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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - October 30, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioThe philanthropist Ronus Nso Westly by the anti slavery society a. W. Armr of main 4 Sheik Oino innate Ohio. Jibs pub Lucius ask it. dollars and i Fly cent in Brea dollars if not pid till Che expiration of the year. A letters on bu�ine9 should be directed to the Puk thing agents those relating to the editorial Der Tenient to the Ebitov. In Cul Comei poll paid. Naa sap Ella Commyn locations. Ftp a the Phil anthropic he shall have without Meixl that Sho Tead no to i flit this is As Trio in a National a in an Mir dual Point of View and especially when the Lei i of govern Lieut Are in Tho hands of the peo hat tons As Well As have Tii in Day of visitation wherein the Long suffering of a cd Jupa a finale god Waits to he gracious Noto them the offers of mercy Are extended the warning 4mm of admonition is held Fen Calong for re Len Natiba and the Iamb big j a Demeti to of offended heaven Are proclaimed in tones of loudest Thunder against the i Ingeni int and guilty of Alion. But if these offers and Adamou titans and Deni Inci atom be disregarded a if the people Harden their Horta and stiffen their necks if they sowl Itier eyes again the blazing Light of Trusi and close their ears against the Ihui Derins Menta until the measure of Ihetu iniquity becomes Fum a then indeed will a truth of our text a Aav fully realized a a he a Fiat have judgment it Fri giant mercy that showed to r now let. Every professor of Chri Sti Anity solemnly inquire whet Lier the Argus of the times do not year fury indicate that the measure old our National sins is nearly filed up. Ilie cries of die oppress set of both the Indian and african races have unto Hea Rea and entered into tic ears of tie lord of Sabboth. He has seen a he has seen i the. And Lictaoa of his people and lie has heard their groaning and he has Down Toile liver them. The voice of admonition and solemn warning is being sounded Tii our Law Turrou Eliout the whole length and breadth to of the land. We have line Spoti line and Pree Oft upon it Csc to. As it was in simmer limes so it is now the tordis have to declare the message to the people whether they will, or Wilether they will forbear. The cry has gone Forth unto the ears of this a guilty motion a proclaim Liberty through out All it Lind it toll the Khaki tanks . Undo the heavy burdens let tiie oppressed go free and break every Yoke. And How has the warning been received the preaching of Jonah by the nine vites a or like the messages of the lord by the people of , Iniste i d of Repe dug in sackcloth and to Hes like David there has been tie tier arculing spirit of Aliaba ready to accuse those who who have been raised up by divine of a a Avidov of of plead the cause of die oppressed and 10 warn Tolj oppressors to. B reak off their a ins by righteousness and their iniquities by showing mercy to the poor if it May be a lengthening to their Tranquility ready 1 say to accuse these of being they a a that trouble Israel a returning their w Cluj meant and. It Ely a with thre ats and Moc Kitts a and even Mich death. We Are an anomaly among the nations of the Earfh-4a theory the most Enthus Mastic devotees of Ibert it but in practice the most abject and Servile Worsnip pers of the demo of the most ardent Devotion to the principles of our a Atio Oal ded Asalion of and at the waive time ready toe with ire and sword Hose who Quot plead for the practical any plication of theae principles. Boasting of ourselves As the Jirs in Stoa or Earth we keep one sixth part of our population groaning under the most ironed Tvetem of oppression recorded in the with the most boundless cafe Kea tied Eyetee a Pegee of history fes Falton of vre exhibit ourselves before the world arid High tip Aven As the most Jinhu 4jw#. Wart Wilon in the civil iced world. Quot beast if m a constitute of a a curing the blessings of Liberty a a to ourselves and our posterity a a of Ere Are thousands of the Polleri by of those who Ware actively engaged in framing or in ratifying it at this very Day groaning out their lives under aha Kusk of cd sol task masters professing the highest veneration for the Mcuri moms Aad parental relation ep.,--we Are a Iho a Dong a. System by which they Are Eom Tantha disregarded and Tom asunder with the highest profess Iotis of regard tier up Ruff and Ehm Tii to we Are ship posting the Noat Bare faced and heaven daring system Ofrim purity and Lienti Romness Ever Traci Seei upon Earth. A profess Itig the greatest veneral oif tor the a religion of Jesus Christ pretending to mourn a it we a to in co fld Tion of the Cha then Offei i lands we have a nation of Heathen iii our midst