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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., December 2, 1974 Television Today By Jay Sharbutt Lloyd Bridges And His Sons NEW YORK (AP) — When his two sons were still in school, Lloyd Bridges never tried to dampen their enthusiasm for acting. It’s no mean feat when you consider their first paid jobs were in his old “Sea Hunt” series. The sons — Jeff, 24, and Beau, 31 — have since gone on to establish successful acting careers of their own, a fact which visibly pleases Bridges the elder. He says he’d like all three Bridges to appear in the same movie or TV show at the same time, but the opportunity hasn’t arisen. In lieu of that, he and Beau are co-starring in a CBS Special. It’s "The Whirlwind’’, the second in a series of four 90-minute dramas based on the life and times of Benjamin Franklin. In the Dec. 17 show', Beau Bridges plays Franklin in the latter’s younger years as a journeyman printer, while Lloyd Bridges portrays the great American statesman in his middle years. * * * The older Bridges, here to drum up a little publicity for the show, was a bit weary, having sat up the previous night counseling Beau on the latter’s role in a coming Broadway play, “Who’s Who in Hell’’. A native Californian whose Broadway debut came in “Othello’’ 37 years ago, Bridges grinned when asked if he’d ever counseled either son against the thespic life when they Showed signs of having the acting bug. “No, because I love it myself and I’ve always loved acting.’’ he said. “It’s a great profession, although precarious. I hated the responsibility of encouraging them because if they didn’t make it — and a lot of us don’tI’d feel terrible. “So I didn’t push them hard. I just showed them what the atmosphere, “what the environment was like, so if they had something I’d give them the opportunity to try.” * '* * Bridges, who started acting in high school and at CC LA, said when his boys showed an interest in acting he did some woodshedding with them and eventually wangled them separate (guest roles in “Sea Hunt”. "That was where they really got their feet wet, so to speak,” he dryly observed. “I didn’t believe you should wait and learn the craft over a long period of time. I’d done that myself and it wasn’t much fun.” He readily conceded his boys are achieving success far more quickly than he did at their age. “Oh, my Cod, maybe 20 years faster,’’ Bridges laughed. “I guess ifs getting your foot in the door early and then it’s up to the person. Now, my kids are very proud and they didn’t want to feel they were exceptions because of me when they began. * * * “They always felt strange when I’d put them in a guest star role on ‘Sea Hunt’. They felt it wasn't fair to other actors. But I said. ‘I want you to be with me and it's something you’re very right for. “ ‘If you can’t make it, don’t come across, nobody’s going to hire you. I won’t be able to sell my producer on you again if you stink up the picture. So it’s up to you. really.’ ” Leaders Tag New Chief For Japan TOKYO (AP) -- Outgoing Prime Minister Tanaka and other leaders of Japan’s ruling Libera 1-Dcmocratic party agreed Monday on Takeo Miki, a 67-year-old graduate of the University of California, as Tanaka’s successor. But Finance Minister Masayoshi Ohira and his supporters demanded a party election. Party Vice-president Etsusa-buro Shiina proposed Miki’s candidacy to 40 party elders after a deadlock between the leading contenders, Ohira and former Finance Minister Takeo Fukuda. Miki, a former director-general of the Environment Agency, accepted the nomination.    f Fukuda, whose faction wanted Tanaka’s successor chosen by consensus of the party leaders rather than an election, and Yasuhiro Nakasone, minister of international trade and industry, backed Miki. Tanaka’s office said he also had decided to accept Miki. Previously the Tanaka faction, one of 12 in the party, backed Ohira. Tokyo newspapers said Miki appeared certain of approval. They said his chances would be Improved by the acceptance of Tanaka, who resigned last Tuesday because of charges that he used his position to increase his personal fortune. 