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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - November 6, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioL. A m a Milf i is in a Quot pm Foj a to r �?�,<4hb i it Jav a a a v a a a a ill of a Wplf c is i a 4 if ref 01 >>1 Nar Hij pc of a a will v Himm a tier a i % a in my sums Fri 4 iwo Mai. a a min a six Feriv at published by the executive committee we Are Verity guilty concerning our brother vol the i. No. 43. New series. The Fullante Ropret published weekly by the anti slavery society Werner of main sixth streets Cincinnati Ohio. Axas Ada. A m m James Boyle Pau Ukiu age no. dollars Ami fifty cents in three dollars if not paid Tiu fee expiration of the year. Letter on �u4te�� should he directed to the pubs King aged those relating to the editorial department to the Euroa. Small a we Post a paid. Of a Jeri Irti a a a p a a a Jam it -e�tt5�r the following is the Awe reply of or. Birney a Sere stricture cd the James Williams narrative published in our last from the new York commercial de Phil. To the estors of the commercial advertiser. A gentlemen the Arliph signed a a b c a in your paper of wednesday in which the Qon Nec tio Nof lie executive committee of tile american anti81arwy society with the narrative of James Williams is attempted to be misrepresented makes it proper that some reply should be Given. Up Biog ahoy future reference to the ill temper and Unbe Roming language in which it has pleased the writer to indulge or to the concern which he expresses for the undersigned individually 1 shall Endeavor in what follows to exhibit to the Community the True position of the executive committee in relation to the ease Rof James Williams. A Man calling himself by that name and representing himself to be a fugitive slave arrived in this City it fitter circumstances that excited a Good Deal of interest in Hie behalf. He was intelligent far beyond what slaves usually Are. Ills Aero but of himself and of whiff he had seen,., whether True or false proves this. His wardrobe was but indifferently supplied a Yit he seemed careless 4, it with Inore to was Necez sary for his actual Comfort. He Hail no Money and he asked for none. Lie expressed Foo revengeful fed Fegre gods those who according to his account bad misused him. To such of his hearers As had acquainted them Elvis with the cruelties of the alive system of the Solh it Hene Inis nothing in what he related vtr4.wes inv re do tip of the aeon of enormity. He we examined by competent persons again and again. They detected nothing in his manner that excited suspicion of his Trust worthiness. It was thought his narrative if published would a excite a great Deal of interest As it has even thur Mccanse h�bp4yed die actual working of slavery in connection for years with the life of a particular individual and that individual at the same Frise the sufferer and narrator. With a View to it publication a gentleman not More favourably Nofen far Bis literary oct than for his pro sate integrity was a Uga ged to commit it to writing. Of the conscientious Fidelity with which he executed Ujj task the Emmittee entertain no doubt. When James was informed that his account was w be published he evinced no concern As to its reception by tace hmm fee a or us to any Benefit which might he made to accrue to him from the Sale Iau Book. From first to last he seemed to have to idea of deriving any pecuniary Benefit from the publication in atty form of his sufferings in slavery or from the sympathy he and excited in those to whom they were rehearsed. His whole mind was occupied in escaping from his pursuer. Under these circumstances the narrative was published nothing More or less being said about its authenticity by the cot Smittee than was said a above. It ski our a be Rome Mebed also that there was no suppression of names dates tir plates. In this Way the Best Means were afforded if the a Lory was false of detecting the falsehood pasted of a a a copy a according la your correspondent finding its Way to the South copies were sent to All our Exchange Propen rss to the Post and to multitudes of other persons in that Section of the Conory. There being to reason for distracting the narrative there was none for withholding it a a a a a a a by a do Dir if on the first denial of its authenticity by the editor of the Alabama Bce con although he Fra Tsiris a to w neither pm toy nor by reputation anti his denial came to us signally insolent and offensive measures were at once set on foot to investigate the Tny to of Hie charges. Letters dictated in the Moat courteous terms were addressed to gentlemen residing m the South making inquiries which it is undoubtedly in their Power to answer fully and Satish a Torilyn but either no answers or a Skye ones a fire returned. At length several letters were published in the Alabama Beacon purporting to be written by persons altogether unknown to the committee. The editor of that paper neither published the communications that had min at a , addressed to these persons so that we might Jas under what