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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 18, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Saturday Alay in. 1910the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page three the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Cross word Puzzle Leader in Canada horizontal i Canadian j statesman pictured Here. ,12 bundle. 13 ogles. 14 to become weary. 16 Metal. 17 drips. 18 enthusiasm. 19 lets it stand. 21 herons. 23 North America abbr. 24 command. 27 soldering coals. 31 silkworm. 32 sack. 33 ringworm. 35 knobbed. 37 form of a be 38 he is a a i in politics. 43 whirlwind. 44 Ravine. 47 giver. 48 false step. 50 grew old. Isi loads. 52 atmospheric. Answer to previous Puzzle Steen i Hommen owe Mant rebates Tirigi Bipia to Ruth erase Sui Neil 1 Cusp Vii. Mawji i m g Tabain is noon no it Rel to i no meet do up Msj Avert a is apr Ca Pali air i s a Rimmi c poem Imi Odem n lava l let 53 variety of corundum. 55 old Romanish. 57 he is minister of Canada. 58 he and his party were recently a 3 Penny. 4 measure of length. 5 born. 6 Genus of grasses. 7 to annoy. 8 monastic brotherhood. 9 roman Road. By the people. To egyptian River. It r tic Al 1 one who is killed for a principle. 2 bitter Herb. 11 grating device. 12 twice. 15 abstract being. 20 tale published in parts. 22 a hop. % 24 his executive office is in the City of 25 Many a Reading room. 26 sooner than 28 Fence rail. 29 self 30 drowsy. 34 vivid describer. 35 ankle cartilage. 36 evening party. 39 vainly. 40 Feather Scarf. 41 to invest. 42 fish eggs. 45 half prefix. 46 the same. 48 Ketch. 49 buoyant tune. 54 musical note 56 Northeast abbr. I 0 i <0 9 a 25 2b it 57 m in Dosay f a amp to p a cd a la Roll cd 59 it 55 52 Harrison in Hollywood f knowing horses will help Julie Duncan ought to ride right through her new role serial Queen Hill Porter i Hutting for punt j Len Fri Miu while lh4 aka survive Hull met he correspondent Myca j lion h. Aell it Iii la. 10 it kit to service staff correspondent j Hollywood. May 18.�?not since the Day when Pearl White Ruth Poland Aud Helen Holmes were Riding runaway Box ram and j i being chained to the log in the i Sawmill has there been a Western j land serial Queen. Hut i Niv Emal j los taking Steps to fill that need i they have signed Julie Duncan to co Star with Johnny Macle i drown in All westerns made this j j year and also to be the heroine Ini their serials about 30 girls were tested for i the role of Western Queen but j miss Duncan won out because of her Superior horsemanship and also her ability As an actress. Miss Duncan is really a Superb horsewoman practically since her father gave her a Shetland j Pony for her fifth birthday. She i has exhibited junipers at almost i All the Pacific coast shows and fairs. In addition she owns Rory j i of Moore an Irish Hunter considered the Best Broad jump horse on the Pacific coast. She rides Western As Well As English and can stick to a bucking horse like a Cowboy. She Racks at Agi a Caliente she also has several races to her credit. During the past fall and Winter she had mounts at Agua Caliente Mexico. Usually these women a races Are Short half milers. But she is one of eight girl jockeys who Ever Rode in a mile lace. She also won a steeplechase last year at Agua Caliente though Riding against men. In addition to Riding miss Duncan owns race horses As a Hobby. Curiously enough. Miss Duncan is reticent to talk horses. A i done to want to be tagged As just interested in horses i like them a lot but in be some other interests. I paint swim play Badminton and bowl. I can to play any instrument but in a a Good listener. I like movies of they re Good but there Are Only about 12 Good ones a feminine and pert with a sprinkling of freckles miss Duncan blushes to the roots of her Blond hair whenever she talks about herself. She is five feet four inches tall weighs 105 pounds. Her Home town is Cornish n. H., where she was born on january 7, 1920. Her real name is Marjorie Manning but she uses her mothers Maiden name of Duncan. Miss Duncan has had roles in two Pasadena playhouse productions Quot Beach House a and Quot the Peoples she has also had one hit in pictures. No Blitzkrieg with Constable of an enemy Ever dropped in on Hollywood As the nazis drop in j parachutes in Europe Lee con-1 stable my a Arsenal keeper could do his hit by outfitting 650 defenders with modern rifles and Side arms. And he could pass out j a like number of Flintlock and other relics together with up to Date Tommy guns machine guns and repeating rifles. Constable has almost any gun j you can name and knows every gun in his department because he j has had to work on them