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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Clear tonight with lows 15 to 20. Sunny and warmer Tuesday with highs in mid :i0s. HIW (fednr Wopitbi CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUME 92 — NUMBER 527 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1974ISRAELI ’NUCLEAR ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Rockefeller 'Have the Know-How,' Infli'pnrpnf President Katzir Say r i ll I I •' *Wl!V>W WI TR'RT 'CAI CVf /ADI D-„, I    __ 710 Billion JERUSALEM (AP) — Pres-! Reports in Beirut, meanwhile, ident Ephraim Katzir says said two Israeli gunboats Israel has “the potential to pro- shelled a large Palestinian refu- WASiUNCTION (AP)—Fifteen I duce atomic weapons, lf we ineed it, we will do it.” It was the first declaration by a high Israeli official that Israel members of the Rockefeller jp capable of moving into the family are directors of 40 cor-field of nuclear arms, jporations which have total assets Katzir made the comments at of $70 billion, according to a re- his r(>SKk'nCT SundilV night dun- mg a reception for international port submitted to congress.    |ourjng    ,Jrae| The boards which the Rockc^ Asked if he meant that parts fellers belong to have interlock- already existed for weapons, the ing directorates with 91 major president replied, “that is dif- U. S. corporations having com- [kult to say. It is mainly the ,.    ,    .    *    ,....    ..    know-how.    , bmed assets of $640 billion, the    ^jeans»* study said.    j    jf neceSfiaryt ^ Said. “Israel The study was made by G. wjj| protect herself by all means! William Domhoff, a psychology possible.” professor at the University of Israel is known to have two Santa Cruz, and atomic reactors. American sci-! gee camp on the Mediterranean! coast in southern lebanon. Israel had vowed on Sunday to pursue Arab guerillas to their, bases in Lebanon following a weekend guerilla raid into Israel which killed an Israeli Moslem. Wait Until Nixon Well: Ehrlichman WASHINGTON (AP) - Defendant John Ehrlichman’s lawyer asked Monday that the Watergate cover-up trial be recessed over the Christmas holi-The Beirut news reports said days in hopes that the delay that Monday’s Israeli gunboat attack on the Rashidieyh, just south of the ancient port city of Tyre, caused minor damage and no casualties. Newsmen stationed in the area said the gunboats ap- (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) California, Charles Schwartz, a physics j entists last visited the reactors! in 1966 and reported then that First Tallies Show Close --UPI Telephoto ■ 4tr I Weary Travelers Tom Slezak watched over his two sleeping sons, Jeff and John, Sunday night in their temporary home at Tappan junior high school in Ann Arbor, Mich. The Slezaks, on their way back to Cleveland, were forced to abandon their car, and like some 2,000 other travelers, were housed overnight by the Red Cross. ,6;?0/o, i^'655 Exlowan Among 92 Crash Dead Would Alter    * UPPERVILLE, Va. (AP) -j#    r- I Searchers Monday resumed I <3 CT I CS! I OrCi hun,mf? f°r the bodies of 92 persons killed when a Trans World NEW YORK (UPI) — Pres- Airlines 727 crashed into a ident Ford says he may take ad- mountain during a wind-driven ditional action to bolster the rainstorm, killing all aboard. was reported Sunday. In an interview in Newsweek magazine, Ford also said he News Conference Set for 6:30 Today WASHINGTON (APi-Presi-dent Ford Monday holds his first nationally broadcast news conference since returning from the Soviet Union with a tentative nuclear arms agreement. The meeting with reporters raises an opportunity for Ford to give the public the first specific details of the agreement. The news conference was set for 6:30 p m. Iowa time. would not try to impose a gasoline tax to save energy. And he blamed congressional foot-dragging for many of the nation's energy problems. The economy 'las been deteriorating rapidly since early Oc4ober, the President said. and if unemployment hits 6.5 percent, his economic aides are “prepared for alternatives.” “The jump to 6 (percent) was a signal,” Ford told Newsweek. “I would s^y 6.5 percent would be indicative of a very serious added deterioration " native of Lisbon, Iowa, had spent the Thanksgiving weekend professor at the University of!the Israelis were not making! California, Berkeley.    