doomed by Law to worse than Pagan if Forance. And All these things upheld and zealously advocated by the so called co Rich of Christ in Ore a property the whore of Babylon those who profess to teach the Lovely doctrines of Chrisanty Toto Moal distinguishing feature of which is la Aati Wosal of last ropy those who ase wont to Foh Earse with mock iii Verity the Golden Rule of doing unto others As we would that they should. Do to �s1, not o Tetly apologize for and excuse the itt Famera system of slavery but actually embrace it a their Arma and endeavour to spread Over it . Impious Saeri Legel a presumptuous blasphemy not All the end moles of our beloved , fro m the chief priests and scribes mod pharisees Down to Fanny Wright and her despicable train Ever attempted go amp a Epos our benign religion a slander More foul to altered a Ernst the divine author thereof Ahlas Pheni Winore horrid the a attempt to show that Menean slavery is in accordance with gospel Fri Peiples and is it possible that the of Fera of my of Are yet extended to auth a poop Lel a a a we Are Velill called on to hear and Foar the Pere eve Rieg anti slavery m ,.ent�. Evidence that we Are not yet tirely Given Over to destruction. The i Groat efforts now going on i regard As an offer of mercy to our guilty entry and knows but it May be the last. Who knows a May a the time when the thin p that her peace May he hid from her eyes of. That she May dose in with offered mercy before it be. For Ever too late a that she May break off he Sims by righteousness and her iniquities by Hovring mercy to the poor if it May 4,e a Church and country so Trail see my an ily mean and hypocritical a if we had our deserts we should undoubtedly be sunk lower than Sodom a and yet the Inea seffers. O f Ine Ray Are still calling upon us and inviting us to Avert the coming judgments by doing Justice Loving mercy and walking hum Abiy Wii i god a by making our country in reality a a Fiji we have Long hypocritically professed it to he, Liotine of the free a Jyh countr Inen a will you Brave it yet longer Wilt you still trifle with omnipotence it May be that the Angel of mercy is even now a Boul to take Liis de Paron from our beloved country a of let us Lay fast hold on him he be. Beyond our let us Siut persuade ourselves thet we Are Clear of this matter a that it in a Souter a institution in which we have to conce Viand no right to Mcd. Der of jibes end know better a lid when Everi such Tilen hold Forth s Uch an idea depend upon it they calculate largely of the Igor Ance of their Aud tors. The free states Are just As guilty of the crime of slavery As t would be that of horse stealing were i to enter into partnership with thieves and bind myself and Fortune to uphold and sup flit them 1h their horse stealing system. Neither let us be so absurd As to think Tai a t he who i s declared of be no respecter of persons will so far respect our aristocratic notions of the superiority White skin As to excuse the continuance of oppression one Day on the plea that it would not be convenient to have Blacks and Whites. Up ii an the same country. Depend upon it we Shah one Day find to our utter iii that our foolish Dodona a Iid prejudices Are lighter Tolian air when placed in opposition to the principles of immutable Justice in the True balance of the Sanctuary b. We will then see Liat it is the height of Absurdity and presumption to pro pose to our eolo red Brethren. To leave the land of Iligir nativity into which thur fore fathers were felonious by imported by the avarice and cupidity of Hursas the Condi Don Lipo ii which we will cease to oppress them. If we choose to regard their presence As disagreeable that will not be an excuse for trampling alien Niider our feet in order to extort their consent to banishment. And facts plainly Shew that they Are not regarded As an evil by those who claim the right to reduce them to the condition of chattels personal to All intents and con�traetioii8, and a purposes Ilia Tever. No their presence is very comfortable to White aristocrats Hen the can be a for the ., n of to Weir avarice and Ain Bitton made to support to Weir ii Idolene and minister to their luxury and critic Ore another propensity of human n nature which i do not like to name but about which the vast number of cd in lesions by i pro the children of the vice president of the S. Tell a shameful tile. Under idl Altese Cirera stances Diere seems no difficulty in the proximity of Blacks White.8 but whenever it is proposed to take away the Power of the Whites to us the Blacks As. The Mere tools for the gratification of their own diabolical passions and appetites Why then All at once it is Duscov Ere d Llinat there is an utter i my Rop Riey in the two Summ inhabit my the same Eoa try Ami that