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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - November 6, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioEee % a 7 s. A a in 1 4. V nip t to t a ijilthlss3l l5itii be ii a editor no Fuyi a tii pi.,.-ii,u in it by Jib t Ifo. 4s. View series. Published by the executive committee we Are i Erlla guilty concerning our brother Xhu a 1ha�tlfmpist, ?pbli8fd Vesko a by the anti slavery society Corner i in 4 sixth streets Cincinnati Ohio. Vasis Bott a pm a it Llu Helms at feat. T Terr a tank Dollers a it fifty Ventu in Oliree dim a tool i4 Tiu the expiration the year. Lel mra in be Dii Cleil to the Pua Iwatiw Lymbie it Walati in it the editor tel Uepa Imenit Gothelf Boa in 4iti Peid. Or Antosi iming language who Chi it has eased the to indulge Quot to the Vince a which he sex the Bill whig to the Amo reply . Birney to the severe stricture Taftt cwilliams Nara ire Tive in Otto isl from the net York cosh it Ial . Fiill 7h the Sot Ike . 6c a Etc a a in a fhe to Ticie signed a a a c in profit lyedoes4�a�.�h so the Loimoc Atoa fhe Koet Viive tie Amerton Ami Tveith ihe1�itttif� James Williams is attempted to be misrepresented make k proper filial a ogee reply Cheeld i be Given i iof any tune i Fec to and writer presses for the it t Shau Endeavor in whet follow to Arlt Foft to Tireem Unity the Tiue position the Teolin relation to. The Cas James Wii Liisia a Cap tug hims by that time and rep re editing Hir Yiseli to be n Fui Viive stave arrive in Ihie if Idair a Hruch Ktanis a that a Kcf Teil a god a Leal interest in Iii Ohalf he was Titt Higgitt is to in Oft when so Aero usually it Asey. Kaoe Iuit it psf fad i he had Seon whether tire Lse proves this. Pts Wardro was but to did Pei it r a yet he a veined careless Liidi i Piff whiff h wih toot was Neces a bar to a enl oof Isert. He had to Mobey and he asked for none. Bop jbxfess�4 . Revengeful deling towards those Wocl according to his Ai a count had Iii sensed Rhib. Safe his hearer As had acquainted a with the cute refi if the slave system w%0 8�0�l�, dlr a was nothing in what he related he. j Gay again and it exec a. Nothing in Lys a mine a fit to i cited a Tdeo his in test Worth incas. A it wish ave opt is in a ask vet if Efti fished a twill a role a a foot Deal Hiiereet-��8 it has Devoty in Miro Dio actual working wavery icon for with the life a Ivy dual and that a Pili visual at the same he a us in a no Lia Brator. With a View to its id Atton t got Leonaa not More Over filly known Lermo fiet blk private tote aprily we Nitle Date k to Fri Imp. Of the con a Stiriti so Wop Sil Lily he executed is Tault the committee Niemin no doubt. Who James was tfx a armed that his account Wes stalls Lemk Ike Epino cd no concern As to by in tip do to Hyhn a Ltd tip Meany be Tehi which Milit be made to aeon into him from the Sale thai Hook. Rpm first to lat be seemed to have idea Deritis any pecuniary Henefelt Roxy tie Iti atty Ioratti a suffer Rij in slav try a from these a thy Herod cd Tco ted in those to Iwho Ai they were Send amp used. His to Ole mind was occupied in Ltee Ca i g from Liis Pursi . Under these circumstances the narrative was published nothing More less being said about in it Lbert la Khuy the Ftp Milter than was said Jve. It in id be Reinfe Hiseley also that there we no see pro Miou off Tami dafe9, plate. In slim Wiy tue Best indans Wen forded if Tom ote Ayr Ems Kue. Of detect the falsehood. In Stea Aois a a copy according to your copies Pond Oab Nunin its Way to the South copies were sent to Alt stir Exchange i Fps a rss die postmasters and Tenfa itis Ifni a by fit a Perso Siw that eth Ilie Colm try. Being no Resado Fordon Imei if the Naifa Tive Ihone was none for withhold .,0n, 4e fir Stifen Al its authenticity by the editor Atacama by a con although he was in Fern to off either a anal re Dioum come in so signally a asolo it and offensive measures were at once set foot he chaises. Lettey dictated in ibo Mimi Elijus terms were addressed to Geff Detofe Aak iof inquiries a a Mizii it 4� a Noeb Teddy in their Power to answer and but either no Aile Purfor 1 ones Mosre returned. At length several Kattera were pushed the Alabama by thou a torpor filing to he Fri leu by persons altogether in Kif Oil to the Comtoi Itoe. The editor that poor Wei the to in busied the that had by addressed a a Ufkie pm reins so that we might Ita Fider what Kinder Inauen Ces their answers Vry >li4 tie Assur Mcc do a did even May that he himself to new that there lore soph pers Wii at thong whose names were attachc4 to the Leiffers. A Veit Bajnau a we us it Onur to pets Enid waa examined it Gormah examined it la True