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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 18, 1940, High Point, North Carolina We a Titer partly Cloudy tonight and sunday Wanner the High Point Enterprise High Point Tho a enter of diversified manufacturing enterprises vol. 56�?ino. 139 member associated pres. High Point n. C., saturday afternoon May 18, 1940 Complete Nea service Price five cent Antwerp collapses before German drive a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Paris says Reich casualties tremendous a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Oil reserves raided by Raf Hamburg and lenten tanks re attacked London sources say allies position serious but no worse than yesterday Ondon May 18.�?i/pi�? to air ministry today retried hits on Oil storage eks in Hamburg and Bren during a night raid on Many by British fliers. Some of the storage tanks re destroyed and others re heavily damaged it Al report of the raid and of air Battle in which nine Brit Hurricane fighter shot Down German a junkers 87�?� bomb Over France yesterday came id an admittedly perilous Situa i to the allies on the Western it it. In authoritative spokesman i the allies position a is very iou but certainly no worse i possibly a Little better than ret blk St hoi Lri he press acknowledged it was a darkest hours since 1918, a the Allied world War aril were in danger of a pushing eat. Jet Many a a Advance in a the ballot the bulge la Northern Nice the spokesman said hah or Temh ii slackened perhaps Only por Arlly. But exhaustion of Man units taking part in the rations is withdrawals by British and plan forces in Belgium he deed conformed to movement inward and a there a no it Ion of a break through or of a retiring in capture of Antwerp. Belts chief port end an import Allied fortification was Isle by dub official German i Agency. Tere a no official Confirma of a Berlin announcement German troop already had plod Brussels but a War of communique acknowledging British troop had with a to new positions West of Tori next of Pace to my ath claims lius w. Cone a eminent textile Man fac ire and insurance Man is Early today allies fall backs germans claim Hiu ask Lse this map illustrates late major developments in the bloody Battle raging on a far Flung front in Northern France and in Belgium. I belgians fell Back near Antwerp. <2 British still claimed Louvain despite furious German attacks. 3 nazis say they have pierced the Dyle line at Vavre. 4 Northern tip of deepest salient at Maudece. 5 germans push to Rethel too Miles from Paris but French assert the advancing nazis will be trapped in a pocket at that Point. The arrows indicate the distances to Paris Channel ports and the British coast. Late May 17 the germans announced their troops had marched into Brussels belgian capital. Relaxing of wage and hour standards recommended to Speed up for defense plan appropriation group speeds defense Bill Money will be available As soon As president signs measure Washington May 18.�? a discarding the usual restraint on when new appropriations May be spent an appropriations subcommittee sped a is ,827,491,720 army Dill toward Senate action to Day after inserting a provision to make the full sum available for emergent defense purposes As soon As the measure becomes Law. The measure a approved by the military subcommittee carried both regular army fund and Enier gency appropriation asked by. President Roosevelt thursday As i part of i unprecedented peacetime rearmament program. Emergency funds included a Lump of s132.otto,Roo to he spent at the1 president own direction. Ordinarily the funds would not become available until the beginning of the fiscal year july i but j chairman Thomas a Oklat re a ported that the a subcommittee wrote in his amendment to make All funds available a soon a president Roosevelt signed the Hilt once it had won full Eon Advance guards carry onslaught to within 60 Miles of capital bulletins in Ansboro May 18.�? a it ath Early today ended the j r of Julius we Cone 67. Intent textile manufacturer insurance Man. He became i x Day ago. Be a native of Baltimore j had been a member of City ii Here for 17 years. He chairman of the Hoard of the Export and commission a any vice president of the Imit manufacturing com and a director of the Jeffer a Standard life insurance com Mvivor include mrs. Cone i was mrs. Aura Weill Stern laughter i Frances Stern Erington. Of new York City son Edward t Cone. Tem Ity residing in new York mothers Bernard m. Conc of Wisboro and Frederic k Vav. Of Baltin Ioe and one sister Etta Cone also of Balti a funeral service will he con i d at the residence sunday ing Ai to o clock by rabbi i. Rypins of the local jew rna Gogue. Burial will be in mily plot Here irs personal guards posts with sex Kaiser blown up Lommen May 18.