All. Ifs impossible to use just an j Ordinary gun in pictures because All the shooting is done with a Blanks. Blanks can the fired in j a repeating Rifle unless Constable adds a Little Gadget he invented to keep them from clogging the mechanism Constable s pets ate really hts machine guns. likes them be cause he operated one in the first world War As a mein Lier of the 87th aviation signal Marine corps. makes phonies copy Fri Seq it of Mot by Robt. Ripley Uncle Ray s Corner j it in Quot a i in a a Little saturday talk one night a radio report stated that this offer had been made a million dollars is offered to anyone who will capture Adolf Hitler and take him to the league of nations for trial As a traitor. That was an Early radio report. Later a corrected newspaper account stated that Hitler was to be tried for a High crimes against Many persons would be glad to obtain a million dollars. Probably there Are even More who would like to a a capture Hitler or in perform the deed found out the truth quite easily. A time bomb exploded Short after Hitler left the Munich meet ing. One report said it missed i by Only eight minutes. There l Little if any doubt that the Bomi was meant for Quot Der fuehrer.1 to capture Hitler today Wuu he a hard task. is guarded with More care than Ever before. Yet Many things which seem ins possible Are really possible. Some Clever skillful group of men might Way keep him from hey think is harm to s/9 a i famous infantile paralysis Institute contains exactly 1840 acres and the disease was discovered in 1840 6/ or Jacob up Hejne English Sparrow with upper Bill 2 inches Long found by Erskine Doyle Bdl California some other i doing Wii at the world. For years Hitler has been under close guard hundreds of men have been Given the special task of keeping him from being shot or poisoned. We Are told of Quot Dou a Hiest who have appeared in Public making believe they were Hitler. It is possible that a double has gone to Austria and several Oiler places when the outside word was j informed that Hitler himself went there. In the Case of the Munich meeting last fall it is not at All Likely i that a double took Hitler s place. His old nazi comrades would have of Hitler were put on trial As Ai a traitor it is not certain he Couk lie proved guilty. Some persons say he has been a traitor to the human race but they would have a hard time showing he As meant to be a traitor to Germany. In fact he Bas been extreme in hts efforts to build up a big Germany. Building a big Germany May be Hitler s idea of helping his country but most persons outside of Germany think he has done More harm than Good to his own people. A nation does not become truly great by crushing its neighbor. Sooner or later a nation which tries that will ruin itself. Uncle Ray. Join the new i Imo Uncle Ray scrapbook pm b to Uncle Ray care of the High High Point North Point Enterprise Carolina. Billy Henderson Georgia Sunflower never appeared on the stage without his Cigar in 25 years Cfaft it a it. A a in am j a Bushel of Salt weighs 35 pounds More in Philadelphia than it does in Chicago Why acc inc. W a of Kwh a answer next week William Jenkins has been Secretary Ano treasurer of a sum schoo s0year5 dear i Uncle Rey i want to join the new 1940 Uncle Ray scrapbook club and i enclose a stamped envelope carefully addressed to myself. Please Send me a membership certificate a leaflet telling How to make a Corner scrapbook of my own. And a printed design to paste on the cover of my scrapbook. Name. Street or r. E. D. City. State or province c liabftltoa7< a or. Esse from the real e work just i is to ing the t to i Constable a and Gas Fitu they make flame out the machine guns Lywood i Well for pie a Evv d real thing because lets out put motors in some set a col is in others so that we Wain Racket and shoot it bullets muzzle in True hoi-1 or Wall vie met Ever really shoot built a machine gun on the stable explained. Quot when to show machine gun making a design on a door Drill the Hob in dynamite paint the f Blank pane sol u i is by a my control lode they lets herein raps or squibs a rout so it looks like a i. Then we set off the elect i laity which we when the squib Elook exactly like bul the Mckenney on Bridge defense divides suits to protect and blocks Declarer s squeeze play Hyum. America a. Mckenney lard authority danger a serial Story Romance ahead by Tom Coeval out i�40 by Horner n a Ataxic. Inc 7 Eli shh eur Julie Duncan tiding since her / Estas. A a a a a a a a a. A t is of a Harai term Monnie Miles a her Manta fast. Fast driving almost wrecked her Romance. La Hhd Tull Linsz a new spa int reporter Hunting the murderer of his brother. Mike Bentley a wealthy rancher