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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - November 20, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioPublished by the executive committee of the Ohio state anti slavery s a _ tax Aux ban by bettor. 1. M0. 44. Jekw no Man. A a a Jln we Are Varlly guilty our Lirot Lier a therefore is this Dastre a to a philanthropist by the akt1-8la.very society in. C9mer of sixth streets v Cincinnati. Ohio. A leks Voylia Pablo Slink ascent Bollers anti fifty cent in Balara if net Paui till the expiration of Ike year. Lei Tara an be directed to the Pambi Iskin a i e to Ito. A Anil waiting to the i clonal department to Thea Dubb Harper on 81.avbry. Force Decd in obtaining the celebrated Rae noir of judge Harper on slavery. By a Imge and respectable portion of the people of the 8ou�f it is regarded As a triumphant Indica of i hair a Domestic institutions against the m of n Ortlief fanaticism. Even Liose of slaveholders who of sect to he of the Hobo of Jefferson on this St object pronounce it a qg4 argumentative appeals a a a Midi. Philosophical and such Tina is she language of the editor of the Southern Lite Fary messenger who does a not wish however to slavery with whose productions be under stood As assenting to All its arguments f Ibe p Reid groans seem to be Una Ware of his sex Aad conclusions. Judge Harper complains that the judgment of the civilised world is made up on this subject no voice a raised it Duve holders to a a extenuate or Viu dilate m on it win elite it to iwo a a gum it to Witong a ski a a be denounces of this system me to he Yawars that there is reason to be Elton tired or argument to be a for one we Are willing to Grant slaveholders a fair hearing. We Are anxious and so doubtless Are our a rulers to understand what can be urged in Cha of a pts Tice. Which the civilized world Haser Liu Hetto repro filed so severely we shall therefore Jay the whole Memoir before them. We publish it As an act of Justice to slaveholders As the Best Appeal that can be made in behalf of slavery As an exposition from which May snore clearly a ii Oaing itself with Folie sentiments of a numerous awl an class of the citizens of the South As a record for future names so that men hereafter Wiy know by what arguments a vast system of a Umbs denying and annihilating human rights was and glorified a we publish it final Lyub Mesuse it is the Best anti slavery paper that can the Sou Tatum literary a a a thu Kcal my Sci for Ike v the Ina dilution of Domestic slavery Exi or Fer the greater portion of the inhabited until within a very few centuries it May be said to have Exi Siml Over the whole Carl Lff at least in nil those porn on of it which had made any advances towards civilization. We May safely conclude then that it is deep funded in the nature of Man and the exigencies a human society c yet in the few countries in which it has been abolish i eds Al aiming to be farthest and a my we a m he a a a a a 1 a enabled to stand erect As having common claims to Hura Ansty with Wiir fellow men. But if we Are nothing of All this if we commit no injustice or cruelly if the maintenance of our institutions be essential to our Prosperity Wiir character our safety and the safety of All that is dear to us let us Enlil Hlein our minds and fortify our hearts to defend them. It is a Sora Elliat singular evidence of the indisposition of the rest of the world to hear any thing More on this subject that perhaps the mos i profound original and truly philosophical treat is which has appeared within the Lime of my seems not to have attracted the slightest attention out of the limits of the slave holding slates the selves. If truth reason and of occlusive argument propounded with Atli Arabie temper and perfect Candor might be supposed to have an effect on the minds of men we should think this work would have put an end to agitation on the subject. The author has rendered i appreciable Spruce to the South in enlightening them on the their own Institute oils and turning Back let monstrous tide of Folly and madness which if it had rolled on would hate involved his own great slate along with the rest of the slave holding states in a common ruin d but beyond these Hejl a Ems to have produced no effect Ali Tever. The press groans site need unaware that there is reason to be encountered or argument to be answered. They assume that the truth is known and settled and Only requires to be enforced by denunciation. Another vindicator of the South has appeared in an individual who is Anion those that have done Honor to american literature a with conclusive argument and great Force of expression he has de some Maxim or a Enli Mcneal phrase is self evident or admitted truth which is either palpably false or to which up iii it will be found that they attach no definite idea. Notwithstanding our re8iect for the ii Priant document v. Hich declared our Independence yet if any thing be found in it and