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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather pm Rolv Cloudy. Cooler Mort data on Page a nth year a no. 174 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation m2-1719 High Point n. C., monday afternoon june 24, 1174 22 pages classified ads ms-2177 other depts. Ms-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c Jackson charges denied no secret missile pact says Kissinger Washington a Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger today branded As a totally false in every detail assertions that he negotiated a secret agreement giving the soviet Union More nuclear missiles than publicly announced in the first round of the strategic arms talks. Such reports. Kissinger said in a news conference Quot have no Merit whatsoever. The Secretary was referring to assertions by sen. Henry Jackson. A Wash. That Kissinger May have negotiated some Type of understanding that would allow Moscow to build Tubman debased missiles in excess of the 950 allowed under the Salt i agreement signed in Moscow May 27. 1972. Jackson also indicated that such an understanding May have pledged the United states to maintain a submarine missile Force of its own of less than the 710 allowed by Salt l Kissinger was questioned closely about the past nuclear arms negotiations but he opened his news conference with a lengthy discussion of what he Hopes Wilt be accomplished this week when he and president Nixon arrive in Moscow for another Summit meeting with soviet leaders the sessions will involve three parts Kissinger said. The first will be a general review of the world situation a to identify areas of conflict and reduce them and where possible to identify areas of cooperation the second part and the most difficult he said will be Quot the serious problem. Of the control of the nuclear arms race. Third will be Quot an attempt to give a More positive Structure to our this will involve possible cooperative arrangements in the Fields of economics scientific exchanges a and other matters of Mutual the Secretary said. The Salt agreements dispute arose after a Senate armed services subcommittee chaired by Jackson received testimony from resigned disarmament adviser Paul Niue. Jackson charged that the Nixon administration had revised the agreement with the soviets and had failed to fulfil its pledge to consult with Congress. Is 5-2��s for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request it considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Lights Are coming Kissinger however told reporters after a session Friday with the Senate armed service committee a that View must be based on a misapprehension of the negotiations sources reported that two things Are involved in the dispute a reported decision to permit the soviets additional submarine based missiles while lowering the . Level and a separate one to permit the soviet Union additional missile silos tabbed for command posts but considered potential launchers witness question taken up by c. Barton Reppert associated press writer Washington apr the House judiciary committee is meeting to decide on what witnesses if any. It should Call to clarify the detailed presentation of impeachment evidence it has been hearing since May 9 the panel also May vote today on whether to subpoena More evidence in the milk fund itt and internal Revenue areas of its inquiry. Possible witnesses include John w. Dean in president Nixon s prime accuser regarding watergate and sex Sou wit Niss on 2a Nixon request deferred court postpones evidence decision Washington apr the supreme court today deferred action on president Nixon s request for the evidence which led the watergate grand jury to name him As an a indicted co conspirator. The court said it will consider this question along with other watergate related matters at a hearing it is already scheduled for july 8. The main questions to be they re so wallowing in traffic migrant Birds used to find nesting facilities under the eaves of traditional japanese Homes made of Wood and Ceramic roofing tiles. They apparently Are facing a shortage of accommodations As Many of the old Homes Are being replaced by High Rise Concrete buildings. These swallows however decided to plunge right into the midst of urbanity and raise their Young at traffic signal lights in downtown Tokyo. Officials decided to live and let live. They wont bother the brids until the Birds bother the traffic. A. Q. Why Aren t there Street lights on Delaware place in High Point thank you. Anon. A. Only one of Delaware s two blocks has lights. They will be installed in the other one Between Hickory Chapel Road and Avondale in the near future according to Clarence Grubb of the electric division. See her agent q. I would like the address of Angela Davis or her Telephone number. Anon. A. Her agent is Phil Citron inc., i Wells ave., Newton mass. 02159. That office said anyone wishing to reach her can do so through them. The Telephone number is 617-965-4686. Contrition Corner q. Someone i know thinks they May have made a Dent in a car june 17 at food world parking lot on Westchester drive. They Are sorry and would like to make it Good. Could you find out and put it in the paper the kind and color also name and address. Thank you. Anon. A. The dented car owner May prefer not to have his or her name and address printed. Could the someone you know go a step further and mail us a self addressed envelope and Well Forward in Confidence any message that comes in about it. Profits in recycling q. W hat Are the prices tor recycling cans and paper anon. A. The Price can vary with Supply and demand. You can Check with the companies for the current rate before you take them. Jiffy manufacturing which takes newsprint Only will pay from 70 