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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Cloudy with a chance of fog tonight. Low* IO to 15. Partly cloudy aud warmer Wednesday with highs 30 to 35. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 328 iffi fhtptd* ghetto CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1974 EYE WRITTEN QUIZ ASSOCIATED PRESS I PI NEW YORK TIMES NIXON Jupiter Is Weathered, Saturn Next MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — Pioneer ll changed names Tuesday and headed for Saturn, after a perilous but successful confrontation with Jupiter’s deadly radiation. The 570-pound s p a c e c r aft dipped to within 26,600 miles of the surface of boiling, gaseous Jupiter at 9:22 p.m. PST Monday, coming three times closer than Pioneer IO a year ago and climaxing a 21-month, 620-mil-lion-mile voyage. At 10:24 p.m., scientists received a signal that the spacecraft had survived its close approach and was on its way to make man’s first probe of mysterious, ringed Saturn in September, 1979. “Fiery Mouth” “I officially rechristen this s p a c e c raft Pioneer-Satum,” James Fletcher, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said at a midnight news conference. “It flew into the fiery mouth of a dragon and got scorched a little, but now it’s headed for! Saturn,” said Robert Kraemer, I director of NASA’s planetary ex-! ploration programs. “Its a tough little bird and with a little luck it will make it.” Scientists threw up their hands in relief when they received a signal from the spacecraft after it successfully passed through Jupiter’s searing radiation. The signal came a little more than an hour after scientists lost contact with the probe when it ducked behind Jupiter and reached a speed of 107,000 miles per hour — 25.000 mph faster than any man-made object had ever flown. Minor Irregularities The spacecraft was operating normally after its encounter with Jupiter, although some minor irregularities were re- 2 Defeats For Mills In Caucus Nuclear Buildups Can Sjfjcg A$|($ Doctor for His Opinion Go On, Ford Admits WASHINGTON (AP) - The race” that would have cost the new U. S.-Soviet strategic arms nation dearly, Ford said, agreement allows both countries As it is, he said an annual to continue costly nuclear weap- cost of $J8 bii|ion «<is m the ball ons buildups over the next dec- park-’ for building the American ade, (’resident Ford has ac- arsenal to the new limits, knowledged. WASHINGTON < AP) - Judge A potentially large expense john Sirica proposed Tuesday Gazette Incased Wires WASHINGTON - The house I Democratic caucus voted Tues- night, day to increase the membership worked out last week in Siberia ma£h“thTSoviet Union in the!Nixon in lieu of having him tis-of the ways and means commit- with Leonid Brezhnev, allows one area where it is already    J    ~ ... tee from 25 to 37, opening the each country 2.400 long-range'^arly superb    a,ready    t,fV.at the Watergate cover-up In a news conference Monday :COuld come out of the agree- that written questions be subtle said the accord, ment if the U. S. should try to mitted to former President possibility of a liberal majority missiles and bombers. on the hitherto conservative tax-writing group. trial. Ford said the agreement has Sirica opened the day s court Of that quota, both can place    no limit on throw-weight.    session by asking attorneys for I The    action    was    hv voice    vote imup*p^e warheads MIRVs — “if there is an inequity    in    the five defendants whether It is subject to' ratification by "V.f0    .,    „.    ]thn,w;weight.    that can bereme- they had any objection to his the house itself in January but Although Ford said this agree- died, he said. “If we decided contacting the doctors who exadoption bv the Democrats who meTlt ‘put a cap on the arms,t0 go to a heavY throw-weight. amined Nixon last week to ask have    a    more    than    two    to    one    race’’ he described a situation    we can add a greater number    of    whether the former President Is in which both countries have    individual warheads.”    well enough to answer written majority, apparently was deci-j sive. This was the second blow ini    .....    ,    . i two days to the prerogatives ofiwc" f tde llf,ln« P?wer of ca<* *    *    °    rn    Iselin    I    h    timiffhf    in    mill great flexibility in increasing I the number of MIRV missiles as the committee, headed Chairman Wilbur Mills I Ark.). “Most Significant” , missile—throw-weight in mili-ny tary-diplomatic jargon. (I)- To the Limit For instance, the Soviet Union Rep. Charles Vanik (D-Ohio), about 2'200 long-range mis-a ways and means member and sdes. none °f which is believed! author of the amendment, told to <arry multiple warheads.1 Rockefeller Family Assets $1.03 Billion interrogatories. The court-appointed panel of three doctors had reported that Nixon would not be well enough to appear even at a question and answer session in his home in California until Jan. 6. That I would be well beyond the expected conclusion of the trial. WASHINGTON (AP) - Vice-, president-designate Nelson Rock-    Reservations newsmen, "This is the most sig-1 Moscow can and is expected to efeller’s chiel financial adviser None of the lawyers had any nificant change affecting ways'instad MIRY warheads on up to testified Tuesday that the Rock- objection to making an inquiry and means. It will have real im-'tbe 1.320-missile limit.    efeller family has assets of of the panel and Sirica sent his pact on legislation.”    The    U.    S.    already    has    822    of    just overt $1 bilbon ^ is “total-jlaw clerk to contact Dr. Charles He said there were no audible its 1,710 offensive missiles force    ly un‘nt«r*»*a in    controlling    Hufnagal, the chairman    of the “no” votes.    carrying multiple warheads.    anyi?m^‘ ..    panel. The action continued the drive Ford made clear it will push its' , ,ami‘y    s    v    are, But chief prosecutor James by Democratic liberals to make MIRV program to the limit.    simp£. nestors,    J.    Richard-    Neal expressed reservations major power changes within the “We da have an obligation to    sorl. D,lworth testlf,ed    at    about allowing Nixon to    answer 'dominant party, begun Monday , stay up to that ceiling,” he said.ir“—* -    .hearings,written questions, saying, “We -UPI TeJeeooto STRANDED — Caught in a snowstorm while returning from a Wisconsin Thanksgiving vacation, these weary Riverview, Mich., travelers stretch out on the cafeteria floor of the Marshall, Mich., high school. George Lchner fell asleep as his son, Danny, 7, kept Charlie, their dog, quiet. (Storm photo on picture page.) “We do have an obligation to judidary committee with the election of a liberal “TteTufceUh"’ “will ^om10n^OCk!,'ller’S nomi"a,ion have had a number of state-tivist to head the caucus    m,nd    “m keep our Strategic .    “ gc?eral, manaf >ents about Watergate from The caucus voted Monday 14(i forces cither up to or aimed at ^    ^ *'aml|y * As- the former President, none o to 122 to Strip the IVmocTaticiJtoobS”    f°C‘?tes'    manajecs    stocks.!which was satisfactory." contingent of ways and means, ^ ^ ^ „w, cooUrj!^^n°'' of its power to assign party members to other committees. ,,    ,    .    ..    .    . will be 0 cate80rles Fie dealt first ence by segregating topics into family. Michigan, Ohio Get 18-20 Inches of Snow Rate Hike Announced By Gas Co. Assignments now [made by the Democratic steering committee. That panel is composed half of the house any opposition to calling the doctors. In making his proposal, Sirica said that submitting written By Associated Press    j    of Ohio, where it dumped 18 to Snow or freezing rain brought ^ inches of snow Sunday and Bate j n c r ported in a device that measures I hazardous driving from the Mondiy.    I    $1,760,000 a year for gas sold to'because of his appearance on a m m0re sub-atomic particles and anoth- lower Great Lakes to the North- Ranging into the Southeast, it Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Boston stage with a stripper. er that makes infrared measure- e a s t Tuesday, piling more Pded as much as 15 inches in Co. customers in the Cedar ‘/This isn t the same Wilbur    wjef am congressional said each investment “is ments. said Dr. John Wolfe, t weather woes on some regions southwest Virginia and up to Rapids area will go into effect Mills I knew, said one high Democrats ,bat the recession ject to periodic review be First Accounting with the strategic arms question and then turned to domestic Giving wbat he culled the first Q sti n    was    one    possibility matters primarily the econ- Publ,c accounting of the fami-^.