Kinaj influences the answers were Given neither did he give any Assurance of their credibility nor did even May that he himself knew that there wet such person a those whose names were attached to the letters. Nevertheless the a testimony thus presented was a examined rigorously examined it is True As every one acquainted with slave holding devices at the present Day will May it ought to have been yet candidly As every competent person accustomed to investigate and own pare contradictory evidence and who Fern had without prejudice the published statement of our Lub committee will there was no Wattem whenever it should t to slight or undervalue it presented Ift a form that would entitle it to be considered As the testimony of Bona fide persons who Chara emr for Moffe and truth might be full relied m in a Case where Diey were interested and where the Adverse party was precluded from the Bene hts of Cross examining. The deficiencies were pointed out so that it str a litter of the by act nor any other person i ser sted met have them supplied if it could be a act tier it it .<,-.a a. U my Rirs a it the Issue is on the authenticity of the narrative the parties to it Are the slave holders and James Williams. The committee n#h6t a party. Them tiers of Fht which they have stated m relation to the Start motive Are True and above impeach if Tab they Are the tribunal before which this matter is litigated yet Are they in absence from the country of one of the parties am in his weak Ness if he were Here when compared with his adversaries endeavouring by All the Means in their Power to obtain such testimony As will convince All impartial and candid persons that Justice has been Dbette in premises. As soon As Tho invest gation is completed the Community mayfly on being duly advertised of the result which eve Side it May establish. But this much i can now safely say from items of testimony already in my Possession that should the narrative prove untrue it will present one of the most extraordinary cases of conflicting circumstantial testimony that has at any time occurred in this country. A i a a it is not to be expected sir that by slanders generally a much less ouch As your correspondent a b cd a can be prevailed on where a cause is on trial to delay making up their judgments on the merits till Alt the testimony is heard. Yet this is always expected of t he judge before whom the cause is pending. Should the sex committee Stop the Sale of the work at their office it would be equivalent Loha confirmation of the charges brought against it. Such a course would be a Ray hand unjust As that of a judicial tribunal which should pass Sesnie ice against a party litigating his cause before it of hearing the testimony of his i adversary and totally disregarding his. 1 Itiat the might be left unprejudiced by nov net of the executive committee they thought it Best that no change should be made in relation to the Sale of the work at their office. On the other hand in order that the Public might no ground so far As they were concerned to complain of any deep lib a they have published As widely As their paper the emancipator would enable them the Carge with every thing in the form of testimony that has been adduced against the work. I kno few to course that could have been fairer or that. I believe will be More satisfactory in the end to All impartial and considerate persons. A respectfully &c.t. A James p. Wiist cer Sec. Am. Anti slavery society the preceding communication has been in our Possession several Days the delay it its appearance has been caused solely by the repeated foreign arrivals and the pressure of other matters which were entitled to the precedence. Opposed As we Are to the Arrtie slavery society a and its doing we try always Rency to give it a fair hearing when it is attacked in our columns. / a to the opinions expressed by or. Birney in relation to tire narrative we maintain that it was the duty of the executive committee either to suspend the publication while doubt existed of its authenticity or to pm Blish the reasons for that doubt with the narrative itself in the form of an appendix or a preface. Thousands read the narrative who do not read the . Cam. Adv. A a a a # it a it n a ��1 a a a a a r v m. Wi-.,. From the Cincinnati Gazette. Slue brie Eding in the South. The Richmond enquirer puts Forth the following notice of of Connellis charge of slave Breeding against the ancient Dominion a we pronounce Daniel o Connellis attack upon the Virginia character to be a Wanton and infamous libel. Badly As we have been treated by so Many English tourists we do not believe that any of them has yet ventured to put Forth so gratuitous an assertion if there be any such allusion in any of them it must be the lowest of the caste whose productions have not Lethad strength of Wingsum Ficini to Cross the Atlantic. But we give the most unqualified contradiction to the whole Story. Born in Virginia mixing constantly with her citizens a familiar As we Are with her institutions and milliners we have never seen we have never heard of any such