aae cry Slaye Huldin devices atthe no Ismil Day we it ought w have been yet every competent person acct Diomed to in Lff Fitlin la and bib Hemre evidence and in la Bytof Nead we Houlto Ioe the Puhl shod Ute Aimei itrel is rib com Milter will there was no attempt to slight undervalue it it a Ouid be presented in a form that would entitle it to be considered As the testimony Airow Aois Arbtin had a Lamia Fathe re by died a a i�4caae who they Weto and we crowd to Adverse Paky was precluded from the i nets Cross co fixin Tea. The deficiencies were pointed out pm that. M a Lite for the Fife any other person in a term cited a have the Iii Piip Pheda if it omd be robot a 7. Wye pay he auth Iii to i the Narra tire 5he Pijie to it Are the slave holders and Jam will Saiffe. A the committee aw�s6t a Pirty. My tits hot which they Haic that. M re lady to the a air Aeve Aro True and Aboff if oath a loaf Tho Are the tribunal before which thu a Nahyr k litigated be Are Oljey in absence from the country one the parties an Ltd in his weakness he trere hero Wrhen com id with his a do Tenanes Eide adoring by All the Meono in their pay id Botas Newuch Simony As will Eoo Vinee end Todia persons that Jan twice has been do in then Mises. As soon As the invest Uon is completed the Community May Fly _ going duly and versed the result whichever Side it May Osili Bukh. But this much i can now safely soy Fufil Ito Eis . Teoli Mony already in Poa a edition that should the narrative prove untrue it us ill present one Ajjie most extra Ordinary cases conflicting cd has at any time occurred in this country. It is not to be Enji acted sir that by Standera generally a much a iss a Uch As your correspondent a a b cd a can be prevailed where a cause is trial to delay making up Izeir judgments die merits till a i the tes Timo Nyk heard. Yet this is always expected a die Jim de before whom the cause is pending. Should the Stop the Sale the womb at their office it would be Uiva knt to a confirmation the charges Brongil against it. Stich a course would be a rash and unjust a that 6f a judicial tril Unal a to cd should pass a be against a party litigating his cause before it hearing the testimony Hii adversary and loudly disregarding his. That the might be left unprejudiced by any act the , they thought it Best that no change Shoi Iid be made in relation to the Sale the work at their office. On the Oiler hand in order that the Public might no ground so far As they were concerned to com Pitnof any deception they have published As widely As their paper the emancipator would enable them the Capr Gre with every thing in the form testimony that has been adduced against the womb. I Kim it 6f no Kirse that could have been fairer thak.1,will be Mare a ads a tory in the end to All impartial and considerate persons. Respect fully &c., James j5i. tor Sec am. Anti slavery society the preceding a manic ton Hys been in our Possession several Daya 0ie its appearance a been caused solely by the repeated foreign arrivals Aud Llie pressure other waiters which were ent Tseih to uie piece device. Opposed As we Are ter the Anli Avery society and its doings we Are always ready to give it a a fair when it is attacked in our columns. Aas to the Phi ufos expressed by . Binney in relation Lottie we maintain that it was the duty the to suspend the w Hile doubt existed its Fithen Timity. Or to pm Bli i the reasons for hot a quota Wil juice Jia Taupe itself in tie form an append la a Pryk o.,.r� thousands read the Narra Uvea who do Uch read , Venn adm _ 4.from Ike Chi Maii Gaz Cue is Avob Bree Long in the South the Richmond Envoi refer puts Forth the following notice conic ears arge slave Breeding the ancient Bomi Ilion a a we pronounce Daniel Connellis attack upon the Virginia character to be a Wanton and infamous libel. Badly As we have been treated by so Many English tourists we do not believe that any them has yet ventured to put Forth so gratuitous an assertion. If there be any such allusion in any them a it must be the lowest the caste whose productions have not yet had strength Wing sufficient to Cross the if Antku. But we give the most unqualified contradiction to the whole Story. Boni in Virginia mixing constantly with her Cilke Fis a familiar As we Are with her instil irions and manners we have never seen we have never heard any such Breeding plantations As this reckless Man describes any such practices any such the sexes. The whole state mint is a Foble i Ord nothing but the Peculiar circumstances under whih k is it Smedt could induce is Iff 9ondescem for one moment to give it this Fiat contradiction. It is fake As to Virginia it is false As to the rest the Southern Stales. It is not tidy unfounded in itself but if by Iniel conf etl had condescended to give a in moments att nth in to he own assertion k would. We a struck la pm As Manire Sily and grossly absurd we shall not take it us to say that Connell has rated the slave Breeding business Virginia f am myself persuaded that there slave Breedi if plantar Tomii conducted in the Gross a Omner to has specified. But that lie for a Fig Market is a Pari Jef her Doc sic Economy is beyond All doubt. Pro Cmor is is pm trip Letof tsar a kindly asserts it. A who a a p 49�?