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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa '    r*    'J    •    .1    «*    +    »    -    •    r    /    '    *    •    *    *    *    r    '    /    •    '.    I    •    t    *    J    /    , ' f * ( f "    '    *r    '    sr    *    91    *f    *    *    *    **    r    /    /    '    f    .    ■    r    -    -    /»    y    >y    ,y    'r    . «*    *>9*#%*    fi.f*taf/* .jp <Jk, ^    ...... #*^T» ■r-ff-#** mr- so,.    ■    .4^    •«•    *-,«*-!    rn    j,*training to be parentsI n o    C.R.    Course* Offer(In Section A)IT’S GOOD EATING TjMERecipe*for Rift    ,    Holiday(In Section C) Section A Weathei <^5s> Clearing and colder Sunday night, lows ti t« 12. Sunny Monday, highs mid-Mh ht Ct*tint- iRttpitl^ <#1*3 eWc CITY FINAL 35 CENTS VOLL-MR 92 - NUMBER 32fi CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SUNDAY. DECEMBER I, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI. NKW YORK TIMES ISRAEL Miller, Coal Pact Jeered by Miners By New York Times Service BECKLEY, W Va — In a protest caravan through the narrow streets here Saturday, members of the United Mine Workers largos! and most politically volatile district honked automobile horns and hooted disapproval of the proposed strike settlement they are being asked to ratify The well-organized demonstration, a motorcade that went on to other coal mining communities near here through the bleak, drizzly afternoon. indicated that in West Virginia, at least, the leadership of Arnold Miller, the strongly pro-settlement union president, could be rebuffed by the membership. Many miners here said that the three-yeaf. H4-percent wage and benefit increase Miller negotiated with the coal Legalized Pot Order Rescinded WASHINGTON (AP) - The U S. attorney has cancelled his order not to prosecute persons with small amounts of marijuana in the District of Columbia The order, to go into effect Monday, had (teen the subject of controversy since it was announced three weeks ago by U.S. Attorney Earl Hilbert The plan had been opposed by district police officials and by Attorney General Sax bt*, and an assistant to Hilbert said Saxite had pressed him to drop the idea Silliert and justice department spokesmen denied any pressure, however industry was not enough. Miller has insist cd that the companies have no more to give Vote Monday A secret-ballot ratification vote is to be held Monday among most of the union's 12(1.(HK) active members. 16.H50 of whom live among the steeply sloping hills of this southern West Virginia union district. If the contract is rejected. Miller said Saturday, the walkout could last five or seven more weeks, “bankrupting'' the union, causing further damage to the nation s economy and almost certainly inviting a government confrontation with the strikers If the vote, to In' tallied at the union headquarters in Washington, shows that the settlement has been ratified, the strike, now 19 days old, could be over by the end of next week. Some union locals, particularly in Pennsylvania, apparently will not vote until Tuesday because the deer .season opens Monday and many miners want to go hunting Snickers. Whistles Miller came here to tell several hundred miners. “In my opinion, this is the best contract ever negotiated by any labor union in the country.” His assessment was greeted with snickers, whistles and hoots He spoke to representatives of the 75 union locals in district 29, assembled to hear an explanation of the agreement ft ontinued Page 3. Col .’>) ft ft An Amana Christmas’’ TvT/eHe Photo bv Doon# Crock The featured exhibit at the Cedar Rapids Art center, 324 Third street SE, this month will be An Amana Christmas". On display will be antique toys, handiwork, quilts, Christmas decorations and many other items that are a part of the heritage of the Amana Colonies. Kurt Peters, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peters, 401 Carter street NW, got a preview look. The quilt hanging in tjie background is part of the exhibit which opens today at 2 p.m. Art center hours are 10 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday; IO a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Thursday; 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday and closed Monday. Many Causes of Broken Families U.S. Financing Work On Behavior Control By Dale Ruder After her husband died of cancer in April of 1972, the widow could not cope with the prospect of rearing their four children alone She liegan to drink heavily and all hut abandoned her youngsters, just as her mother had (UMM* The situation worsened to the point the county was    forced    to take    the children from her (First in a Series) In another home in Cedar Rapids, the hatred between a father and son became so in ten a* it drove them apart to separate lives. Now the par* EDITORS NOTE: Though the holiday season is usually accompanied by scenes of happy families, some parents and their children will be separated as they hove been all year. This is the first of a series examining some of the factors which tear children and parents apart outs are dmtreed and the entire family splintered ( hildren separated from their real parents is not a new problem. Familial severance, however, has focused largely on the divorce picture and slightly on the totalfwparation of parents from children The scope of such division between jtarents and offspring. completely aside from l ases such as divorce where there is usually continued association with one parent, is hard to define. Linn countv social services personnel estimate there arr about 200 children in (hr county who arr in substitute hollies — 150 children in 102 foster homes and the remainder in group homes. The cases involve neglect. abuse, juvenile delinquency, incompatibility, parental or child health problems, poverty and other causative factors There are perhaps another 20 to 25 children below the age of IS. according to juvenile probation authorities, who are in state institutions such as the Juvenile Home at Toledo, the Training School for Boys at Eldora and the Training School for Girls at Mitchellville Without question, there are undetermined numbers of other children who no longer live with their natural parents, but instead reside with relatives. While some private agencies still provide assistance to (Continued: Page IHA, Col I ) :W; WASHINGTON (UPI) -The federal government finances experiments to control “anti-sw ial" human behavior with brain surgery, drugs, computers, radio transmitters implanted in the head and other means, a senate report said Saturday. “There is a real question whether the government should be involved at all in programs that potentially’ |x>*e substantial threats to our basic freedoms,” Sen Sam Ervin (DND said in a preface to the 651-page report issued by his subcommittee