Breeding plantations As this reckless Man describes of any such practices of any such apportionment of the sexes. The whole statement is a fable and untiring but the Peculiar circumstances u under which it is uttered could induce us Typ condescend for one moment to give it this Fiat contradiction. It is false As to Virginia it is false As to the rest of the Southern states. It is not Only unfounded in itself but if Daniel of Connell had condescended to give one moments attention to his own assertion it would Timve struck him As manifestly and grossly we shall not take upon us to say that of Connell has not exaggerated the slave Breeding business of Virginia am myself persuaded that there arc no slave Breeding plantations conducted in the Gross manner he has specified. But that Sjuve Breeding for a foreign Market is a part of her Domestic Economy is beyond All doubt a. Fessor Dews pamphlet of 1832, roundly asserts it. A who says p. 4��?�?~from All the information we can obtain. We have to hesitation m saying that upwards of six thousand slaves Are yearly exported from Viiginia to other states. Again p. 61 a the 6000 slaves which Virginia annually sends off to the South Are a source of wealth to , p. 120 a full equivalent being thus left in the Placa of the slave this emigration becomes an advantage to the Sute and does not Check the Black population As much As at first View we might imagine because it furnishes every inducement to the master to attend to his negroes to encourage Breeding and to cause the greatest number possible to be raised a when this work was put Forth Hie enquirer read and commended Al it met the general approbation of the Virginia press. The cant of Breeding slaves for exportation is distinctly stated and in the most apr oratory manner. Its abhorrent character did not then attract the Atte ration of the enquirer. But when it is run out into its very probable Grossner amps the enquirer becomes a indigo so t. And yet professor Dew s Economy As stated in his Book was a we is well4 calculated to mis Lead of Contwell who probably has read i gen Hamilton has his curse at of Connell also. A Hlis slanders in relation to Slaye Breeding in Virginia Are doubtless from the mintage of his o in mendacious imagination for which he is not in do bled even to the thousand calumnies of the Veri table a tourists in a Herica. Your readers at Home know that the Story is As untrue As the scandal is indecent and mtg a Cioto a. As to his social and the a that1 no slave Holder ought to be received on u footing of Equality by any of the civilized inhabitants o Europe we would i believe readily submit if the proscription were to extend to our exclusion from is society alone. The calamity in amp de us told Rifote an intolerable one. By two Rte be George Washington Thomas Jefferson James mad won and James Monroe would Hare bin unfit companions for Daniel of Connell mfoifrrtf8af� of o Connell but we Are pot disposed of head such vap Oring As this of Hamilton and allow u to pass without exposure. A a Fri agr of professor Dew we have already referred to. We now refer to another from who i of Commil met Mso ably or Ira a ate his Noti ofis of 8�ave Breeding in \ Trumia. It is known to some american politicians that the famous we. Cobbett in Early life was a rious pamphleteer and newspaper editor in Philadelphia. When he returned to England he republished his american works in an edition of twelve volumes. In the second volume pages 46, 47, therefore is this distress come upon us. I Icli Mai tuesday november a 1838. 48, there is the following article bearing upon a civic feast in Charleston South Carolina a to these extracts i shall Lake the Liberty of adding two others both from the same newspaper one of them is an elegant account of the close of a civic feast and the other though not absolutely on the same subject As the first certainly adds to its Beauty. The. First is the precious jewel and the last the foil i shall therefore place the in As near As possible to each other. A a a 1 a after this the Cap of Liberty was placed on the head of the president then on each member. The Marsellous hymn and other similar soup were Sung by different French citizen i members. Thus cheerfully glided the hours away of this feast made by congenial sols to commemorate the Happy Day when the sons of frenchmen joined the sons of America to overthrow tyranny in this Happy land r a it a for Sale two negro tads one about twelve and the other about fifteen years old remarkably healthy a the younger ads near four feet nine inches High and the oldest about five feet. Also a negro wench Lor Sale coming eighteen years old and far advanced with child but very Strong and capable of any kind of leaving this without comment i shall add an extract or two from a debate of Congress which i shall also leave without comment such things scorn the Aid of declamation. The subject of the debate i allude to was an amendment to a Bill of naturalization. A member from Virginia had proposed that a clause she diff be inserted to exclude foreign noblemen from becoming