�?~from All the information we can out aug we have to hesitation saying that Are yearly sex again Annu Aff p. Fun a i fee Pwu Slavca Iii ii Virginia annual in sends off to the South Are a source wealth to , pm 130s # a fit equivalent being thus left in the pm Cape the slave this emigration a Coines an adva Kirc to the Sta a and does nil Check the Black population As much As at first View we might imagine because it furnishes Eveaj to the Quot master amp attend to his negroes to encourage Bree dog and to cause the greatest number possible to be raised a amp cd when this a Dak we put Ifni la the enquirer read and commended in it met the general approx Bakosi the Vii Akk press the act if Breed i Fig slaves Abr distinctly stated and in the most apr oratory manner. Abhorred it Cli Arater attract the Attef tide the Eriq Ulrch but when it is run put ind jts very Prevc Elfr Green uie in Quinn becomes Indig Nat. Aud yet pro Saor Dews to Roomy it stated in Lik Bonk was and k Well Mie to he Connell who Yei Phibin has read it Gen Hamilton has his Tirse at 6�?Tc�nnel 4l�0. A Xanders in relation to Slaye Breeding in Virginia Are in outage his own Sendai ious Magit Totich tor which he is not indebted even to the thousand calumnies the veritable a to bursts in Alberica. Your readers at Home know that the Story is As untrue As the scandal is indecent and a dds i Oil a. As to his social anathema a Thatro slave Hower ought to be received n abating Elk we Nabity by any the civil ted Sinhai it id tots wifi i believe ready submit if a profile rip were to extend to Pur exclusion from his society alone. The Calami Ifill amp Edwn a a did he i by Rifle Georgw Thomas jul Ferszt Jamea mad fit a bad James Monroe a Votile have been unfit co mpg a Daniel Colin eur. A i Kif Nell hot we Are 4isipie4 h no Init As this Hatot a Oil w 0�?or�pok. Of a few Ortto Fikso a we have ,fcea#yj.�ab�4 a a. A boil Fefer Enol Bec. Frem our 0�?Tg�11 a at �wnf%1 originate his Noti Ltd a Breeding a it v org is. It is known to some american Polit trans to the famous we. Cobbett in Early life was i a rious pamphleteer and newspaper editor in Philadelphia. When he returned to end find he Ropwr Ikhel his american works in an edition tvs delve volumes. In the second volume pages if 47, therefore is this distress come upon us Cimic Mortati tuesday m0ve1ir�or 18��. 48, there is the following article bearing upon a civic feast in gear Lesitz South Caroline a to these extracts i shall Lake the Suberly adding two others both from the same newspaper one them is an elegant account the close a civic feast and the other though not fibs Kitely same Subjec As tote first certainly adds to its Beauty. The. First is the precious jewel and the last the foil i shall therefore place them As near As possible to each other. A after this the Cap Lii Herty was placed the head the president then each member. The Marsellous hymn and other Simir songs were Sung by different Prenci citizen members. Thus cheerfully glided the hours away this feast made by congenial souls to commemorate the Happy Day when the Setos French men joined the sons America to overthrow Tram in in Tuta Happy Quot a for Sale Tivo negro lads one about twelve and the other about fifteen years old remarkably healthy a the younger ads near Fout fret nine inches High and the oldest about five fret. Also a negro wench for Sale coming eighteen years old and far advanced with child but very Strong and capable airy kind a leaving this without comment t shall add an extract two from a debate Congress which i shall also Leive without comment such things scorn the Aid declamation. The subject the debate i allude to was an to a Hill Nalus ligation. A member irom first nit had proposed that a clause should be inserted to excl Cle foreign noblemen from becoming oif Zens the United states America a Miess they would first make a solemn Renft Wco a i ton their titles. A member from new England proposed As an amendment to this that such Noble Tieti Sli Ould also announce the right holing Slavey ,0n this Anton meat a member from Caro in a said a that the gentleman Durst not come Forward and Tell the House that men who Weso eff stems were unfit for holding an office under a rep Buean government. He desired the Geist Leinan to consider what might be the con sequence this motion at this time considering has happened in the West amendment would irritate the minds thousands Good citizens in the Southern states As it affects the proper i which they have acquired by Iheke ?.