we must nue to oppress .he.m. Until they consent to lie removed and we can raise Money and ships enough to remove them. Fop As to colonization on thu s con int i l is. No t Worth a n Otice being advocated by few except the ignorant. But i will conclude by suggesting that in order to enable us now clearly toes innate the amount of responsibility we endeavour to Cou Civ c a a All placed Upo h. The head of one Man. Suppose one individual justly chargeable with All the tyra iii and oppression Traci ipod by the a a. S. Towards the african and Indian races should we not look for the a Arth to open her Mouth and Swal of w him up or fire to from he ave and consume him before our eyes and Are the crimes less Beck Hsy they a arc perpetrated by a govern ment of the Peop tech herein no one Oal can be fixed upon exclusively As the tyrant and do we rape cd to cheat Justice., and is the punish inert of our National sins by dividing the responsibility a a be Liol deceived god is not mocked it will be in vain to plead the v co Mii act As a cover to our villainy it May be thu nildred into o or cars a s it was into the ears. Of a guilty lotion formerly your covenant with death shall be Dis Annii led and your agreement with hell shall not _8 land. And in the i language of the text a a he shall have judgment without mercy that showed no a Philo Patria. Is needed and to it i would direct All Liat can be revised let the sympathy of a Bolinio uis be excited by these particular cases but let the funds flow in to tie re Lief of these and All other is Inillar har Nases that now Are or May be at one United proper places a among them be opals and them there of her my Lamiti whet is put Myder our be a do it a dec Dick there were some amalgam Hunius in Mihoin times hat wan led to make men of l or Nigjeh. I Tell a what i seed once i aced a picture of a Nigger settin in a Washtub. Effort let slavery be oven Row. To be relieving a a a particular seems to imply in. Oor ultimate and speedy Success it is questioning the Ceriann Mctory of truth and doubting lie bless ing of god on Well directed efforts. It is pruning away particular branches of the poisonous tree which May ii 0 t Only ii injure i to but make it grow the faster whereas we should be digging at the Root for its utter destruction. All these particularly hard cases Are set Forth is persons peculiarly worthy of Liberty Andi he con tri buting of to Iligir Relief tends of a atly to ease the Poblo pc orig jell tied cases Are abstracted the residue t cry is fancied not to be so bad. They Are All that live come in def the Bose nation of the giver and his con science is eased. B it we hold that All slaves Are entitled to their Freedom and that these hard cases Are on Lar parts of a grand system of iniquity every part of which should be oven Hnin and no part of which can be effectually without ally the Man bought May be kidnapped to Mjor taw. On the subject of political action there is too Little said and thought. I regard it As the most powerful moral lever in the bands of the people. Nothing like it i v is agitation in agitation Len the tri umps. The party Man says there Are other measures we Are not to give up our own interests to the interests of the coloured people i am for a Bank of the United states Andl think it would be a curse to the Onri try. It i s a Mere Ilott a tool opinion about Money and yet these same conscientious men ask the slaveholder to give up Liis slaves that Lindou Heedly command Money such abolitionists seem to say morality obedience to god in the a South should be above Money. But i n to 6 North should yield to it. Last night i listened to an elaborate discussion Between the whigs and democrats there was considerable eloquence a it was All Bank Bank anti Bank Reform Bank not a word of any p Cal Fonda mental p Fin Ciplic of lib erty. I regret that any abolitionists should be in Edisol Ulabay tacked to the Coal Tail of such republicans to d inor Aii its proved if they proved any thing that both parties As parties Are corrupt and Liat party ism Mea is the Acon Silion of. The greatest number of votes with out Muesli regard to the Means. Yours not rarely for Ihfe slave but for All Mikeil Eli Nichols. Tie following remarks taken from a letter addressed to us from a Friend in this state Are directly to the Point a lid Sho w How. Com Mem sense d a codes when untrammelled by Legal de Phil the decision of common sense on the duty Overum. Of a a of with Lime acid soapsuds to make him we ii m a ult but the ctr Niju it fix it no How a they had to give up the no tui i they a we her Speakm. But Tom the Bible Puta the Kuhio pious in another daaa., Quito so ,. Neater a in. To i. Tomiz How so in theto is no contradictions in the Bible a khow. Jurci a it says pm Kos Ufa my i of a Imenia