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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile Archdale manager ready by Don Wrenn eau Frt staff writer Thomasville with the experience i have Here a City clerk with the schooling t had had with the cooperation of the City Council. I believe t can do the Job expected of me in Archdale fays Dalton Fulcher the new City Manatee of Archdale who will assume his new duties on july i. Sukher is reluctant to do too much talking about programs he would like to see started in Archdale because he feels he first must sound oat the City Council members and see what they want a i believe the important thing now is to get those programs already under Way right before we try to do anything new. Said Fulcher i will be working from the ground floor and will first get my office set up and then go into the present financial system being used by the City he added already Fulcher has been studying the proposed is74-ts budget for Archdale and he has also gone into the City charter to see what that document says about Bis office and duties Quot i have been impressed to Date with the cooperative attitude of the City Council members who i believe will work with me in solving a number of problems faced by the he asserted Quot it s a Good feeling after working under other people to know i can make my own recommendations or decisions and knowing that s the Way its going to he said Fulcher has been working for the past five years As City clerk and City treasurer for Thomasville and this is the training which he feels will do so much in preparing him to meet this new Job in Archdale. The Council members have let it be known the City manager will run the office and this is the Way it should he said noting he was looking Forward to working with mrs Nancy Burrow. Archdale City clerk who under the new Reorg Anixa tonal plans will become City tax collector the City will hire another full time person to take Over the duties of City clerk Fulcher believes one of the things he will need right off the Bat will be a full time Secretary for Bis own office. A with the work i will have to he he said. Quot i will need a lot of help from everyone several things bother Fulcher but he believes All can be worked out. Such As the Lack of a police department it will be hard to work without a police department a he said adding Quot the ordinances passed Ano Loose to be passed Don t mean a whole lot now another problem is the piling up of Dowell Bill funds which the City will have to use and can Only use on the Street a or in the connection with personnel involved with streets. Fulcher says a Street Force is needed Fulcher says he does not expect too much trouble in setting up a water be essential in this and i Hope the City Council frill go along with me on he said Quot it is hard at this Point to say what the City needs and what programs i will carry out because i am not that familiar with what has been done to Date a he said Quot but i will know what those needs Are when i get into the office and do some studying on toning. Fulcher feels the City has Only about a third of the land toned for business that it actually needs Quot this is something which the Council already Realises and a study is already under Way a he noted the new City manager feels a City recreational program is important but that such a program can come Only after the water and sewer needs a e been met. And a police department set up the it ithe Council have so Many things going right now which Are More important than recreation but it is something that must be considered in the future i know the people do not want a higher tax rate but anything you do in the Way of recreation is costly and this must be a consideration a he said a native of Cape Hatteras Fulcher is the son of mrs a b Fulcher he is married to the former Hay freed in of Thomasville they have two children Collins. 3, and Holly i he is a graduate of Cape Hatteras High school. After completing High High feint Enterprise. Sunday june is 1971 amp a spotlight on education guidance counselling potential unrealized Dalton Fulcher school Fulcher served in the i s. Coast guard four years. Getting his discharge in it he has attended Davidson Community College where he studied business administration he has also studied local government and municipal administration in classes at the Institute of in a Hapel Hill at Guilford technical Institute he took courses in local government and accounting a member of the Kic Fork Baptist Church he is chairman of the Church s recreation committee and is an usher. An editor s notebook search for workable new Law of sea critical by Jenkin Lloyd Jones general features Syndicate the largest meeting on International Law Ever held got under Way a few Days ago in Caracas and if it dosed t come up with some major areas of agreement we re in for trouble sure As shooting a and Quot shooting is the word the conference has been called to find out where a nation s sovereignty ends a three Miles offshore a u Miles a 200 mites what has happened is that suddenly Man s technology has outrun International Law. And the scramble for full eries offshore drilling and sea Bottom mining is on us before we have come to any consensus As to who owns what the entire Bottom of the North sea has been divided up among the abutting nations and the lease map looks like that of East Texas. So important Are these As yet Sketchly explored Oil resources that the British think they have is billion barrels in sight a 2 billion More than Are estimated for Alaska s North slope it to not an exaggeration to say that whether the average briton stays with breakfast kippers or goes Back to Oatmeal is dependent on National exploitation of what Only yesterday was regarded As the Quot High the United states holds that True National sovereignty extends Only three Miles out from Headlund