citizens of the United states of America unless they would first make a solemn renunciation of their titles. A member from new England proposed As an amendment to this that such noblemen should also renounce the right of holding slave. On Finis amendment a member from Carolina said a that the gentleman Durst not come Forward and Tell the House that men who possessed slaves were unfit for holding an office under a Republican government. He desired the gentleman to consider what might be the consequence of this motion. At this time considering what has happened in the West amendment would irritate the minds of thousands of Good citizens in the Southern states As it affects the property which they have acquired by their , thought that die amendment partook More of my archival principles than any thing which he had seen for some time a member from Lirginia said on the same occasion that a he held property sacred and never could consent to prohibit the Emigrant nobility froth holding slaves any Ortore than other people but for titles of nobility they were quite a different thing 1 of Happy Carolina Happy thrice Happy Virginia no tyrannical aristocrat dares to lord it Over the free born swains who cultivate the delicious Weed that adorns first the Lovely Fields and then the lovelier chops of the Develling drunkard after having spent the Day in singing hymns to the goddess of Liberty the virtuous Democrat gets him Home to his peaceful dwelling and sleeps with his property secure beneath h�3 roof Yea sometimes ii. His very arms and when his Industry has enhanced its value it bears to a new owner the proofs of his democratic delicacy a this is a transaction of forty two years ago which must have fallen under the observation of every English scotch and Irish Reader of any distinction. Whip this a mintage of forty years is compared with the fresh Book of professor Dew and with the Stream of current advertisements in the Southern press they furnish a Strong body of evidence that might mislead any Man who was honest in search of truth. And it even now seems Tome that the fact they disclose go very far to show that the Strong assertions of the enquirer and of the general Are entitled to no great credit. In illustration of this i have Cut the following advertise Mente from the first three Southern papers i have Laid my hands upon after penning this article Mobile Mercury oct. 9. Negro woman for first rate negro woman aged about 30 years a Good Cook Superior Washer and Kroner sound healthy and Trust and without children. Apply to Louisa Forrest Al i .>1, 1 % 69 Dauphin a a. Charleston Mercury oct. 12. Negroes w anted a persons having Likely negroes to dispose of from the age of 12 to 25, will find it to their advantage to Call on the subscriber Corner of King and George streets. Alexander my Donald. 1 Richmond enquirer oct. 19. Cash Sale of will sell to foe highest bidder for Cash at Lawrence Villa on Ike 26th of november next it being Brunswick of court Day Twenty negroes consisting of men women girls and boys. Andrew my a big in will be sold at the late residence of William Toler deceased in Goochland county on tuesday the 23d Day of october if fair if not the next fab Day thereafter sunday excepted 30 Likely negroes consisting of men boys and girls. Also 2 or 300 barrels of Corn fodder Hay and Oate Stock of horses 5 a Roke of oxen cows hogs sheep x gig and carrya3l Plantation utensils 1 Wagon Hohu Ehold and Kitchen furniture and Many other articles too tedious to men to on. A the terms of Sale will be made known on Thadav. William t. Toler a fld r of we. 7o/er, dec d. to the jail of Norfolk Borough As a runaway on the 27th Day of a Matt. 1688, a negro Man. He says his name is James Cheesman and was Boro free in the county of York Black co Pexton aged about 40 years. The owner of the above negro if any is requested to comply with the Law in such Case. N. Currier. Tailor of Norfolk Borough. A Jeub Qew for be sold for Cash on monday 29th inst. If fair if not the next fair Day to the next bidder at the late residence of John Humphries dec a. In spot Sylva cd Fify near Piirto lows a tavern Newmarket negroes belonging to said deceased consisting of one Man five boys and a girl All Young and Likely. I 1 Stephen Humphries John Humphries Robt. Humphries managers. M political action against slavery. No no. Or a a a but i thought says the objector a a that the anti slavery Enterprise was a moral very True it is a moral Enterprise but How does that prove that it should not be a political one a. A a tithe objector takes for granted three things which Are not True Viz 1st. That an Enterprise that is characterised by one Quality Viz moral Effort can not or must not be characterized by another Quality Viz political also 2. That politics can have no proper connection with morals a 3. A Phat moral action against slavery does not include of necessity political action. In opposition to All these positions we maintain 1. That an Endrin May properly be a moral and yet a political one. If the country was overrun with gentlemanly horse thieves it would be