i a Greta authority / under Candace Queen of the by Kepi it pm had charge of tel her to Mauro / iii Cowe of a Eraso ii i it toss i it l y a it Turing and it Fang what think Raur Tang in me Chariot read a Mia the Prophet you of that Tom ? an Alidai of a vae Elet to be Many of a great Atit Kortig a to Reurer to a a Iileen a a Rea Al a a Reader of me Berra / a c$r�9tkn% cintes / and mtg no in a Chariot Mith o Wafie Man / Why to a t he or m mini Lay that he met a White Man Riding in a Enrri with a nig Ger fellow end that he could freely have cow Kiiko them both / Dick so could l they a Csc a vein it i , was Well then you did no to met pm amp a ind the Queen s to Rte univer a Tom a a. Will it set no use to a Irga Lotha to most be some wrung translation. Our preacher avoid there is some wrong Iram Latium about animal t and that or. Some body i forget h is . Me bid that Bat Why mrp emt that was in Eden was not a Serpent he was a Monkey and la Tom. To Ven what fed Elijah was not Ravens they arabs and Oran himself was not a satan a was a sons Euenee / i i know they is Amiret Spe Taos. Dick you Are the beet Enest fellow i Ever met with but you can to beet me out of that. Holds Forth do Langue fat of reconcile anon to a for l be buying slaves Poi tical action. Loy div he Beluiso it co. Sept. To 1818. Or. Bailey dear sir at the Granville a. S. Go ii cd Tion i offered a Resolution toy he effect t Kii it is improper in abolitionists to contribute Money for the Purchase of Slavco. On being informed that the kneeling had Ether engagements i withdrew the motion. It struck me then and re Fec Tion has the .i.dca, Liat Loo much importance is Attali a to lecturing at these Conven ups. It seems to me their More direct business to agree upon great path if 1 is oif a action to be carried out in the in oath and breadth of the land. Under the Impf Effion that Tler opinion embraced in Saad reel Union is Imp Nutant i shall offer a few grief in Zuppert of it and As i am a a a firm believer in. The great Nti Lily of free discussion ii a a free interchange of thought i shall be pleased to be Soiree ted if in ought i new i do not see very clearly or rather 1 do not see at All How we can contribute to the Purchase of Sla ves without in e feb it iting Oliai a ii can have property in Many a right to sell and receive pay for Man. It was said 1 would subscribe and with my subscript ii deny the right of the master. I know not a pin the same principle Bill that a Luin May innocently deny the , and then get in Enli 6r deny the right and then hold slaves under the of expediency. Actions Asl of a been taught speak louder than word but i object to foe of Par Tcolar slave because it is if just. We believe All the slaves by proper exert Entina by emancipated and fiet to Tony of Jurji Laid dui will contribute pow Ely to Thal veil now in nature reason and dig Ion were ewer equal to Aji the slaves and to and Vanee Mona to the Relene of one which would have Cimitri listed to the a Mancina tron of All is downright injustice. It May to sad a Many a Money in his own legally if i mss Grilj he is Only the afe Wakly the Shiwani of god Aad he is bound to put it to the Best in Teresa. A it is said to h been the secret of tie Success of Napoleon that he directed All the energies o his actions to a single Point which if lost to the enemy Seca red their defeat at every other. Such a Point there is in our Case. To Prate it Tooey it seems Stra Inge to that or. A other teamed Utterm Roll in settling the duty of the governor in returning aug lives from Justice. The Constitution says a a a person charged in any state with treason felony or of her , we shall be from Jim meet and. Be found in another state shall on demand of the executive dec. Be delivered up. The word crime Here is explained by the enumeration of a part of those known to the world As crime and Eviden Fly never a it elided to made such the Sainte Laws of a state. They might in that Casio make an innocent traveller amenable for an act not qty innocent in itself Siut praiseworthy witness the Law of Georgia by Ali iii w and Butler Werc imprisoned in the Penitentiary of Georgia even after the supreme oort of the a s. Had derided against the legality not to Quot s a a criminality of the Law and then make the governor of his own state accessory to such a wicked act. It seems to me that the weakest capacity is sufficient to see the Absurdity of such a position. Again it is contend ded that our governor is bound by of Congress this i to be Ali of absurd. Cons s Cali make not Laws to com Pei. Our state officers to do an official act they , Bur they Are under no obligation besides 1 doubt if co ingress has airy Power in the Case. It is a compact Between the states which requires stale Reguia Tiong to carry it into