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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ca High Point Enterprise sunday september 22, 1974 by Ray Hubbard. A cab Branch facility will open at Forestdale Plaza monday staff photo by Art Richardson realty Post Cynthia Patterson of 2707 Lafayette place is now a licensed real estate broker having completed the necessary course at Guilford technical Institute. She has received her License from the state real estate Board in Raleigh. Cynthia Patterson Branch opened by a cab Jamestown a North Carolina National Bank will open its first offices Here on monday sept. 23, at 9 . William d. Hoover. A cab vice president and High Point City executive said the Branch located in the Forestdale Plaza on High Point Road will be the Bank a fifth in the High Point area. Charles t. Edwards will Transfer from non by a Greensboro office to manage the new facility. To inflation spiral meetings failing to find solution Charles Edwards the Jamestown Branch with a Brick exterior and 1,-000 Square feet of space will offer full service banking and will feature a drive up window and Safe Deposit boxes. Contractor for the project is diebold contract services inc. Of Clearwater fla., with site preparation by Samet construction co. Of High Point. The architect is Funderburk Marshall of Greensboro. A cab presently has 154 offices in 52 North Carolina communities and International banking offices or financial affiliates in new York London Hong Kong and the Cayman islands. New York apr the government sponsored meetings on inflation during the past two weeks have served to publicize the problem but so far they Haven to produced any common agreement on a solution. Less government spending and easier Money seem to be among the More popular suggestions for lowering the inflation rate but nobody claims that these moves alone will bring equilibrium to a troubled Economy. In fact the multiplicity of suggestions the disagreements the appeals to self interest seem to suggest that the american Public is acquiring an education in How Complex pervasive and indelible the problem is. It is learning also that no one person or group of persons has the answers. The naively optimistic Hope that inflation might go away if the proper levers were pulled must now have vanished completely. No heroes have emerged. No stunning new ideas have revealed themselves. The critics now that they Are having their say can come up with nothing More than the conventional suggestions. What has been produced is such an overwhelming mass of opinion that it might make even More difficult the ant inflation action that must follow or at least encumber the decisions sought at a National conference on inflation sept. 27 and 28. Meanwhile there Are indications that the airing of conflicting views and the realization of How difficult is the economic situation might be having a negative Impact on Public attitudes and even firing their fears. Albert Sindlinger the Swarthmore pa., pollster who follows consumer attitudes by Telephone seven Days a week claims the preliminary conferences of which there Are five remaining before the Summit Are hurting the country. A they Are producing an anti business ant labor antigovernment attitude a he said. Quot they Are proving How selfish everyone Sindlinger says his Index of consumer Confidence took one of its biggest dives Ever in the first two weeks of september a drop that he says is now being reflected in the Stock Market. Lie maintains that in the past three weeks about three million shareholders have left he Market a individuals Small people old ladies who finally gave up after waiting patiently for a recovery. The drop to a 12-year Low in the Dow Jones Industrial average 627.19 Points on Friday sept. 13, scared a lot of people both in and out of the Stock Market and con Vinced them the Economy was in terrible shape Sindlinger said he Learned from his staff a Telephone Calls. The bigger culprit however is the string of ant inflation conferences that have been held during the past two weeks Sindlinger maintains. To illustrate the mood created by these conferences he quotes the wife of an Iowa Farmer who maintains that the cause of inflation is greed. A Washington says we have to be educated but i Haven to heard one economist or any businessman or any labor Leader say what he knows is True a that the cause of inflation is greed a the woman said. Together again Venice Italy was just. Divorced Richard Berger 39, Felt so depressed that he asked for time off from his Job and checked into the same hotel Here where he had spent his honeymoon. That evening he bumped into his former wife Elizabeth in the hotel dining room. She was on similar vacation and burst into tears when she saw Richard. A it was second love at first sight a she confided later. A a we re Patching things up together in the honeymoon mrs. Patterson now associated with l w. Mclamb realty company at 2006 e. Green or. Correction dates for training programs