nuclear    arms. But they said one I |Kyj\A/ Vrttu* Happed by Rocky    reactor    was capable of produc- WI VI TY J Ult; T*, - a. Ja»:s5s.“H “jgssii*'iss house judiciary committee and The newspaper Maariv report- t ^ Monday f ,h* suggested it be used as the bast. «d Sunday that the science writ-L* tjmc jn Uni(cd Jme Work; for questioning witnesses in the!ors askcd Kalzlr whether the ers history to accept or rek ,2„"“ *“ “* nomination to be vice-president. “Why should it worry us? Let; _    .. /    , At the invitation of Chairman;the world worry.”    ,    ,    re^urn^' Rodino (D-N.J.) the two profes-j “What about the possibilities! our V locals rn ^cnnsyl- sors are scheduled to testify be- and target dates for realizing !J,aniat shewed a vote of 514-512 fore the panel Monday night that potential?” Katzir was;,rat“lcatKm of the proposed when hearings on the nomina l asked.    j    three-year agreement, which tion resume.    j    “You expect me here under!^lon leaders said called for a with her sister in Ohio and was wide area on the slope of Mt. W his testimony Nov. 21: these ^circumstances to specify    w^tool    Sirica    said    he    could    also    sim- enroute to her home in Chapel Weather. The 1.754-foot-high Rockefeller dismissed the study I aes’    few to establish a trend.    .    ply keep the jury sequestered in , when the crash oc- mountain is a foothill bf toe ;|S JJje    Isubtect’ -    th*    rkw    <>>hv    vot*    \*    Wmi——ad 1 HCII Ult Udall UL Blue Ridge mountaiRS 'Hie! qualified in the field of econom-Subject curred.    *„n    h«    has    railed    tho    idea that! “Why aiiuuiu uhs suujcvii”— -..........-----r r ficiently to answer questions Making his proposal to Sirica in open court, Frates said concluding the trial without Nixon’s testimony “would leave a really big hole in this case.” “Indispensable” became interested in the study j Union planned to give Egypt a snow which has hindered travel Flites said Nixon “is an in-addition to her Thomas Kunkel, FBI special when he noted Rowdier rep- nuclear reactor soon to try to in the coal fields.    dispensable    witness because he er mother are agent who is coordinating thei resentatives ^ toe boards^ oij^Qistej* its influence in Cairo. “We want to maximize rank will be able to testify as to the would make it possible to obtain testimony from former President Nixon. Ehrlichman’s lawyer, William Frates, proposed to Judge John Sirica that the jury be sent home Dec. 23 or 24 and then return next month in time for Nixon to give a deposition at his estate in San Clemente, Calif. Three court-appointed doctors said Friday that complications ; from the phlebitis in Nixon’s left leg would prevent him from giving even limited trial testimony by deposition until Jan 6. Even then, the doctors said, the questioning should be limited to two one-hour sessions during each day of testimony. Waive Rights Sirica indicated he was considering sending the jury home over the holidays. The judge said that, if all defense lawyers agree to the proposal, they should waive any complaints about damage to their defendants’ rights in writing. The a foothill bf the I as    work of academics un    .    .    __ Blue Ridge mountains. The Qualified in the field of e<™m. subject’ a newsman asked    haa    recovered    sui plane’s tail section later washes- He has called the idea that Why should this su^^*( ji. contract would be^adocrted ♦n anatifer niwdinm She was the daughter of Mrs. found loo yards below the sum-!he and his family exert any con-!worry us.” Katzir said. .Stuart Franks of Lisbon. Born! mit    j    trol    over    the economy “a myth.” world should worry.”    '    In‘Washington, UMW Pres- sagging economy, but has ruled A ,orm„ Mwan was one ofF<* »• '*»• ” ^edaf«arp,ds    Recorders    Round    Major Firm,    hava    «"*»    thatl    dent    Arnold    Miller    “nt    tele‘ out wage and price controls, it those who perished when the I ?he *aag™duatcd m'?58 fr°mj .    .    ,    . —-J-    I    jetliner    went    down    (Lisbon high school and from the J Searchers found the flight re- Sarah Franks Proctor, 34, a (Russia might supply such nu-J grams asking all local unions to  o ______    o    Domhoff    is    the author of sev-.cjear potential to the Arab na- keep their ballot boxes open an University of Iowa in 1962. She corders they hoped would pro- era^ 00 America s pcwt r ;tions, and London diplomatic extra day — through 7 p.m. CST was married June 23, 1962, to vide a cue to what caused the ,ul families- Schwartz says he|reports Monday said the Soviet I Wednesday — because of heavy Roy Proctor.    