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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Dor. 2, 1971 By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY. I your help lo get my wife back I never realized tom much I loved her until I lost her. May to* you heard about the anthrax epidemic that hit the cattle in Texas this summer, Abby. I was right in the middle of it. I was near broke and desperate to sell a herd before my section of the state was quarantined My wife told me it was wrong to sell cattle without waiting to find out if they had the disease. I knew she was right, but I needed the money. I told her I was going to sell anyway, and she stood right up to me and said she d call the authorities* if I moved one steer off my land. That s when I hit her. Abby. I knocked her down on the kitchen floor I could have cut off my hand the minute it happened, but like a fool I walked out of the house* and left her lying there. I guess I must have walked around for an hour talking to myself When I came back I was ready to get down on my knees, beg her to forgive me, and promise not to deal the steers, but she was gone I called her relatives Nobody knew where she was. or else they wouldn’t tell me. Abby, I can’t live without that woman. I’ve loved her since she was 18 That was the only time I ever raised my hand to her in the 27 years we’ve been married. She reads your column every day, so maybe she’ll read this, wherever she is. Ask her to come back home, Abby0 HEARTSICK DEAR HEARTSICK: You’ve done it better than I ever could. ★ WW DEAR ABBY: My formerly favorite nephew who lives in another state was married last June. I sent him a generous check for a wedding gift. I heard nothing from him, but noticed that when the bank sent my cancelled checks, the above-mentioned cheek was among them. I rec all how I laughed when I read in your column that a bridal couple had received a cheek for a wedding gift, and on the back they endorsed it and scribbled, “Thanks ” Not a proper thank-you, but it was more than I got TICKED OFF IN TULSA Anne, Mark: Personalities Changing By Jeff Bradley MINIKIN (AP) — A year after the*ir wedding, Princess Anne and Army Capt. Mark Phillips appear to to* adjusting to married life, but some say both of the*ir personalities have changed a bit. Once described as snobbish and melody, the* young princess has mellowed since the elaborate nuptial Nov. ll. 1973, in Westminster Abbey She wears he*r hair longer arid looser and dre*sse*s more femininely Before, some journalists said Anne was e*ve*r ready with a sharp rebuke* Reporters who had caught the* venom of her tongue were* continuously on the* prowl for ye*t another compromising princess “m-eide»nt.” Likewise,    the    handsome captain of the Queen’s Dragoon Guards has changed. Whe*n introduced to Britain in a television inte*rvie*w' a ye*ar ago, he struggled to mumble* a fe*w replies.    Now    he* is    ob viously more confident at public gatherings. "Initially,    of    course,    he* suffered from nerves, but    now I think he* enjoys public occa sions,” said one friend Whereas Anne once had to whisper a few words of protocol in Mark’s e*ar, he is now generally on his own. The 28-year-old captain still se*oms happier at home, among army circles or on horseback. Friends say he is determined to toad a simple life and has no overwhelming desire to be given a title. A title is almost a certainty, however, since Queen Eliza-beth II is not expected to allow her first grandchild to be born a commoner. A nursery has been prepared in the couple’s home, but a longtime friend of the princess says; "I can’t picture her having children in a hurry.” Since their marriage, Anne and Mark have lived in a five-room home at Sandhurst Military Academy where Mark is stationed. They have had the Queen to tea, and enjoy a night out on the town every so often. But their socializing has been limited If Mark s $8,400 annual salary is not enough, they can always fall back on Anne’s $80,500 yearly income UPI TeleDhoto Mrs. Joyce Van Tubergen, who was approaching total blindness 23 years ago, has had two cornea transplants at the University of Michigan in the past I 3 years and has recovered her eyesight to the extent that she passed her driver s license test and is now operating her own vehicle. Mother Fights Employer For Her Maternity Leave DETROIT, Mich. (UPI) -Rita flerrala is back slugging it out with her employer, the U. S. postal service. Only this time she has some help — her three-month-old daughter. Claiming she was ordered off maternity leaye and back to work at the Detroit Metropolitan air mail field post by the U. S. postal service, Mrs Herrala showed up on the job recently with her daughter Mary a Mrs. Herrala was ordered home a short time later by her supervisor, Al Eldred, when she began breast feeding her child in