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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Weather generally fair tonight and i saturday. The High Point Enterprise Oligh Point Tho enter of diversified manufacturing Enterprise vol. 56 no. 158 Mem unit associated pkg amp a High Point pc. Friday afternoon m a 17. 1910 Cumpie Jsck Nea sch ice pm if Fin e cents Berlin claims Lues routed Paris says invaders Only 10o Miles from capital despite puncturing of Maginot line defenders aver situation in hand Berlin urges Belgium to capitulate before nation is destroyed three great Battles raging at Rethel Sedan and in Belgium London May apr Allied troops were reported tonight to have fallen Back along the 115-mile front from Antwerp to Sedan and the British Public was warned that the military situation is Quot extremely Berlin May 17.�?the allies have t Cen routed from Antwerp to Sedan and German optimists had believed impossible i authorized germans claimed today. In London on the contrary the military situation was described As a slightly better but in Paris it was admitted that the germans had driven 30 Miles into France in the Rethel Region Southwest of Sedan Only about too Miles Northeast of Paris these sources asserted the Allied forces were unnerved by Germany Sawe inspiring millions Lordi j Ense a president Roosevelt is a a Stukas dive bombers a and were a in Bown during a forceful moment in his address to a joint hopeless confusion Jession of Congress when he said a we stand ready not Only i for Belgium they spend millions for defense hut to give our services and a our lives for the maintenance of our american Liber he asked for a $1,182,000,0000 National defense pro y said sensible Paris May 17.�?gpi�?adolf hitlers Swift armoured units have driven 30 Miles into France to a Battlefield about too Miles Northeast of Paris but French military spokesman insisted today they considered the situation still a in three great Battles Are raging one in he German bulge toward Paris in the Rethel Region Southwest of Sedan another South of Sedan and the germans Are with Louvain 16 Miles East of the belgian capital the main scene of conflict. A the French High command ski gals mobilizes against invasion threat a snipers protect British troops barricading a Road somewhere in England As for the first time in 900 years great Britain third in Belgium where the mobilizes against the threat of invasion. Britain has in mind particularly Germany dare thrusting toward Brussels Devil Parachute troops and a fifth column sympathizers who May already be in the by Cable from London. Admitted that German Meeh is Only one sensible j k / t Anizell units Hac reached the capitulation before / Clyl. L i too do Region North of Rethel too ram. Behind him sits speaker William b. Bankhead. Jutz Krill enters second week Here is the Dieter of War Iii Europe a it Germany a Blitzkrieg against the by countries goes into its Strond week. In apportionment democratic added by keynote rules Ramsey speech there Choice Brussels is Laid in ruins and the remaining belgian Force annihilated. The High command said its regular communique that i in Northern France the magi-1 q a _ _ i. Not line actually the a Little olo Rulx i Roll Maginot line in that Region a a lined up on Quot was broken through on a Width of too Kilometres 62 Miles a a in the sector extend Miles from Paris but a military spokesman said the a a pocket formed by this drive was being surrounded by French mechanized forces supported by planes. The germans declared the allies had been routed along the whole 115-mile front from Antwerp to Sedan that the Maginot line a apparently meaning its Northwestern sex president recommends Federal financing of armament plants and decommissioning of boats unstinting Praise Given state and Federal administrations it state democratic convention in Raleigh today Budapest May 17.�? up Germany was reported torn South of Mau Beuge 60 t0 be missing whole Divi. Miles airline Northwest of ses a is a troops to me tension a had been pierced Dan to Call Ignant it Carignan la ail motorized forces beyond German expectations about 12 Miles Southeast of 7t�n slovak Frontier of that Belgium a practical Sedan. Hungary and pointed at Ruly is finished Quot or reported i hat in Belgium the mania 140 Miles away. I the up Renth spokesman Aid the Dyl River defense system wan j i advice from Vien Bethel a pocket Quot ran from near so Hoover backs for program chief executive tentatively cancels projected Western Jaunt in june by w. Joynes Macfarlan or moving with record break Raleigh May 17. Speed the democratic state convention adopted a plat-1 n today pledging the party to re apportionment of the Lis lature on thi basis of the 1940 census. Forty years of a a honest democratic government in Irth Carolina and the courage of