especially in what May he regarded rather As its ornament than its substance a false sophistical or Siim Ca Ning that respect scald not screen it from the freest Exann nation. Men Are born free and it not palpably nearer the truth to say that no Man was Ever born free and that Iio two iii ii were Ever bom equal Man is born in a state of the most helpless dope ii ii of Oil Witos. It it font nuts subject to the Abs Hite Sondrol of others and remains without Many of the civil and All of the political privileges of Liis society until the period which the Laws have fix Eil a a As that at which he is supposed to attain the maturity of his facilities. The inequality is further developed and becomes infinite in every society anti under Ali Tever form of government. Wealth and poverty Fame or obscurity strength or to weakness k knowledge or ignorance ease or a Bor Power or subjection maa the endless dive site in the condition of men. But we have not on Rived at the profundity of to the Maxim. This inequality is in a great measure the result of abuses in the Iasi Tytious of society. They do not speak of what exists but of what ought to exist. Every one should be left at Liberty to obtain All the advantages of society which he can Compass by the Froe exertion of his faculties ii impeded by civil resin into. It May be said that this would not remedy the evils of society i Rulch Are Citra planned of. The to which i have referred with the misery result my from them would exist in fact under the freest Ami Cincil Pisati tues Bax Quot 30, 1888. Fended slavery from the charge of injustice or in most popular form of government that Man fould Yazeed in civilize a in and intelligence but which have had the of observing its Brae character and ejects it is denounced As the Moat intolerable of social and political evils. Its existence and every hour of its Cointin Aiice is regarded As the crime of the communities in which it it band. Even by those in the countries alluded to who regard it with the most indulgence or the Lent Abhorrence who attribute no criminality to do present generation who found it in existence and hat not yet been Able to devise the Means of bobs Hong it it is pronounced a misfortune and a curse injurious and dangerous always and which must be finally fatal to the societies which Ludmil it. This is no longer Reg irked As a Subjec t of argument and investigation. The opinions referred to Are assumed As settled or the to a of them As self evident. If any voice is raised among our a ves to Este mate or to vindicate it is unheard. The ibid gent is made u p. We Bati have no hearing before the tribunal of the civilized world. Tet of this very account it is More important that we the inhabitants of the slave holding states of America insulated As we Are by this institution and o by o of i u so me de Gree fro m the c omm Union and sympathies of the world by i Ich we Are sur to guided or with which we have Intercourse and exposed to their Anima versions and attacks should thoroughly understand this Buffy act and o or strength and weakness in re Lal iii to it. If it he thus dem anal dangerous sad fatal and if h be possible to devise Means of freeing ourselves from it we ought at once to set about the employing of those Means. It would be the most wretched and imbecile Fatu Ity to shut our eyes to the Imp end my dangers and horrors and a drive dark Luig Down the current of our Fate a Tiu we Are overwhelmed in the final destruction. If we Are tyrants cruel unjust oppressive let us i Gamble ourself and repent in the sight of Hea Aba that the foul stain May he cleansed and to we Anke no apology for taking Belpre oor Reader Tivi a we Aue Muier of judge Harper of Sou i Carolina a Titch Busl a a a a a Widi the author correction from the a Sonetti Ern literary journal. Wilt to Haws carefully excluded from ear Colona a data Cut asian of. A Mere party Cuba racer we Are not willing to withhold a Calm powerful and argue is Ottawa Appeal upon a sul act vitally affecting the Well my Eutence of the Republic i i not to lie i sued that an infuriated hut we Hope in Point of num Bera at least an insignificant claw of our Northern Brethren base for Ariae Timo past been Aiu played in schemes and Agi tet of Wudi if not re Bakst by the Stern voice of Public May Lead to he most frightful Coli enc is. To Avert Chism we invoke the Aid of the More Liberal and morality and shown Clear in the unspeakable Chi a Ltd and iii Schief which must result from any scheme of Aho Litkin. He does not live among slave Holpert and it cannot be said of him As of others that his mind is by in Terrott or his moral sense blunted by habit and familiarity wit i abuse. These circumstances it might be sup passed would have secured him hearing and uni Deramion. He seems to be equally unheeded and the work of denunciation disdaining argument still goes on f fre 8�dent, has shown that the i is Tutu Tion of slavery is a Prine Pat cause of . Perhaps vol Hing can be More