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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Shower today nearing monday Mill year a no 173 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation it of High Point n. Cd a sunday morning june 3, 1174 in pages notified Ada 112177 other dept. Us i to daily lie sunday tic mini cop writes ticket Matt Jackson two year old son of or. And mrs. Joe Jackson of Muncie. In issues a speeding ticket to Young Mary Klopfenstei. Matt s uniform is a is for Ani Wert to questions or kelp with a problem Call or write action line in care of tie Enterprise. Every request it considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one the whole Squash q. A anyone had any Success in reeling Squash whole mrs. A. A. We can Only report what the Home economics Extension agents recommend which is to Cut them in Inch slices and scald them for three minutes in Bowling water. The purpose of blanching vegetables is to heat them to the Center says Maude Middleton and to Blanch whole Squash Tong enough to heat it to the Center might result in too Squash a Squash. You get a better product she says if you freeze things As you intend to use them later As they have a tendency to break up in handling after being Frozen. The Extension Booklet a Frozen food guide Quot says that under blanching stimulates the activity of enzymes and is worse than no blanching while Over branching causes loss of vitamins minerals flavor and color. Everything we be read on freezing tomatoes which admittedly in t much says they do not freeze Well yet several people have told us they be blanched and Frozen them successfully for stews and sauces for years so we Don t see any harm in drawing your own conclusions with a test run on a few Squash Frozen whole or in halves to see How they handle for stuffing after being Frozen. You can help q. Why Doe no a the a theater Ever clean their floors or bathrooms a moviegoer a. Complaints on the condition of toilet facilities in theatres department stores and factories Are relayed to the managements unless the places Are subject to state Board of health regulations All eating places hotels motels in which Case they go to a health inspector. Heaters and department stores Are not required to provide the facilities for the Public they do so As a Courtesy so they Are not subject to scrutiny by health officials. The trouble 99 per cent of the time is caused by those who abuse the places. Consideration and care is a Small Price to pay for the convenience but some Don t know the meaning of the words. The manager of this theater says they clean the bathrooms and floors every Day. And every Day people make it a shambles. It might be More effective if a instead of berating the managers a you a scream a a done to Louse the place up Quot at the first person you see contributing to the mess. X mail to the Star q. We would like the mailing addresses of James Brown Redd Foxx Sammy Davis or. And aretha Franklin. The reason is for building purposes at Cedar Street Church of god and if you could Tell me How i could go about getting the addresses i would certainly appreciate it. Thank you. C. M. A. A. James Brown productions 1540 Brewster Avenue Cincinnati Ohio 45207 Redd Foxx co Sanford and son Abc television network 30 Rockefeller Plaze n. Y., n. 10020 Sammy Davis or. Enterprises 9000 Sunset blvd., los Angeles California 90069. Aretha Franklin Queen booking corp., 1650 Broadway n. Y., n. 10019. A reference librarian at the Public Library looked these up for you in a a a who a they re Happy to help anyone by phone or in person find an address or other information. Head of mayors Cia ims Domestic Kissinger needed by Rux stall Savior rated Prev writer san Diego. Calif apr the Nixon administration will not promote vitally needed Urban programs while it is embroiled in watergate and the impeachment Issue the president of the u a conference of mayors said saturday Democrat Roy b Martin roof Norfolk a opened the 42nd annual meeting of the conference by declaring the nation needs a a Domestic Kissinger a who can put impetus behind such programs As housing transportation and Urban renewal Martin told a news conference that vice president Gerald Ford is the logical person to assume that role but has not done so. The vice president traditionally has served As the administrations Liaison to state and local government Ford was invited to attend the five Day session but his office sent word that he could not the vice president made a series of speeches in California thursday and Friday and was playing Golf in Monterey As the conference opened saturday Martin and the Host mayor. Republican Pete Wilson of san Diego appealed to the Nixon administration and the democratic controlled Congress to expedite the impeachment Issue end their preoccupation with water Gate and break the logjam of Urban legislation Quot the business of governing America has fallen Between the chairs of the administration and the Congress and that situation can no longer be tolerated by the american Wilson said another Republican mayor Ralph perk of Cleveland a candidate for the u s. Senate told a news conference later he Dis agreed that there is a crisis in Federal government that can Only be solved by immediate impeachment and conviction resignation. Or forget it perk said Ninon a resignation a would be bad for the country to would destroy the presidential government. Quot about 350 mayors the majority of them democrats Are attending the conference Martin said. The crisis of the presidency and the inactivity of Congress have combined to create a vacuum in the National government a at times it appears As of the