a suitable moral Enterprise to write and preach against horse stealing and to urge on the people the moral duty of discount enhancing and prohibit eng horse stealing. Would it be inconsistent of improper for those engaged in such a moral Enterprise to withhold their votes from the nations of Norse stealing and to give them exclusively to those who intended to a prohibit and punish that crime i Trow not. Just substitute Man stealing for horse stealing and you have the Case stated precisely a 2. We maintain in the second place that politics properly speaking and uncontaminated in by the touch of selfish ambition is a Branch of ethics or morals. It has been so considered by elementary writers both of political and moral science. Morals has to do with our relations and duties to our fellow beings and especially to our follow men. Politics has to do with one important Branch of out fellow men Viz our civil relations and duties. Large portions of the Bible itself Are occupied in explaining and enforcing these relations and Der ties., a. A to say that politics should not be considered a Branch of morals is to say that politics should have no regard to moral equity to Justice to truth to Equality to Many a inalienable rights a very convenient doctrine this for demagogues and despots the people that regard such a doctrine must be regardless of human rights and evidently become the victims of injustice and oppression. 4. We maintain in the third place that a Mofal Effort against a crime tolerated and sanctioned by Law and a crime which it is the proper province of civil government to prohibit and punish is an Effort which must be made political by those who hold political Power or else it ceases to be on their part a moral Effort at All and becomes the essence of immorality hypocrisy and double dealing. We affirm that slavery is such a crime and that a moral Effort for its overthrow among a free people who exercise Sovereign Power is a contradiction in terms a monstrosity Wlinich never did and never can exist a chimera which if it could exist ought to be abhorred by every moral being Itel to universe. R. U. Who a a Community of freemen who hold the legislative Power pretending to exert a moral influence against a a the highest kind of theft a and yet while they cast Petty thieves into dungeons refuse to vote for Laws a against a a the greatest of All preach against slavery and not vote against it petition against it Pray against slavery and hot vote against it do you Call this a moral Effort against slavery i Call it an immoral Effort in its favor nothing certainly can be More immoral than to practice the sin and oppression of slavery for it is the Sovereign people after All that Are the enslaves while pretending to exert an influence against it and no course could be More cunningly adapted to the perpetuity of the system. Of we Are opposed to slavery said the statesmen of the last fifty years but they neglected to vote against slavery. A a we Are opposed to slavery say the so called moral abolitionists who stand aloof from political action. Where is the difference Between them their opposition to slavery amounts to just one and the same thing. And the value of their a a moral action against slavery May be weighed in the same balance. It is a a moral action which consists in talking one if a and acting another what do you mean by a moral efforts against slavery Quot you mean moral arguments to persuade men of the immorality of refusing to 111 break every Yoke and let the oppressed go but you Are yourself one of the rulers who hold the Yoke in your hand and refuse to break it refuse to obey your own moral exhortations because you say a a abolitionism is a moral Enterprise and must not be carried into this is the same thing As saying that it is very moral and pious to talk against slavery but very wicked to do any thing against it a a a moral Enterprise truly a smoke in the nose of god and of All men the cause in Massachusetts. A gentleman who was present at the Young Meigs stale convention at Worcester on the 2nd and 3d at the convention at Northampton on the 5th, gives us a Brief account of the proceedings. The Young menus convention met in Brinley Hall on tuesday at 10 of clock a. George t. Davis Esq., of Greenfield was chosen president a Rev. James Porter Boston John Wbrown Esq., Lynn Rev George Waters Sterling Rev. Joseph a Cross Boxboro Hart Leavitt Heath Joshua t. Everett Esq., Princeton Jarius Lincoln Hingham John Paul fall River Lender Wetherelt Hampden co., and Harrisqn Morgan Hampshire co., vice presidents Anil Chamberlain Esq., Cambridge port we. Bassett Lynn and Maynard King Esq., West Boyleston secretaries. Between 400 and 500 gentlemen enrolled their name As delegates. We. Goodell Beriah Green and Henry b. Stanton of new York Ichabod Codding of Maine and Francis Asher Perlins of Connecticut were present and took part in the proceedings. The greatest enthuse As in prevailed. In the Forenoon highly interesting letters were read from Hon. James c. Alvord of Greenfield Hon. Win. Slade of Vermo it Thos. W. Dorr