�? la a ext hang Telegin Rte company ii hah new Agency re Tore a in a dispatch from Zurich that railway connect Ion Between Basel Switzerland and St. Ism in France a Short distance North were blown lip last night by French military Engineer. Fifth Burlington May i a police Are Hunting Persona win burned on Lite Stone facing of the now Morris plan Bank building Here a crude Swastika approximately file inches High. Belief was expressed that it was the work of or Inkster. A a a. Offence in in irked Durham May 18. Up a president Roosevelt a National defense prot Ani w As endorsed by the state Camp of the patriotic sons of America which closed its annual convention Here yesterday. Chairman Vinson of naval committee outlines necessary revisions Washington May is a a a chairman Vinson a a of the House naval committee proposed today that president Roosevelt he Given emergency Power to suspend wage and hour standards and relax Federal financial controls in order to eliminate a bottlenecks and delays in the billion Dollar armament drive. The chief executive himself closely following major development of the huge program which he Laid Down thursday kept hts Calendar largely free of engagements today that he might summon officials As needed. Of the few Calls arranged one was for Bernard m. Baruch financier and chairman of the former world War industries Hoard to meet with or. Roosevelt at luncheon. Vinson made his proposal for continued on Page two Reynaud shuffles French government world War hero retain is named vice Premier Paris. May 18.-�? Ute Iii a sudden reconstruction of the French Cabinet. Premier Paul Rev Natal took charge of the War ministry and named marshal Henri Philippe retain world War hero vice Premier and edouard Daladier ter. A communique Miers office said were made in the interests of combining political and military leaderships in one Man a Rey Naud. The Premier will be assisted by marshal retain in his leadership. Marshal retain who will he 84 years next Friday until today was Frances ambassador to Spain where he was sent when France recognized the civil War i Conquest of Generalissimo Francisco Franco s nationalists. I signal approval. Depending on How quickly con a Gress acts this provision if approved by Senate and House j might make the Mon a available i As much a a month earlier than j otherwise. Chairman Vinson to a of the House naval committee mean a while whipped into shape legislation to give or. Roosevelt extensive emergency Power to suspend i Federal labor and financial Reguia i dons which Vinson said might j hamper the quickening drive to rearm. Foreign minis from the the pre changes suffering refugees streaming to Interior As nazis Hammer French associated press correspondent recounts tale of nazi bombings Orn the Netherlands May up a two Black uniformed s of Adolf hit Lois personal in re Lei Standarte have up posts before the Manor Kaiser Wilhelm la. Hello the dutch gendarmerie pen responsible for the a fettle 81-year-old sex ruler who 0 Holland at the end of the 1 a r hitlers crack personal i have been reigned of this at doom by the fuehrer of. By la. Taylor Llen by Paris May 18.�?uu a fleeing crowds of three words censored refugees from Belgium and northeastern France Are streaming toward the Interior while the French army meets the trip Hammer blows of the invading Ger. Man Shock forces. I have just returned to Paris from a week s stay along the sector of the front where the fighting is now heaviest. From More than 70 Miles i bicycled along roads packed with slowly plodding peasants and automobiles and convoys moving in the opposite direction. I started Back to Paris 24 hours ago from Cara brai after being bombed for More than an hour four words censored. At least 30 old men women and children were killed. The fighting in this first of really modern Battles Bas been terrific like nothing Helot history. A French officer who fought in the last War told me Quot there can be no comparison Between this Battle and the worst ones of the last War. Two hours of this is worse than two Days of the Battle for Verdun was the greatest Center of resistance to the German invasion during the world War and both the French and germans suffered tremendous losses. Losses Are reported two words censored heavy. As p. J. Philip of the new York times and i were setting out Early yesterday morning for Paris on bicycles the Only available Means of transportation a German plane dive bombed behind us. It loosed five bombs on Railroad tracks. We were within 4 0 Yards. We threw ourself Flat against a Wall amidst a Shower of bricks and Glass and then raced to a shelter to avoid the planets spraying. Machine gun bullets As it returned. In i i peddled Hack toward the hotel. Again the planes attacked. The bombs fell a Block away. They were bigger bombs this time. The Force of the explosion knocked me off the bicycle shattering the Back wheel. Again the plane returned to machine gun attack. Again i ducked to the cover of a Wall. A French major who slept in the hotel room next to mine the night before was among those killed. I recalled he had said to me Quot if they get one of us and the other escapes it will be pretty Nice shooting won t it a a we were not Over 50 Yards apart when they got him and i escaped with Only bruises. Screams of the wounded after the bombing were ghastly. One woman with arteries severed in both legs was holding a Small baby in her arms crooning to it. An old Man hobbled around trying to Stop the flow of blood continued on la age two italians leave Balkans area Rumania takes Steps to stamp out fifth column elements Bucharest May 18.