entire Federal govern ment has come to a halt. I think we ought to forget or Nixon As Quch from that Point and go ahead and try to develop programs that Congress and the administration can move ahead on that will help the cities Quot he said Congress should proceed As quickly As possible a and get it Over with ear in or forget it and get on with other business Quot Martin added that he did not expect the mayors to approve any Resolution calling for impeachment saving he thought it would be harm Tai and divisive to consider that Issue by judiciary committee inquiry witnesses will be limited replica of his fathers who is an officer with the Ball state Campus police. Mint cop Matt cited Mary for going 4 Miles per hour in a 3 mph zone. I a w.mmn9 optimism precedes Summit Washington a president Nixon Heads for the Summit in Moscow tuesday hoping to promote u s soviet detente through new nuclear and economic agreements officials Here Are careful not to excite american expectations. But Leonid i. Brezhnev the communist party Leader already has set an optimistic tone predicting Good new agreements Quot that will please people in both countries. Nixon and an entourage headed by Secretary of stale Henry a. Kissinger will Stop first in Brussels for the signing of a new declaration on u a relations with its allies in the North Atlantic treaty organization. Kissinger plans to report to the nato Council after the Summit and to swing through pans Munich and London for meetings with French West German and British leaders Nixon s soviet visit begins on thursday and will last a week with probable Side Tours to such cities As Yalta and Minsk. Coming on the heels of a five nation trip to the Middle East the Moscow Summit serves to focus attention at Home on the president s interest and accomplishments in the foreign Field. Critics suggest that Nixon Hopes thereby to offset his watergate troubles and to improve his chances in Congress of surviving the impeachment drive. By John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the House judiciary committee is planning to limit sharply the number of witnesses called in its impeachment inquiry and the areas in which they will be questioned under increasing pressures to wind up the inquiry in the next three or four weeks the committee is expected to decide that Only five or six witnesses will be needed that would include witnesses recommended by the inquiry staff by committee members and by James St. Clair who is in charge of president Nixon s impeachment defense the witnesses will be examined Only on specific Points where gaps appear in the committees documentary evidence or where there is conflicting evidence. Longer sworn statements from witnesses would be available to the members. Few major watergate figures. Except former White House counsel Charlesw Colson Are Likely to be pm the witness list. The committee has the testimony of the others from the grand jury and the Senate watergate hearings Colson reportedly told committee attorneys that he warned Nixon in january and in february of 1973 that former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell was involved in watergate Nixon had said he Learned of High level involvement in the break in on March 21, 1973 Colson s attorney on saturday confirmed these accounts by columnist Jack Anderson and the new York daily news of Colson a testimony the identity of the impeachment witnesses and the ground rules for questioning them will be worked out next week in a series of meetings that will also Settle the questions of How St Clair presents his defense and whether evidence gathered in the inquiry will be made Public. At a meeting monday the committee is also expected to Issue another subpoena for White House tapes and documents. Nixon has refused to comply with four previous ones seeking watergate evidence the new one will demand evidence relating to the settlement of an itt antitrust suit to political contributions by the Dairy Industry and to allegations the Nixon administration used the internal Revenue service for political purposes one reason for the new subpoena is to build up the committee s Case for making Nixon s noncompliance with subpoenas a possible ground for impeachment. The committee has also notified Nixon it will eel inside Rea firemen on display. Ding Page id Pat Nixon stays Cool Page id Foster parents needed. Page 2a classified. Editorial. Page 4a women news. Section b sports. I television. Entertainment. Pages 13. 14. I so obituaries. Free to infer he is withholding incriminating evidence if he Falls to provide material that could fill in some of the gaps in the Case another sea meet indicated Caracas Venezuela map in. Secretary general Kurt Waldheim predicted saturday that yet another conference will be necessary to finally draft a Constitution governing usage of the world s seas he said he was confident the procedural problems under discussion since the third u n conference on the Law of the sea opened thursday a will be resolved Quot but he said that the 5.000 delegates and official observers Here May not be Able to draft a global treaty for use of the seas before the conference ends in late August. A tentative Quot second phase Quot As Waldheim called it has been scheduled for next year probably in Vienna Waldheim spoke at a Brief news conference before flying Home to new York. The delegates at this largest International meeting Ever Are discussing procedural business and what kind of voting rules to use before tackling the too item Agenda which deals with All aspects of the sea from pollution to territorial limits. Most of the delegates took a weekend break under a hot tropical Sun to go