cents to $1 per Hundred pounds. American can co. In Greensboro pays around $10 per ton for bimetallic cans steel and aluminium $20 per ton for All a steel $200 per ton for All aluminium. An official of the company said there Are approximately 20,000 cans per ton of scrap Metal. Gas nozzle cutoff q. I went to the a a a a a service station to fill my Gas tank and thought the pump had an automatic cutoff on the nozzle. I had the Hose stuck in the Gas tank running full Force and i was watching the pump to see How much was in it. I thought it was taking More than it should have. The Gas was gushing Back out of the Gas tank and i called the fire department to see if there Wasny to a Law against that. They told me i would have to go before the City Council to file my formal complaint but i Don t think that is necessary. They should have enough sense to pass a Law to the effect that they should All have an automatic cutoff on these self service stations. I spilled Over a gallon of Gas right on the hard surface and if somebody had thrown a match Over there my car and Gas tank would Stuive blown up. I would like to see if you can do anything about it because it would keep these fire hazards Down. A Motorist. A. T. G. Shelton inspector for the fire prevention Bureau says the fire code does specify that when dispensing is done by someone other than the service station attendant the nozzle has to be an automatic closing Type without the hold open Latch. Shelton said he would look into it. Just think if this had happened in february that spilled Gas would have brought tears to the eyes of those waiting in lines and might even have been sponged up. Hughes Money linked to gambling decision by Lawrence Knutson associated press writer Washington a the . Attorney general s secret approval of the Extension of billionaire Howard Hughes gambling Empire was linked closely to a $100.-000 payment by Hughes to president Nixon a closest Friend the staff of the Senate watergate committee reports. The report to senators said the apparent decision by atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell to approve Hughes Purchase of the dunes hotel in Las vegas violated the departments own antitrust regulations and a is clothed with the appearance of Quot except for the fact that the Purchase negotiations ultimately fell through for financial reasons wholly unrelated to antitrust considerations this is a classic Case of governmental decision making for friends Quot the report said. The staff report As yet unapproved by the full committee was prepared after nearly a year of investigation into the payments made in 1970 to c g. A Bebe Quot Rebozo a Florida banker and longtime Friend of the presidents. Written under the direction of assistant chief counsel Terry Lenzner the report is the first Section of a comprehensive report on the controversial Hughes Rebozo Money. It explores the theory that a a squid pro Quot link did exist Between those payments and efforts by Hughes to expand his hotel and gambling holdings in Las vegas. According to the report Hughes and Robert p. Maheu then his chief Nevada lieutenant chose Richard Danner a Hughes employee and former Miami fla., City manager to act As political Liaison with the government. Danner was a Friend of both Nixon and Rebozo and the report notes became the courier who delivered the $100,000 to Rebozo in Cash. Danner told the committee that after a series of secret meetings from which antitrust attorneys were excluded Mitchell on March 19, 1970, approved the dunes Purchase the report said that after Danner returned from one such meeting a Maheu set in motion one of the two $50,000 contributions to Rebozo it quoted Maheu As saying there were Quot certain political obligations that had to be met Quot As the result of the Danner trip and that a Hughes lawyer had been ordered to pay out the Money. A the essential Point Here is that Maheu remembered a Clear connection Between the Danner much Ell meetings and the contribution to Rebozo the committee report said. A i remember telling see Hughes on 2 a argued by attorneys at that time Are a whether the president is entitled to claim executive privilege in connection with White House tapes and documents which special prosecutor Leon Jaworski obscenity authority is curbed Washington a the supreme court today ruled that junes do not have unlimited authority to decide what is obscene in their communities a unanimous court determined that the film Quot carnal knowledge is not obscene and overturned the conviction of a Georgia theater operator who showed it. In a related 5-4 decision the court ruled in a California Case that a brochure advertising Quot the illustrated presidential report on the commission on obscenity and pornography was hardcore material which can be banned under a Federal mail Law. Justice William h. Behn qui St who wrote the courts opinions in both cases said guidelines delivered in five landmark cases a year ago were not meant to give junes absolute Freedom to ban movies and other materials As obscene he recalled that the court last year Quot made it plan that. A no one will be subject to prosecution for the sate or exposure of obscene materials unless these materials depict or describe patently offensive hardcore sexual the court viewed carnal knowledge a film which gained wide critical acclaim and concluded that it did not Quot depict sexual conduct in a patently offensive Way Quot Rehnquist said Quot while the subject matter of the picture is in a broader sense sex Ami there Are scenes in which sexual conduct including a ultimate sexual acts is to be understood to be taking place the camera does not focus on the bodies of the actors at such times Quot he continued seeks for the watergate cover up trial a whether the watergate grand