evident than that it is the Kolc cause / if any thing can be predicated As Unive Mally True of in cultivated Man it is that he w ill no t la Bor beyond what is also Liely necessary to Malta in his existence. Labor is pain to those who Are unaccustomed to it and the nature of Man is averse to pain. Even with All the training the helps and motives of civilization we find that this aversion cannot in overcome in Many individuals of the most societies. Fhe Imi Fricton of slavery Alono is adequate to form Man to habits of labor g. Wishom it there can i no accumulation of properly in rov4deice-%r l2�-Hture, Iio Testa 4nr Tim Fitts or Elegan cies Iose Tiik of Civi i hair a. He who has command of another s labor first begins to Accurti Ula the and pro i Ile for the ii sure and the foundations of Civili a Tion sic Laid. We find confirmed by experience that which is so evident in theory. Since the existence of Man upon the Earth with no exception whatever either of a Lucient or in modern limes c very society w hic i has attained Civi Uza Liou has a advanced to it through this process. A will those who regard slavery As immoral or crime in itself Tell us that Mau was not intended for civilization ii but to roam the Earth As a Bike d brute thai he w As not to raise his eyes to Hea Ven or be conformed in his nobler faculties to the image of his maker of will they say that the judge of All the Earth has done wrong in ordaining the Means by w Linch alone that end can be Altai no a it is True that the creator can Snake the Wick Edness As Well As the Wrath of Man to Praise him and bring Forth the most benevolent results from the most atrocious actions. But in such cases it the motive of the actor alone which Cote demos is the action u. The e act steel f is Good i f it promo tes the e Good purposes of god would be approved by him if that result Only were intended. Do they not blaspheme the Providence of god who denounce As wickedness and outrage that w hich is rend red indispensable to his purposes in the government of the world or at what stage of the Progress of society will they say that slavery ceases to be Ace Sjo Ary my its very existence becomes sin and crime i am aware that such Argil rent would have Little effect on those with whom it would be degrading to. Contend who Pervert the inspired writings a which in some parts expressly Sanction 8lavery,\nd throughout indicate most clearly that it is a civil institution Wilh which religion has no concerns with a Shal Low Ness and presumption not less flagrant and shameless than his who would justify murder from the text a and of Hines arose and executed judging in. There Sec is to be Soin ething in this Subj set a Fitch blunts is perceptions and darkens and confuses the understandings and moral feelings of men. Tell that of necessity in every civilized society there must he an infinite variety of conditions Ami employments from them Ost eminent and intellectual to the most Servile and laborious that the negro race from their tempera a a i filmed of our North Ami East a for k i naturally inferior in mind and character they Are Opeo them a a solemn of believe bit the chief re Timbo Ritj at the wildfire of Saati Crisai us led Maug thai Wohleb is it desire chive coarse. Is rapidly Varing thei hoods of Shrai berhotiz and Torii iii even the of milk of Fonaris Kini Aee into die Gall of Bitton Oes. Whilst we Eom fetid to the a motion of oar readers the eat iffy Philo topical and eloquent Memoir of judge Harper we do oot Wiah to be As ame oing to All he Ati omut and Coop Tamoos. The judge is raw Ultra to atom if Bis View and Tow e in iii Are Mort of the South Coralita geat laotian who have written upon the perplex log and delicate subject of slavery in the tract. The safer and Mare Rudonal Coraa it Nae Malo of Woom he to it eat the whole As one of fed ral Roin pact and exch win do i to the a ground Ihn Volmle Yowh is and a in inc. Uffe a Niino a us in maintain dog in right Luu Chi re i Ilage r of if we to inner Mofle Wanh it pud plea of Muiir which cannot to a grasped or face avid by away ment and capacity Are peculiarly suited to the situation which they occupy and not less Happy in it tha n any corresponding class to be Foo and in the world prove incontestably that no scheme of nematic Patton could be carried into effect without the most intolerable mischief and calamities to both master and slave or without probably throw ing a Large and Fertile portion of the Earth s sur face out of the Pale of civilization and you have done nothing. They reply that whatever May be tie consequence you Are bound to do right that Man has a right to himself and Man Carnot have a property in m an that if the negro race be not less entitled to the rights of humanity that i Uliey Are Happy in their condition it affords but the stronger evidence of their degradation and renders them still More objects of . They repeat As the fundamental Maxim of our civil policy that All men Are born free and