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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and cooler through monday Chance of Bain today atm yeah no. 264 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8-171f High Point n. C., sunday Mohning september 22, 1974 136 pages classified ads ms-2177 other depts. S8s-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c football scores unc. 31 Wake. 0 state. 31 Clemson. To Duke. 20 use. 14 Guilford. 28 Emory and Henry. 12 Virginia. 38 a amp a. 28 Florida. 17 Maryland. To for state employees governor out lines awards plan where storm hit Winston Salem a gov. Jim Holshouser told state workers saturday night of plans to establish a program of meritorious service awards a system of deterred compensation designed to boost their retirement income and More paid holidays for some of them in a talk prepared tor delivery to the state employees association convention the governor said plans tor the awards and deterred compensation programs will be announced sewn. He said he would ask the state personnel Board at its next meeting to extend Holiday Premium pay for state workers in essential services such As Highway patrolmen prison guards and Hospital personnel to include All official holidays recognized by the state. These workers now receive time and one half Premium pay Only for Independence Day labor Day thanksgiving. Christmas and new years. Presently they do not receive Premium pay tor easter monday memorial Day veterans Day or when an extra Day is provided tor Christmas. Holshouser said the extra Premium pay will Cost about $400,000 a year but it will go a Long Way toward a policy of fairness for state workers. The governor said the state meritorious service awards program into effect by Jan i. He said the program will include Cash awards As High As $1,000 for a employ est suggestions which Are adopted and save the taxpayers Quot Many Good suggestions of course do not result in the tangible savings of dollars Quot the governor said. Quot suggestions involving improvements in working con expects to put the editions changes i n honduran town found washed out by storm procedures revisions of forms or improvements in employee morale health or safety will be eligible tor an intangible but appropriate award. Quot we also want to be Able to show appreciation for an act of heroism that results in the saving of a life or the discovery or development of a significant scientific idea or device which has a far reaching value to the state. There will also be awards for see governor on Isa inflation measures proposed Sib ��2��d for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Ever one. Lowest voter turnout q. What is the percentage of voters that voted in the presidential election in 1972 of the entire registered voters of the .a.? did the majority vote in this election thank you. Is. A a. Only 55 per cent of those eligible to vote went to the polls a the lowest voter turnout percentage in 24 years. The number of votes each candidate received and their percentage of the total number cast Are As follows Nixon. 47,168.693 votes. 60 7 per cent Mcgovern. 29,169.615 votes. 37 5 per cent John g. Schmitz american party Oro 541 votes i 4 per cent Benjamin spook Peoples party. 78,801 votes. O i per cent. The electoral College gave Nixon 520 votes. Mcgovern. 17 and John Hospers liberation parly. One electoral vote. They need it Back q. Will the person or persons who broke into a Blue american motors Matador at the Burlington Mills Plant on Lincoln drive sept. 19 and stole a radio belonging to the High Point Rescue squad please Call 869-3441 or 885-4322. This radio is not a cd radio hut a sonar pm Model no. 2104 which will not work except with other units of the Rescue squad. William i. Osborne Captain of the High Point Rescue squad. A. Should the person responsible a or anyone knowing about it a read this Appeal he or they May prefer to leave a message on the action line recorder indicating where the radio can be recovered. Either Way please have a heart and return this equipment so vital to the work of the Rescue squad whose services you May need yourself some Day. A parole violation q. I would like to know. My husband is on Federal parole for Kidnap attempted murder and armed robbery. If i have him arrested for assault and Battery is he breaking the parole eyes tons anon. A. Yes if convicted of the charge. Kitty prints q. I have solid Maple furniture and my cat has gotten on it and i can to get it ult and have tried every kind of furniture polish on the Market to get the footprints Olf of furniture. Do Vou know lathing that will take the prints of the cat off of the furniture and it is solid Maple thank you. A. Try rubbing it with a soft cloth dipped in kerosene. It is said to remove stains from clean varnished furniture. It s also Good for softening boots and shoes hardened by water and Tegucigalpa. Honduras apr Rescue workers parachuted into the ravaged town of Coloma on saturday and reported that 2,760 bodies have been found there bringing the confirmed death toll from Hurricane Fhi to nearly 4.000 nationwide the government said. The Honduras National emergency committee said earlier that it believes Between 7.000 and 8,000 people died in the storm which raked the honduran coast with do mile per hour winds on thursday. Access to the hardest hit areas has been Ditt cult As blast rips Houston rail Yard Houston map a an explosion rocked the Southern Pacific Railroad Yard saturday sending almost too persons to hospitals and damaging buildings up to a mile away. Southern Pacific officials said the blast occurred while two cars loaded with butadiene a Gas used in the manufacture of synthetic rubber were being coupled. Quot someone saw a vaporizing Gas and then there was an explosion Quot Southern