�?he thought that die amendment partook More than any thing which he had seen for some time member from i Arginta said the same occasion that a he held property sacred and never Ifould consent to pro Jshii the Emigrant nobility from to holding slaves any Iri orc than other people inf a for title a Nobu Ity they were Sta a a diff Kra ent thing a Ohi Happy Carolina Happy thrice Happy Virginia no tyrannical aristocrat dares to lord it Over the free born swains who cultivate the delicious Weed that adorns first the Lovely Fields and then the lovelier chops the Develling drunkard after ite inf a pent like Day a wifi big Hymin a ii it if try goddess Liberty the virtuous Democrat gets him Home to his peaceful dwelling and sleep with his property secure beneath his roof Yea sometimes in. His very and and when his Industry has enhanced its value it bears to a new owner the proofs his democratic delicacy in this is a transaction forty two years ago which must have failed under the observation every English scotch and Irish Reader any distinction. We this mintage forty years is by spared with fresh Book professor Dew and with the Stream current in the Southern press they furnish a Sroog body evidence int might mislead any Man who was honest in search truth. And it even now seems to that the facts they disclose go very far to show that the Strong assertions the enquirer and uie general Are entitled to no great credit. In Silhi Straiton this i have Cut the following fro i the first three Southern papers a have Laid hands Pon after penning this article Mobile . 9. Jhagro Foa saw Surra fit St rate negro woman aged about 90 years a Good Cook Superior Washer and Kroner sound heathy and to St and i front children. Apply to Louisa Forrest. 69 Dauphin Street. Charleston . 12. Negroes w a Viii Likely negroes to dispose from the age 12 to 25, will find it to their advantage to Call the subscriber Corner Kin and George streets. Alexander Donald. Richmond enquirer oct. 19. Cash Sale will sek to the highest Bicker for Cash at Lawrence ilk Frie 26th Noyes per next it being Brunswick court Day Twenty Negev consisting men we ii girls and boys. Andrew Bill. Of Loti Efi ill be -8pli at the Ato up Fidelice William Toler decease to in Goochland county tuesday the 23d Day october if fair if not the hex Fakhr Day there after sunday excepted 30 Littely Ife Groes Cost sting Meir boy and girls. Also 2 300 barrels Corn fodder Hay and Oats Stock horses 5 Oke oxen cows hogs sheep gig and carry a Plantation utensils 1 Wagon How in hold and Kitchen furniture Anil Many other articles too tedious to men icon. A the terms Sale will he. Made known that Day. William t. Toler we re Ier i Fec a. to the jail Norfolk Boron a As a runaway the 27th Day a fast 1688, a negro Man. He says his name is James cheer Man and was born free in the to Touty Yoa va., Black com Pelion aged about 40 years the Qaher the above negro if any is comply with the Law in such cases a. Currier. N a Mhz mor Farr born ugh re egg yes Cor Sale a will be a old for Cash afield air 29th inst if fair if not tit a but Fiir Day to the next bidder at the late residence John Humphries dec a. In spot Sylva a sumly tier Piaf flow tavern Netram tract he negroes belonging to said deceased co to Tiff and Likely Sis Toff 4me Man five boy kind a girl All Young i Stephen Humphries John Humphries. Robt. Humphries managers. Rou tical action Audi most a ask amp a. No pm. A a but i thought says the objector a a that the anti slavery Enterprise was a moral very True it is amoral Enterprise but How does that prove that it should not be a political one ? the objector takes for granted three things which Are not to Nice Viz 1st. That an Enterprise that is by one Quality Viz moral Effort can not must not be characterized by another Quality via Itol tical also 2. That politics can have no proper connection with morals a 3. Chat moral action against slavery does not include necessity political scion in opposition to All these positions we maintain 1. Chat an Effort Niay properly be a moral and yet a political one. If the Louamy was overrun a Riff go hit Manly horse thieves it would be a suitable Morel Enterprise to write and preach against horse stealing and to urge the people die moral Doty discount enhancing and pro Habih ing horse stealing. Would it be inconsistent improper for those engaged in such a moral enter Rise to withhold their votes from the nations orse stealing and to give them exodus Tveit to those who intended to pro Zibil and punish that Isri Ine i Trow not. Just subsist site fan Ste Ahng for horse stealing and you have the Case stated precisely. 