equal mild quote from oor declaration of Independence a that men Are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable it Gas among which Are life Liberty and the Pursuit of it is not the first time that i have had occasion to observe that men Mav repeat with the utmost for Raith of us a or View of the Virginia debate s on the flu Jerl of a us to by. To i Ingon a Larry. Devise. But w hat is the foun a Iio n of the Boid Dogma so confidently announced females Are Buman and rational beings. They May be found of better faculties and better qualified to exercise Lolita real privileges and to Altein the distinctions of society Titan Many men yet w Lio complains of the order of society by which they Are excluded from them for i do not speak of the few who would desecrate them do violence to the nature which their creator has impressed upon them drag them from the position which they neck is warily occupy or the existence of civilized society and in which they constitute its Blessing and Ofuani enl the Only position which they have Ever occupied in any Luman i society to place Vliem in a situation in a in which they would be alike miserable and degraded. Low As we descend in Eom Balling the theories of presumptuous dog artists it cannot get necessary to stoop to this. A youth of eighteen May have to w cars Wlinich cast i Limo Llie Shade those of any of his More advanced of temporaries. The May be capable of serving or saving his country and if not permitted to do so now tie Soccy been lost Frei or. Much injustice Tii Ucli slavery which no Huik n wis Doid or virtue will Ever lie Able wholly to pre vet or redress. As i Bave before Lead the Honor to say to this society the condition o f our Olio be existence is but to sing Etc with evils to compare Iheme to choose Between them and so far As we can to mitigate them. To say that there is evil in any institution is Only to say ii Aritis human. And can we doubt but ill at this Long discipline and laborious process by which men Are required to work out the Elevation and improvement of their individual nature Aud their social condition is imposed for a great and benevolent end stir Iaci Tiea Are us a. If equate to the solution of tie mystery Why it should be so but the truth is Clear that the world Vas not intended for the seat of Universal knowledge or goodness or Hiippi Ness or Freedmn i. A Lun has been Emlo Wei Btu i Crefo a certain inti enable re gals aiming which Are if of Liberty and the Pur Aidt of . W hat is Meir ii by the inalienable right of Liberty ? has any one who iras used the w Ord s Ever asked himself this question i does it mean that a Man has no right to alienate his own Liberty to sell himself and his posterity for slaves ? this would seem to be the More obvious meaning. When the word right is used it iras reference to some How which Sanction a it and would be violated b v its invasion. It must refer either to tie general Law of morality or the Law of the country the Law of go4 or the Law of Man. If the Law of any country permitted it it would of course be a is urd to Isayo Quot Turat the Rcd Law of that coir Ortry w As violated by such alienation. If it have any meaning in this respect it must mean a that plough the Law of the country permitted it the Man would be guilty of an immoral act who should thus alienate his Liberty. A fit in Estari for school men to discuss and the consent fences resulting from its decision m important As from any of theirs. Yet who will say that the Man pressed by famine and in Prospect of death would be criminal for such a of i self preserve Atiim n As is truly s Aid in the first Law of nature. High and by elaborate cultivation May be taught to Preier death to slavery but it would be Folly to prescribe this As a duty to the maps of Mankind. If any a Iio nil meaning c an be attributed to the sentence i have quoted it is this a a that the society or the individuals who exercise the Powers of government Are guilty of a violation of the Law of god or of morality a lion by any Law or Public Art they deprive men of life or Liberty or restrain them in the Pursuit of happiness. Pc every government does and of necessity must deprive men of life and Liberty for offences against society. Restrain them in the Pii Suil of happiness Why ill the Law s of society a re intended for nothing else but to restrain men from the Pursuit of happiness according to their own ideas of happiness or advantage which the phrase must mfg an if it Means any . And by what i govt does society Punili by the loss of life or litter Sion May have been lost floret or. Bui he Cay i e Frise no poli Ileal privilege or aspire to Givy poli Cal distinct iii. It a a said that of Nowres Sites Sori is not of of the to neral gut of the Ori Mitial origin fit isl a re a in to Are ujtrlliflj9l�r4imiasji i Yiyu pad to almighty to dispense munt�ltifjar.it4 own Protection it is the right of self to Chen a if there existed the blackest in Oral turpitude. Leges those who