Esq., of it. I. N. P. Rogers Esq. Of n. He Aid subsequently from e. Barber ftsq., of it. Resolutions expressive of gratitude for the sympathy and Aid of British philanthropists and urging them to request their government to treat with this and other nations for the abolition of slavery As the Only possible moans for the entire abolition of the slave Trade it re presented and Drew Forth an interesting discussion in which a. A. Phelps Rev. C. P. Grosvernor and w. Goodell took part. In the afternoon the Hall was thronged to overflowing Many being unable to obtain seats. Re solutions expressing gratitude to god for the Success of our cause thus far and urging abolitionists to greater sacrifices and More liberality in its prosecution were brought Forward. Or. Stanton spoke about an hour and a half in their support. In the evening the subject of funds was presented and the claims of the Massachusetts society upon the pockets of its friends powerfully urged by or. Codding followed by Short speeches from messes. Phelps Johnson and Stanton. A generous spirit pervaded the assemblage which had rior increased to a dense mass and Liberal donations to he subscriptions were made which before the close of the convention amounted to about afro thousand dollars. After this matter was disposed off pre-1 silent Green brought Forward a Resolution affirm a ing the duty of Abell Iniste to act on the Dugre fat and not merely on the defensive which he sustained by a very Able aggressive speech. Then came a Resolution rebuking in decided terms the Massachusetts senators in Congress for not defending the character of their constituents when assailed last Winter by the Ruffian threat of presian of s. C. Burning speeches were made by Wendell Phillips B. Stanton and j. R w. Browne exhibiting the cowardly and skulking course of messes. Webster and Davis in Bright colors. The vote was taken by rising. The whole convention Rose As one Hian add bore their testimony against the unworthy conduct of their senators declaring ii the language of the Resolution their regret a that they cannot say of both As they ran of one,�?�?~nistinosisneb�?T�?-dio1 not born in Massachusetts Quot Sevy re but deserved the next morning wednesday a series of resolutions on political action similar to those passed at Utica was presented and read by or. Goodell who accompanied it by a tunning commentary occupying More than an hour. He was followed by presided Green Rev. Summer Lincoln and Edwin and in the afternoon by messes. Ryder Stanton Phelps Philips it a arc and others. The debate was spirited and general. The whole series was adopted with enthusiasm. The Resolution pledging the convention to vote for my a of Good moral character who Are trite to our principles irrespective of the party that shall nominate them was passed by rising nearly the whole mass springing with alacrity to their feet. The subject of fontis again came top it and elicited Pithy remarks from messes. Phelps Codding Goodell and others. One gentleman having no ready Money gave a clock. After a dying away liberally for some time other subjects elicited several Short the evening or. Garrison addressed the convention in regard to aiding in the return of fugitive slaves a Large number of our opponents were present and from the stretching of necks and straining of eyes when or. Garrisons name was announced they evidently expected to see some a monster of dimensions huge and shape no doubt they could scarcely credit their eyes when they beheld the Meek face and uncut Throat mein of our Friend. His solemn remarks were listened to with the profoundest attention. A Resolution was brought Forward disapproving of foe course of the Massachusetts gation in the . House of representatives for not taking measures for the abolition of slavery in foe District of Columbia for not strenuously urging the repeal of a a Patton a gag a and for not repelling in a becoming spirit the vile abuse heaped upon the free citizens of old Massachusetts by the Southern members. A Resolution condemning As High handed tyranny and gratuitous meanness foe threatened veto of or. Van Burn was presented in the same connexion. Or. A Stanton supported these resolutions at considerable length. They were adopted unanimously.1 it would have been Well if the Massachusetts Dele Gaitin could Haye been present to witness tie vote of this convention of 400 Young men strongly condemning their time serving conduct on the floor of Congress. Our informant is strongly of the opinion that unless this conduct is changed at foe next session the delegation will be changed two years hence nor would he be surprised if there should be no Choice in one or two districts at foe approaching election. F. A Perkins Esq. In a very neat speech showed up in admirable style foe patriarchal hospitable and chivalrous of the so pfc a i exceedingly key a iut ions complimentary of foe services of Thompson and inviting him if in accordance i his views of duty to return to this country were discussed by messes. Garrison Grosvenor ninjas St. Clair Ryder and others and the former adopted