86 Mercy Employes To Be Honored for Long Service Eighty-six employes of Mercy hospital in Cedar Rapids were to be honored Monday night for a total of 6,‘IO years of service. B. L. Anderson, chairman of the hospital’s board of trustees, and Sister Mary Lawrence Hal-lagan, administrator, will present each employe with a service pin in ceremonies following a social hour and dinner at the I/mgbranch. Arline Hampton, nursing supervisor for Mercy hospital surgery, will be honored for 25 years of service. Other employes to be honored include: 15 YEARS: Mary Bishop, Erma Tomas, Isabelle Woods, Alyce Wylie. IO YEARS: Muriel Baer, Mary Barry, Sandra Benedict, Catherine Boudreau. Helen Downey, Alice Eaton, Elaine Eddies, William Ellsworth, Janice Gavin, Libbie Gourlev, Sister' Mary Clarice Keefe, Marita Lawrence, Matilda McDonald, Roberta Mahan, June Mead, Nadine Miller, Joanne Oliphant, Cullen Peal, William Riepe, Joan Rudd, Vivian Simmons, Ernestine Smith, Margaret Sulli van, Sheila Sullivan, Fred Tempter, Shirley White, Ruth Whitman, Marilyn Wills. Fifty-three other employes at Mercy were honored for five years of service. British Arrest, Plan To Deport Leader of IRA LONDON (UPI) — British police early Monday arrested an Irish Republican Army leader in Bristol and ordered him deported. A second Irishman was charged with murder in a Air Firm Denies U. S. Pressure WASHINGTON (AP) - Lockheed Aircraft Corp. says the | U.S. government did not pressure it to reject an Arab overture to invest $100 million in oil j Brezhnev money in the company. Roger Tamraz, the Arab fin-(dea^k"^e ancier who made the offer last spring, &aid Sunday in Beirut; the oil states for whom he was Says Ford's Stand Broke Arms Snag NEW YORK (AP) - President Ford says a tough American stand on nuclear missile limitations broke a negotiations deadlock during the Vladivostok summit conference and resulted in Russian concessions on a new arms agreement, according to Newsweek magazine. “They were probing and testing to see how' eager we were, whether we would capitulate, whether our appetite was so whetted for an agreement that we w’ould agree to almost anything,” Ford said of the first night’s meeting with Soviet Communist Party Chief Leonid Governors Told GOP Must Broaden Base of Support ST. LOUIS (AP) I— The na- must acknowledge that we are a Milliken did to win re-election in party,” adding that many years we have ion’s Republican govemorsjminority were warned by one of the most “for too successful G.O.P. state chair- deluded ourselves into the false men Monday that “we got clob-security that electing a Pres-bered” in last month’s elections ident will make the Republican party the bonally. “When and that “the road back is a hard one” that will take many years. Governor Milliken of Michigan issued a statement declaring unless the Republicans adopt the strategy of reaching out to new voters, “the party we represent will itself*be dead." The warnings by Milliken and William McLaughlin, his state’s G.O.P. chariman. came as Republican governors;^ launched their post-election con-i ference here with speeches and panel discussion on the state of the party and its future. Speakers included Republican;ingredient National Chairman Mary Louise rebuilding majority party na- we have elected a Michigan. The Michigan chairman said the G.O.P. must reshape its image and broaden its appeal by actions that show women, young people and minorities “that the G.O.P. is their home.” His views on the need for a President and more than half of broadened G.O.P. base echoed the members of the senate and those expressed by a number of the house and better than 50 governors in statements and inpercent of the governors and the terviews as they gathered in state legislators, and when this snowy Mississippi river more than 20 or 21 percent of the people identified with us, then and only then can we begin city. Governor Ray declared, “We must open up and encourage to consider majority status,” he participation in this party by people of various ages, ethnic Reshape Image McLaughlin told the backgrounds and diverse views.” Massachusetts Gov. gover- Sargent said the G.O.P. has nors they are “an indispensable been "an exclusive club for too in any recipe” for long.” the G.O.P., saying Milliken, who will be one of ‘We broke up in complete first night,” he was quoted in the Newsweek ar- Smith, host Gov. Bond