i infirmity Sunsui Mablene a of Charlete for defect o discretion that of Necess there must be s ome general Rule on the subject and that any Rule which can be devised will operate with hardship and in Uslice on individuals. In his is All that can be said and All that need be said. It is saying in other words that the privileges in question Are no matter of natural right but to be settled by convention As the Good and safely of society May require it if society thou Al disfranchised India Idun is convicted of infamous crimes would this be an invasion of a natural right yet Titis would not be j justified on the score of their moral guilt but that the Good of society required or would be promoted by it. We admit the existence of a moral binding on societies As on individuals. Soc icy must act in Good Faith. No Init. Or Bly of men has a right to inflict pain or Prival Tou on others unless with a Vivet after a full and impartial deliberation of Preveat greater evil. If Lehai Sriber Atton be decision made Ingco jct Faith there can be no in potion of moral guilt. Has any Politi Cirii contended that the very existence of government in which there Are orders privileged by Law constitutes a violation of morality that their Coli ainu Ance is a crime which men Are bound to put an end to with Oul any Toosi Denston of the Good or evil to Retsuk from the cup Ngol yet this is the natural inference from the Dogma of the natural Equality of men As applied to our institution of slavery a an Equality not to be invaded without injustice a and wrong Ait requiring to be restored instantly unqualified Day and without reference to consequences. This is sufficiently common place but we Are sometimes driven to common place. It is no less a false and shallow than a presumptuous pm Tiloso Phy which theorizes on the affairs of in Cuas of a problem to be solved by some unerring Rule of human reason withal reference to the designs of a Superior Interi Geode so far As he has been pleased to indicate them in i hair Crea Tion and do Stiny. Man is born to subjection. N o l Only during in fancy is he dependant and under the control of others at All Agness it is the very basis of his nature that the Strong and the Wise should control the w eak and the in no r aut so it has been since the Days of Nimrod the existence of some form of slavery in All Ages and countries is proof enough of this. He is born to subjection As he is bom in sin and ignorance. To make any cons tel Erable Progress in knowledge the co Minnied efforts of us acc Shive on and the Dilli Geni training and unwearied exertions of the individual Are requisite. To make Progress in moral virtue not less time and Effort aided by Superior help Are necessary and it is Only by the matured exercise of his knowledge and his Vittore of Fiat he can attain to civil Freedom. Of All things the exis Tench of civil Liberty is most the result of artificial institution. The proclivity of the natural Man is to Domineek or to be subservient. A Noble result indeed Buti o the attaining of which i As in the c iii stances of knowledge and virtue the creator for his own purposes has set at a limit beyond which we cannot go. But he who is most advanced in Knoy pledge is most sensible of Liis own ignore Itee Anil Htow o Luch must forever be Unkn own to Man in his pie sent condition. As i have heard it expressed the further you extend the Circle of Light the wider is the horizon of darkness. He who has made the. Greatest Progress in moral purity i s most sensible of the Depra Vity not Only of the world around him hut of his own heart and the imperfection of he a Hist a gives an this he know that men must feel am lament so in no Ras they continue so when the or pates i in Iress in civil i Hertz has Heen made the Lover of wherty will know that there must re i in Meh . Which by its example or consequences could be of no evil to society government would have nothing to do with that. If an action the most Han levs in its moral Elia Raeter co uld Quot be dangerous to the Security of society society would have the perfect right to punish it. If the Possession of a Black skin would be otherwise a rigorous to society so Cihiy has the same High t to Prole l i self by Dis franchising the possess or of civil privileges and to continue the disability to his posterity if the same danger would be incurred by its removal. Social inflicts these forfeitures for the Secu Ralty o f the lives of its m embers it inflicts them for the see Rity of their property the great essential of it inflicts them also for the Protection of its political iii hons the forcible attempt la Veit mree we kid nasal ways been just by regard d m the greatest or tic a lid who Lias q i Yosti oiled its right so to inflict a Man cannot have property in Many a a phrase As full of meaning As a who slays fat oxen should himself be Ger thinly he May if the Laws of society allow it it be on Sollic Keiit grounds neither be nor society do wrong. And is it