president Roosevelt to in a unprecedented measures to Stem a the fury of the a res Sion Drew uns tinted Praise today from d. Hiden ram of Asheville key note at the convention. A Mora than 3. Do Democrat i applauding almost every mention j of the Nam of president Roo Celt and c plans to so a and National record of a three Bari turmoil and pierced Olith of was re. So mile Southeast of Brussels and on the Namur front Quot the fortress a Quot i Huish in London. British said that the Allien had fallen a of from some position in the Antwerp to Sedan line through Central Belgium but that the situation a not completely Clear due to the heat of the Haiti. They Ald a rubbish Quot to Herman Contention that Belgium virtually la to Germany thrum into Northern France a been against the so called Little Maginot line fronting on Belgium rather than Isle p Yarov res clash Oneinik d on Page ten ugh Point organization Gam trounced by Greensboro i. Smith Fly o staff it it Are Poi dts Ittia Leigh May it. Lek Between Democrat i at ions m High Point Eneborg xxx a w widened Ovet nor Hoey Laid Victory in the state Campaign based the a to Leader. Cis one for the con one each for Lea gravely of Rocky mount gubernatorial candidate and a raking Smith of Albemarle running for lieutenant governor played alternately before the biennial party com Enion Xix As called to order. The convention stood xxx bile the n. C. State College hand played the Star spangled Banner then the Roll a called. The Rou Sementa then darted. Ramsey is general manager of the Asheville Ituen Timea be Walt in a til r i Convent ional j papers and a Veteran Democrat. Us clash of the two forces. The convention had a record Dele Rooma and hallways j strength of 3,kit. Belgian liner hit by nazis unconfirmed advices a. Credited indirectly to German army officer there a id that All hut the Date had been aet for a lightning March through Hungary. The report plunked the Balkans into new fear. Military observers expressed belief that Germany might Atrik into the rumanian Oil Beld to keep her War machine in the West from running out of Gas. I Mhz uni Man the British broadcasting corporation announced that Rumania had decided to cancel army leave. Rumania is credited with an armed Force of 1,600,000 men and holds a guarantee of British French Aid if she has to fight or her Independence. T Hungary a sated from any Dan it northeastern end to the neighbourhood of Rethel. 30 mile Southwest and then Back to the Sabre River its Northwestern extremity. H Altic i a spectacular Battle continued through to third Day in Northern France where the French said that at least for the moment they a a president declares no no party lines on questions of defense ult new York. May la Herbert Hoover who xxx aged in the White House by president room Evert today cast aside All partisan considerations and wholeheartedly endorsed or. Roo veltus billion Dollar defense program. A eth prudent is Rig had halted the German drive toward Paris. He id in commenting on the a. Sage the president read the German High command a i Congress yesterday ported the Maginot line in Northern France Quot a broken through on a Width of too Kilometre so a 62 Miles in the sector which include Sedan it was Battle of swiftly attacking columns of tanks and armoured cars and the mass us of aviation with no tendency yet to a he Mes before r Dent in former u. S. President Harding beached after air attack tile o in ii lid last. Itt a the de Bruges he acetic he Carolina hotel be result another decisive Ory for the so ii Piti Hoy Lait Pion faction in Greensboro a Erson Alit i Aud issues were same a those of Lite Guilford my convention Beld in Green j v Ihm saturday the Hoyle in in so far an Guilford Olin a toned tied. Dominated the h District meetings and i of n Gale Quot i mid Iii. Ltd to 1 \ of which Byron Haworth. D by identified in any Way i the Quot regular Quot High Point i ii i in lion fade p. Ken Frow xxx Hose name let d by tile Hoyle group to j Nat the High Point enemy was removed from the state Cut to e committee and in his ii or. Haworth High Point Ici Pai court prosecutor was in. Aloni till the exception of Walter Rissman chosen presumably use of his official capacity As ii y vice chairman. Iii ii Point Lucre excluded from his a. A Aii Tim xviii ii finally got under after much mane vering it 10 80 p. In. The state and the nation Are on a sounder basis and Are Richer Ramsey said because of changes brought about by the president and the state s democratic governors. Ile especially lauded governor Hoey and said the governor had Quot loved this state into a Unity of spirit and purpose which it has Nexer known delegates arose stomped applauded and shouted As Ramsey praised past democratic presidents and or. Roosevelt and declared Roosevelt Quot has cast the Mould in which the