of Mis- Republicans must take the lead just two Republican governors sou r i, governor-elect Robert in fighting for “open govern- in the nation’s IO largest states, Bennett Louis Harris and Gov. Dunn of Tennessee, outgoing chairman of the Republican Governors Assn. Diminished Ranks The meeting is the first since the already diminished ranks of G.O.P. governors dwindled even of Kansas, pollster ment and open campaigns” as told a reporter at Sunday night’s reception at the Gateway Arch that “the party has a great future but we’re going to have to broaden our base.” Later Sunday night, he issued a statement declaring that any strategy rejecting that view “is Official: Respect Parents1 Values In School Texts WASHINGTON (UPI) — The not only morally wrong but also further last month. Republicans!head of the U.S. Education Com- politically stupid.” Scope of Defeat m th w w    While    giving    Secretary    of|aTUi?? acting suspect thai Washington L, ^    *    ored,t for the ruined the deal. Lockheed is a pre|iminary fa,ks leading t0 the major defense contractor. 1 will control only 13 of 50 state mission says he thinks school governorships next year, com- books should be more like the pared with 18 before the election McLaughlin declared, "We But "1^ Ex-Dictator’s pub bombing that Britons in October. killed five t ii ti u -j L. a JI specific in tile magazine story ■    .    .    .    . d WM ItilMnTnrehminarv about what KUsinger had done. Wife Imprisoned ,d was atm rn a preliminary i    cav    th„    a_nt    rnn.    ^    jn    cberry    N    J    .    Be„ w bid stage when officials of the com pany turned it down without; even going to the board of direc-l tors. The government was not: involved, he said. Bible, McGuffey’s Reader and “The Wizard of Oz”. “We could use more emphasis on some of those values today,” says Commissioner Terrel Bell. In a speech prepared for a meeting of the School Division of the Assn. of American Pub- Milliken also declared that the sooner Republicans accept the scope of their Nov. 5 defeat, “put it behind us and' move aggressively toward reconstruction, the healthier it Will be for the party as a whole.” Earlier Sunday, Dunn told reporters that President Ford He did say the agreement concerned “equivalency,” which* means the Russians "had to    ’’ ’p7 ~jnnnuiny was nies produce more than 80 per- an increase in the gasoline tax come down from - not their tater (ieorge ^^"Lent of the nation's school texts, in order to reduce U.S. reliance t elaine hilt th#» r n nnrtpH 0 r d e r e a imprisoned CHlTHldV ____ ...... ^ oadoDOuios wife of former die- urgcd members, whose compa- should look “very carefully” at nrArll inn w\ai*a tLnn DA    Or* in/lPAOr<A in    re    r*    sv    I    i    vt    st    ♦-av present status, but their planned or programmed status — and it pending imprisoned trial on charges “on administration kept j had to fiti^ our plms^nd our, fraudulently accepting money J* «» print only 0f films and instructional mated-on Middle Eastern oil. Lockheed from going bankrupt in 1971 by guaranteeing it a $250-million loan. Last March, programs... Ford said. “materials! He said From a state so'r'viw during he'r ‘hat do not insult the values of ment will had ad- “We accepted The two cases were part cf a ^    ^lesser    figures    in launchers and    s°al- bombwavo crackdown that bo- , . .    ..    .    .    .    took    a    bigger    figure as far as    *    *    J    ... husband’s rule. Mrs. Papadopoulos the federal govern-have to compel the American public “to be without the children’s a certain amount of fuel” but book publishing industry, and said any increase in the gas tax most parents.’ I think nandal trouble and sought to; Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWl TV, Waterloo 9—-KCRG-TV, C»dar Rapids 3—KTVO.Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Itlond 6—WOC-TV, Davenport • 8—WKBT, lo Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Des Moines , gen Friday with the passage of I jncrease u    ,?    of    MIRVing an anb-temnst act that out- cm)j from $W|    $    ^Uk.