Pacific spokesman Tony Aleman said. Eire officials said the resulting fires were under control by 8 p m. Eire department spokesman Paul Carr said the explosion did not affect several cars loaded with military missiles and placed in another part of the Yard. Quot we have now determined that the cars carrying the missiles were not involved in the explosion Quot Carr said explaining that it was first teared that one of the missiles had exploded. Quot the missiles did not have warheads and there is no reason to be concerned about them Quot Carr said. A Survey showed that at least 96 persons injured in the Ion received emergency room care at six hospitals eight were and most of the Low lying coastal Region remains under water. As More and More bodies were being discovered Rescue teams resorted to burning the corpses to avoid outbreaks of typhoid a committee spokesman said. Rescuers reported that when they reached the town of Cruz Laguna which had a population of 1.500. Every House had been washed away by floods and not a single person could be found. The emergency committee said another 1.000 bodies were found m the coastal town of Ceiba which had been Cut of tor three Days. It. Ignacio Acosta of the a a xxx a a a res a we a a a a a a a a a xxx a a a a a a a a a a a a word was received in High Point last night that the Rev. And mrs. Grady Nowell Southern Baptist missionaries in Honduras had safely escaped the ravages of Hurricane wifi which has ripped the Central american country. Hill Short brother of mrs Barbara Short Nowell said that he had received a message from his brother in Law and sister that they were Safe. The message through a Ham radio operator said that the missionaries stationed in Tegucigalpa had gotten through the storm unharmed and that the Rev. Or. Nowell was at that time trying to get into the More seriously damaged parts of the country in an Effort to provide help for those displaced by the storm damages. Emergency committee said at least 75 per cent of the land and 90 per cent of the roads in the hard hit Northwest Region were under flood Waters. Acosta said banana plantations were Quot too per cent destroyed Quot in the states of Allatia Yoro Colon and Cortes where a . Companies of United brands and Standard fruit have major holdings . Ambassador Phillip v. Sanchez flew Over the stricken area tor six hours saturday and reported Alt Large agricultural valleys under water and Quot crops 90 to too per cent he said he saw bodies floating in Hood Waters and survivors clinging to Trees and Homes surrounded by water. Quot i Don t doubt that the death toll estimated by the government a originally so honduran on 15a twins resting after separation twins Clara left and Alta Rodriguez of the dominican Republic rest comfortably following the successful operation that separated them. The 13-month old siamese twins joined at the stomach were Hospital rooms set for Nixon separated by a 23-member surgeon team headed by or. Everett hoop surgeon in chief at Philadelphia s children s Hospital. The operation was performed in to a hours. Make ? tin Tea kettles Shine. Just in Case some Day you find netted including one our boots stiff As boards or the cat on the Kettle. Teletypewriter q. I would like to know where i could get a rift Pew Rifer and Coupler. I heard that a customer Here has a teletypewriter machine Model la and Coupler that can talk with somebody deaf by try. Please Tell me where to get one. Thank you. Anon. A. There is a local dealer Robert Dykes. 131 e. Dayton ave., who can get a used try and the Coupler and install it tor you or. Mark Sills of High Point Urban ministry 463 s. Main St says they have been heading a drive with the help of ser Tom clubs Lions the Green Street Baptist Church in High Point and first Baptist in Thomasville to collect funds toward the Purchase of 20 teletype units. Used Western Union machines will be secured. The major expense is the Coupler for each unit. Urban ministry also Hopes by the end of the year to have one installed for their Contact Telephone ministry. They found that around 2500 deaf persons live within the Telephone Exchange area and need this Means of contacting someone in emergencies. Contributions from others toward this project Are Welcome. You can get in touch with or. Sills about the possibility of getting one of these when they Are available. We would like to add our thanks to de Meeks Counselor for the deaf with vocational rehabilitation in Greensboro h. La. Mcalexander at Western Union mrs. June Mcghee who teaches a class for the deaf at Green Street Baptist Church an i the others who provided the clues in the search. Railroad company employee said to be in a a extremely grave Quot condition with Burns Over too per cent of his body. A Arr said there was a derailed car loaded with liquefied Gas but it had been isolated and was being kept Cool by firemen. The Man in grave condition was identified As James a Mcknight 56, a Southern Pantie Engineer Lur 34 years Quot it must have been a tremendous explosion because we be got loaded Railroad cars seven parallel rows away that were blown sideways Quot he said. Quot it had to be big to move through seven rows of some of the injured were inside a Coin laundry near the blast scene another Man in a nearby Barber shop sutured a severed artery from flying Glass authorities said. Narr said the explosion was followed by a number of smaller blasts. Long Beach. Calif. Apr Hospital and secret service personnel were Busy saturday arranging tor the planned admission monday of former president Richard Nixon to memorial Hospital medical Center. Karen Krantz spokeswoman for the 820-bed Hospital said Nixon will have Quot about to rooms Quot at his disposal while undergoing anticoagulant treatments for two stubborn blood clots in his left leg. Hospital