�?obi�?italians in Rumania were caught up today in the scurrying of foreigners for cover from War Clouds Over the Balkans. They w Ere advised by their legation to go Home. Almost concurrently the rumanian ministry of Interior a presumably intensifying efforts to stamp out a fifth columnists a ordered All foreigner without work permit to leave the country and cancelled permits issued before May i. At least 10,000 aliens were affected those not departing at once were to be interned in a concentration Camp opened last night. Greece in Stern preparation for any eventuality called up another class of Reserve a the 1935 Cia which is made up of men 26 years old. They will report May 25. The War ministry a explanation was that this group reported to number 60,000 would receive a Mot Niles training a in the use of new informed military observers said the most of the class would he sent to the wild mountainous Border i fronting on italian occupied Albania to bolster the already Large number of troops Manning fortifications against any possible italian thrusts. At the same time Premier general John Metaxas of Greece held Long conferences with yugoslav and rumanian ambassadors it was reported from Athens. The yugoslav envoy Aleksander Vukcevic. Sounded out Metaxas last tuesday on what assistance Yugoslavia could expect from Greece in the event of an italian attack. Greece. Rumania and Yugo t Outin cd on Page two wave after wave of giant tanks extend pocket carved out in Northern France Paris May 18. Up a the germans hurling wave after wave of tanks into the stiffening French lines today widened the pocket they had carved out in the great Battle in Northern France but at the expense of what the French called tremendous casualties. The French met the German Onrush in the Zervins and a Esnes sectors on the Western Side of the pocket with massed artillery fire doggedly determined infantry and their own heavy mechanized units. The germans were estimated to be using Between 2,500 and 3,000 tanks in the French pocket and French artillery at some places was firing Point Blank at the lumbering monsters. Great number of these accompanied by Mas is of planes and followed by lighter units and infantry were striking through the Zervins Region toward the Oise River and through the aves Ces Region toward the Sabre River. Zervins is 9 5 mites airline Northeast of Paris a Esnes i 20 mile North of Zervins and to Miles airline Northeast of parts. Hold ground the French reported the German Progress was Only a a slight in the a Esnes sector. The principal Effort seemed to be around Verlna where French artillery not Only was pouring shells against the German tanks hut French said they had brought up enough of their own tanks to hold the ground. The French command said that after the experience of the last few Days the French had Learned How to Deal with the German tank onslaughts. The germans also attacked near Sedan at the Southeastern extremity of the pocket More than 60 Miles airline Southeast of a Esnes and further East at Montmeny a fortified position guarding the Western end of the main Maginot line. But. These attacks were beaten off. The French said. Heavily armoured German 80-ton tank a impervious to any gun Short of the formidable French Quot a so have clashed at several Point with France famed a land military reports said. The French declared their own tanks have proved Superior in combat where these giants have met. British and French fighter planes without regard to the nazi numerical superiority were pitted against the hundreds of Low flying German machines which swept Forward to support the nazi ground Force. Germans hit other Allied fliers dumped what the French said were thousands of tons of bombs on the German communication lines and mechanized unit assembling inside the pocket. The a moot Gigantic Battle of All times is in full Progress the nazis claim Large gains in drive by the associated press humbling tanks and roaring Wai planes paced German Advance today which bulged deep into France overran ail Lull a third of Belgium and threatened to end Hollands Lam stand. These were the German claims continued on Page two Iii egg via Antwerp Pilot of the allies Northern flank captured Brussel ism Ain and malines occupied. Fua nue a advanced unit within to air ills of Paris the main army within Khz utile deepening the Nail bulge in Northern France. Holland a 2, he dutch and French prisoner taken in Zeeland the Only Binm Orrender eel Netherlands province the dutch commander there ready to it capitulate. These Drivers buckled the Allied line principally at two mints on the Dyle River front in North Central Belgium and in the a a bulge reaching toward Paris. Front the end of the main Maginot line at the Luxembourg French Frontier the front apparently saw Ted Hack into France around the towns of Bethel by. Michel and ban in Misc swerved hark to the Meuse River at Namur in Bel. Gium and stretched almost straight North to the coast near Antwerp. The allies defense although deeply dented was not broken. They admit Tim the situation was grave hut declared that the germans were paying for their gains with tremendous casualties. Last vestiges of dutch resistance on Wal Cheren Island is destroyed by invading army by Lovik i. Loch ski Berlin May 18. App a Germany a mighty forces raced into strategic Antwerp today while to the South their left Wing thundered to within 60 Miles of Paris authorized sources said and to the North their