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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Non-Complainers Hurt Cost of Living By Gay Pauley NEW YORK (UPI) — You. the cowardly consumer, are partly responsible for the continuing rise in the cost of living. Elinor Guggenheimer, commissioner of consumer affairs for New York City, says we get poor quality and spoilage waste because we are “afraid to complain, afraid to ask about the right to examine merchandise in a store, reluctant to take it back” when we get home with such things as dented food cans or prepackaged tomatoes rotten on the underside. Just in foods alone, where the dollar pinch is hardest, we pay the price for indifference. “One case of fatal botulism hits the front pages.” said the commissioner, “but we could have thousands of cases of food poisoning. If we could just get mothers to police baby foods, for instance “Complain,” she said. “Take back. You'll alert the store manager.” I talked with Mrs. Guggenheimer, who is ending her first year as chief consumer advocate for the nation’s largest city, which has one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the land. She is critical that the federal government has not come up with a solid anti-mflation program. “There is no simple panacea, but obviously something must bt' done. “We (consumers) have to fight inflation in every area, say over and over again, ‘no more, no more, no more inflation.’ ” There are the powerful self-interest groups, tin) — “The average utility, without competition, thinks it has the God-given right to keep a percentage of its earnings,” she said. “What they’re really saying is, ‘it’s a choice between us or you, the consumer.’ I haven’t met a corporate executive who doesn’t feed underpaid. ’’ Mrs. Guggenheimer said that most of the complaints to her office, and she figures they’re representative nationally. are on rising utility bills, delay in furniture deliveries, poor merchandise, home improvement gyps, people signing contracts they didn’t understand . . . At the supermarket, the “furious” objection is to repricing — “visible evidence.” “But the supermarket is going to make it one way or the other,” she said. “And God knows we don't want hoarding. That will just drive prices up across the board. ” Mrs. Guggenheimer isn’t sure that boycotts are the whole Crowned Wireoboto Karen Margaret Petersen, I 7, of Toledo, Ohio, was crowned Miss Teenage America Saturday night at the 14th annual pageant in Little Rock, Ark. She is a high school senior with an A average. Bridge Hest Side Club Winners of the Mitchell movement played Sunday at Welty-Way were: North-south — Mrs. L B. Beers and John Kempf,    first, and    Mrs. Charles Leipold and    Mel Verne Smoker, second; east-west — Mrs. James Smitt-kamp and Mrs. George Jenkins, first, and Mrs Don King and Mrs. E.G. Johnson tied for second with Mr and Mrs. George Kanelis The next game will be played Thursday at 7:30 at Welty-Way. Bob’s Club In a charity game played Friday at the YWCA, open club winners of the Mitchell movement were North-south — Michael Kelly and Al Young, first, and Tait Cummins and Clyde Nowlin, second; east-west — Mrs. Scott Denison and Mrs. John Kno-dle, first, and Boyce McCray and Keith Hanson, second Overall winners were Mrs Denison and Mrs. Knodle, first, and McCray and Hanson, second in a novice game, also Mitchell movement, winners were:    North-south    —    Burt Champlin and James Ott, first, and Mama Shmn and Jeanette Cleaver, second; east-west — Mr. and Mrs. Ham Harrison, first, and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Chittick tied for second with Mr. and Mrs. Herman Knappe. Overall winners were Champlin and Ott, first, and Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, second. The next scheduled game is Wednesday at 7:30 at the YWCA FOIL IN BAKING PANS SAVE CLEAN UP TIME To save clean-up and work, cut pieces of foil to fit your baking sheets. Then bake cookie's WI the foil. While the first batch is baking, place a second batch on foil. When the first cookies are done, slip off both foil and cookies. Repeat until ail your cookies are done, You can re use the foil for another cookie bake CANDY LAND 3SMInU THM W—k'% Spatial CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES bf »<lk ...89* k- Whilm Supply Lorn Choose From A Large and Unique Selection Of ^ To Ti* d' ^ Any Decor EDAR RAPIDS PAINT S09 3rd Ave. SI Phone 363*9634 Society for Women Features Marriage to Cannibal Chief Was To Unite Warring Tribes UPI Telephoto Mrs. Elinor Guggenheimer, New York City’s consumer affairs commissioner, said recently that the ‘‘cowardly consumer’’ is partly responsible for the continuing rise in the cost of living. answer. Maybe one helped drive beef prices down a year ago,she said. “But we need beef. A boycott would help on sugar. We don’t need sugar.” Mrs. Guggenheimer, at 62. came to her current job from a background that includes teaching college courses, child care and other voluntary agencies, city planning and politics. Mayor Abraham Beame named her commissioner last January. “How I’ve changed my reading habits.” she said. “I now turn the newspaper to the commodities section first. When I took the job I had no idea I’d go to bed worrying about inflation.” Miss Schmidt Is Married Saturday By Judy Klemcsrud (cl 1974 New York Times News Service NEW YORK — Wyn Sargent, one of the better known brides of 1973, came to town the other day. One reason, she said, was to tell her side about her much publicized marriage to the chief of a cannibal tribe in West Irian, formerly Netherlands New Guinea. The 47-year-old California photojournalist had resisted talking about her marriage in the past, she said, “because it just didn’t seem worth tha denials I’d have to make.” Now, with a book completed about her experiences, she has different ideas. “The marriage was performed solely for one reason — to bring three savage warring tribes together in peace and harmony," Miss Sargent said, as she sat on the bed in her hotel suite. Her marriage to Obaharok, one of the