~i - 'awed the IRA and gave police mjijjon "About all we can say is that some time ago. Lockheed con-Pclice said the man charged sidercd an offer from the Mid- 13 die East,” Raabe said. “It came ar- at a time when we were looking because we were ahead and thev were behind.” expanded powers of arrest, de tention and deportation j in Guildford London men was among and women Asks Stiffer Yule Jail Terms UPPER MARLBORO, Md. the schools, need to chart a'should be accompanied by re-between    the bates to those who have low in- r«"ntVaTTntPllippncp Service scholars legitimate claim to ac- comes or use their cars for without working fMML A month! Bernie freedom in presenting work. ary from April, 1967, to No-vembcr, 1973, from the national mlddIe t course new knowledge and social commentary on the one hand, and the legitimate expectations of investigating magistrate Parents 'hat schools will respect b ,    <.A    presjdent has got Mrs. Papadopoulos would ^ir^ojal and eth,cal values |# ^ m]ymg jn ^ r ago, she repaid the $25,000 to state fund bank. No date was set for the trial The said Extremely Tough Dunn conceded that politically • “it would be extremely tough” Monday Night 6:00 2-Action Now* 7-News, Weather 9-Eyewttne** New* 3-New*, Weather 4-Action New* 6-New*, Weather 8- News, Weather IO-New*, Weather 12-Echoes Childhood 13-Eyewitne** New* 6:30 2-To Tell Truth 7-Sanford and Son 9-let’* Make Deal 3-let * Moke Deal 4-Price Is Right 6 Hollywood Sp*. 8-Consequence* 10- Nome That Tune 12-Audubon Wildlife 13-Sanford and Son 7:00 2-Gunsmoke 7-Billy Graham 9- Rookies 3-Rookies 4-Gunsmoke ♦-Wild Place* 8-Gun*moke 10-Wild Places 12-Special of Week 13-Wild Places 8:00 2- Maude 7-HBC Movie 9-Football 3-Football 4-Maude 6-NBC Movie 8-Maude 10- NBC Movie 13-NBC Movie 8:30 2-Rhoda 4-Rhoda 8-Rhoda 12-Caught in Act 9:00 2-Medical Center 4-Medical Center 8-Medical Center 12-Thrive! 10:00 2-Action News 7-News, Weather 4-Action News 6-News, Weather 8-News, Weather 10- New*, Weather 12-Day at Night 13-Eyewifne*» News 10:30 2-CBS Movie-“Devtl's Own'' 7-Tonight 6-Tonight 8-CBS Movie-“Devil's Own'* IO-Tonight 12-Dcvid Susskind 13-Tomghf 10:45 9-Eyewitness News 4-Mod Squad 11:00 3-News, Weather 11:15 9-America 11:30 3-Movie-“Crowd ’ 11:45 4- Big Val'ey 12:00 2- last Word 7-Tomorrow ♦•Tomorrow IO-Tomorrow 13-Tomorrow , Tuesday Morning 6:30 2-Sunrise Semester 4- New Zoo Revue 8 Sunrise Semet’er 13- Not Women Only 7:00 2-CBS Newt 7-Today * IWS 4-CBS Nev ♦•Today 8 CBS News 10-Today 13-Today 7:30 9-Romper Room 3-Music 8:00 2-Copt. 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They said a nationwide man-1 came of it.” hunt has been launched for four! - more men believed involved in the explosions. They refused to identify the man charged Monday for fear of alerting him to j their search. I The man arrested in I was identified as ; James Flynn. Police said he “We looked at it, but for a number of reasons nothing ever Crowd Fails To Eat 3 Feet of Sandwich HEMET, Calif. (UPI) ’n- The crowd that showed up to eat Bristol!couldn’t quite finish the meal. 28-year-old I Three feet of it was left over., Paul Turko whipped up a 4(1 I nationwide economic slump, has asked judges to jail persons convicted of shoplifting between now and Christmas. “We anticipate a tremendous •upswing in shoplifting this year,” said Arthur Marshall, jr., Prince Georges county state's attorney. Juvenile literature make the hard decisions and to appears WOITy 35^ popularity as a to emphasize \iolence and ob- sooondarv factor seemly and moral judgements Dunn's comments received lit-thnt run counter to tradition, all ne support from other early ar- in the name of keeping up with rivals the real world. “Without having Strike Hobbl es Texas Airline DALLAS (UPI) — A thousand employes of Texas International j materials that are so namby-Bond. Milliken said he felt it Airline    walked off their job<<    pamby they avoid    all con-    would further hurt the    au- Sunday,    forcing a IO percent    trovers}’, we must see    published    tomobile industry, while    Ben- Evervbody    wants    to get    his (cutback    in flights which ser\c    materials that do not    insult the    nett said he feared it would    hurt kids    the    same amount of    pres-i^ cities    and nine states.    