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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A High Point Enterprise sunday september 22, 1974 London economist news analysis nuclear arms proliferation causing Nightmare by the London economist if Greece or Turkey possessed nuclear arms the Cyprus crisis could have shaken the world much More than it did. A few years from now nuclear arms May be in the hands of about 25 countries some of them smaller or poorer than Greece or Turkey some of them ruled by impetuous demagogues some by weak governments that could not Stop military or other Bellicose factions gaining control of these arms. The test that India staged in May showed How easily an explosive device can be made from the plutonium that is a by product of a a peaceful nuclear reactors. Less than 20 pounds of plutonium will make a bomb capable of destroying a City. Within to years the worlds annual output of plutonium will probably exceed 200,000 pounds. Some of this will be shuttled around in vehicles that could become targets for hijackers. Some of it May be up for Sale on a new kind of Black Market. There is still time to prevent the 1890s from becoming that sort of Nightmare. But Only a year or so. Recent months have seen More ominous developments than indians bang. One is the Rush to atomic Energy that has inevitably followed the pixies Quot a by multiplying of Oil prices. Another is the demonstration of suppliers eagerness to meet the new demands for nuclear fuel and equipment with scant regard for the obligations imposed by the nuclear nonproliferation treaty not that came into effect in 1970. The treaty forbids any provision of nuclear materials to countries that have not placed All their nuclear activities under the safeguards required by the treaty. But agreements for the provision of materials equipment and facilities Are being implemented or discussed with such recipients As Iran where not safeguards Are not yet in Force Egypt Israel Japan South. Africa and Venezuela which have not adhered to the treaty and in India which has both rejected the treaty and by building an explosive device ruled itself out As a legitimate recipient under the treaty. Canada whose failure to insist on tight safeguards allowed India to divert enough plutonium to make a whole clutch of bombs the United states where the Nixon administration offered Egypt and Israel fuel and reactors without requiring them to accept the nonproliferation treaty and its safeguards and Russia which is bickering Over a Deal with Japan Are parties to the treaty and supposedly enthusiastic champions of it. France whose nuclear favors have been or Are now Likely to be dispensed to India Iran Israel Japan and South Africa has never joined the treaty but it formally overtook at the Start to behave exactly As if it had. Ironically China the Only present nuclear Power that has refused to have anything to do with the treaty is also a so far a the Only one that has shown no interest in Selling nuclear materials or equipment to anybody. Its nose is clean. Next May a full scale conference is to be held to see How the treaty has been doing but the air is probably going to be filled with warnings that the treaty itself will soon crumble if its terms Are not fully respected and if prompt efforts Are not made to buttress its weakest Points. There will certainly be loud demands that the two superpowers should make More efforts to fulfil the requirement for a cessation of the nuclear arms race at an Early the derisory arms control agreements that emerged from or. Nixon stalks in Moscow in july j me town Dill ii Stokic x ukr pe$8iz&Quot site s in Pimp Al. Is is Forestdale shopping Plaza 112 West main St. Jamestown North Carolina phone. Highpoint.454-3114 Greensboro .272-3445 specials Reg. Sale kleenex 100�?Ts.3 for 88� to amp of Kraft heavy duty wrapping paper 69� Munsey Popcorn Popper _ a a 3 of 749 49 199 we can take a simple garage and make it simply Beautiful. Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder and of the beholder has just paid for a new garage we know that it had better be the Apple of his Eye so at modern exteriors we be devised a plan that will make sure that you get exactly what you want. First we be built our Basic garages right on our lot where you can War Der through them casting a critical Eye on our workmanship. Then we make it quite Clear that we can handle any changes you d like to see made. That window or door can be moved or that Wood siding can give Way to Shingle or whatever you Tell us. Of you d prefer a Carport to a garage we can do that too. What we re saying is that some garage people will show you a picture and say Quot this is what Cna need Quot but at modern exteriors Well show you an actual garage and say Quot now then. What do you need Quot taking a simple garage and making it simply Beautiful. Its ail part of building a reputation. Modern exteriors we re building a reputation. 5816 High Point Road i mils South of Pilot life Greensboro n. C. Telephone 294-5000 merely increased the nonnuclear states scepticism about the superpowers readiness to curb their own private Competition. Several Steps bearing even More directly on the threat of rapid proliferation Are now being urged by worried experts in unofficial International discussions. Among them Are increased precautions against the theft of hijacking of nuclear materials whether by guerrilla groups or Black Market operators. Risks during transit could be reduced if processing plants were grouped closely together. And the temptation for governments to divert plutonium into arms or to acquire weapons Grade uranium could be lessened if the nuclear fuel Cycle were brought under International control a for instance by multinational consortia that would run the fabrication and processing facilities. The main suppliers of materials and equipment still have enough leverage to encourage the forming of such consortia. And As parties to the not they must if they really want to curb proliferation Stop playing fast and Loose with their treaty obligations. Hitherto they have signally failed to encourage adherence by giving countries that join the treaty preferential treatment. Indeed by handing out materials and equipment to no joiners they have provided an incentive to refrain from adherence to any treaty for the recipients Are getting away w without having to accept not safeguards on All their nuclear activities and May thus retain their options to acquire nuclear arms. A total embargo on supplies to countries that have not accepted the nonproliferation treaty would be the most effective action. It would be no More than the strict letter of the treaty requires and it should be warmly welcomed by the great majority of the states that have accepted the treaty. Your Best to buy More Independent to servicemen own Roa xl100 100% solid state a amp a televisions brightest and sharpest color picture televisions most dependable Chassis 12 Low Cost easy to change module circuits More Complete in the Home service when needed. 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