sponsored by the High Point life underwriters this fall were incorrect As published in a recent business note in the Enterprise. The Lutc part i and part 2 disability income and equities classes will Start at the end of october with an enrolment deadline of oct. 1. Charter life underwriters Clu classes will begin sept. 24 at i . At Cook Hall on the High Point College Campus. Losses listed b. B. Walker co. Of Asheboro reports net sales of $27,329,000 for the nine months period ended aug. 3, Down from $28,530,000 for the same period a year ago. A net loss of $469,000 was incurred compared to a net loss of $1,679,000 during the Trade winds period a year ago. The current year loss was attributed to a decline in sales and sharply increased raw material costs and other operating costs in addition to substantially higher interest costs. Harrelson rubber co., of Asheboro an affiliate of Walker co., reports revenues for the same period up toss.972.000 As compared to $9,401,000 for the same period a year ago. However net income was Down to $22,-000 for the current period compared to $391,000 a year ago. American net earnings for american of Martinsville for the third Quarter were $106,986 or 4 cents a share on sales of $15,342,973. This compares with $633,580 or 23 cents a share earned during the third Quarter of last year on sales of $14,672,085. For the first nine months american earned 22 cents per share Down from 74 cents per share a year earlier. Sales were $47,000,603, up from $43,485,612. Burlington Greensboro a Burlington industries has announced a new employee Benefit providing safeguards against extreme changes in the value of investments held by the company a wage employee profit sharing retirement plan. The new policy will affect 40,000 hourly paid employees who Are members of the company plan beginning Jan. I. 1975. Burlington has established a Quot guaranteed base value for every employee s profit sharing account which will Ford economic program ready Stock quotations by the associated pres n lately 3 30 p o. Daily. Priced net quotations from the National Assoc Dud retail markup. Mart. Down or Comet Ion of securities dealers Ere represent Mission native inter dealer prices As of approx. Dow Jones 30 industrials it mama j a Sono Market rallies the Dow Jones Industrial average closed at 670.76 Friday up 43.57 from the week prior. The associated press average closed at 211.8, marking an increase of 16.2 Over the same period. The Market measured by the indicators Rose sharply this week with the Dow Jones Industrial average turning in its Best performance since Early june. But most Market analysts say they a have to see stronger gains before they could indicate with any certainty that the Long 1973-74 Bear Market had ended. American furniture banker Trust of . Bassett furniture Bilo Black kinds Branner Ina. Burnup t Sims Burnt ind Cameron finance Cannon Mill Carmina food Carolina Ca. Int. Car. Pal 9.10pfd Carolina wite Flo. Caio corp. Contra Caro. Bank Central Vermont charter bancs or s. Com. Chatham Mig Cas corp of , coca cola co. Come. Colonial Leta Clamp Conner i Onset context Daniel internet. Diamondhead corp. Durham Lite Tov Tri graph inc. Fidelity corp. Of a. Fir Mitt Trippi corp Mic corp. Feb of Cate aha food town Blore Farmer new world for Yin Bank a Trust Franklin Lite is. Gem. F inane Iai guardian corp. Malty Meyer men radon furniture Hickory furniture investment Lite a Trust j. 6. Ivey Jack food a Nan transport urn Ca inc. Lana co. Bid asked Leggett amp Plait a1 e a if july of Caro. In in is i a Lowe companies 21 2? 12u in 13 a 9 a Mack store 3u 3u in 2 my South in. 5u Ava a us 3u 2 4 multimedia Ava leu 3 Isi a cab corp. Fib a Loiou no natural Gat 6u 7 Bio Ivo iou in Northwest Fin. Corp. To t 4 2/a 4 a no West Fin Tov Utah 5 a 74 non now attn Fin inv comm ause i none Occidental lit ins. Of jul in if Phillips Foscue he jul 1 la piece Good shops in 7 7 Quot a in Piedmont aviation a at Jusu Piedmont real est in 2 a 3 i a a Public Scot . A Ava i us Tau Quality Mill a Susu a Pic corp 4 5 5 a of Ranah comm Ava 3 it u in Reid provident lab 2u 3 a in 2 a a Rex plastic a us a in 16- a Salem carpet 3 a a a 3vb 4 a sea Pine 3 3u i us service merchandise 4u Iva 4 5 Shonett big boy 7u in i i 111 i Monoco product i i lava Jav 49 so notional corp. Us us 4 4 4u Southern Nat. Corp 13 i us iou no spartan food system a 9 a is i Tau super Dollar stores in 2 u 31 33 Syner coi corp 3�?T a 17 us Gelerent loosing i ate 144 14u textile inc. I to 34 3� thalhimer Bro. A u a 2 3< trans co companies to 7u 2 a us unit inc. 3 3 u 20 a 21 a United Caro. Bayshore itt 14 a 4u Virginia International a a to in 2u Virginia Natl. Bank la la j 4u Washington group us Tau in 2u West knitting s a a a non Whit shield co. In full Tau Wix corp. 7u of 11u us Wright a Chen by 3v� a by Lou Schneider North american newspaper Alliance new York at a private session of corporate and banking a think tank people it was agreed that the extravaganza of the Ford min Summit