unanimously and foe latter with some dissenting voices. About 10 of clock wednesday night this important convention was1 brought to an harmonious close. Or. Davis presided with great dignify and promptness , oct 5, a convey Tion for the Western counties assembled at 10 of clock a. M., at the town Hall in Northampton. Rev. Or. Ware presided and or. J. P. Willis ton Aud George t. By is Esq., were secretaries. The attendance was quite respectable. Resolutions on political action were discussed by messes. Goodell Stanton St. Clair and Phelps. In the afternoon the meeting was held in the first congregational Church. A Goi gtd audience was present. President Green con tinned foe discussion on political action. Or. Stanton presented the subject of funds. To Wank $400 were subscribed part paid. David Lee child Esq., spoke at considerable length in regard to fhe annexation of Texas he was followed by w. Phillips Esq. Rev or Lusk made some forcible remarks concerning the duty of ministers to engage in this cause and told some Plain truths about foe opposition it met with from clergymen in the Connecticut Valley. This called up dlr. Goodell who spoke with great solemnity and feeling. In the evening pres. Green sustained resolutions concerning foe duly of christians Aud ministers in regard to human rights. His speech was characterized by great logical acumen and Point of expression in rebuke of those who Are Neutral in regard to damning sins who cry peace where god founders War and who like foe priest and Levite a a prudently pass by the claims of wounded and robbed humanity. Rev. David Root of n. Ii. Came next with a warm and eloquent Appeal to ministers of the gospel to engage in tons of. Rev. Or. Lusk followed and then Wendell Phillips in a characteristic speech of great beamy and exquisite paths. An exceedingly deep impression was nude by the evening meeting. Fife Day the inst., county Felt be held in Franklin Hampden a counties. We und Blana that messes. Ftp Anat. Clair f., messes. Good ii and Southard at h., and messes. Phelps and Stanton it b. This Trae tent am renowned common wealth will be thoroughly impulse by these Mew pigs a Bug a a a a a Public dinner was lately give a at Coo Sawa tiie 8. the a chivalrous Quot Barnwell Rhett who Mantle himself somewhat infamous last Winter As a member of Congress by the preparation but not the presentation of an a anti onion Resolution. Or. Rhelia As toasted by the and As in Daty bound made a speech which was eloquent of Lourae As All Barbo Cue speeches Are. The following Mast among other a drank. How it smells of blood a As if when the idea of Ala cry is be Fate the mind of our a Southern Brethren they could think of nothing but violence. A a Tae abolition in la the place to Meh them in the Battle Fields the argument the this is Mere whistling on foe i foe a patriarch a Ifo Steep their courage a pm of cd of worst fight. Neither will we with any other than a Norat weapon. The South can t do any thing against our arguments with swords Ami . We Wield against their worn weapon not easily t timed Back nor warded of a nor keen nor solid can resist its Edge. A thousand pities that our a a tier should make themselves j a thousand pities that our friends Down in Carolina Yon r should make themselves ridiculous by talking about Bat tie Fields and swords and an that sort of thing it i. Mai Alhi a think of that Royal fool who a great in univ years iwo before Robert Barnwell Rhett or any of his constituent were hoi undertook of Fetter the sea. The re Uit was foe sea would it stay fettered. Neither will the to the neither will foe spirit of Liberty it k time therefore that slavery were gathering its Mantle about it to die with what decency it May i die h must we Hope or. Rhett Viii live Lorn enough w Ejof Wover it . 1 Quot we Are allowed id Specif for the Pittsburgh conference a Wilt take it tron a to say that it Wilt neither favor artery on foe on hand nor foe ult Niam of abolition on foe other we cannot approve of slavery taking a part in abolition manures u inca Paitz the it4/a our duties m Meeh Odiet the last a Pittsburgh conference journal Dervos the credit of the above. It is As genuine a Spe Timea of the a go principle As we have Ever seen. We have heard of a Man who prayed eme Day to the lord and foe neat Fey to the be ii and on he fog quest foamed ast the Tea of i singular conduct he replied with great simplicity that not knowing into whose hands he might ultimately a Al he wanted to make friends of both Side. The paragraph at the head of this article indicates As great a knowledge in moral questions As the devotional Man exhibited in spirit Nal Viridian witness. Poll stat you going to make abolition a political question a no. It always was one. To secure menus right to themselves is what politics were made for. Tiny a the grand business of the roast Lateef thereof the rest is Fofo the Gravy. A terrible thing it is thought to be. To do without politics and government hut for one sixth part of our people government has not done its work at ally nay it has done worse than nothing for