by this--a8 we a nest Call it however recommended to our Lingher feelings by its associations in Sotin Ding but unmeaning Verbage of natural Equality and inalienable rights that our lives Are to be put in j to Pardy on property destroyed and our political institutions overturned or endangered ? if a people Hal on its Borders a tribe of barbarians whom a treaties or Faith could bind and by whose allies they were constantly endangered against whom the could devise no Security but that they should be Exter mated or enslaved would they not have the right to enslave them and keep them in slavery so Long As the same danger would be incurred by of Weir Man miss Iota ? if a civilized in an and. A Savage were by Chance placed together on a desolate Island and the former by the sup Rii it a Power of civilization would reduce the fatter to would he not have the same right ? would this not be the 8tric the 8t self defence ? i d o not now consider How far we can make out a similar Case to justify our enslaving of the negroes. I speak to those who contend for inalienable rights and that the existence of. Slavery always and under All circuit Sianes i vol is in ustic e and crime. As i have said we acknowledge the existence of a moral Law it is necessary for us to resort to the theory which resolves All right into the existence of such a Law is imprinted on the hearts of All h Una an beings. But Tho ugly its existence be acknowledged the Uri ind of Man has hitherto been tasked in vain to discover an unerring Standard of morality. It is a common and undoubted Maxim of morality that you shall not do evil tha t Good May come. You shall not do iii ans Locc or co in in an invasion of the rights of others for the Sake of a greater ulterior Good. But what i amp injustice and what Are the rights of others and Woty Are we not to commit the one or invade the others ? it is because it inflicts pain or stiffer ing presello or prospective or cute them off from enjoyment which they might otherwise the creator revealed to us that happiness is the great end of existence the sole object of All animated and sentient beings. To this he has directed their aspirations and Culb Rte and we feel that we thwart his benevolent purposes when we destroy or impede that this is the Ltd Only natural right of Shii a All other Riff his result from the Rome Lions of society. And tie a. To it sure we Are not to a evade Wii Tever Good my a appear to us Likely to Folio yet Are we in no in a acc to inflict Paio or Sufler ing or disturb a enjoyment for the Sake of producing a greater Good ? is the madman not to be restrained who w 0 uld bring destruction o u himself or Ottimis ? is pain not to be inflicted on the child when it is the Only Means by which he can be effectually instructed to provide for his own future twp Pincus is the surgeon guilty of wrong who Ampo lates a limb to preserve life is it not Llie object of All penal legislation to inflict suffer Itig for the Sake of greater Good to be secured to society ? of by what right is it that Man exercises Dominion Over the beasts of the Field Sti Buttes them to painful inbox old of vat Theu Kui Fer his rate Aiice or enjoyment ? they Are not a Lions beings. No but they Are the creatures of god sen Lineol brings capable o f suffering and enjoy Mienl and entitle d to Enjo y according to live measure of their capacities. Does not the voice of nature inform Ever one that he is guilty of wrong when he in maj a them paid Vithor necessity or obey a if their existence be Limi ted to the present Ife it affords the stronger argument for affording them the Brief enjoyment of which it is Capa Lel it is because the greater Good is effected not Only to Man but to tie inferior animals themselves the care of Man git c s the Boon of exist Esiee to myriads who would never otherwise have enjoyed it and the enjoy Keiit of their existence is belter provided for while it lasts. It belongs to the be Ting of Superior faculties to judge of the relations which shall subsist Between himself and inferior animals and the use lie Shail make of them and he May justly consider himself who has the greater capacity of enjoyment ill the first yet he must do conscientiously and no doubt moral guilt has been incurred by the infliction of Pai non Toliese animals w Ith no a Dequa the Benefit to be expected i do no disparagement to the dignity of human nature even in its humblest form when i say that on the very same foundation who the difference Only of circumstance and degree rests tie right of tie civilized and Cihi rated Man Over the Savages and Igi Sorant it is the order of nature and of god that the being of Superior faculties and knowledge and therefore of Superior Power should control and dispose of those who Are inferior. It is As Morfi in the order of nature that men should enslave each other As that other animals should prey upon each other. I admit that he does this under the highest moral Rospond Hibi Lity and is most guilty if he