political Metal of this generation will they also vigorously applauded the statement Quot today we Are buying in North Carolina More civilization with our taxes than at any time in our Long yells and applause punctuated his paragraphs heaping Praise on governor Hoey without railing the governors name until the Climax a i do not know what the future holds in store for him. I do know that in the affections of i the present and in the Calm judgment of the Long future he is eau us scheduled to to in room 501 of tile Carolina of clo a was actually held til n 3 i i xviii u he it i of a Ltd i said Hail imm a ii by be Hampton leu Pati per Aud Ier in lax of c l. Iii it Iti xviii take his place As one of the truly great governors of North Carolina a Clyde Roark the audience Rose cheered applauded. And there were scatter Bandon May n belgian liner Ville formerly the United states liner president Harding has been beached following a German bombing attack on tuesday members of the Crew disclosed on their arrival in London. They said the 13.869-ton liner Xmas heading out from Antwerp xxi the 64 passenger mostly women when an Aerial torpedo burst and killed four member of the Crew. Every passenger was landed safely according to Lames Gibson. 35-year-old Montreal Boatswain. He said they map Shore about 20d Yards away in seven boat. The four crewmen killed were two canadians and two belgians. The Crew of 115 included 62 can indians. The pc i to i was one of eight sold to the Soe Iete maritime anvers ise. A belgian company by the United states line soon after american neutrality regulation barred american ship from most european Waters. A we were near Ostend Quot Gibson said Quot when a single plane came Over about 6 15 a. In. And machine gunned us. Quot we had no gun to defend ourselves. A Al 7 19 a in. Three bombers came Over and dropped one Aerial torpedo which struck. Most of the passengers were in their quarters at Tho time. A we mustered the passengers on a he promenade deck. There was a Little panic amid the shouting of orders but it soon quieted Down. A we xxx Ere thing the belgian the French High command disclosed that the German breaking through in the Sedan Region wednesday had penetrated to Allied Promisee. So was reported Settle into the world War style of recently to have told Allied repro a fixed line. Stat free that so would decide on what to do about any right of Way for Gorman troops when the need a lose a steady Stream of troop trains and columns of High Speed fighting equipment Replete with artillery. Tanks armoured cars held kitchens and truck trains was reported. By Way of Bratislava to be moving into Eastern Slovakia. Slovakia which gained a measure of Independence under German military Protection in the breakup of Gecho Slovakia. Lies across the narrower Eastern Point of Hungary from Northwestern rumanian the Transylvania Sec that oui tense armament should be Rex in the Light of experience this War. A there can be no partisan upon the principle of National de i fens Quot he recommended that prod it Hon be plated in the hand of a staff of tried leaders chosen from j Atsumi Industrial production. In the past Hoover has frequently differed with i successors International policies and a recently As last july declared that president Roosevelt had Washington May 17.�? j <4f>�?Federal Fin Annirse of new armament plants and prompt decommissioning of 3 5 world i War destroyers were pro jetted by president Roosevelt today in discussing government j plans for pressing the new billion Dollar defense program to fulfilment. Do Sam sing re armament at press conference the chief executive disclosed also that i plan for a Western tour in june probably were off and that arrangements for a trip to Hyde Park this week end had been cancelled. While cancellation of the june trip was not definite the Prest bulletins stemmed Vijh vain with the British expedition Abs Lorie in the Trenum Hei Agan flit ant May it.�?4.iv-Brit ish forces have a a a a netted nazi at. Talks in or taxi main area Aud the Road to it it i Sui in mile we a St of a ii main still remains in Allied hands. The British army is holding its a a rations after two of open warfare with Shock battalion. And in xxx ailing to see a which xxx a he German Power concentrated in lie Sedan area in France some he mile airline us tin sooth Xxiii strike. Alai Dent indicated that the govern to Enid a tense Effort he pro Bah prefer to remain in i for the month despite h intention to four the we the period in which ran National Sonve w would Lington earlier during the Republic Tion will be presidential Randi near Rethel at the Point in the1 brought the threats of War closer dispatch six word were consoled to thin country by taking a a seat by thursday hut they had been at the table w Here it into nation a topped. Al Power