values of most parents. “I don't think a tax on gaso- books and line is a viable proposal,” said Uvas an executive member of Toot sandwich of meat, cheese the British branch of the offi- and lettuce. A hungry crowd ate rial Sinn Fein, the political 37 feet of it, but couldn’t quite I front of the newly outlawed finish th«rest-IRA. ents they did last year, they just can’t afford it.” but Seeks To Stall Park Gold Rush j LOS ANGELES (UPI) - A gold rush at Elysian park? The board of recreation and parks commissioners hope not. The commissioners recently turned down a request for an excavation permit by Ben Frances, who said he has lo-.cated “pirate treasure” in an ! unspecified area of the park ’ through research in history books. ; Others have dug for buried I treasure in the park, which surrounds Dodger stadium, but to no avail. The commissioners said the practice simply ruins ;the landscape. However, Grace Simons of the j "Save Elysian Park Commit-itee” had another objection Suppose he finds gold in the spark,” she said. “There might be a gold rush to the park Where would we stop? We don’t I think there s any treasure under the park more valuable than the park itself.” Turko. who claimed a world's record for the longest sandwich. said he took in more than $300 from the hungry eaters. He said _ .    # he will donate the money to ^ a hear* attack, charity, minus $80 for the ingredients. Indian Patriot Dies NEW DELHI (AP) - Sucheta, Kripalani, a veteran of India’s struggle for independence from! Britain and one of the nation’s most prominent women, died An airline spokesman says (flights are on schedule and no (significant problems have arisen (from the walkout by ground I maintenance crews and clerical 'employes such as ticket agents, reservationists and secretaries. Jetliner Crew Foils Hijacker the poor. Pipeline Workers Die From Methane Leak ABILENE, Texas (AP) — Five men died Sunday night when Drive Safely For your listening enjoyment • DIRECTLY FROM THE STAGE OF THE METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE IN NEW YORK These live broadcasts, heard throughout the United States over the Texaco-Metropolitan Opera Radio Network, and in Canada over the CBC English and French Radio Networks, are proudly presented by (texaco! This season's broadcasts will be the 35th consecutive year of Texaco's exclusive sponsorship. SATURDAY RADIO SCHEDULE KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) Pakistani youth tried to hi-    they    were    overcome by meth- The airline serves 23 Texas    jack a Swiss Air jetliner on a    ane    gas.    which apparently cities and eight other states—flight between Bombay and Ka-leaked from a pipeline they California. Utah, Colorado. New , radii Sunday, but was overpow- were repairing near this West Mexico. Arkansas, Louisiana,    ered by crew members ami    Texas city,    authorities said. One Mississippi and Tennessee—and    turned over to police at Karachi    other    man    working on the pipe lirport, autorities said several cities in Mexico. was missing. TV Special • • • First of three one-hour telecasts Take a Cut SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) ~ (Don’t feel guilty about hurting the forest by cutting down a (Christmas tree this year. The Western Timber Assn, says thin- i ning of wild trees can help the ;forest to grow better. To Order Your Gazette Want Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. Monday thru friday. ’Til Noon Sot. 4 DATE Schedule subject to cheng* OPERA COMPOSER HMC (C TL 1974 Dec. 7 ROMEO ET JULIETTE (Gounod) I OO Dec. 14 DEATH IN VENICE (Ne«lj|ritt«ll} 1:00 Dec. 21 JENUFA (New) (Janacek) 1:80 Dec. 28 lURANDOT (Puccini) 1.00 1975 Jan. 4 UTALIANA IN ALGERI (Rossini) I OO Jan. II MADAMA BUTTERFLY (Puccini) 1.00 Jan. 18 CAVALLI RIA RUSTJCANA (Mascagni) I OO Jan. 25 I PACI I ACC I (Leoncavallo) BORIS CODUNOV (New) (Mussorgsky) 1 OO Feb. I DON GIOVANNI (Mozart) 1 OO Feb. 8 TOSCA (Puccini) I OO Feb. 15 OAS RHEINGOLD (Wagner) VOO Feb. 22 BLUEBEARD S CASTIE (New) (Bartok) 1.00 Mar. I GIANNI SCHICCHI (Puccini) DIE WALKUERE (Wagner) 12.00 Mar. 8 MANON HSC AU T (Puccini) I OO Mar. 15 SIEGFRIED (Wagner) 12.00 Mar. 22 LA f ORZA DEL DESTINO (Revised) (Verdi) IOO Mar. 29 OIE GOETTEROAEMMERUNG (Wagner) 1130 Ap r. 5 EAISTAFF (Verdi) 12 OO Apr. 12 I VESPRI SICILIAN! (Verdi) I OO Apr. 19 I'ASSEOIO DI CORINTO (New) (Rossini) I OO Billy Graham -Cliff Barrow-Geo. 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