2. We mania in in the Seco Iid place that polities properly speaking and uncontaminated by the touch selfish a Whitton is a Brumek a shies morals. It has been so considered by elementary writers both political and moral science. A a morals has to do with our relations and duties to our fellow beings and especially to Wiir Frt Tow Man. Politics has to do with one important Fuiek out yellow men Viz our civil relations and duties. Large portion the bib itself Are occupied ill explaining and enforcing these relations and duties. To say that politics should not be considered a Branch morals is to say that politics should have no regard to moral equity to Justice to troth to Equality to Many a inalienable rights a very convenient doctrine this for demagogues and despots the people that regard such a doctrine must be regardless human rights and evidently become the victims injustice and oppression. 4. We maintain in the third place this a Moval Effort again test a crime tolerated and sanctioned by Law au3 a crime which it is the proper province civil government to prohibit and punish is an Effort which mus f be made Pori real by those who hold political Power else it ceases to he to Weir part a moral Effort at All and becomes the essence immorally hypocrisy and double dealing. We affirm that slavery is such a crime and that a moral Effort for its overthrow among a free people who exercise Sovereign Power is a centred in thin terms a monstrosity which never did and never can exist a chimera which if it could exist ought to he abhorred by every moral by ing in the universe. What a Community freemen who hold the legislative Power pretending to exert a moral in fluence against a the highest kind theft a and yet while they cast Petty thieves into dish Gens refuse to Vole for Laws against a the greatest All preach against slavery and not vote against it petition against it Pray against slavery and not vote against it do you Call Mesa Moro Effort against slavery i Call it an immoral Effort in jts favor nothing certainly can be More immoral than to practice the sin and oppression slavery for it is the Sov Reion people after a that Are the enslaves while pretending to exert an info once against it and no course could be More cunningly adapted to the perpetuity the system. Of we Are Opp posed to slavery said die statesmen the last fifty years but they neglected to vote Aga incl slavery. A Are opposed to slavery say the so called moral abolitionists who stand aloof from political action. Where is the difference Between them their opposition to slavery amounts to just one and the same thing. And the value their moral aeon against slavery May be weighed in the same balance. It is a a a moral action which consists in talking one Al and a citing another Avha do you mean by moral efforts against slavery Yon an moral arguments to persuade men the immorality refusing to a break every Yoke and let Iho oppressed go free a but you Are yourself one the rulers who hold the Yoke in your hand and refuse to break it refuse to obey your own Morel exhortations because you say a a Aioli zionism is a moral Enterprise and must not be carried into this is the same thing As saying that it is very moral and pious to talk against slavery but very we Ckel to do any thing a inst it a a a moral Enterprise truly a smoke the nose god and All men the cause in Massachusetts a gentleman who was present at the Young Menk stale convention at Worcester the 2nd and 3d it the convention a Northampton the 5lh� give us a Brief account the proceedings. The Young menus coup motion met in Brinley Lii tuesday a 10 clock a. M. George Dave Esq., Greenfield was chosen president a a. James Porter Boston John Wbrown Esq., Lanui Rev George Waters Sterli Rev. Joseph w. Cross Boxboro Hart Leavild Heath a Whua t. Everett Esq., Princeton Jarius Lincoln Hingram John Pauu fall River Iju an Der Wetherel Hampden co., and Harrisqn mfr Gan Hampshire qo., vice presidents and A Chamberlain Esq., Cambridgeport we Bassett Lynn and Maynard King Esq., West Boyleston secretaries. Between 400 and 500 gentle menu enrolled their names As Del . Goodell Beriah Green and Henry. Stanton new York Ichabod Codding Maine and Francis Asher Perkins Connecticut were present and took Patt in the proceedings. The greatest