to head god. With a 12-mile limit for fishing in the year Imo three Miles was the maximum Range of a naval gun but this Headlund to Headland business needs a lot of defining of we considered key West one and the South tip of padre Island another we could gobble up most of roaming the Piedmont beginning of summer Means Shorter Days by Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer Friday was the first of final Day of summer a and the longest Day of the year. It also was one of Heartbreak More or less for me. Now. The Days will begin to shorten until the first Day of Winter in december. This brings up vile thoughts of permanent Daylight saving time. It makes Little difference to me except for the fact that if one gets an hour More of Sunshine at the end of the Day. He is bound also to Gam an hour of darkness in the beginning this i am not exactly Happy Over because i dislike arising before of sol Breaks Over the Eastern horizon it is bad enough having to gel up in sunlight but to me it is a whole lot worse getting up in the dark i can t see anything Well my Friend the doctor told me thursday afternoon that i could Start washing my neck and wearing a tie again that the horse Collar would not be necessary at least for a while. That was some More Relief. The wearing of the dung was not nearly As bad As the comments some of my supposedly Best friends made. The old and trite saying that one needs no enemies what with the friends one has. Was never truer than i found tuesday. This occurred at the police station As i innocently strolled onto the premises. Its Tom Hammitt and Larry Fendry led their men in verbal assaults on Bow Nice it was to see me so encumbered a it could not have happened to a nicer fellow and was t it a pity that someone had not twisted my neck earlier. Pm course this is just an idea of their remarks the actual ones Are too unprintable. And this was just a Sample of what i received All through the City county building every time i walked through. Or anywhere else for that matter so much for that horse Collar a i Hope it it Hung of the permanent past. Since summer is beginning. And insects and Flowers abound. I found the following bits of advice from Ciba Geigey both interesting and worthy of repealing a brightly coloured Flower or tiny insect can captivate a child s curiosity As he explores the out of doors. It May also kill him. As a result two booklets Quot plants that Poison and insects that Are available As a Public service from the agricultural division of Cuba Geigey corp. It is estimated that each year 12,000 children suffer illness or death As a result of ingestion of poisonous plants and for one person out of too insect stings prove fatal. According to one Survey bees alone Are responsible for More deaths than any other venomous animal. Especially useful at this Fame of year these two booklets Are designed to reduce such fatalities and alleviate pain by helping children and their parents recognise potentially dangerous plants insects and arthropods. Both booklets convert into Wall charts that describe the plants and pests which most commonly causes serious allergic reactions in humans where they Are usually found and How to identify the reactions they can cause Quot insects that Sung also includes sections on emergency treatment avoidance of insect stings and Mosquito bites insect control and nest removal. The information found in these booklets is of particular value to teachers and club leaders. Up to ten copies each of Quot plants that Poison and a insects that Sung Are available free of charge by writing to Public relations dept., agricultural division Cigar Geigey corporation p o. Box 11422, Greensboro n c. 27409 additional copies Are available at Cost 5 cents per copy plus postage and handling. The Gulf of Mexico in the meantime a number of South american countries have declared 200-mile limits you d think that Chile and Peru much care since the Andes dip straight Down to the deep sea Bottom and there is practically no shallow offshore water but the Humboldt current provides some of the richest fishing in the world and this has Given Rise to the Quot tuna wars Between chilean and peruvian gunboats on one hand and mostly american tuna boats on the other. The russians and the japanese stand with the americans in favouring narrow hands of sovereignty. We re having plenty of trouble with both As their fishing fleets keep fudging across the 12-Mtle line off new England and Alaska you d think Uncle Sam would do pretty Well with a 200-Mi in limit. Between the canadians and ourselves we d Nail Down the Best fisheries in the Western Atlantic according to the economist of London there is supposed to be from 20 to 40 billion barrels of Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and maybe another to to 20 billion off our East coast most of which lies within 200 Miles of the american Shore but Only the advanced countries have the capability of exploring for Oil at great Depths and if the 200-mile limit became Standard every underdeveloped nation with Oil to Seaward would be Able to claim these riches on their own terms Many with no Oil might find other Bonanza As deep mining by Gigantic vacuum cleaners becomes practical thus it is in the interest of the advanced nations to keep As much High seas As possible of every sea bordering nation could extend its limits 200 mile about 30 per cent of the world s oceans would become National property. The first hurdle to be met at Caracas is How to apportion votes it would seem ridiculous to give niger and Nepal with no seacoast the same vote As Canada tor example the United states is plugging for a two thirds vote in any Case but it can be easily swamped. Moreover the conference can be churned by disputes Between underdeveloped countries that face the sea and those that Don t. The first would undoubtedly favor wide territorial limits while