execution or the action of the United Stales courts. Suppose the governor should refuse in a Bona fide cases How will the u.,. Jun ish your Friend officers of the to Dilaria. A octet. A Clergyman of Indiana thus writes a a deaf Ifer a was sorry to notice in the proc be digs of the Indiana to the names of the officer of Foer society. It was not the intention of the society to have the a times of All go before t fic Public until our Secretary had by Cor Respondence secured the acceptance of those who were resell at the convention. I Hope those vice presidents whose names were thus published without Thoi consent will Mireider this a sufficient apology. A. For the Rewoli Tilou of the Indiana congregational Assoc Ailon on the Schlect of slavery the quest to ii w hat is the duty of the a of Fri can churches in relation to the subject of slavery being before the n for discussion it was resolved that it is the deliberate opinion of this association that slav Bolding involves a Combina Tion. Of the moral evil that exists Tinong men that it is in its nature hatred of god idolatry pro a of in Sabbath breaking disobedience to parents murder adultery theft lying and covetousness and that the Clra Reh is bound to use All sri it ural Means to remove this sin. For the . Abolition in Gauga co. A Friend writing from Beauga co. Says a but Little interest is manifested in the abolition cause by the greater portion of the society yet a few Seera to feel its importance and Are warm friends of the oppressed. The society but two publications Viz the Pilaut Brodist and tone copy of each and these Are read Only by few while there Are More papers of other descriptions taken in town than in any other country town in the Vicinity. �?o1 have thought that it Only needed the Plain facts set impartially fairly and continually before the mild to enlist the feelings and sync patties of every bosom that was not entirely lost to All sense of right jul Slot a inhere is no m an or Pomatti blessed with co Motl capacities that Wal set themselves candidly and honestly to examine the subject but will soon become a thorough abolitionist the reason Why so Many Are found opposing this Chr Isi like Enterprise is because Diey do n of cd at Nitie Der s4iieet, ww4 Torii to that it comes in Cun Tacl with their self interest in some Way or other the slaveholder thinks that it is for Ais interest to Lipold his fellow men in bondage the recent facts hav c pro v de beyond controversy that it is Nota so. The haughty proud lord Libigs of the Earth know that Uliey must sink in the same proportion that die lower classes of s o Cie to Are raised and by Light and knowledge hence the unwearied efforts of colonization Tbs to keep the poor Black Man ill the lowest Depths of degradation. Those w to have connections at the South or Are Cou be cts in Trade wit i the southerners must be on the Side with the slaveholder As a matter of course. I have heard. of a ii Orch , that a should the slaves be liberated at the South they would come directly to the North and we should be overrun i Ali them and / Don twist Ike Miu Black scoundrels about me / had rather they mud stay where they Are now this is tie spirit of Christ is it to Pul ones own selfish feelings in Competition with the present and eternal welfare of Baillio us of human being a hear o Earth and five car o a a a much Asye did it not into tie least of these Brethren be did it not unto me a says the Saviour. A the that hath not the spirit of Christ is none of a but the Ratcli Naii set of the w alls of Zion whose duty above All others is to plead the cause of the p oor and oppressed a the widowed and the fatherless to cry aloud and spare not and Tell the people their sins to declare the whole word of god to preach the gospel to every creature whose lips Are As silent As the Chambers of death on this subject by Cali be some of his Sii port Ere Are pro slavery men and it will irritate them and he will perhaps lose a few dollars and cents As the Conse que Eric cd has a fearful Jaccoi iii to Render at the a v of judge evil be hypocrite be shall receive the greater damnation rhe Blooml of tie widow and fatherless the poor and oppressed cry aloud for vengeance. When those arrayed in White Robes that have come o Uil of great tribulation shall Stind before the judge of All the Martli Man of tie poor Black slaves who by your ungodly influence by your apologizing for the slave Holt or or by consenting to his int Quay by your silence have been Here o ppr ssed., Des Pise d and c a will there appear with brighter crowns than you and souls As White and fair should you Ever repent of your sins and arrive there. God will soon Call to u to an account for your deeds therefore repent before it is too late. Blit i have wandered from the track Chat i commenced upon. I was going to say that 1 have been endeavouring to is Labrish a Small Library of anti slavery publications and to get people to read m.0 ift that the i Lite rest in the subject May increase and the members of the society be ready and willing to do something for the advancement of the cause. Yours &c., m Charles a. Bisbee. A Secretary of the Solety for the Phat Anthrop a Short conversation. do the script Ora Call the it Gera id Fiat Idle to know toot fall them Ethiopia t to they a about their e Thi opes say that Tbs Ethiopia my were �?