the chattel Zed people Are a thousand times More Hurt than helped by it by it they Are murdered As men and protected As property. To destroy slavery and keep it dead is what government is Good for if Ilia Good for any thing. It would seem to be the most important political Mattor in any state which is to be governed for the Good of the people. Yet we meet with some Pitt Loath topic Mien and what is More marvellous who profess to he abolitionists who would not Hare it a political matter Atad. These Folk Pray to Hercules but they won t lift at the wheal. Well comes Down won t he lift wont it he a political matter then the mischief is bad politics when Hay Are Ever mended wont that be political there Are some we rugs who would abolish slavery to lie sure but they must get up the Iamb first and there Are Acme a la 4lto Souik rather worse than chains. How sound minded a neighbor a sixth pact of your Mill dam a carried it what a pity i foil begin to men Ltd it As so on As i have done travelling and White washing the rest a set it Down As next door to self evident that these people Are any thing Bat right. A Ca jts to take Cana or this Seltesz a this objection to the emancipation of the Slavas is effectually put to shame by the fact that the Only trouble arising from the operation of the late emancipation acts in the Vve to India is that the a Mancz fated a negroes refuse to work without fair the new Cove to stated last wreck a Porf the authority of mad Aitie Rumor that the new Constitution had Bee adopted by a Large vote. We were mistaken Only in part. The passed but in a a Small . C. Witness. Alton is Mimi City of food has not yet wiped away up reproach a we learn by the following announcement in the papers. A Walton. Ftp knots elected charter officers on the 9th and Charles Howard was chosen mayor by 9 a Over Winthrop s. Oilman one of foe defender storehouse in which Rev. E. A in of copy we Howard 284 Gilman 235�?bofo Goa duo ratios a la looking Over the returns of the election we find that some of the bitterest opponents of the cause of emancipation Are returned to free discussion have been elected. The defeat of that false counterfeit Democrat c. J. Huge soil i the the third District who a Mado he ref Tot Orion for Hie fierce opposition to the friends of Freedom is a Soiree of sincere Satis a , Freeman a a s r a a Ltd a it to fax cd met. A satan himself according to Dante was a praiseworthy object composed with those use Milieu Angels so numerous in times like ours who a were neither faithful nor Ebeb Lious a but were for their flt Fie selves Only trimmers moderates plausible persons who in the Fra found doomed to this frightful pm Nate the Hope non Han Speranza it to death life in mud and the plagues of lies they Are to dose and Dree for every a Bate he to god and the enemies of Soxia a Skirta to sock a t. The spirit of Inobio Facy does not appear to hate left or state. On the evening of the th inst. As the Rev. Joseph Mash was delivering a lecture on Slatery in the methodist meeting House in Wareham. He was interrupted by a profane and Lawless Crew who threw stones at his head yelled and blasphemed hideously and attempted to drag him from the pulpit nothing daunted he Grocz ded in his lecture and happily received a no injury though a Stone fell at he feel. A pm respondent of zip no a Herald says a ills openly declared by Many of the people that the Sacerdotal Robe and men of property and standing were behind the curtain in tia will not some one Roll up that curtain that the Public e identify thereat criminals a a Liberator. The mice ion a Coure Reyce closed i at Tiffin Ohio sept. 13th. Bishop Waugh presided the following resolutions were passed which we insert As matter of intelligence. Where there has been and still is Mash a be Hemet Irr the methodist episcopal Churoff a Pon the St object of abolitionism and whereas we Peliere that such excitement be of his con ult., major ill of the killed. Por intern hell Are a ally that they have not me but sunk into torpid c Eye May prejudicial to the interests of the Church to Jiw thai the duty of the men. A quote Quot be w of Ohl from agitating the Crotch by forming a of Littion in or out of the Church or by a tending ? the h methodist abolition conventions. A soloed that the Zions watch a of Anli method i ical in its general course and that it is the duty of the or circulate it. A skers who take a course that in official Ciri resolved that those calculated to injure the official circulation of our violate their options to the Church and shout be Imp with a resolved that we concur in the Fefie tettion of the Ohio in Quai Cott Ference in re commanding fee general conference fet oies of the Book concern i of the delegates from fee Genet the president presented from the new England conference requesting that concurrence of Fofo conference in a res Futon of the first named body asking to Rifer the Rule fee discipline motion the conference did a Resolution. The general conference in relation to slavery. Of Ifon it Mcettr in

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