*01? *as one matters, primarily the econ    aggregate assets Dilworthlthat    had not ^ c)rp,orcd wlth ! leaders and their appointees 0^’    said they include $244.2 million the PhysiCians Under such a and half chosen regionally by    “Serious Threat"    jn investments owned outright Procedure* Nixon could work at the caucus membership /    j He repeated his assertion that    $738.6 “inw'lft    the Mills in    Jeopardy    I    inflation remains the nation’s    and    $51.2 million in investments    .    ... Mine mnnnu,uiia „,ac POnAr( worst enemy, although acknowl- held in trusts, for a total of,    po s . i    hlTm    «W»e (hat a recession “is a S1.0M billion    hon*    Answer* eases totaling'fllittee chairmanship rn January seriou<! threat lhat alrcadv has AI,h0Ugh    said in an    Thc Judge-,    suggestion came ., L ... ...J    .f hi.    ...... ; hart “any citizens and alarms opening    statement    that family,    a, „ R HaWeroan returned to members    do    not    directly control    ,he stan(i (or a second day of Still, Ford challenged a grow-    any    of those investments, he' in tne Cedar! mis ism inc same wnour;.M_      }    ..is    Mlb_    crass-exammaiion JI uu    Assistant special prosecutor both by    ftj(.,lar(j Ben-Veniste accused should be fought by recharging the client’’ and himself.    Haldeman of “wandering up the economy, possibly by in- He also said portfolio manag- and down and ajj over lot” Pioneer    project    scientist    based j still digging out    from    a    monster! two feet    in mountain areas of I in bills mailed this week, theranking ways and means here at NASA's    Ames    Research ‘ weekend storm.    I West Virginia.    company announced Tuesday. member. “It’s sad.” CenU>r-    Heavy-snow    warnings were in It also brought numerous The higher rates pass on a Mosf of    hls committee creased spending.    rn for the family members’ in-:t"0'~muddy~h^'answers"about “Since    we’re    alive    now    I    am    effect for parts of Vermont,    power outages, traffic accidents    price increase put    into effect by    members have    backed away    tiQ[ir greatest danger is to fall    vestments operate “within    gen-    whflf    u.,|Lm..n Nixon knew sure we    are    going    to    stay that    northern and western New York    and school and business shut-    the Natural    Gas Pipeline Com-    from support of Mills, and it ap-    vjctim t() the mare exaggerated    oral guidelines set down    byi alx)Llt    Watergate way,” he said. “We got zapped and the mountains of West Vir- downs from Michigan    to Maine,    pany of    America    under authori-jPJ‘ared only a major    drive by ajarms lhat are generated    each client.”    Haldeman    maintained    that    a with protons    a little more    than    ginia. Freezing-rain warnings    But    the foul    weather also    cation from the Federal Power    Mills    could    save his ciiair-    3^^ ^ underiymg health and    Members    of the    Rockefeller    June 23. 1972,    conversation    in we expected    but we    got    less    covered pans of Ohio and    brought out the    best in many    Commission (FPC) for gas sold    manship.    streng’h of our economy,”    he    family    agreed to    public    release    wbjch he and    Nixon    talked electrons.”    Maine. Storm warnings were people. In southeastern Michi- l°_ Iowa-Illinois, according^ to    Caucus Head    sajd    of the total figures, Dilworth about Watergate conspirators G. posted for Lake Ontario and gan where the heaviest snow of Bruce Anderson, district man- Kep phillip Burton of Califor- Ford asked congress to act testified, but indicated that they oordon Iaddy and E. Howard gale warnings for Lakes Huron    the century measured almost 19    a8er-    nia was elected    caucus chair-    before it adjourns this month to    would assert their right to    pri and Erie, the New England coast    inches, teenagers joined to push Under thc    rate    schedule ap-    man Monday, 162    to 111 over B.|cut the fiscal 1975 budget by $4 6    vacy against disclosure of    de and the northern    and    central car after    car up an interstate proved by the Iowa Commerce !p sisk. also of California. Sisk,    billion,    while    providing    $2.6 bil- Pacific coast.    highway    ramp. A policeman j Commission, the average in-jwho had campaigned for party    lion    for    public    service    jobs to _, F    picked    up    a pregnant woman crease for residential gas heat-i unity, said he will work with offset rising unemployment. P 0 ee    and rushed her to a hospital hying customers will be $1.50 a'Burton but fears the election' The question of costs also in- The season's first major snowmobile.    