most powerful of the Bani chiefs in West Irian, was short-lived: A few days after the ceremony, in which 25 pigs were slaughtered and 5,(MHI near-naked warriors got together to celebrate. Miss Sargent was forced to leave the country by Indonesian government officials who said she had married the chief — who already had six wives — to get material for a book on “Primitive Sexual Practices”. Being A Spy During a 2 o’clock ceremony Saturday at Bethany Lutheran church, Miss Peggy Ann Schmidt was married to Thomas Paul Babor. Their vows were exchanged before the Rev. A C. Hornbostel. A reception for IOO guests was given in the church social rooms following the ceremony Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Curtis F Schmidt, 606 Second street SW, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul J Babor, 3211 First avenue SW. Mrs. Steve Daringer attended her sister as matron of honor and bridesmaid was Connie Babor. sister of the bridegroom. Terry Babor and Jeffrey Schmidt, brothers of the bridal couple, served as best man and groomsman, respectively. David Cliburn and Robert Novotny of Clutier seated guests. ★ WW The bride is employed by United Fire and Casulty and Mr. Bailor by Mercy hospital. CORRECTION In the anniversary listings in The Sunday Gazette, the name of Bill Stephenson should have been listed as Alvin Stephenson. Mr. Stephenson and the former Leona Tharp were married Dec. IO. 1929, in Hopkinton. False Eyelashes Smart Santas Save on ART SUPPLIES (rom MORRIS! 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BANKAMERICARD, MASTER CHARGE OR AVCO fetter Living Plan PAINT 0 WALLCOVERINGS Decorating Centers LINDALE PLAZA Phone 393-4016 HOURS: Mon.-FH. 9 a.m.- 9 p.m. Sot. 9 a.m.-9i30 p.m. “There was no sex between us at all.’ she said sharply. “The marriage was not created for the purpose of sleeping with anyone As I said, it was solely for the purpose of peace between three warring tribes People who- buy Miss Sargent’s book thinking it will be filled with intimate details of Dam sexual practices art' in for a disappointment; sex is virtually nonexistent in the book. Miss Sargent, who stressed that she was not an anthropologist” as often reported, said the Bani are not terr ibly interested in sex — “It’s very low on their list of priorities. Sleep Separately She was also accused, she said, trying to stifle a smile, of mining uranium in West Irian, of being a spy for the United Nations and of trying to promote tribal warfare (“which is ridiculous because I’m a Quaker”). “The real reason I was forced to leave,” the 6-foot tall Miss Sargent insisted in her throaty, well-modulated voice, “was because I had taken photographs and had been outspoken about how Bani tribesmen were being beaten and tortured by government officials. “It’s purely a racial thing,” she added. “The Bani are Negroid people, and the Indonesians don’t like them for that reason; they treat them just like American whites treated the American Indians.” Miss Sargent, who writes of her four and a half months among the Bant in her new book “People of the Valley” (Bandon House, $10) denied comments attributed to thief Obaharok in an interview in a recent issue of “Paris-Match”. The chief was quoted as saying, among other things, that at first he wouldn’t have dreamed of honoring with his virility “that woman with false eyelashes who smoked long cigaret.” What changed his mind, he said, was a promised dowry of rifles, hatchets, knives and clothing. The men and women sleep in separate buildings, she said, and the women generally refuse to have more than two children because they are more interested in working in the sweet potato fields than they are in being mothers. After the first child is born, the woman generally abstains from sex with her husband for about five years, Miss Sargent said. “There are no feelings at all between the Dam men and women," she explained. “You never see flirting among the teenagers. Romantic love simply does not exist. ’’ Her own marriage helped make “peace, Miss Sargent said, because it brought together three rival chiefs in whose villages slie had lived while studying and photographing the Bani people. It is a Bani custom, she said, that one’s friends get together and celebrate on such a big occasion. Did .she witness any cannibalism during her stay? “No, but I tallied with two men who were in a government jail for doing it. The Bani do not eat people because they have a love for flesh, they do it mostly to humiliate an enemy.” Has she heard from the Bani since her return to the United States? She smiled. “A message was smuggled out of New Guinea, to me,” she said. “It said that peace prevails, and that they’re waiting for me to come back. It also said that Obaharok (who ordinarily wears nothing but a penis sheath) wants a bright red shirt and a pair of long trousers I guess there really is hope for these people.” Miss Sargent said that while she did occasionally wear her false eyelashes in the jungle, along with lipstick and toenail polish, she did not offer to give Obaharok a dowry. She was especially incensed at the chief’s reported comment that he was impotent on their wedding night, despite the prayers of his villagers (“make our beloved chief, so valiant by habit, draw his bow for his new wife.”) Amorous Message Was Almost Missed EUGENE. Ore (UPI) -Chon got the message from Fred, but she won’t use the same' means of communication he used to give him a reply Fred Gilbertson used a billboard to ask: “Cher!..,Marry M*e Fred.” Cheri Woody of Cottage Grove, Ore., said she rode by the sign several times but never read it. Finally, she said, friends told her about it Koto Ensemble Performance Off The performance of the Cornell college koto ensemble, originally scheduled for Tuesday at 6 30. has been postponed According to Wayne Davenport of the public relations department at Cornell, “Part of the group is snowbound somewhere between here and the East coast and won t be here in time.” BIG AUTUMN WE MADE A QUANTITY PURCHASE ON AU. 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