wantonly inflicts misery or a Rivalino on beings More Cap Atile of enjoyment or Saufl ering than brutes without necessity or any View to the greater Good which is to result. If we conceive of society existing without government and that one Man by his Superior strength courage or Wisdom could obtain the a Asiedy of his Fellows he would have a perfect right to do so. He would be morally responsible for the use of his Power and guilty if he failed to direct them so As to. Promote their happiness As Well As he own. Mora i i s the Halte de fou nosed the i no Dastice and cruelty a Ficili have been Practised to wards on aboriginal indians by a Beth the do ate been driven with Rauch juice prut. _ and maj Pilch has been in Chis cd Aana the met Fiacro of Fletr removal. Yet Efto has contended that Coli fed Man had no moral right to possess himself of the country i Liat he w As Tomid to leave this wid o and Fenily Eon fluent which is capable nisus taming uncounted Myri ails of a civilized race to a few roving anti ignorant barbarians yet if any thing is certain it is certain Liat there were 110 a Means by which he could losses the Coon try without exterminating or enslaving them Savage and civilized Man cannot live together and the Savage can Only be tamed by being enslaved or by having slaves. By enslaving alone could he have preserved them. And who shall like upon himself to decide that the More benevolent course and More pleasing to god was pursued towards them or that it would not have been belter that they had been enslaved generally As i Heywerd in particular instances it is q ref ipod Quot and utterly false in Ite Aputi Cirion to general nature or the mass of human fond which teaches that existence is not the greatest of All boons and Worllie of being preserved even under the most Adverse circumstances. The strongest instinct of All a in mate d beings sufficiently proclaims Liis. When the. Last red Man shall have vanished from our forests the sole remaining traces of his blood will be found among our enslaved the african slave Trade has Given and will give the Boon of existence to to Nillionis and million s in our country w to would otherwise never have enjoyed it and the enjoyment of their existence is better provided Lor while it Aster a or if for the rights of Man Over inferior animals we Are referred to revelation w Linch pronounces Eye shall have Dominion o v or the a exists of the Field and Over the fowls of die air a we refer to the same which declares not the less explicitly a both the Bondmen and Bon maids which thou shall Hare shall be of the Heathen that arc among you to. Of them shall you. Buy to d a moreover of the children of strangers that do sojourn among you of them shall be buy and of their families that Are with you which they begot in your Laud and they shall be your Possession. And be shall Lake them As an inheritance for your children after you to in Merit them by Possession. They shall be your Bondmen remarks by the tor. A its existence is much circumscribed in civilized countries lie publican America contains almost As Many slaves As All Christendom in besides. In the brazils Are 2000,000 Cuba and Porto Rico 500 000 French colonies 350 000 danish dutch and portuguese 100 000 in the United states 2,500 000. H a deceptive stale menu slavery among bar tto Ruos and Semi civilized people has been a common practice but modern civilization has uniformly p Rov cd Lios Lile to i to . The former iras receded As the late f Lias advanced until in the i lightened a Rte of Europe it Liss become extinct. The civilization of Aii Rient times having liitle to do be gentle and self a c Ziying Virtues w hich Ghuri Sti airily Pari in ii Ariy inculcates not being based on a conformity to that Law of love which is the great equalizing principle of the religion o f Cirkl saw nothing in slavery repulsive tel die Pride ambition and cold Inte Ile Cut Alison that were its chief a Attri Hii tes and tolerated the system with out Lieck limit. The result As it suffered More Stoin a together. Chat s put log a per it slavery than from All other causes it was bitten and poisoned by the shed in its bosom. The history of Rome in the last Days of the Republic Wrhen slaves began to take the place of a free peasantry and a few Pallia Percy patricians absorbing the e8tat�i of to Miller landholders and converting the Plains of Italy into splendid solitudes rioted in the midst of debasing luxuries leaches this lesson. The truth is wherever Cindi Zattoni fails to a Swoy Scutery slav in will prove its bait i Ltd to hit ate ruin. A the South will learn this truth by experience unless it regard in time the teachings of the past and the lights which now Flash upon it from every part of the world. It e this is sophistry sin has pervaded die human family from the time when a nature through All her works gave signs of to that All was we May therefore a safely concluded that sin is deeply founded in the a nature of Man a but not a