the landlocked states Are hoping to turn into a Law a vague . Assembly Resolution of 1970 that declared that the International sea bed Quot is the common heritage of All Mankind any or Benjamin Fine a Lorn m Summit new York High school guidance counselling Doe not live up to its expectation and is i some instances Little More than a Quot fraud Quot it does not provide the Type of Quality of services expected and assumed by the Public that is the finding of George s initiate career Counselor at Roslyn High school Roslyn. N y. Reported in the National association of secondary school principals bulletin although High school guidance Counselor Are generally Quot Nice people and bring excellent paper qualifications to the Job. They do not usually live up to their reputations. Or debate blames Counselor educator High school principals parents and students state education departments and superintendents of schools for what to wrong with High school guidance Counselor have succumbed without protest to the demands made upon them in their school settings. They meet often among themselves and complain bitterly but ineffectually to one another and to their principals about How they Are being abased. C Counselor a of course often have no Choice but to do what their principals asks them to do or be out of a Job Many consider College guidance and placement As the area of greatest competency of the High school guidance Counselor. He spends the major portion of his time on this function often to the detriment of other guidance and counselling services no matter How Good a Job the Counselor does in College guidance and placement. Many parents believe that he should be doing it better in College guidance and placements or debate Points out. Parents and boards of education expect and demand too much of the High school Counselor although he cannot and should not do All that is demanded of him. The Counselor often and foolishly attempts to do the impossible no one Counselor can possibly keep up with All the changes in College opportunities openings admission requirements curricular offerings and scholarships in the More than 2.500 colleges in the United mates he Chi barely keep up with the Ever changing College information in his own Community High school guidance Counselor Are urged to streamline their College guidance services. They should make More use of the computer and group guidance technique to help students acquire information about colleges they should Stop writing evaluations for the colleges to which their students apply they should consider As their main function in College guidance that of counselling students about College Choice educational guidance includes helping students select High school subjects working with failing students and underachievers and advising students on study habits Counselor do an excellent Job in helping students select High school subjects but More and More this function is being taken away from be Counselor by the classroom teacher individual counselling is considered to be the major function of High school guidance Counselor. Counselor Are Well trained in this area unfortunately because of the enormous pressures on Counselor to provide other services most do not have time to provide individual services what should by done to improve the image and the functions of the Counselor the report offers these suggestions Counselor must rid themselves of their College evaluation task they must leave their offices More often to go where the action is a in the school corridors classrooms cafeterias courtyards or streets Counselor must become More involved with problems of students unrest and they must show students that they care about them according to or debate. The Counselor a main responsibility should be to serve the needs of his students first and his schools rules and regulations second Counselor will never change the image of guidance until they change what they do and How they do it. A Counselor can i be All things to All men rooted in traditions sentences heavy in the South Davidson dateline dream transit better than reality by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer Thomasville the other afternoon while napping i had one of those typical Day time dreams the ones that always seems a Little fuzzier and less Lucid than the night time dreams. I was getting a Little rest before going t of City school Board meeting but that probably had nothing to do with my clouded state of mind. Suddenly i got a vision of a Little car on the Railroad tracks in front of the now defunct passenger depot. And Low and behold there were people actually climbing aboard the car for an express trip to High Point. Now this Little car was by no Means a stainless steel plated Bullet express. In fact through the shrouded half Light of my afternoon snooze it appeared to be a Volkswagen or Dat Sun or some kind of Small compact car minus its tires mounted on the train tracks on its wheel rims. I recall the feeling of instant Delight at the thought of a rational albeit modest transportation system being tried by the two cities. After i woke up an obvious flaw in my vision occurred to me. What if the Little express car of my dream were to meet head on with a southbound freight nevertheless in the Light of full awareness i decided the idea possessed considerable Merit. I for one would patronize a High Point Thomas vice downtown to downtown express system. I make that trip every Day sometimes As Many As three times. In a kind of a stickier particularly with the poor Gas Economy i get in my car for finding the shortest and fastest Way to go. For the first few weeks i covered Thomasville i experimented with every conceivable route i could to find the most direct Way. I have probably become something of an authority on the different roads to go Back and Forth to High Point. At first i travelled English Road National