jury had the Power to name the president As an in indicted co conspirator. Nixon had sought Access to the grand jury s evidence and asked that it be placed before the supreme court to buttress his claim that the grand jury exceeded its authority. In a motion filed with the court Lait week the president s attorneys sought Access to All transcripts tape recordings of presidential conversations grand jury minutes and exhibits Quot and other material bearing to the grand jury s decision. They also asked that the evidence be made part of the record the court will consider in its review of watergate related matters the court has agreed to consider Nixon a claim of executive privilege for the tapes and documents along with the question of whether a Federal grand jury had the authority to name an incumbent president As a co conspirator special prosecutor Leon Jaworski told the court Nixon had Quot failed to meet the High standards imposed by the courts before grand jury material will be released Quot Nixon prepares for new trip sees advisers by Frances Lewine Stein and Federal Reserve associated press writer Board chairman Arthur Washington api bums ending a secluded weekend Nixon then will sign the at Camp David. My. Of Colorado River Basin Salt i preparations for his Moscow to act a new Law resulting Summit trip president Nix from lengthy negotiations on returned to the White with the mexican govera House today or talks with ment Over the flow of Waters his top economic advisers. Rom the Colorado River into at Din said he planned to Mexico take up a few Domestic in Brussels the president matters today before his will meet with represent tuesday departure for Tives of the 15 North Allan Brussels and a 10-Day trip tic treaty organization that will include talks in the nations and sign a Declara soviet Union with soviet lion on Atlantic relations Leader Leonid Brezhnev pledging wider and More in an la a in White House Tim ate consultations among meeting was called to get a the nato members report on the nation s he goes on to Moscow Economy from the and thursday for a third Summit ministrations new economic meeting with Brezhnev. The policy coordinator. Kenneth visit to the soviet Union also Rush Treasury Secretary will include a trip to William e. Simon. Budget Brezhnev s Black sea resort director Roy l. Ash Home at Oreana in the chairman of the Council of Crimea and to the soviet City economic advisers Herbert of Minsk the White House said.  i.���. In Moscow. Sunday the communist party news i what s inside i rape pravda Brezhnev As saying that he amusement. Wants stable relations with Bridge. 6b the United states that Are not classified ads. 7-11b dependent on temporary con comics. A durations. Crossword. 6b reports from Moscow Sug editorials. 4a tested the communist party financial. 2a newspaper was saying that obituaries. 2b Nixon a watergate Dif sports. 3-5b it cull ties should not be allow television. 6b de to disrupt a developing in women one. 6-7a demanding Between the two weather. 3a nations nurse who could t keep up executed by Andrew Torchia associated press writer Addis Ababa Ethiopia apr ethiopian guerrillas killed a dutch nurse they kidnapped because one of her shoes kept falling off and she could t keep up As they ran through the Bush according to her american companion. Deborah Dortzbach a pregnant 24-year-old missionary nurse from Freehold n j., who was kidnapped May 27 with the dutch nurse Anna Stirkwerda said the guerrillas of the entreat liberation front asked her to relay their apologies for the killing mrs. Dortzbach who was released unharmed saturday told her Story to her associates in the society of International missions in Asmara the capital of the Northern province of Eritrea. She was reported in Good health despite her ordeal but has been in seclusion with her husband Karl in the Asmara area since her release the guerrillas kidnapped mrs. Dortzbach and miss Stirkwerda who was 54, from an american evangelical Mission Hospital in an area partly controlled by the Elf 25 Miles from Asmara. Mrs. Dortzbach a friends said sgt he told this Story after they were taken from the Hospital at gunpoint miss Stirkwerda and mrs. Dortzbach were forced to run through the Bush toward a hideout but the dutch nurse was unable to keep up. One shoe fell off repeatedly and these nurse on 2a widow defies federals Over someplace Wayne w. A. A Ethel Carson says she has Given up on the Federal government and has begun relying solely on god to save her family Homestead. A a in a just praying that god will keep their hands off me until he finds me another place to go to Quot the 66-year-old widow said As she sat on the porch of the old Frame farmhouse her father built at the turn of the Century. Mrs. Carson lives on Millers Fork Road in Rural Wayne county. Its a land of overgrown Fields and Weed choked driveways leading to houses no longer there. The Road is rutted. Humped groundhogs Laze boldly along the Roadway and a passing automobile sends scores of rabbits springing off in every direction. Once scores of farm families lived along the Road but no longer. Almost everyone has left except for mrs. Carson Pearl Blankenship a widow who lives Down the Road and is Iii the process of moving out and a few others. The Millers Fork exodus began three years ago when the Federal government came in and began condemnation proceedings in preparation for the Beech Fork Lake project. A a they re All gone now a mrs. Carson observed one Day last week she grew up on Millers Fork left when she was 18 and returned nine years ago to take care of her aged father. Quot and them federals have told me to leave too three different be widow on 2a Ethel Carson sits on the porch of her Home a wort photo

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