right Wing mop Ted up in Southern Holland where resistance on islands of Zeeland province crumbled. Heavy attacks by nazi warplanes against enemy troops reeling Back under the Impact of the on Rushing warriors were reported by the High command to have turned the Allied withdrawal into a Retreat which a at a number of places resembled a three High Points of the pounding drive in the West toward the belgian and French a Channel port faring England and toward Paris stood out in German reports 1. And Ance guards Iii North. Pm France Cut through to within 60 Miles of Paris while the main army is w within i of Miles of the French capital. T Paris How exc insisted the germans Al no Point were nearer than Ion mile i 2. Antwerp was entered Tod and the Swastika Flag raised Over the City Hall following yesterday sweep in Belgium which rented Brussels 28 Miles South of Antwerp Mechelene Matues. And Louvain. 3. The last vestiges of dutch resistance on Wal Cheren Aland part of Zeeland province a eliminated As the dutch army commander offered his capitulation while on the islands of Schuur Wen and South Beveland. More than 2,Odo dutch and French were captured. Dash Hill Appal after smashing a 62-Utiie-w id Hole in Northern France in the Mau Beuge Mon Tomedy Region the German army dashed on madly in a Rush for the French capital Tho German High command etched in Stark language the Speed Aud the weight of the drive South of Mau Bege which is about 12u Miles airline Northeast of Pari. It said a South of Mau Benge k Niibu armoured Fortes Pellet rated French Antwerp s fall serious blow to Allied forces Moue Foh fur Portland ore., May 18.�? cd a Oregon democrats recon i mended president Roosevelt for a j third term today but a big portion of the state decided against new Deal created Issue a the i Public distribution of Bonneville i dam Federal Power. He the associated press military men have rated Antwerp As one of the strongest Forth fictions in Europe. But the germans say they have captured it now even More quickly than they did in their 1914 drive through Belgium Berlin declared it fell swiftly today after the Allied line in hoi-1 Gium had to fall Back from the defense of Brussels to preserve i Contact with the battered and un-1 Peri led Allied line in Northern France. Its fall to the germans May prove far More costly to the allies. In this War than it did in the last. First it would give the nazi a new wedge on the North sea coast a the closest they have come yet to the Channel ports from which they might launch an Aerial Blitzkrieg on England. Second Antwerp provided a Strong Anchor for the allies i Northern flank on the Western front and therefore a position of vital importance to their Wii Ole defense Structure. In the world War. German artillery Lei Loose on Antwerp sept. J 28. 1914, in the germans second bid for Victory after the Battle of the Marne had stopped the first. The belgian army began to withdraw on oct. 5 a no twin i standing the arrival of 2,000 British sent by Winston Churchill then first lord of the admiralty i and Kaiser Wilhelm a legions marched into the City oct. 9, in 1935, Antwerp was the worlds ninth busiest port handling 19,000,000 tons of shipping a figure topped in Europe Only by London and Rotterdam. A City of about 275,000 population on the right Bank of the Scheldt Estuary. Antwerp is Belgium a chief commercial City and architecturally one of the finest in Europe. Most noteworthy is its Cathedral of notre Dame which dates from the 14th Century. Spaniards seized Antwerp until then a free government in 157 6. From 1784 to 1814 it was held by the French. In 1815, the Union of Belgium and Holland gave impetus to its Commerce and if a continued to Prosper. It was Given to the belgians in 1859. Oui inned on Page it to americas rap nazi invasion Twenty one republics go on record with official denunciation Montevideo. Uruguay May 18.�? to a the United states and the 20 other american republics i have gone on record with an of final denunciation of nazi tier. Many s invasions of Neutral coun j tries. Uruguay drafted the declare a Tion. It was sent to All the other republics by foreign minister Alberto Guan and last night Chile and Nicaragua sent in unreserved approvals to make it unanimous Montevideo had a Mau in Fht Street manifestation of the country s sentiment when demonstrators marched through the streets last night shouting a Down with nazism. Down with Hitler a several mounted police were Hurt by stores when they nought to disperse the demonstrators. Several shots were fired into the air. A German owned cafe was stoned. In Buenos Aires Al about the same time there was a anti Ai led demonstration. German sympathizer shouted a Down with a Down with Fra four noise bomb were exploded doing negligible damage to the tracks of the British owned Street car company. Police said the demonstrations in the Argentine capital were by i a nationalist elements demanding the resignation of foreign minister Jose Maria Santilo. Who has advocated abandonment of pan american neutrality for Guan said the attitude of the i United states was one of a Munro i served adhesion to the text of the Uruguay protest without amendment or additions. Argentina Paraguay Aud to continued on Page two

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