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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina By japanese High Point Enterprise sunday september 22, 1974 7awarm Welcome seen Randolph sheriff race interest keen for president Ford Tokyo apr anti american mobs turned away Dwight Eisenhower. Richard Nixon could have had some ugly moments. But barring an act of fanaticism Gerald Ford will be warmly welcomed when on nov. 19, he becomes the first . President to visit Japan while in office. What appears to ensure Fords Welcome is his Freedom from involvement in issues which aroused violent japanese passions in the past 15 years Vietnam the cold War the Nixon foreign policy shocks. These produced tumultuous anti american demonstrations which cancelled the Eisenhower visit in 1960, discouraged John f. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson afterwards and gave pause to Kichard Nixon in his first term. With virtually no controversial issues marring present .-Japan relations the Way finally is Clear for Ford to carry out the visit which Nixon had planned but was prevented from making by his resignation. Ford also is scheduled to visit South Korea Atter Japan. Had Nixon come anything might have happened. For in the eyes of japanese extremists he remained tainted by the 1972 . Bombing of Hanoi the incursion into Cambodia and his failure to consult with Japan on the american reversal of its China policy. American Trade and monetary restrictions in 1971 and 1972 won Nixon no friends among japanese officials and businessmen. The leftist violence in Japan during the 1960s has died Down a thanks to tight police controls a in 1974. But a relative handful of fanatics headed by the a Tseki Guntha a or bed army survives. In recent years this organization of about 300 anarchists and trotskyite has planted bombs in police boxes hijacked air planes staged kid Narings and splattered israelis Lod Airport with the blood of 26 civilians. Its most recent incident was the seizure of the French embassy in the Hague. While Many have been driven abroad by a hostile popular climate and increased surveillance some Are believed still in hiding Here. They Are suspected of touching off the explosion which killed eight people and wounded 300 on aug. 30 in front of the Mitsubishi heavy Industry building in Central Tokyo. They could provide the fanatic act that might mar Fords three Day visit but the government is sure to impose heavy Security measures. Whether they will be so severe As to Rule out any massive popular outpouring in Fords Honor has yet to be disclosed. Since 1853, when . Commodore Matthew Perry a Black ships ended Japan a two centuries of isolation the japanese have figured Large in the affairs of the United states politically economically and on the human level. The first japanese to visit the United states in 1860 were received with triumphal parades and National celebrations. Japan reciprocated in 1879 when Gen. Ulysses s. Grant made a visit after his presidency and charmed the Public by spending eight Days in a Buddhist Temple. Sorority House Bonds refused Kaleigh apr in an unusual action Friday the advisory budget commission refused to Okay an ordinarily routine request to authorize the issuance of Revenue Bonds to build two sorority houses at North Carolina state University. Before reaching the decision commission members engaged in a debate Over whether it was proper for the government to finance a project that would not be available to every student. The commission voted 5-4 to put off action on the Bond request until University of North Carolina officials clarify University policy on equal Access to Campus facilities. Sororities and fraternities select new members by a vote of the current membership. Living quarters in sorority and fraternity houses Are generally restricted to members. The discussion came on a request by the Unla Board of governors asking the budget commission to approve the issuance of $510,000 in Revenue Bonds to build two sorority houses at . State with the debt to be paid off by tees and charges made for rooms in the University hous ing system. The two buildings would House approximately 80 persons and budget officials said the project Cost per bed would be slightly less for the sorority houses than for regular University dormitories. A deadly War interrupted .-Japan Friendship from 1941 to 1945. But when it had ended the United states became Friend and protector supplying the Money advice and support which allowed Japan to rebuild its shattered cities and return to the Normal ways of life. The korean War of 1950-53 turned Japan into a Supply source for american troops giving japanese Industry the final boost needed for economic recovery. Today the former enemies Are major trading partners. In 1973 alone some $20 billion Worth of manufactured goods raw materials and agricultural products shuttled Between them in an endless Supply line across the Pacific. Revision of the .