~i3f�r-they him led the Quot a Shi Efti a were a pm a Whorf. No that a it it what do they is about them Thio pies Eskin i 1 know i used to Twar my Mother read it Aomen tidies. They Isk this question a octo the Eli Opisio Eaon Yehu skin or the Leopard his spots to Tom so a i Knowd that was it a i Knowd the Bible Woumn it lie Lem a it Ems a Oto is Down in their men both in Europe and America and. Called Forth the energies of the noblest minds in almost every department of its discussion so that it May with propriety be , As it was o n another occasion a the sound has gone Forth into All the Earth and to Weir words unto foe ends of foe no discerning mind can remain dormant under the existing circumstances unless it has been stupefied by d b up rooted p Rel Udice avarice., or t Odiffie Revice to his own and others happiness. This appears to be an age of mental combat and Mankind Are Dis covering that spiritual area Poi a Are better and More successful than carnal in promoting and Justice in the world truth May be for a Long thine suppressed and trampled under foot by its Blind and wicked Osers Buti Addom fails finally to. Tiki Nijib Over error and Liine Forth victorious by in its own Litt it is foe car Atleri Lic of every tree to act not for foe Good of one or a few but of All men of every Grade arts complexion considering All Are the one common. , w to made All of one blood presides Over protects supports and defends All it foot any respect of persons while he lavishes out Liis bounties on All with a Liberal end Beneficent hand raising up the poor and degraded a cd bringing Low the cd proud and seem fill. I am one of a Siose who were taught the evils of slavery from child Good and i have Dver since looked upon it it la a degree of Abhorrence and disgust Aad for a proof of my Fidelity Providence saw Caute to place four of africans of pressed Clit Loren into my hands i to Are now Enjo Itig As much Liberty As the Laws of Ohio Wio affix re them. Not Heitli Stanton i w As born id a slate a Irth Caroli of where slavery was Toler cited and raised up in the midst of its cruel Tiesi Fet the seeds of Iree d iii i were Early sown in my juvenile mind which sprang up and being Cucui rated by the example and Admon id o ii of g Odly parents whose House was always open for the friends of Freedom and the private discussion of african oppression with which it was surrounded the principle has grown with my growth until it has become a tree if i May use the figure under whose branches every rational creature is welcomed however Munfor Tumiate Soever he May have been Savage his condition or Sable his Donn Teanee. My father was once in Possession of slaves Given to him by his ancestors but his cons Cieni Potts and penetrating mind soon discovered that slavery in its Mildest form and the Cliris Tian religion of which he was a professor could no More be United than righteousness ant unrighteousness he instantly set his face against tie principle in All its forms and colours freed his own raised Hie voice against it and gave his in Fience to the friends of Liberty. Is this Wipt people Call now a Days abolition if it is he was an Abolin Jonisu Quot Here did it Spring did he receive it trom Europe or so Roe Dii Tant Cli Raat a no it sprung up from his own bosom which glowed with Justice and mercy and Good will to All men he was among the thousand of pm alts which gel Hin self planted in the a first of be Tho Saiid the files of Avery to heft teat Monty against its reel ties. F omd name Titti Judea within the limits of my acquaint since in n. Carolina and. Old i , who have risen up and born witness both by example and Precept so inst the horrors of slavery. They of e to be found amongst All denominations of christians but the society of friends is the Only one that has entirely abolished it from the Church. These All appear As so Many burning and shining lights which have made it Manifest even to the slaveholder that he is doing wrong Laius you see foe South has had line upon Itne Precept upon Precept example ii.p0 ii example. Man y have to the con ing a Way for his deliverance. In opposing slavery we Are Safe in going As far As he has authorized us in Bis word to oppose any other