and Summit economic sessions May end in disappointment because the Public expects too much. It was said that Geoffrey Moore chief researcher of the prestigious National Bureau of economic research the Dean of . Economists on detecting the Economy a business Cycle still thinks there is sufficient evidence of a Steep recession in the making. Moore a opinion is that premature action is inadvisable. He is quite Adamant about the importance of avoiding anything but a very slow revival in the Economy. Treasury Secretary William Simon expected inflation to continue at a a very unacceptable rate Well into next Fords top economic adviser Roy Ash says it la take at least two years before inflation simmers Down to a reasonable those at the Friendly Quot think tank session believe Ford already has a Battle plan against the common it a a. Can be giants Cut them Down to Man size. With Quick reliable professional help from manpower. Whenever you re up against a tall order. Manpower temporary services Well give you All Ike help it of need. We Type letters unload boxcars answer phones fill orders assemble pans key punch data. And lots More. 115 w. High St. 883-6171 be guaranteed by Burlington even if the profit sharing plan investments decline in value. Horace c. Jones Burlington chairman said the new Benefit is being introduced to help offset severe declines in Stock Market prices such As have occurred Over the past 12 months. Surplus Sale it. Bragg a local spot bid Sale of surplus property is scheduled to be held tuesday oct. I at the defense property disposal office building 8-t-3015, Macomb St., it. Bragg. Approximately 245 lots of property will be offered for Sale including office machines chairs sedans trucks restaurant equipment desks stoves refrigerators typewriters adding machines television sets clothing and Many other items. Starting tuesday the property May be inspected at the defense property disposal office from 8 a. In. To 3 p. In. Weekdays until the Sale. A property listing is available upon request from dido. The Sale will begin at 9 a. In. Oct. I. All potential bidders must Register Between 8 a. In. And the time they bid. Successful bidders must remove items awarded within five working Days after the Sale. Loans climb according to the weekly Survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Gross Loans at 27 of the Large commercial Banks in the fifth Federal Reserve District climbed $274 850.000 during the week ending sept. La raising the total outstanding to $16,145,431,000. A Loans to Domestic commercial Banks Rose $308,475,000. Loans net of these Interbank transactions or Loans adjusted fell $33,625,000. Time deposits increased $14,820,, while demand deposits dropped $582,098,000. Investments gained $27,428,000. Figures for the 27-Bank report showed that financial Loans increased $1,979,000. Of this total Loans to financial institutions other than Domestic commercial Banks went up $3,941,000, while Loans for purchasing and carrying securities decreased $i,962,. No financial Loans declined $35,604,000. Of this total commercial and Industrial Loans fell $10,076,000 consumer instalment Loans dropped $8,417,000 agricultural Loans decreased $1,750,000 securities purchased under resale agreements with All others went Down $755,000 and All other miscellaneous Loans lost $24,225,000. Ileal estate Loans gained $9,619,000. Wilbur m. Currie Clu would like to help your family s future. Call him at 885-0623. Be freon Sian Aara enemy inflation. It does no to include Radical economic j Steps. Granville moving amp storage phone 882-0151 specializing in local state amp Long distance moving anti office moves packing amp crating household storage your Mayflower agent Granville moving and storage 801 s. Hamilton St. Phone 882-0151 a St Csc Footit gun Sci president Craig nfw8t sales Mug Beltane hearing Aid Center comes to High Point to service our Many clients in the High Point and Thomasville area we Are pleased to announce the opening of our new service facility at Cockerham amp Howan opticians or. Leath s old office Beltane hearing Aid Center 527 n. Main St. 883-1171 office image live plants indicate life. Growth vigor. The image of plastic plants is plastic we will decorate your office or showroom with attractive healthy plants. And take cabe of them. Call Joy Burton at 882-4714 about our lease and living maintain ence program. Is flanking Basket a Telephone 117 4/14 to b n main Street in the garage of Millis Square. We de u be r j the Sheraton hotel High Point s finest Quot in the heart of downtown High Point a i \ n is i a a ii St to 4 re n t Ftp a pm err err x is make your business known through a High Point landmark. Openings Are now available for permanent office space through a monthly or longtime lease. A private parking facilities a restaurant facilities a air conditioned a fireproof a Security guard a facilities for meetings and conventions Call 882-2511 for further information

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