-Japan Security treaty a pushed through parliament by the conservative Liberal democratic party a touched off the leftist riots which caused Eisenhower to cancel his scheduled state visit 14 years ago. The nationwide student federation Zenga Kuren which opposed the treaty enlisted widespread support from All classes. The Straw which broke the Back of the Eisenhower visit was a massive demonstration of 300,000 before the parliament building. Since then the Zeng azure no a fangs have been drawn and extremist offshoots such As the red army Are unable to rally the same kind of popular backing. With asian detente the Security treaty no longer is an Issue. Automatically renewed on a year to year basis it provides Japan with the Protection of the . Nuclear umbrella. Friendship is described As the Keystone of japanese foreign policy and the treaty its main support. Under the treaty the United states is allowed to maintain military and naval bases Here. Japanese expenditures for defense Are held to a minuscule figure less than one per cent of the Gross National product. Asheboro Randolph republicans Are facing the upcoming Campaign with More apprehension than they have had for any other election in recent years. County republicans for the past 15 years have held a tight grip on county offices while Randolph democrats much divided have been Only a Token threat. But this year the republicans find the democrats Are United and working hard to elect their first sheriff since Wayne Wilson former Highway patrolman who held the office about 12 years ago. Top republicans off the record say it is possible the democrats might just come up with a Winner in their sheriff candidate Carl Moore. In fact some of them say if Moore proves to be As Strong a candidate As Many say he will that he might just carry some democratic county commissioners into office with him. This Isnit to say Randolph republicans Are not backing their candidate for sheriff Robert Mason or that they Are tossing in the Towel this Early but they Are finding the democrats More United than they have been in the past few years. Democrats with a Strong candidate in Moore Are hoping to Cash in on the expressed fears of county residents that they Are not getting the police Protection they need or Are entitled to. They also know that there is some division among Randolph republicans some of whom say they will support Moore. Such a thing was unheard of even in the last election. Both sheriff candidates have been working for weeks on their campaigns and both Are claiming they have considerable strength in various parts of the county. While neither candidate will come out at this time and say he is ahead their supporters Are not quite so conservative. Some democrats Are saying they have Liberty and Archdale Trinity All sewed up. The republicans Are saying that the members of their party who several weeks ago were leaning towards Moore have come Back into the party and Are backing Mason. As they go about their different Campaign trails the two candidates have similar views on what is wrong with the present sheriffs department and ramblings what should be done in a corrective Way but their styles vary greatly. Moore for 20 years was a member of the state Highway patrol and did not have to be too concerned with Public opinion. He is quiet and while not a Public speaker is learning How to get his Points Over. He is a family Man who through his Many years As a Law enforcement officer has made few enemies and Many friends. Mason on the other hand is More outgoing and has worked As a policeman. Where he had to Deal on a daily basis with people of All walks of life. He is still a member of the National guard where he commands men but he is not presently associated with any Law enforcement agencies. When he decided to run for sheriff he took a leave of automatic direct dial paging comes to High Point now receive instant information by personal Telephone paging and stay in constant Contact with your office or customers through a personal communication system that works on a 7-digit Telephone number a the Pageboy the numbers dialled and immediate Contact is made with your receiver through a tonal signal. Then you receive a Clear voice message you can hear anywhere you go within a 15-mile radius of High Point even inside cars or office buildings. Answerphone 329 in. Main St. Phone 882-6887 _34-hour Telephone answering service to Milf radio Telephone service absence from his position As assistant police chief of the City of Asheboro. Moore is counting on his background with the Highway patrol to entice voters however he is lacking in administrative experience. As a patrolman he did train some new patrolmen assigned to Randolph but he did not have the responsibility of handling Large groups of men As did Mason As assistant police chief and As a member of the National guard. Moore advanced Only to private rank in the Highway patrol while Mason in the guard is a sergeant and with the Asheboro police worked his Way up through the ranks to Captain. Some democrats Are wondering what effect if any the last Randolph democratic sheriff who was a former Highway patrolman will have on Moore a candidacy. Former sheriff Wilson had meet a Good neighbor of yours is t him for it your family sur Tea _ kids m la Fred g. Culler 102 e. Main St. Jamestown. N c. 454-4318 or 454-1098 lilt i numerous run ins with the Republican commissioners and found himself he said in the position of not having the funds to run the sheriffs office. He maintained at one time he had to Hitchhike to work because the commissioners would not give him sufficient funds to run his department. Some republicans Are asking on the other hand what effect if any watergate will have on the local races they say they Are not sure the Washington mess might not rub off on them. Good not Hoof. Situ Ftp a Mon of 4 stat farm insurance com pan a mom Ooi Cav Bloomington. Minot Diane Wright Send you her Best. Is 75 4 the Best people for the work you need done. She a one of the people in charge of Kelly girl temporary help in this area. And she a been highly trained to screen test and classify Kelly girl employees so she knows their abilities about As Well As they do. No wonder she knows just who to Send when you Call for office skills. The next time you need temporary help you Call for her Best just dial o no charge and ask for wx-43z1 High Point u Kelly girl if you re Good. You re Kelly. Wife insurance talk to the int Egon listener. 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