wicked principle and truth is the Only lawful weapon w a can use. James will Lumson. Ruu Davit Brouny co., oct. 10,1838. Jfe a the Plant Korpiel a be society. At a Raee Biog held in Seipio so Neca co., Ohio on the 27th Day of aug St 1838, for foe purpose of promoting the cause of immediate emancipation Rev. Ethan Smith Deli Vered a lecture on that subject after which on motion of or. J. Maynard we. Hall Esq. A appointed chairman and r. 6, Peiry Seefe tary. A a a a a a Constitution was read by or. J. Maynard and in substance adopted. Subscribers were then called for fid about 30 gave in their names. A a Romani tree of three Viz. J. A Hafl Klutt Jno. Cute Han and a g. Perry was aft rooted to revise foe Constitution and report at foe Neil meeting. The meeting adjourned to meet at the same place of the 10th of september 1838, at 2, p. M., Scipio sept. 10, 1838. Society met according to adjournment and was opened with prayer by Rev. Ethan Smith. Or. Hall being absent or. Zechariah Marvin was called to foe chair. Minutes of the last meeting w Ere read. Tie c0 a Milter on the to be parse d a constr Tzuoo which was adopted and a As follows Viz a believing As we do that god has made of one blood All the nations of men that Fli upon the face o f the car the that he requires o f All that they should do unto others As they would that others should do unto Moerai and a a a Ding wife foe venerated signers of the Dollar Avion of our Independence Foese truths Tobe self evident that ail men Are created equal that they Are endowed by their creator with Sertain unalienable rights that among Foese Are life Liberty and the Pursuit of Hap iii eds and believing american slavery to. Be insect Pat ii wife the Laws of god foe requirements of foe gospel. And in direct opposition to the healthful influence of All Republican institutions As iii a system of injustice and oppression a Aleu lated in its very nature to sow discord in our National councils to impoverish and enfeebled slav Bolding staler to bring holiest iad Ustav into contempt and to make the poor an a and Corill acied prey to foe Lawless pass jobs of the avaricious the rapacious and the ii envious that it by gets and file Teit an aristocratic spirit befitting foe pampered lording of despotism rather than aia Erieau citizens that wherever it prevails it breathes a moral and political pestilence alike destructive to the endearments and purity of Domestic and social life and to the privileges and principles of american freemen that it continuance in this blasted land of Freedom in the a apr if ounces orig Declar Ion of Independence to be a Mere compliment rather than the dictate of common Justice and believing that duty to god our creator and love to our fellow men As Well As to foe Char Arica the destinies and safety of our Dommon Mounir to demand its entire immediate and Universal abolition a we therefore the undersigned formed ourselves into a society to he called the a a a it Cipio anti slavery society auxiliary to the Ohio anti a slavery society a said adopt the follow ing Constitution a Titi 1st. The Obj Eckof this society Ahall be fiction of truth and let the oppressed go free to Jact foe Abii Tipoai of a Lav by Dir using Light a and kind if Oral Inifi Thenee on that subjec4without Why Seal Force. Art. 2. This society Shaw aim to elevate foe character and ameliorate the condition of the peo in of color by encouraging their Indelfe Clial my ral Aud religious improvement. The rest of foe a Tieles respecting officers 4kc. Need nol be . Puha the a the re or o of which is explain Oil in the next Sci tense abortionist will certainly grow lukewarm if they read Noih in a about slavery or the Progress of their Mam Fener-tuy.�?el�, Thiim for the a letter from a North carolinian. Or. Editor a ill Jon s u offer me to com mini Cate a few ideas through the foe Phi Lan the Roulst on the important Topi of Einan Cipy Tion in which i ant deeply concerned. Tho subject of slavery to one that is now exciting the civilized world and the Rumor has reached foe ears of the Savage and Barbara Oua who Are listening to hear the final result of so great an alarm. It has aroused to a Tom Home of the Best and Gre Reec while others have re lifted until prejudice and love of gain have blinded their eyes and bar denied their hearts turnip their ears from reason and rav 0latio"n. The Quot Sun of Liberty is my rising above foe horizon shining on the darkest regions of slavery which like the owl eat not Bear the Light which is rapidly spreading in the North in the West and in the islands of the sea until it will finally encompass All the slave holding Stet Kaiui bring Ince Avant Potev Ichisi up the oppressor arid show to the degraded if Rich a his miserable and wretched condition again numbers in the South