Highway but i thought that since everybody else went that route there just had to be a better Way somewhere. I tried the old Thomasville High Point Road for a while then Albertson Road and pleasant Grove Church Road and finally Trinity Street and Prospect Street Extension on the other Side of town i thought i had found a real time Saver when i discovered that Mendenhall Street could take me up to Burton Street which goes right by Zaire a a. But that like the Albertson Street route has one drawback. Darting across 1-85 without the Benefit of a Bridge or underpass is very hazardous especially during Early morning and late evening Rush hour traffic. Finally after sessions of studying the City map and carefully registering my odometer on each trip i decided my search was futile. I Felt a Little like the 20th Century explorer who finally found the elusive Northwest passage decades after the sea route had been rendered obsolete by Cross country railroads and an inter Ocean canal. So in a Back to the National Highway which is the shortest and fastest Way there is. I guess i should have just followed the crowd in the first place. But i can to help remember that Little car shuttling folks Between the two cities along the Southern tracks it sure seems to me to be a More practical idea than the morass of Concrete Roadway and automobile exhaust that is emerging All around and i hear a lot of rumblings around town lately about the need for new thoroughfares to expedite the traffic flow it seems the traffic planners want to Widen some More streets shearing away dozens of front Yards we now possess four or five different ways to travel Between High Point and Thomasville plus temporary 1-85 skirting the Northern Edge of town and the proposed new 1-85 soon to enclose the town on its Southern tier. We seem to have reached a saturation Point with cars and roadways. Maybe an apparition from an afternoon Nap deserves a Chance. Raleigh a is North Carolina really such a bad state that we should have the highest number of people locked up in prison among the 50 states is there More crime in this state Are police More efficient Are judges tougher in sentencing Here than elsewhere there Are no clearcut answers experts agree but some Are being sought. The starting Point for concern Over the prison situation is statistical total prison population right now in All the units across the state is 12,144 which is 2,144 above capacity. The number of Youthful offenders now stands at 850, up from 350 univ a Tew years ago occupants on Central prison s death Row now number 44, the largest group of people sentenced to death in the nation Charlotte lawyer and former state senator Eddie la Knox is chairman of a newly established commission of lawyers judges lawmen and prison officials to look at the sentencing punishment and rehabilitation scene across the state. Members came together recently for the first meeting and left with the firm conviction that their work is Cut out for them. The general feeling was that this commission is not designed to a turn Loose criminals so the state does no to have to House them but answer Legal and moral questions on How the state deals with prisoners. Among the Many complexities surrounding the Issue Superior court judge Hamilton ii Hobgood of Louisburg looks at what he terms the Quot sensitive area of sentencing and punishment a As a key concern judge Hobgood has been on the Bench for a number of years and sent Many people to prison by Bill Noblitt still he labels As Quot shocking injustice what most of us like to think of As Quot equal the disparity in sentencing is one of the great problems he believes and tells this simple Story to illustrate a Man can Point a loaded pistol at your head and threaten to kill you putting you in great fear of your life and on conviction he will be sentenced to a maximum of five years for assault with a deadly weapon. Another Man can sign your name to a piece of paper a a Check a for the amount of one Dollar and the maximum penalty for forgery is to years. The graphic difference Between the two circumstances spells out North Carolinas emphasis on Law protecting property As opposed to persons and judge Hobgood said there Are Many instances in the Law where this disparity is pointed out. In fact he says a sentencing is often based on tradition rather than reason and on whim rather than Hobgood believes the state needs to review criminal Laws and drastically reduce the penalties in crimes against property and remove from the prisons a number of people convicted of Quot victimless crimes such As alcoholism narcotics use gambling homosexuality. And number of motor vehicle violations among others. Judge Hobgood is reluctant to spell out his conclusions on Why North Carolina puts such emphasis on property Protection saying Only that it is rooted in our traditions Southern heritage and racial history. Kenneth j. Foster administrative assistant to state sen i c. Crawford chairman of the Senate a crime study commission has also studied the problem from a similar Angle and recently spelled out his conclusions two important elements Foster believes Are the a Bible belts philosophy of punishing sinners and the residual effects of racial prejudice for instance Foster found in studying death penalty Law around the nation that Only the states of the old confederacy plus Oklahoma a borderline state have a death penalty for rape. That leads him to conclude that this punishment is based on the Southern traditions of protecting the chastity of our women. Foster provided his conclusions in answer to an inquiry from state senator Mcneill Smith of Greensboro. Before its work is done it is Likely that Knox s commission on prison populations will dig into this question ripping apart some of the historical veils which cover North Carolinas criminal Law

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