knew too much Alhout Auto accidents. A yesterday Larry car is found Alwi Filoiii Lull undamaged. talks to colonel Harris gets Tim details of the Mitius Cleiv of. Erat Ion. I Aery driving around town is almost run Down by a Spain Ming ear. When lie crashes a Stop sign. Only the a a Ert driving of the other Motorist avoids an Accident. I Arri disco or the Driver is a girl. Monnie tiles daughter of col. Taylor tiles. And it a on the Miles ranch that Hugh was killed a a a you be got your Money get your sniff and get out one of the boys will take you to town. Get out of my sight you you a he stormed off Down to the corrals to be How i Foreman Pete Haines was going to get along with two less hands. Polities when to lop. I m i w hand a tile Coloni ii i to not. She Bren fifth birthday. Ide glances a it a cos 140 by St saw Vicc. Inc to my Sec. U. A a Mooti. 14 a never mind speaking to them Ihm a this Check will shut chapter Iii it took Larry half an hour to buy a pair of Cowboy work hoots. I two pairs of a few Blue shirts and a $25 Sombrero. When a he checked out of his hotel he had lost All resemblance to the Larry Collins who worked for i Steve Clark t ii e Larry Collins i whose by line was familiar to a Hundred thousand readers. Ile was a cowhand his clothes looked too new but a few minute scuffing along the Highway. Land crawling under the car would the it Ore of that. Ile remembered to buy Texas License plates for his car. Not Many cowhand come from new York. I it Arry pointed his car northward picked up Iii Highway Marker and drove steadily. The picture of the girl. Furiously angry. Would not be dispelled. What a temper Monnie. Monica Maria Christina. Must lie part Spanish. That accounted for some of the temper. And the Black hair Aud flashing eyes. A i think you re swell he announced to the world in general. A even of you done think so much of my driving. And if your dad will give me a Job you la be seeing Larry Collins every Day Monnie Darling Quot colonel Taylor Miles was mad. stomped up and Down the porch of the ranch House punctuated every step with a few Choice words that Are found neither in dictionary nor Bible As a a cuss Era the colonel was with out equal. With the colonel swearing was an Art. Hight now the colonel was Dis playing his ability with Undlin meshing Fervour for the Benefit of two sheepish looking cowhand i who stood a few paces away from the porch. A and you Call yourselves cowhand a the colonel was shouting. I a Rodeo cowboys you May know How to rope but by the seven foot horns of old Alamo that a no excuse for breaking he pecks of half my calves Ami rope Burn ing most of my cow. It was there that Larry found the colonel an hour later. Larry had read the sign when he met the Daybook i rink heading for town. A few Miles from the ranch. Three cow hands War bags Aud a Saddle. There la be Ai least one Job open on the Miles place i Arry was sure. Larry looked for Monnie As he talked near the bunkhouse but there was no evidence of her nor of her car a Houseboy answered his Knock and told him head find the colonel at the Corral. Quot hell be cussing the boy added. The colonel was cubing. I Arry heard from a Hundred Yards away telling Pete Barnes in no Uncertain terms How the co Weunchiu business had gone gip the Devil along with the profits. The colonel warmed to his subject and was pm rom Quot a a a or. A a him the he d i. In a Dee Rodeo branching off of Etc Larry interrupted a colonel Miles ing for a Job. Top a can you roared Back Quot nope. At Larry knew truth of had Ever been on a a b bulldog a Quot Ever been Quot nope Quot you re hired thirty and keep. Pete. Here will fell you anything you need to know., thai your car a i Ai try nodded. A pair for a a Yea a a you must be All right. Where you from a a Tel paso and Points a Cloud of dust swirled along the Highway in the Wake of a speeding car. A Monnie Home the colonel grunted at Pete. Then to Larry Quot Here comes my daughter. Keep away from Lier if you want to keep your Job a he walk f match Quot come on Pete ordered leading Iii Way to the Hun Khou to in the porch Monnie Miles i 1,0ny drive his car into in old Carriage tied. A so you hired that for a cow Ovid. Dad a scorn filled her voice. s no More cowhand than tan the Houseboy a Quot says he is. Money. Wants a Iii and we re Short two hand lie colonel smiled indulgently at i would like to have my readers study today s hand. It is obvious that Declarer has a Chance to develop some kind of a squeeze. The j four diamonds in Dummy headed i by the Ace King Queen Are certainly threatening cards but there is a very Fine example of partnership a defense in the hand the opening Lead was won by Declarer with the Ace of hearts