enthusiasm prevailed. In the Forenoon highly intake it ing letters were read from Hon. Jaii ies c. 41vord, Greenfield Hon. We. Slade Vermont Thos. W. Dorr Esq. Of r. To n. P. Cigers Esq. Of n. He add subsequently Forti e. Barberes Ltd. Of Al resolutions expressive gratitude for Fri sym in Oliy and Aid British philanthropists and org Tiki them to request i her to treat Wiki this and a tier Titus for the about Ftp slavery As the Only a for the entire Aptton the slave Frade presented Ana dry Faith an interesting discussion in which a. A. Whelps Rev. G. , and w. Goodell took part la the afternoon the Hall was thronged to overflowing Many being unable to obtain seats. Re solutions expressing gratitude to god for the Success our cause thus far and urging abolitionists to greater sacrifices and More liberality in its prosecution were brought Forward. Or. Slanton spoke about an boor and a half in their support. In the evening the subject funds was presented and the claims the Massachusetts society upon the pockets in friends powerfully urged by . Codding followed by Short Spee Clies from messes. Phelps Johnson and Stanton. A generous spirit pervaded the assemblage which had Loir increased to a dense mass and Liberal donations Irbid subscriptions were made which before the close the convention outed to about two thousand dollars after Liis matter was dispose i off. President Green brought Forward t Reio Hilior Aff Iwu a ing the Doty Abeli zionists to act the Eggres Sive and not merely the defensive Wlima he sustained by a very Able aggressive speech. Then came a Resolution rebuking in decided terms the Massachusetts be toes it in Congress for not defending the character their constituents when assailed last Winter by the Ruffian threat Preston s. 0. Burning speeches were made by Wendell Phillips B. Stanton and j. W. Browne exhibit Iii Tho cowardly and skulking course mess. Webster and Davis in Bright rotors. Fhe Vole was taken by rising. The whole convention Rose As one loan and bore air test i Iilona a Iii St the unworthy conduct their senators declaring ii die language the Resolution their regret a Hal they cannot say both As hey com one,-4.i>is7iiforisa--A�ir Rio bom in 3fiassiiehttseftsr so Vire but Dege Ped the next Morii Inge a cd mesday a series resolutions political acid to similar to those passed at Utica was presented and read by a Owlet who act companion it by a to tinting commentary occupy More than an boor. He was followed by pre Side Ift Green Rev. Summer Lincoln and dwt a Nimpson and in the after Loop by messes. Ryder St Otoo Phelps Phitz is Earle and others. Fhe debate waa armied and Geiger . The whole series was adopted with enthusiasm. The Resolution pledging the cd Nve it ion to vote form a a Good moral character who Are Princi Ples iroc Kcf Kcf the shall Nomi mde them was passed by visit Ign nearly Trio whole mass springing with Eie Crity to their fete. The subject finds a Ain Caifee up and Chi edited Pithy remarks from messes. Phelps code Long Goodell and others. Ope gentleman having no Ley Money gave a clock. After away vibe rally for some time other subjects elicited several Short the evening . Garrison address the conventi Orf in remd to aidp1n the return fugitive slaves. A Large Niimi a Pur opponents were present and Frem the etre tiding Beoka and straining eyes when . Garry soap a name was announced they Evide Andy expected 4q see some a monster dimensions huge and shape no doubt they could scarcely credit their eyes when they beheld the Meek face and aur Cui Throat Mem our Friend. His solemn remarks were listened to Wii i the prefix indent Aiton Tion. A rest emotion was Broi it Forward Disabb not Laking measures for the abolition slavery in the District Columbia for not strenuously urging the repeal a a Patton a gag a and for not repelling in a becoming spirit the vile abuse heaped upon the free citizens old by the Southern a Resolution condemning As High handed tyranny and gratuitous meanness the threatened veto . Van Buren was>4ireseiited in the same connexion. Or. Stanton supported these resold tons at consider hic length la they were adopted Unanita Sously. It would have been Well if the Massac Husetis deter Lionil con Jha the been present to witness uie vote this convention 400 Young strongly condemn their time serving conduct the floor emigre is. Our informant is strongly off the opinion that unless this conduct is chained at the nex session the delegation will be changed two nor would be be surprised if there should be no Choice in one two districts at the approaching election. F. A Perkins Esq. In a very neat speech showed tip in admin rubble style the patriarchal hospitable and chivalrous inst tut a amp a the lotions tie Steteles by Thompson and inviting Bairfi Ifon accordance i his views duty to return to this a punic were discussed by Grosve in hinges St. Clair Ryder aii3 others Aud the former adopted Ungui piously and the Sitter web some dissenting voices. About 10 clock Wadi mesday night Unis important convention was Lito Cright to an harmonious close. Off. Davis pro sided with great dignity and promptness noirruaiapron.