official said Nixon would spend at least three Days in the Hospital. Meanwhile plans were under Way to install at least Lour additional Telephone lines to handle Calls from the press and Public and a duet t line to the tonner Western while House at san Clemente a Media information Center was being set up and preparing to open at 6 a in monday. It was not known what time monday on Nixon was to be admitted to the facility the largest private nonprofit Hospital on the West coast. The last time Nixon was in memorial Hospital was in late 196h when the then newly elected president underwent a physical examination by his longtime family physician. Or. John Lungren. Lungren. Whose Ollices Are a Short distance from the Hospital has been pm the Hospital stall since 1946 and is a former chief of staff. The secret service will handle Secu Uty while Nixon is at the Hospital but it was unknown whether they planned a round the clock Vigil on Nixon s floor. Miss Krantz said Only two rooms were requested Lur Nixon but the Hospital is setting aside the additional rooms on the West Wing of the recently completed 57-room sixth floor Quot so we can keep some sort it order. Inside Reading Cates week Lousy Page 2a Church raises id Island Paradis Page 2d Caitiff ted. Paget 3-1 so editorial Page 4a women i new Section b sports. Section c 14c entertainment pages 13, 14, 15c obituaries Page 3d Washington a the Senate House economic committee called on president Ford saturday to play a vigorous role in inducing business and labor to hold Down wage and Price increases. He should do this the panel said in a special report by making the fullest use of the Council on wage and Price stability which Congress created at his request. The Council can recommend guidelines to govern both prices and wages and the president can use the Power of his office to try to see that these arc observed the committee said. The committee did not propose re imposition of wage and Price controls although one of its Veteran members rep. William b. Widnall a no. Did favor this. He said he fears that the Only Way to Stop in Lution is or Tomb the Boa re controls applied to All segments of the Economy. Other recommendations in the report were a a $5 billion Cut in Federal spending to $300 billion for the present years. A a moderate easing of the tight Money policy. A an expanded program of Public service jobs. A income tax cuts for Low income families with the loss of Revenue offset by closing of tax loopholes. A creation of a commission to make recommendations on removal of barriers to Competition. The committee in releasing its report pointed out that it had met the six week deadline suggested by Ford in his address to Congress aug. 12. Sen. William Proxmire vice chairman of the committee said its 12 democratic and eight Republican members were unanimous in support of the recommendations. Various members had additional proposals however. The members conceded that the presidents Council on wage and Price stability had no Powers to enforce guidelines. But sen. Hubert if. Humphrey dminn., declared Quot the president can do much in this Field it he ill focus attention on these Price increases. Under amnesty plan 4 deserters processed by Louise Cook associated pres writer the first four deserters processed under president Ford s clemency program were out of the army and on their Way to alternative service jobs saturday five Days alter Ford announced his conditional amnesty plan to restore Quot the essential Unity of thus tar the program has failed to produce a Rush of surrenders by the More than 25 women who evaded the now defunct draft or deserted the military during the Era of the Vietnam War. Some of the men said they were simply being cautious others walked at the idea of the alternative service requirement but the plan has prompted about two dozen reported surrenders the temporary release i rom prison of 122 deserters and 95 draft dodgers and hundreds of inquiries to us attorneys and military authorities from those still at Large. I he first deserters processed under the program were discharged about Midnight Friday at it Benjamin Harrison ind. They each signed a statement reaffirming allegiance to the country and promising to Complete the alternative service assigned government officials refused to identify the men and said Only they had previously been in the army and received alternative service sentences of 12, 20, 21, and 24 months. The two year term is the maximum under the program. They have 15 Days to report to selective service offices for assignments. A spokesman at the Indiana base. Which processes All clemency cases involving the army and provides support services for other branches of the military said five other deserts probably would be processed Over the weekend the spokesman said that As of saturday morning there had been 502 Calls for information. The primary military processing Center will he moved to a amp Atterbury Andon monday and officials said they expected to process up to 150 men a Day at the former training Center. Some concern had been expressed that the personal information Given by deserters Over the Telephone a things like name service number and address a might he used by authorities to track Down deserters he lore they decide whether they want to surrender. A Pentagon spokesman said saturday that defense Secretary James a Schlesinger had decided that such information Quot will be closely held by the military department concerned Quot and will not be used during the eligibility period covered by Fords program against either the inquiring deserter or any other servicemen who went awol. Quot to do otherwise would not he in the spirit of the president s program Quot the spokesman said. See 4 deserters on Isa

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