after having plead the cause of foe poor have gone foe Way of All the Earth leaving behind them a lasting Monument of Liberty it Gogh dead yet they speak. Others have in of the la Giitl of their nativity and sought a place of repose in a strange and Distant climate. I l m acquainted wife Many who have left foe mild and pleasant climate of the South wife All foe luxuries which it affords their Eoff Octabie dwellings shaded and ornamented by Tite Grove which their fathers had planted for their comforts and that consecrated enclosure to Whidby they would often resort to shed the Lear of by Oirathy and contrition Over the Graves of their departed friends these have they left Quot behind with All their surviving companions that they might no longer hear the threats of the despot and the lash of foe tyrant that their meditations might not be interrupted by with the groans and lamentations of the oppressed whom they could o of deliver. Some of the Best and most peaceable citizens of the South have emigrated to Ohio and Indiana and Many of them after crossing the cold and Lovering mountains have gone into the uncultivated forests to fluid be accame and que tet habitations in Cabi us built by their own hands and in quietness eating the bread obtained by the sweat of the brow. 1 have a word of exhortation to . Because you Are out of the reach of the slaves complaint should you therefore be foe less concerned for him has your Zeal for the cause of Freedom grown cold because there Are no slate directly under your Eye have Joil concluded to u have no use for your Armor Here and have therefore Laid it aside and Are you saying a one of eld shall now Flie ill Ray rest a because you once plead for the oppressed 1 Tell you it is time to awake. Arise and buckle on your Amor and go Forth wife fresh vigor and renewed Diligence. The Demon of slavery is be conting More Forra Idabee than Ever. He May molest you yet he is not Content with the South. He i striving to enlarge his dominions he May he near your dwelling in disguise. You have not yet forgotten his mancs Vres Yon know him too Well to ire deceived by him. Describe his character to your Ditl Dren and be Rigi Arouni you that they May not by deceive i a a Day. We see that the prejudice foe food Africa Iare a great and greater Here thai in the South. While Many of the african friends Are restrained by the cruel Laws of the sooth those in this country have to forego Vible a opposition from the net Lei of foe poor negro. We believe that our god in whom we Trust is the god of the Black Man As Well As the White that he bears his aft Well a our or Awre in their behalf Andis work _ were Van men Al Harbiah Otervik. Secretary oui a gam., 3/anng�?~fri�?-Josiioa Maynard. A a Daniel Barber. Royal Eaton. On motion lies shed that a Commilee of two vix. Korri Holly Esq. And John a. Gale he Apponi Icid to ascertain the views of our candidates for foe slate an a National Legislatures anti report for Vith. On motion. Resolved i Fiat the Secretary be directed to Forward a cop of these j Roc endings to the editors of the Tiffin Gazette and philanthropist for publication. Signatures were called fir when the former list was iii Erea 8ed to fifty five. R. G. Perry Secretary. action against slavery. No. Iii. Politica Creed a Tibolt finitis. 1, vote for no Man who votes against Liberty. 2. Nov or a Brizue by exp Chency to neglect an Opportunity of Voytso Aga Laff slavery. A a inasmuch Asye did it not unto one of the least of these my Brethren be did it not unto if we really Felt As though our incarnate Savior was in Fetters at the South we should not omit improving an of rest Unity to vote against slavery through fear of Dis obliging our political party or defeating our favorite policy in respect to a sub Treasury a Tariff or a National Bank but the Savior tells us Dittin cily that when m e omit relieving foe Lieut of his Brethren we omit relieving him. he tells us likewise that for this Siil of omission very Many it foe last Day will be condemned. A but this a say8the objector is mingling religion with poliue�.? and religion and politics should always be kept what do you mean by ohm gig religion wife politic Ftp if you mean to say that religious sects ought lot to seek sectarian aggrandizement or sex elusive advantages by Pofi tical movements that one sect ought not to be Estam shed by Law to foe proscription or injury of another sect that religion _ a Lutts nor in the religious which looks like any of Tion proposed i motives of feed ii�1 these things. But if you Nicia to say political Aff drs ought not to be Ifon ducted Zacconi iii n foe principles of tree religion tired Ami s in political affire ought Muffi in be co ii acted upon the prob a 41

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