to the Beach or relax by the pools at their hotels but members of Arab delegations continued their private consultations aimed at pressing for the admission of the Palestine liberation organization in the coming week As an official observer. Seeking advice one of the older chimps in the Lipkos comedy chimps act which performed in Newport news. A appears to be giving advice to one of the younger members of the Troup on the use of skates according to their owner. Jerry Lipko. Most Chimp have the intelligence of a four or five year old child map Fine after ordeal nurse is freed by guerrillas Addis Ababa. Ethiopia api a a 24-year-old pregnant american missionary nurse was treed by antigovernment guerrillas saturday and said she Felt Fine after her four week ordeal Deborah Dortzbach of Freehold. N j. Walked alone into Massaway. A red sea port 450 Miles North of Addis Ababa and telephoned her husband. Karl also a missionary hours later the couple was reunited and went into seclusion. I in All right i feel Fine Quot mrs Dortzbach. Now in her sixth month of pregnancy told a Pilot who flew her to Asmara the capital of Northern Eritrea province in desegregation plan approval shift to Quality is seen a by Rick Scott associated press writer Raleigh no. A approval of North Carolinas plan for further de segregating its University and Community College systems May signal a shift in the Federal governments concern from quotas to Quality. The plan requires North Carolina to move ahead on desegregation. But at the same time the degree and Speed of change is substantially less than original demands from the office of civil rights of the department of health education and welfare. This seems especially True in the integration of the states five predominantly Black institutions. Hew had insisted originally that University of North Carolina officials set of goal of one third White enrolment at the Black schools by 1976. The plan approved for North Carolina however sets a goal it about one third what hew originally asked. Last fall enrolment at the five Black institutions totalled 13,400, of which 5 9 per cent was White. The desegregation plan obligates the state to try to increase this to 11.1 per cent Over the next four years. Quot hew has Learned something Over the past several months Quot said John Sanders unc vice president for planning. A was a result i think their demands and expectations have become More concerned with Quality and not just the numbers and quotas of Sanders who was closely involved with drawing up the Joo Page desegregation document noted hews increasing concern Over the equalization of resources at predominantly Black and White colleges. This equalization was the hangup that required the final revisions in the unc plan this Spring. The emphasis in resource equalization is Quality. The state is committed to improve Black institutions their faculty their facilities their libraries and laboratories and their degree programs. Unc officials will have to win legislative approval for the millions of dollars required to equalize the resources of the 16 colleges and universities in the system. This is not the a separate but equal philosophy however Sanders said More racial mixing will be required at the same time. It is hoped that by equalizing resources the predominantly Black schools can be made More academically attractive to top students both Black and White Sanders said. But the Blacks will Likely gain the most. A apparently hew has recognized that predominantly Black institutions will continue to serve chiefly a Black clientele for some Tim e to come Quot Sanders said. A so the con Cern is with improving the Quality of these Sanders also said he believed there was some pressure from Blacks for hew to soften the degree of change it was demanding in predominantly Black institutions. Quot this is pure conjecture on my part Quot he said Quot but i think some Black College presidents went to hew saying it would be doing them no favor i think they were worried about what would happen to their schools and the Quality of education during a period of Quick social change Sanders said the desegregation plan will be subject to review every six months for the next four years. For an emotional greeting from her husband she said her Faith had kept her going during 27 Days in the wilderness As a hostage of the eritrean liberation front no reason was Given for her release the guerrillas Are still holding three americans and two canadians kidnapped during an Oil exploration Mission in Eritrea three months ago. Mrs Dortzbach daughter of the Rev. And mrs w Illiam w mull of Freehold was abducted May 27 from a Mission Hospital at Ghinda about 25 Miles from Asmara the guerrillas also took a dutch nurse. Anna stick Werda. 54, and shot her to death nearby. The guerrillas have been lighting tor entreat Independence tor the past to years. They stepped up activities following widespread ethiopian military mutinies several months ago and have been reported attacking vehicles on the Road Between Asmara and Massaway. Mrs. Dortzbach said she had been treated Well during her Captivity. One account of her release said the guerrillas had left her on the outskirts of Massaway following a four Day Camel ride another said they had released her some distance from the port and kept her under surveillance during the two or three Days she spent walking across country to the City. There was no report that the guerrillas had attached conditions to mrs. Dortzbach a release. Reliable sources said the guerrillas had asked earlier for $250,000 Ransom then scaled Down the demand to $25,000

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