in the exigencies of human gambling fornication drink Innest have pre roiled in All Ages among 11 nations Savage and Eivet lived. We a safely Conclo flex that these forms of ev3 Are a deeply founded in Ihbe nature of Man a but who would be so bold As to declare that Diey were founded too a in the exigencies of human society if Lodge Harper s Mode of reason neg be logical there is no crime Wlinich has disgraced human nature which May not be justified for Sina of All kinds May plead High aft equity and wide prevalence. Al in the convention of Virginia the anti slavery sentiment of that state pot Forth its mightiest Effort for the destruction of slavery. It failed the Force of abolition reeling Nas Parati Zed by tie failure the Public mind began to despair that any thing could be done and consequently was Well prepared to listen to an Arf Pumeni that migh mitigate the harsh features of an evil supposed to he irremediable. We Are generally disposed to make the Best of a bid Varguin. When the conclusion in once admitted that an evil is Wilholm cure the next step is to see whether certain benefits May a not attend it hitherto overlooked so As to Clieve ourselves from a state of harassing disc tent. Such we presume was the condition of the Public mind in Virginia after the of litre of the emancipation Effort in 1831-2. Just at this time president Dews work made its appearance a a Prodie Tion calculated if no designed rec Nicole slaveholders with heir situation by showing them the Peculiar advantages of the system they had been seeking to overthrow. Could such a work a Indef a so cd a a a i instances fail of i object to a i refer Lopre Jent few on this a us decl f it is no get unc iii Jon Inch a str it on to six ves. Ufier Many drs Virtu and having Minini ii their bloo<1 with the Triana. P,>s,-es�in5 a Norm hair and Fucai iii. Us incas a Lim to Hal of turfed most willingly was he Convent a Lay Ali Ira inner which aimed to prove that Rafiet All the notion of slavery being a necessary Evha was a Mere Preu it Dice a it was no evil at All but he a chief handmaid to judge harpers testimony is explicit that this Hook was of a i appreciable service to the South in enlightening them on the subject of their own instil Guions and turning Back that monstrous tide of Folly and madness which if it had rolled in would have involved Virginia a along with the rest of the slav Chok ing states in a common we ask any candid Man a is it not More reasonable to Iti Tibule the degeneracy of Public sentiment in Virginia of the subject of Saver to Fiese circumstances than to the influence of the abolition Dischi Scioti at the North c he has received the thirty pieces of Silver for his base betrayal of the cause of human rights a he is now Secretary of the Navy. We Are glad judge Harper has placed his name on record As the Northern defender of Southern slavery. Paulding s abortive attempt to stay the March of Liberty and defend a system which civilized nations will Ere Long pronounce piracy will due remembered when his other works have Slippy away into oblivion. A / he must be a Sipic Friml philosopher who would Trace civilization to any single cause. The causes of this condition Are just As Many agents As tend to develop the faculties improve the heart multiply the restore is and ameliorate the outward circumstances of Man. If it be no offence to the slaveholder we. Would claim for Chru Riahi it some Agency in the great civilizing process. I really seems to of within the Bounds of probability that the gospel which the son of god came to preach so d w hich is said to be uie pow prof god and the Wisdom of Goit has at least had As much to do As a bold syst Etc Lof Itce n to us Ness and Robbe by Wilh the civilization of modern times. But seriously the. Hani Ilioyd o f these a Learned defend d cry of the d Cir iii that the w Iso and powerful o ought to enslave the ignorant and weak is without parallel. What Are Llie lessons taught by history the history of modern Eor pc if it prove any thing proves that Slatery whenever and wherever existing has been an encumbrance on the faculties of society on of the strongest barriers to the Progress of intelligence or refinement that As Man emerged from ignorance and Barb Friom and Learned to think of excellence in other pursuits than that of arms labor grew More respectable the slave began to be looked upon As a imm and enfranchisement at first limited and local became at length Complete and neral. And yet we Are to believe that one of the greatest curses which civilization has shaken from its bosom has been the sole cause of its advancement slavery in modern Europe came into vigorous exist Eop under the Feudal pfc Mem of which a does it cons diluted an essential pan. It Prev fled in its greatest degree and tinder its marshes porm just at that Jerrod Wien the Feudal had Peconie most oppressive sad de Stu five of the Well being of society. The Fml

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