message was received with a due attention in the Arab league emissary Clovis Maksoud of Lebanon said in new York on Friday that if Israel was treating its disengagement with Syria and Egypt Opportunity to hit palestinian refugee Camps and lebanese towns a then Israel is definitely putting the whole Progress thus far achieved diplomatically into serious a letter from israeli United nations Delegate Jacob Doron to the president of the Security Council asserted that Israel a is obliged to take All the necessary measures to protect its citizens who Are being at tacked from lebanese Doron wrote that in Viola lion of . Charter obligations Lebanon a has enabled and facilitated the establishment of a practically Independent regime of the palestinian murder and terror organizations in its but Lebanon was reported considering requesting a Security Council meeting to seek a condemnation of the latest israeli raids. The Council voted on april 24 to condemn Israel for raiding lebanese territory in reprisal for a palestinian strike at i Ryan Shonah near the lebanese Border. Despite the israeli raids and the War of words surrounding them the separation of syrian and israeli forces continued smoothly Friday. A the operation proceeded normally in the past 24 hours Quot according to Rudolf Stajduhar the spokesman for the United nations disengagement observer Force. Moscow Summit in 1972. The arrests were evidently aimed at heading off embarrassing disturbances a the arrests of jewish activists is shameless blackmail of american Public three Moscow jews declared today. In an open Appeal addressed to . Congressmen activists Mikhail Gursky Vitaly Rubin and Inessa Axelrod said a the responsibility tor such blackmail should be Laid on the soviet and american some jews have claimed president Nixon a recent statement that emigration was an internal soviet affair actually encouraged a crackdown on jews in this country. The jewish Community Here is particularly interested in american Public opinion because of congressional opposition to granting the soviet Union credit Loans and Tariff concessions until the Kremlin eases its harsh emigration policies. Most jewish activists maintain such pressure a and not a quiet diplomacy Quot a will bring about a change in emigration policy. Michener author of a Hawaii a the pulitzer i. Prize winning Quot tales of the i South Pacific Quot and several what s in Silt i other books predicted that 70 b Miae i per cent of All learning even amusements. Do tally will come from Bridge. 4b television. Classified ads .5-7b comics. 8a Michener said he saw the crossword. 4b decline of the written word editorials. 4a years ago but chose to keep obituaries. 3a writing to reach the elite sports. 1-2b audience still Reading books. Television. 3b a a not As Many people Are women a news. 4b Reading but More of the weather. 5a right people Are Quot he said. Author says books losing importance Stanford Calif apr pulitzer prize winning author James a. Michener says books Are diminishing in importance. A if i were a Young Man today i would work in television Quot he said Friday during a seminar at Stanford University. Not comment directly on whether Colson would be called but said the committee a absolutely Quot would look into the matter. The committee has scheduled meetings for next week to decide Suc h matters As what if any. Witnesses will be called and whether the testimony will be open to the Public committee counsel John Hoar said he and minority counsel Edward Jenner had questioned Colson and were Likely to talk to him further vice president Gerald a Ford said he does not believe that Nixon ordered Colson to carry out the break in into the office of Ell Start s psychiatrist. Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon papers a study of the Vietnam War to the press Ford said there is a difference Between the president asking an aide to smear someone As claimed by Colson and ordering a breaking As Colson was sentenced. Egil Krogh jr., the Man who supervised the White House agents who earned out the Ellsberg burglary returned Home from prison Quot i found out How important it is to respect each individuals Krogh told reporters meanwhile court Battles Over watergate related evidence continued on two fronts special prosecutor Leon Jaworski asked a Federal District judge to refuse California la gov. De Heinecke s request to subpoena White House tapes and documents for his defense against perjury charges at the supreme court. Nixon s lawyers said the president is Quot the final authority Quot As to what presidential Matenas May be used in court cases but Jaworski disagreed with this claim. And rep John n. Edenborn r ui., complained that Hodinko had denied him Access to secret impeachment inquiry evidence. Edenborn is not a judiciary committee member Colson told . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell that one reason for his guilty plea was to allow him to testify in the impeachment hearing. Mideast is injected into sea conference by w. F. Nicholson associated press writer Caracas Venezuela apr Arab delegates introduced Ute Middle East conflict into the International sea conference fonday saying they will demand admission of the Palestine liberation organization As the 149th conference participant a spokesman for the israeli delegation protested the decision reached by about 20 Arab delegations after fridays routine general session. They decided to Cal for Plo s admittance As official observers when the conference resumes after the weekend Arab sources said a representative of astr Arafat the Plo Leader was already in Caracas and in Contact with their delegates. A this is a sea conference Quot the israeli Delegate said. Quot its inconceivable that a terrorism movement which throughout its existence has used the weapons of indiscriminate murder atrocity and sabotage in Pursuit of its objectives should be permitted to take part in the conference and to say How governments should conduct themselves Quot the United states delegation had no comment but a High . Delegate said there would have to be some a consultations Quot the conference with All but two of the worlds nations participating was in its second session Friday. It concentrated on preparatory items before tackling the main Agenda which will Deal with All aspects of the oceans. Absent were Taiwan and North Vietnam farm Pond Fisherman anglers Arentt letting the fuel shortage keep them off the water. Fishermen Are finding that the Small farm Pond close to Home is As great a place to be As the largest Waters More Distant from Home. This Atlanta Fly Caster in a Small boat makes a pleasant picture at Sundown. A wire photo

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