a j Diamond was played and the five a of hearts discarded on the second top Tiamon. The club finesse lost to West s King and a bean was j returned although a Diamond might have been a Hetter play. Declarer ruffed went Over to Dummy by playing a Small club and ruffed another heart. Now Here is the Ftp defense. Declarer Laid Down the Ace of i clubs. The first discard made by West was a Diamond informing partner i hat he must protect the Diamond suit. You can be that if West attempts to protect both Dia a k9 4 a 8 76 2 a a kq3 a 98 a j62 n a q 8 s a a a j to w e s �948 a j652 a 109 84 k2 a764 dealer a a 10 7 3 a a 5 a 7 a a j 10 5 8 rubber Quot neither Vul. South West North fist i a a i a Pas i a pass 2 n t. Pass 4 a pass 6 a pass opening a a k. La moods and hearts he w ill get into a squeeze into with East protecting diamonds it will tie impossible for Declarer to develop the squeeze. A towns his own id for. Come up his Only child. Cai and it s p from Elpaso a a that car had new York tags on it this morning a Monnie it out cred. A you met lits Tellow already a the colonel demanded Quot guess i will fire him. If he s come chasing out Here after a met him a Quot Moonie anger hared a met him he almost wrecked me this morning drove through a Stop sign right in front of me almost crashed a filling station trying to keep from killing him met him i d like to get my hands on him a tin out of you miss Raj re a out s apology ride any tes it amp Hirn illustrated by de Gunder Monnier a laugh tinkled beyond a Haze of dust and moving landscape. Larry a hand was jerked Loose he was up in the air. Quot you did t wreck anything lid you a Quot luckily no dad. Can t afford to have any accidents. After that i wreck on dead Man s curve if j i Iohd a smash up now people j might get to wondering but dad you re not going to keep j Julial fellow around Are you a Quot have to for a while. Honey i already told Hun he was hired. I we need him. Rut if he no j Good i la run him off. Go along i i now. Change your clothes and i Wall drive oui to the upper j so lie followed me out Here Monnie thought to herself As she pulled on her boots Quot i ii fix that j Guy ill fix Monnie was sitting on the top i ail of tile Corral Fem e when j Pete Barnes Aud Larry came from the Saddle House. Quot some of the boy have their own stuff a Pete was saying Quot but to keep a few saddles around for Fellows like you. You tan use i mine. It s Over on that Black in j i to Corners a lie nodded toward a j Black horse tied to a Corner Post a a try it out see How you like Quot thanks Ija Ruy Start j i cd Tow Aid the horse Quot just a minute bar-1 nos halted him. A want you to j a meet Monnie miss Miles. The colonel s daughter and the real j t Boss around Barnes Grin a nod up at Monnie. Winked broadly. Larry walked Over to the i Fence. A miss Monnie this is Larry col a Lins the new hand your dad just i Quot in be met or. Collins already. I Pete. We have met Haven t we. I mis ter Collins a j Larry met her Challenge with a j smile and an apology. Quot in a awfully sorry about that. Miss Miles All my fault of miss Miles had t a i been such a Good Driver Barnes they a still he digging me. I m glad to know Miles a Monnie ignored la a stretched hand Aud in a if this cow Punk can better than he ran drive a car you better get him a Burro Larry tinned walked to the Black. If he had t been so angry he would have noticed the horse tense his Muscles As Lanry swung the reins Over his neck twisted the Stirrup around to mount bul Larry missed that. almost missed the Saddle too the instant Larry weight hit the Stirrup the Black jumped sideways and away. Before Larry foil i to find the other Stirrup the Black s head was Down Between his forelegs and he was bunching his Muscles for a pin ii. Larry pulled wit ii All his strength to get that Black head in but Horn could led. The horse bucked a Larry grabbed the Saddle pulled leather. If he Only find that right stir a that Mash Asey to w ice crashing the horse voile lame to him a bide him. Kids and laugh tinkled beyond dust and moving land Barnes faintly m Olin in Haze scape Lurry s hand was jerked Loose lie was up in the air like a diver off a Spring Hoard something fell on his head. Blac Kness. Barnes a running to Jarry swinging his list to drive the Black still pitching away from the thrown rider a we should t have done that miss Monnie. ,. Maybe we broke his neck a toll oui inned flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coes Imo a St Mimi me j. In Etc a a. Room i i i j i j i i i j i j i i a a a is i Yvo i a i thought id get it finished this morning but we had sing Ion instead of a Stu dec period

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