front of fellow employes Mrs Herrala said she would pursue the matter further through the American Postal Workers union and try to get the post office to grant to female employes an unlimited maternity leave Mrs Herrala claims she received her back to work order in letter form after she had been on maternity leave for three months. In past months, Mrs. Herrala has fought the postal service for the right to a clerk’s job, which previously had been off limits to women because the lifting of heavy objects was required She also fought the service for the right to stay on the job past the eight-week limit before her baby was due. Mrs. Herrala’s most recent skirmish with her boss has the postal service shaking its head. "We are not demanding that she come back to work," said Detroit postal official Emile Asa. “All we have asked is that she fill out the proper paperwork There is no hard and fast rule about the length of maternity leave. Carhartt K ice (vc Brown Duck An rugged an the men who wear them! • Blanket Lined Zipper Jackets • Blanket Lined Coats • Blanket Lined Hoods • Insulated Coveralls • Utility Pants • Overalls • Carpernter Overalls • Pile Lined Vests Get Your Carhartt Early While selections are complete KiecKi Anotiier Kleck’t Special. . . Save time driving . . . you can pay your utilities here and take care of your mail at our Postal Sub Station. Op«n Mon.-fri. . .9-9 Saturday. . .9-5:30 Thirty- Second and Oakland Road NE Once Going Blind, She Now Drives Cor JENISON, Mich (UPI) — Mrs. Joyce Van Tubergen quit her job as a waitress 23 years ago but wouldn’t tell her bosses why she took off her apron The reason was that she couldn’t read the prices on the menu Mrs. Van Tubergen was going blind Now 42, she is driving her own car, because of what she calls a “miracle” — transplants of the corneas of both eyes Two painful operations replaced damaged corneas and a 13-year healing process has restored her vision. A mother of three, she passed her driving tests and received her license a month ago. The local doctor who treated her recommended she seek help from the University of Michigan hospital as her blindness became more pronounced. “I never heard of transplants before,” she said “It was just an unbelievable feeling to think that there was just a dim chance to function again as a normal person All I could think of was independence, and how it would feel to be free." Her right cornea was replaced 13 years ago, the left five years later. But it wasn’t until a little more than a month ago that her vision reached the clearness that allowed her to pass the driver’s test. Technically, the condition is called keratocoponus To those afflicted, the meaning is gradual blindness Conical protrusions from the center of the cornea eventually expand and burst, causing the eyes to lose fluid and sight. Save *5.50 Tyco 9-Unit Diesel Train Puts Young Engineers on the Right Track Nebular 839.99 34 A workhorse rig that even Casey .limes would be proud of! With Santa Fe locomtive, flat ears, piggyback car refrigerator car, box car, hopper car and caboose. 19 track sections and 2 switches. 1*^1 *“'    it • Sears Han a Credit Plan to Suit Mod Every Need Event Ends Wed. 9 P.M. Spirit of *76 Eleetrie Train Set Regular #2 UK) 2 I *** HO scale train set. Engines starred and striped. Everything needed for great fun. Barbie Goin’ Camping 9«7 Doll extra Vi ith Breezy Buggy and tent-trailer. Barbie and lier friends are all set for fun outdoors weekend. Sturdy tent trailer closes for towing. Ineludes sleeping bag. campstool, campfire, pieiiie table anti 6 pe. rooking set. Ideal'* kiddie* Braider ami Ferry Regular Kl UK) IO* * School bus travel* over the hi uhs ay, ar rot* the river on a ferry that work*. Tyro's HO Seale B-l nit Train Set fret on board for unlimited fun times. Regular *.*$,».<K) Everything model railroaders want. Include* engine, 7 cars, track, power -J "I 99 pack. Rerailer and more.    9-# JL Fisher Frier Preschooler* a Castle Regular K12.Hit A Royal Family Uvea in this fun caade. Haa draw bridge and even a dragon’* den. Fisher Prier Play Family V illage Regular $I2.% A bu*!loin little hamlet! Complete with post office fire »tati*»ij anil much more. Marx Big; heel With Hand Brake Sears Price    I    ti    *“ ^ ide-aet rear wheels help prevent apili*. With saddle bag and rear-wheel brake. Lionel 7-I nit I Breast .027 I rail. Set Dieeast locomotive pulls box    Regular    KJ*).    I4) ear, I lilt car, hopper, steel ear and    _ caboose. W itll 12 track section*, un*    -C/1. ** coupler, transformer with reverse. SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back (EAKS. KOT.BUCK AND CB stoke noms SUNDAY Noon to 5 p.m. MON. through FRI. 9:30 a.m.-O p.m. SATURDAY 9:30 a.m.-5:» p.m. PHONE 395 0232 FREE PARKING LINDALE PLAZA CEDAR RAPIDS, IOW A ;

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