--�thur8day, oct 3, a Conven Tion for the Western counties ass embed at 10 clock a m., at the town Hall Northampton. Rev. Or. Ware presided and . I. P. Willie ton and George t. La Qiu Esq., were secret. The attendance was quite a Espe Teble. Resoluti oils political action were discussed by messes. Good Ell Stanton St. Clarr and Phelps. In the Aften noon the meeting was Field in the first congregational Cli urch. A Good audience was present. President Green Conui sued the discussion political action. Or. Stanton presented the sub jeep funds. Towards 6400 wore David Lee child Esq., Irp Oke at consid afable length in regard to fhe Anile action Texas he was followed by w. Phillips Esq. Rev. If Lusk made Sonie forcible remarks concerning die duty minis sri to i image in this a we and told Tome Plain truths Abo it the opposition it met with from Lei gumen in the Valley. This called no Lar. Goodell who Steie with great solemnity and feeling. In the Cven Hig pits. Green sustained Reto Frons concerning the duly christians Aud i utters in regard to human rits e is speech was character Fulcd by great logical arum so and Point expression i rebuke to it those who Are Neutral in regard to Dqra Ning sins who cry peace where god thunders War and who like the priest Sod let Evite a a prudently pass by the claims would and Robb i a in Jimiy Rev. David Root n. H. Came next with a warm and eloquent Appeal to Matt Astete a pm Glt Apel to the age in this work. Rev. Her. Lufe i amp Lotf Othny then Wii Deal Phillip ii in a Chaibi great beamy a Lyd Imp evasion was Mede by meeting. Tuesday the"6ih tost., county Fhi be Tekip tout in. Andje. Clair attend at . Mears. Goode find so Uther at h., end mess re. Phelps and Stanton it. A this Mieir it and ten owned common wealth will be Thoro Haffly in pulsed by in Csc a big Well Kheit Wka mad Mamaeff am what to Fuoua last Winter As a Mem fax a Coli Grey a by the preparation but not the present atom Ian a inti Gintoa Reaola lion. Or. Re Frt was ted by the Mooij Fob tech its and is in is but fed Mads a epee cd. Which was slow Weot course do Burma Cue a pee Ctm Are. The Felt Ewig Toast Manoog others Wes drank. How it Steib blood a As if when Iho ides slavery is before us mind our a so Ottem Biel Farent they coded think uot3ng but to Loiette. A it if 6oi�#㭭?the Fhy for Heift a the Bat Etc flex do the argue Anent the i refill Quot this is Meri the Jolt it if the a a to keep to a rotes wis i Tvrz la fill. Neither we Law with Sny other Thaar Deorsi is Apia. The foot 4fo by this a Simi out is by ite Otma Fob we is Sod Howie a Naves. We Wield against Ovid i stoic g weapon not easily to hated bsds nor off a nor keen nor solid can a itself pities that our foods a pwn is 6aoji�� Jpn Ler should make theitis Efren ridiculous by talking about hat i tie folds and swords and a i that sort thing. U makes think that is jul fool who a give to Miuji years Noo Afore Robert be Rowe beit say his construe was were hmm undertook so Fetter the Sto. The Tsuu a the Era would it stay Fetto Fod. Be Lher will the Trot for it cipher will lot Liber it k time therefore by Skerry were gallon ring la Monile Alfont it to die with what decency it a Liyu fid do it most. We Hope . Rhett Wilf five a a by a Touti to Elryd looter it . A Leaf we Are 4l�wej Iii Omak for the Borgh conference wih a h Mso say that it will neither fit Oakery on�6�lintf, nor Isth is approve slavery making a Porf Abri it in Mem Puii amp in win a our a units As Afryl Sakr Prea Ert it the last a Pittsburgh conference journal a Deverr the to Fiat the above. It is at genuine a Spedito Ehdy the a go Stew Krait principle As we Bare Ferer seen. We have Beard a Man who prayed a he Day to the lord to Doe Nagott Day to the sir and Fiat ast the Lea Nijol he singular Condu to is plied with a Gigot a Matici that not knowing into whose bands is might ultimately fell he win std to make friends both sides. The paragraph a Cates As great a knowledge in to might ultimately fell. Be wants to to make friends it the Bead this article Inge moral neat idea As the Devotion so Man in Nat things. Or Christian Htut a. Epi rii polio titi. Action in part you King to make abolition afto Attical ass Toter a it and Kyd was