month.    ! might be seen as    a sign I volved the arms agreement. He override President Ford s veto snowstorm stranded thousands    Heart    Attack*    I rate adiustment ls sub‘ congress will be “flying off into saith “We will probably have to of legislation to increase veter- of motorists, or forced them to;    ject to    refund    pending final I tbe wj|d blue yonder.”    J increase our military budget ans’ school    benefits    22 7    per-    abandon their autos, in southern    An    estimated    35,000 people    action by the FPC on the pipe-    But    Burton    proclaimed, “The    next year just to take care    of cent.    Michigan and adjacent sections,    were    ^stranded    in Michigan.;    line company's rate increase re-iWjnds    0f change have reached I    the costs of inflation.” the house.” The prior caucus    “Very Definitely” Vote Overriding Of Vet Aid Veto WASHINGTON (AP) — The house voted 394-10 Tuesday to (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) Fire Kills 8 In Hospital Road Unit Adamant On Route of 1-380 stranded Ohio, Pennsylvania and Mary- ques,t. according to Anderson. Iand    Al>y    refun(i    10    lowa-lllinois    chairman’wu’Riip'ohn Teague More than 20 people suffered will be returned to the custom-|(i>Texas)t whose term in that fatal heart attacks m Michigan ers, Anderson said. alone while shoveling snow.    “The    increase    to    our    custom- Some schools and businesses ers passes on the same amount Hunt did not necessarily indicate Haldeman knew that Liddy directed the breakin. The break-in had occurred six days earlier. When Ben-Veniste complained about Haldeman’s lengthy responses, the witness’ lawyer said he had a right to answer fully since it is a criminal trial. The fact that it throws Mr. OSCEOLA, Mo. (AP) — Eight patients died early Tuesday in,Ben-Veniste out of his rhythm is a fire that swept a wing of aj^ concern of mine,” John Wil Nevertheless, he said that in hospital in this west-central Mis- son sajd post" expires with tti" present! 'hc,.Ian? ™    ^    sow* town of MW congress    I    definitely ’ will be an actual; The blaze was discovered The meetings Monday of the savin8 in military spending be- about 12:30 a rn, in the one- Tape System Haldeman said Monday that By Mike Deupree The Linn county regional planning commission asked Hiawatha?” he was through asked. “Yes,” Kassel replied. which were closed from Michi tbe UPC has authorized Natural p^^ajjc caucus and the Re-cause of the agreement.    |    story    brick    structure    opened    j    orders    from    Nixon    prevented gan to New England and into j a s Pipeline Company of!    If    there    had    been    n Appalachia Monday planned to America to charge us, he said reopen Tuesday, depending on (Continued: Page 2, Col. 3.) Tho    local    conditions    But    many    re- Monday for further study of al '    highway    commission malned closed' hoi,lnR to re- lcrnate interstate 380 routes D>    nignwas    commissionnIu.rati(lns north of Cedar Rapids runs through Hiawatha, west of sume operations Wednesday highway 150, to near Center I Maryland called out national no ceiling only five years ago. Thc cause J his telling the Watergate grand we would have had an arms had not been determined jury that the While House had a clandestine taping system. * You didn t mention tapes and you hoped they wouldn’t be revealed,” said Ben-Veniste as he began to cross-examine Hal Mrs. Petty said Mills’ actions j and if he prefers the life of show had submitted to a film produc-j deman. I was under orders from the However, he said here Mon- President of the United States Opponent, Papers Rap Mills Antics ...    illgHWd) idv, IU inrdi tiimi i    J    I    W    AOI    I    BOTTIN'    (API  Ran But a state highway commis-point Within Hiawatha it would guard units to help clear snow A*    ■    JJfP    vear-old    skinner    !hu«ine« rn the life an raniml er sion official said the interstate ^ ek?vated on a 22 foot em- Rom western parts of the state Wilbur Mills, amid conflicting J Uh the 38-ytar-old striper business to the life on Capitol er will go through Hiawatha if that bailment and its east edge recue ^ estimated 2,000 statements about his health and ‘ne rough rid,ooIe to the Hill, he should refill his con- I ...    ,    .    ...    u    ..    ,    .. route is approved by federal    ^py    land    which    ie;    now    stranded motorists.    -...a.    .        |people    who placed their trust in gressional seat to devote full- day that he had only been jok- that it would not be disclosed, authorities, regardless of what raijroad right-of-way. The western route begins at [the same point near the north corporate limits of Cedar action the county planning unit takes. Ray Kassel, chief engineer for ............... highway commission planning,!Rapids, but then swings west said the commission is proceed- about three miles before curving on the assumption action bv j n g northwesterly    to near: the county unit Sept. 30, when it ^enter p0jnt. accepted a highway commission study of the tw'o routes, constituted approval of the eastern route Today's Index a movie career for stripper ^ Kannc Koxe. has been rebuked ..Mr Mj|lj, rM,lccljon by his former election opponent not a mandate to continue time efforts to his “new line of mg. Even so, he said he had said Haldeman “It was not a was work.”    some ideas he could pass along matter of my hopes, it was my Route Shorter The highway commission chose the eastern route, which The highway commission has, at 11.5 miles is 1.4 miles shorter on that basis, atdted the federal than the western route, but was highway administration to ap- asked to reconsider when pro tests arose from Hiawatha residents. The commission studied the prove the eastern route, he said Through Hiawatha “lf they come back with approval, you’re going to go (Continued: Page 2, Col. I.) Comics ........19 Crossword 19 Daily Record ....... 3 Deaths ....... 3 Editorial Features . . ....... 6 Farm It Financial ...... 2(1 Marion , 9 Movies ll Society IO. II Sports .............. ... 15-18 State ...... 4.5 Television _______.... ...... 12 Want Ads ... .... 21-25 his! The editorial also said that to others for a successful movie, instructions “Subject to Orders” As Mills returned to the Cape But Ben-Veniste noted that Fanne Foxe interview page 10A; rnakc an issue out of an October matter, to engage his energies J^ RfP Ray Madden, (D-lnd.), Haldeman had resigned as Nix- for his renewed friendship withjaffajr wjth the Argentine Fire-|voters “didn’t re-elect Wilbur    More    Criticism [“The Tidal Basin Bombshell”, cracker,” said Mrs. Petty, who I Mills to make appearances in declined during the campaign to burlesque theaters nor, for that J ^    incident when park police I ixi scenario writing and Holly- ’ chairman of the house rules on s chief of staff two weeks The criticism was    issued Mon stopped Mills’ car in    Washing-i wood talent scouting.”    committee, said Mills’    activities    (Continued:* Page 2, Col. 5.) day by Republican    Judy    Hetty;ton and Miss Foxe    emerged; 'The Cincinnati Post    and    w*‘re "unfortunate”    He ques-    _ of Little Rock, Ark, as Mills re from ^e    auto    and    jumped into    Times Star said Mills had made    tioned    whether    Mills was quail-1 turned here.from a weekend ap the Tidal    Basin.    a “fool of himself.”    fled to    continue    as chairman of pcarance on stage in Boston    j Following his appearance on tbat tax-writing committee.”! with Miss Foxe, who now stripe    "    s    y    aper    Saturday with Miss Foxe in Bos- Mills, an Arkansas Democrat, is under the name    “The    Tidal, Meanwhile, a Little Rock ton, Mills told a reporter    the    chairman of the house    ways and Basin Bombshell ”.    Miss    Foxe. newspaper which    supported next day that he had written a    means committee. !whose real name is Annabel Mills’ re-election, the Arkansas;movie script that would make; in Arkansas, Gov. Dale Bump-1 Battistella. also has performed Gazette,    said    in    an    editorial    the stripper a star.    He also    said    ers said Mills’ involvement with under the name “The Argentine Tuesday    that    if Mills    “cannot    he had done a    take-off    on I Firecracker”.    forego his public indiscretions [former President Nixon that he (Continued; Page 2. Col. 7.) i lulu a's Chuckle The man about to retire was depressed: He has been paying into a plan that permits him to retire on 1,200 a month. Ile just learned that means calories.    a»vn*»i» ;

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