on constitutional rights "The question becomes even more acute when these programs are conducted, as they are today, in the absence of strict controls.' Behavior control technology' British Jail I 3 New Bombing LONDON (AP) — Detectives arrested 13 persons, including two women. Saturday in connection with a pair of terrorist bombings thai killed seven persons near London in the last two mouths loiter iii the day someone threw bombs into a London pub injuring five patrons Scotland Yard said two bomIw were thrown against a wall at the Talbot Pub near Victoria slalom and Buckingham palace on Saturday night, hut only one of them exploded The other was later defused. Witnesses said aboil! in Blasts; Population Controls Backed: Survey Try Injures 5 KO persons were in the tavern at the time of the blast The pre dawn police raids in london came as security was tightened at British ports and airports under new laws to conduit terrorism spilling over from five years of sectarian strife iii Northern Ireland Terrorist Immhings have left a total of 49 persons dead and scores injured on the British mainland over the past 2*7 years The police raids also coincided with a pledge by govern- (Continued Page I. ( of Ii Bv Gladwin Hill New York times Service A national opinion survey indicates that a majority of people iii the United States think population and economic growth will have to Im1 regulated, both globally and iii the areas where they live. to avert resource shortages, pollution and ii lowered quality of life The survey findings were set forth in “Slate of the Na (ion — 1974", a jicriodic study made by Potomac Associates, a Washington research organization The questions were among many covered in an opinion sampling made for the studv by the George Gallup organization The survey cov ered I .KHY persons — more than the* usual scientifically designed national cross-section It was made last April, after the onset of the energy 1 risis The asktni respondents were “Some people feel that the world will reach a point some day where because of population and economic growth. there won’t la* enough water, land, food and other natural resources fur everybody. Other people believe that the world can continue to grow without running into serious shortages btvause somebody will always Ik* able to solve these problems. Do you your self believe that sooner or later world population and economic growth will have to be regulated to avoid serious shortages, or not?" The response was Yes, t>4 Today’s Chuckle The government keeps saying we’re not in a recession — so this must tw the worst la Mini in history Copy nom ■W’x-x-x-x^x-x-x-xvx-xvxtx-xxx'x&x' |K‘reent; no, 29 percent; don't know, 7 percent On a local basis, tile ques turn asked was:    “Speaking now of the general an a where you live. some people say population and industrial growth in tins area should he regulat-tsi in order to prevent more pollution and improve the quality of life Others say this would mean fewer job opportunities and slower economic progress Do you your self feel that population and industrial growth iii this area where you live should or should not ta* regulated?" The response was Yes, 54 percent, no, 37 percent; don’t know. 9 jterconl tries to cure child molesters, homosexuals, drug abusers, alcoholics, shoplifters, hyperactive children and other “anti-social" persons through such techniques as psychosurgery — a type of brain surgery called “murder of the mind” by its critics HEW. Justice “The subcommittee found that the federal government, through a number of departments and agencies, is going ahead with behavior modification projects, including psychosurgery, without a review structure fully adequate to protect the constitutional rights of the subjects.” the re-|M»rt said It said the department of Health, Education and Welfare spends the most on behavior research, but the justice department, the Veterans Administration, defense department. labor department and National Science Foundation are also involved. The three-year study de-seribed an HEW funded drug-treatment program called "The Seed” in the words of a south Florida high school guidance counsellor "When they (student “seedlings") return, they are straight', namely quiet, welldressed, with short hair, aud riot under the influence of drugs * Robot Like” •'However, they seem to In* living in a robot-like atmosphere, they won t sjnak to anyone outside of their own group . Seedlings seem lo (Continued Page 3, t ol 4) Man Killed, Wife Hurt In Attack JERUSALEM (AF) - Two Arab guerillas took over a house lr a village near the Lebanese border Saturday night, killed a 37-year-old man and wounded his wife before both were captured, military sources said. An Israeli command spokesman said one of the guerillas was wounded in an exchange of gunfire when troops stormed the house in Riha-mya, a small village nestled in the hills three miles south of the Lebanese border. Both gunmen had infiltrated across the Lebanese frontier, the military claimed. Riha-niya is populated by Moslem Circassians, who are Israeli citizens and. unlike Israeli Arabs, serve in the army. It was not certain if the guerillas picked the non-Jewish town 01 just attacked the first village they came across Killed Immediately The terrorists sneaked into the village late Saturday night, took over the brick house and held it for an hour at* Israeli troops surrounded the structure, the mtlMarv sources said The spokesman said: “The terrorists killed a man and wounded a woman before the Israeli defense force mov€*d in One of the captured terrorists was wounded and the other was unhurt. We are interrogating them.” Residents of Rihaniya said the guerillas took over the home of Saubhi Mussa Abzak, 37, a father of three, killed him immediately and wounded his wife. Sauna, in the leg It was the first attack by Arab guerillas against a non-Jew ish target in Israel The inhabitants of Rihaniya are descendants of 19th Century Russian immigrants. Israeli Raids The guerilla action Saturday came only hours after Israeli warplanes attacked suspected Arab guerilla targets in southern Lebanon for the first time in almost three weeks Arab newsmen said four American-made Phantom fighter-bombers bombed and rocketed fields and hills surrounding three villages in south Lebanon, four to six miles from the border, for 15 minutes. Vegetable and tobacco crops were damaged but there were no casualties, they said Todays Inc lex secnON a Lot* Newt ...... I. 3. 16 Deoths.......................— ......... 3 Editorials..................... ... 8 9 City Hall Notes ... ......>2 Report Card 14 Accent On Youth ...... 20 SECTION 8 Iowa News........... ...... I ll Morton 6' Television Tob>e...... Frank Nye s Political Notes 8 Food.............................. ......... 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