one. Tose cure menus right to themm Lees is what Pothiti we in made for i he lilo grand a the coast beef to oreo a the rest a but the Gra. A Toalua thing ii is thought to be to do without Poliks Ami go men but for one sixth kit our people govern no Baa not done its work to alb nay it Baa Dutie wrote the nothing for he Estien Tuii people Are a the Assad Fimes More Hurt thin he pal by i by it Ebay a. Mur died As men and protect say Fop try Troy slavery and hmm it dead is what is Good for if it Gpe Abr any the a. It Woald seem to he the most import sirt Pofi Tirel Muttter in Sny state which is to be gos emed for the Good the people. Yet we meet with some Ift Naif what is More marvellous who Profesa to he Asoh a six to who would net Hare it a political matter at St. To fee to Hercules. But the Wost lift s the wheal. B eur comes Down Wop act a Ftp Tiwon i it to s Politte matter then the mischief Iii bail Biol inc a when toy Are Ever mended wont that be political there Era Homo Teflos a he we Iid mesh Ellrory to be a Vokt cum but Hoy mini whup thana Afitoto a atol Iwvin if cow .11 a a rom it it Gati ii in the . House representatives for worse than chains. How sound minded a neighbor a a f Jermy Tori your Roif beam is Cwick away a foul what a i Wilf be in to Cit sixth i a pity i air begin to men As soon As i fave done Gra Velling and White Wash ing the rest a set it Down As Necit door to serve Vida it. That these people Are any thing Bat Abo Litof a Gaim a a Cave to Tana can be Objet Tion to the Thrata k Chi Keally put to shame by the fact that the anly to it a ble arising from the operation the la a acts in the West ladies is that the no ii rite i Fuso Tontor we How to air a Fps new stated if Woch a Poi the Aht Bority mods toe Rar fior that the never had Bee a Fop Tod by a Torga sole. We iwo Matofa i passed but by a Small rosjority.�?�/�,. A Aitery a Tofi , City a has not yet wiped reproach As we Foard a foe follow no Cement in fhe papera. A Walton miniets elected Chi tor a Rioera the 9fo Ull and Charles Howard was chosen mayor by 9 mat orly ores wet drop s. Giloy a a a tip defend eco a the rior Ebous in wbichrs�4k flow was suied for Howard 34 Gilman 3�5�?to<th. cox��b8aiqvjm looking Over the returns . The election we find that some the hitter est opponents the Causev a him citation Are rett from been Eie eted. It la be Defoto if aet few Cou Mifek third District who to mss Asp a a orto Poitr is fierce opposition to the friends Freedom b a not lace sincere Satis , Preeman is corp Xii a St to xxx cd a a. , according to Dante was a praiseworthy object Compo de with Liose uie Siutu Angere to numer Ous in limes Tike oors who a Drewe Tittor faithful nor i Mia but were for their while Selvea ooh trim Neni moderates plausible persons who in the Dante an Hsu a re found doomed to the Fri Ghifor penalty that the Maiava not the Hope �0 Han Meranza dime butt Punk into torpid death life in mud and the a Lagies foes they Are to dose and Dree for every a Bate he to god and foe enemies a to Sosa Mirta Woitock Sci. The spirit Ito Denicy Joea not a per to hate left state. On Tufe Cven Iii i foe a a inst As foe Rev. Joeeph Mayo was deliver Long a it Foti eatery to the methodist Eliot housein wat interrupted by a Prefeta and Tew Leas Crew whoa raw toners i he Bead gelled and hid Miili a�4 jump drag him from the pulpit Nof oing Dali fed huf Troci eded in he Ectore and happily received a no in jetty though a a Sto fiefdom at he feet a cd Fite Isak it tel Zions Herald Days a a it b openly declared a is i Esq the Weronis teat be. And Neit told atoning warn behind foe Curtmn in Fob will not some one Roll Foat Fuitem foal foe Roseke in a identify the real criminals Ujj Ator. Fora Are Ittoli Fri a pm co re ii a cd Dre i ,. I3fo. Bia amp egg adj following Resolution were intelligence. Foe Tio Nepi it torte there Haa Betti and a till Iii ii tel Hoo Fri Tom i memo onto up Tomid Ehtier tto it a a foia Tob Nepi and whereas woo by tol in the iat Erea a the a hut tto iils in to hah. Duty at. Cob Ito Wio Apu Tihor ii a tag it a Quot a a a a i who be f i ii 1�-��.� to hate Dirig Metal taoist Boft Tami Neove Niheu. A yacht Toto Antome Fedial tia Chatal Couig Ami Foat Kab the due Fop a a a la pet to Cip late in 1?&Quot to Iid that b Oli a Primo Teab Freir it Trona Tolfe Chi Rich %ral�8ikwhl be Foft Wii Here Edlay too car a i the Toepelt Thiim foe ohse Ste % general conference % Book co Micati it Dele Gioe in acid Tefere Tuttoi Rena Abiog foal a Maneice Fob Reid Stow q Tefo Titen pm fim dts Tody asking the general conference to alter foe Rule Rebuyon to slavery. Of conf Rento Todl Niomy a

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