i    crash. Surviving husband in and her two children, Anna. IO. and Joe, body search, said at least 80 sev!>raj t'orPora!,(,ns involved!in The U. S. also promised Egypt a and file participation in this the sequence of events involved in 5; two sisters. Mrs. Howard bodies had been removed from|fechnologv when he wa* stu y- reactor but the move has union’s first ratification vote by (the Watergate matter, that Mr. Schwartz Sarah Franks j i Harrington of Newark, Ohio. The    mountain by early Monday.    I “J* and Mrs. Carl Klaus of Iowa    Bill    Weston,    of    the    National|!bu_su,ess City, and a brother, John M.!'Transportation Safety Board Franks of Denver. Memorial services are pend-crashes, said both flight record-i ing.    ors    were    found    intact Rocky I^edge ! The plane, TWA flight 514 bound for Washington from Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio, sheared off tree tops and slammed into a 10-foot-high rocky ledge near a top-secret government installation Sunday i morning I The three-jet craft disintegrated on impact, strewing bodies and burning wreckage over a between bogged down in red tape. ,s1(    Israeli    Shelling allowing every member the op- Nixon was not part of the con-portunity to exercise his demo- spiracy, and that Mr. Ehrlich-cratic option,” Miller said man never entertained the cor-Miners at U.S. Steel’s Maplejrupt intent” required for him to I Creek mine in says among which'investigates domestic air|™J" corporal,ohs having Israel never has released de- Rockefeller family represents- tads about the programs under,    Washingion    be found guilty of conspiring to ■s were found intact.    (Uves on then boards are Chase sludy at tis nuclear reactorpT voJd 238 225 to ac obstruct justice, one of the ‘ rrivav    icwvotcvd    Manhattan Bank, Chrysler Corp., one of them a highly secret in-ra % m ^ a.    L’Uri:chmors The flight recorder located    .    .    M    Lt_,in th‘    npar    cept,    but    at    the Tunnelton Min-charges against Ehrlichman. in the tail section will tell us the! ®    ^    ®    ”    Dim0ny The other is at Nahallin^ ^ in Indiana county* Pa ’j Noting th'di the grand Sorek, near coastal Ashdod (Continued: Page 2, Col. 2 | Air Lines, S. S. Kresge, R. Macy and Bendix. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) On S/oge w/M 'Tidal Bcrin Bombshell^ Mills Going To Make Soviets Orbit Manned Soyui Practice Flight all the ship sys-j all its docking! gear.” Fihpchenko told Tass that] report- S°>uz 16 would follow an orbit | I identical to the one Soviet cosmonauts Alexei Ijeonov and Va He said his top economic ad- fh!^7*7 ’ ’    "?r'mann/*d    Iery Kubasov will trace during visers are -prepared for alter-!.    ;    Z    An.|the actual joint miss.on with MOSCOW (AP) — The Soviet test carefully Union Monday launched a terns, above manned Soyuz spacecraft to continue preparations for next year’s joint space venture with the United States, Tass ed. The Soviet news agency said by two space veterans, Col An natives rn case this deterio- fltoj pilipchenko, the pilot, and ration continues We probably ,hc h(    Nlkolaj    Ru. have another month or so at the^rishnikov. most before we would have to make any major changes.” While he did not specify what (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4. Today s Index Comics ...... 19 Crossword ...... 19 Daily Record ....... 3 Deaths .. ... 3 Editorial F eatures 6 Farm ...... ll Financial — . 28 Marion 13 Movies 12 Society ... 8. 9 Sports .. 15-18 State 4, 5 Television . It Want Ads ....... ... 22-25 Soyuz 16 was launched “under the Soviet program for preparation for an experimental joint flight” of a Soyuz and a U.S. Apollo racket, the agency said. The U S -Soviet venture, mainly to perfect docking techniques in space, is st begin next July 15. Apollo. “In short, we are going to rehearse, to a certain extent, all the operations which are lo bi' carried out in June, 1975," Tass quoted the pilot as saying. Ile added that the spaceship may get in contact with the American space center in Houston during the mission. There was speculation among •heduled to Westerners that soyuz 16 would try to link up with the orbiting I -Tile tusk of the mission is to fal>'ut :l lab carry out the test the new docking gearH1”** scra'>l)ed m ,he ^ 15 Tass said Rukavishntkov told its correspondent. “Such a unit is,. ..    .    .... installed on the Soviet and hocking system failed American ships for the first time.” Tass did not say for how- long Soyuz 16 was planned to stay in earth orbit, but it reported that Filipchenko said: “Our space travel is to last several days. This will be enough for us to mission last August. The Soyuz 15 mission was aborted when its Totliiif's i Illicitly Top executives often take great pains and give them to others. Copyright BOSTON (AP* — Rep. Wilbur Mills said he’s going to make his “protege,” stripper Fanne Foxe, a movie star with a film he wrote himself called “It’s Not Burlesque”. But Mills said Monday he was only joking about the movie script. “But I certainly think she could have a career in the movies,” he said. “She is a very talented dancer.” “I wouldn't know how to write a script,” Mills said Mtnday, adding, however, that he nad some ideas he might pass on to someone who could write one. Mills also got himself into a flap with actress Shirley MacLaine after calling her a flop. The Arkansas Democrat made a weekend trip to Boston where Miss Foxe, whom he called “my little Argentina hillbilly,” closed out a two-week engagement. Ile appeared briefly on stage with her Saturday night and later said, “This won’t ruin me. Nothing can ruin me. “I ve been an angel to a lot of people,” Mills said Sunday in an Associated Press interview. In stating he was going to make a star of Miss Foxe. he said, “She s better than Gypsy Rose lee ” The chairman of the house ways and means committee said he had launched the careers of 14 or 15 performers but he declined to name them. ‘‘I’m always interested in a piece of property. The last one flopped. Shirley MacLaine flopped, he said He would not explain the statement or say if he had sponsored Miss Mae Lame. Meredyth Clarke, Miss MacLaine's personal secretary, said she reached the actress in New York and asked her about Mills’ Wilbur Mills at Theater statement. She said .Miss MacLaine denied ever having anything to do with him “I called Shirley and she laughed,” the secretary said. “She thought it was very funny and what she said — which she said was okay to release — was, ‘What Wilbur wanted me to do was flop on him but Pm not a midnight swimmer’.” Miss Clarke said Miss MacLaine’s reply was intended as a joke, and that Mills had never mane a suggestive comment to the actress. Miss MacLaine’s “midnight swunmer” reference apparently was to an incident Oct. 7 at Washington’s Tidal Basin. Mills arni Miss Foxe splashed into the headlines after the Stripper a Star' stripper flopped into the basin’s chilly waters. The two were among five persons in a car stopped by park police at 2 a.m. The police said the car was traveling at an “unreasonable” speed with its lights off. The police report on the incident described Mills as intoxicated. Police pulled Miss Foxe from the basin. Mills also said in the interview that he had written a take-off on former President Nixon which he has submitted to I>ew Wasser-man of Universal City in California. Wasser* man could not be reached for comment. He is chairman of the board of MCA, Inc., the parent firm of Universal Pictures, Universal Television and Decca Records. Mills has had contact with the film community. Last year he appeared at an industry meeting at Universal and offered hope to the filmmakers for tax relief. Miss Foxe later told the Associated Press that Mills frequently says contradictory things — “Sometimes I think he’s 12 different people.” She said, “You’ll never understand Mr. Mills. There s no person in the world that knows Mr. Mills. I never know when he’s joking or when he’s serious.” Her $3,000-a week stand at tho Pilgrim theater was her first since the Tidal Basin incident. Site was scheduled to open Monday at New York’s 42nd Street Playhouse. She said she had not known in advance that he would visit her in Boston. Mrs. Mills ttwld not be reached for comment on her husband’s trip to Boston. Mills was first spotted .Sunday by an Associated Press reporter as he peered from behind a backstage door, wearing large dark glasses. Ile told the reporter he was trying to escape unnoticed from the theater follow- (Continued: Page 2, Col. 4.) ;

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