politic to being play the germans after see saw fighting that lasted throughout the text of Hoover statement last night launched a new attack follows at Dawn today. Quot the president is right that our simultaneously they attacked defense armament should be Lethe British and belgian lines Vised in the Light of experience North of the Sabre. Here six words were censored the German High command reported the capture of Quot the fort continued on Page ten Bon which Hungary Leat in the re Quot at Namur which is on the continued on Page ten continued on Page ten Auto factories ready to manufacture arms Rumania moves to save Oil supplies observers regard measure As new obstacle for Germany by David j. would a in addition to orders Al Detroit. May 17.�? up a Long ready totalling More than 120,-ago surveyed for their production , half of it from the United capacity and treated with �?oeduca-1 states War department and tie j m products the army needs for tonal orders Quot Michigan a Auto remainder from China England i possible wartime use i Bruch a rest. May 17.-�? ply i the rumanian government decreed i today that All Oil companies must j Seal and store in their oxen Reser a oils whatever Quantity of Petro Noi Ninaking i Date tender consideration Iii tile defense discussion or Roosevelt emphasised that Feder j a1 financial participation Iii Industrial expansion and the possibility of decommissioning All the world War destroyers not now in i service were merely under consideration at present along with Many other possible moves. Even should the government i build factories outright and retain ownership of them he a hid it would let them out to Privatt j 1 operators i after the press conference end i de chiarman Harrison a mass a of the Senate finance committee conferred w Ith or. Roosevelt and subsequently told reporters that i financial arrangements necessary i for raising the billion Dollar Oiler a Gem y defense fund might be de i feared until Congress meets in january. The president and Treasury i Secretary Morgenthau w ill Confer i promptly he said on the Money a raising angles. In Lau for locating the a Lions i essential defense Plant More in j t lie Interior of the country or. Roosevelt said Between the Alleghany Ami the Rocky mountains i a were described Al the press conference a being under discussion. Elel. Tank destroyed Mundon. Max 17.�? Ltd i a 1 let Brit la Admiral. Annotto a so tonight that Natal air Date destroyed fuel tank at Sorgaa it put. Clexx up Ixo tank at by Ltd a Vett and fired two More at in Arlen All in the Bergen an a of Norway. Xii the Box Al lit Forte planes rut limed safely the and. Miralta said. taken Herlin Max it by radio i Ivy Bertin radio reported today that 1�?~zjhmi prisoners including two generals xxx Ere captured in fighting Southeast of Sedan Northern France Aib training amps Chicago Max 17. Cpin col. Frank Knox said lie had them authorized by pres i Dent Koo Rovelt to Anit Olliee a project try a group of patriotic americans for the establishment of ramp for the a a add mired training of pilots in military continued on Page ten Mobile factories and the Plant of tool Aud die companies and other industries need Only the Quot go Quot signal to swing into the manufacture of defensive armament on whatever scale the government a dered that it can be accomplished deems necessary. Almost Over night. Many of these Many months of experimental plants while currently maintain Fiance and other european coun the army estimate of its pos trek. Sible requirement was not made the conversion of michigan�?Ts1 Public hut private sources said motor car factories into munitions plants a so Long been con new air plane factory work on aviation engines in several of the motor car company plants has been carried on in preparation for just such air plane production work As May he called for by whatever National defense program is adopted. An enormous development in diesel engine production by general motors corporation is another Factor in the assignment of War orders to the Industry in Michigan. Conservative estimates in ail ing a High level of passenger car and commercial vehicle product that As much As 2.000.000 tons is announced by Auto the decree applied to All pro manufacturer associate Deicers. Refiner and retailers j whether of foreign or rumanian new York. May Ltd a ownership. On the heels of president Roose observers regarded the measure veil a request for a 50,000-plane Cudahy std Laris. May 17. A i v ii huh French new Agency from astern today Aid the belgian government built i moved to that West Coa get Seaside resort hut that United state nil a ador John Cudahy xxx till Mollie other Neutral diplomat., Hail remained Al Brussel the capital. The italian air a a us Ailor the counsellor of the Spani a embassy and the papal Nuncio a Iii Are Al Brussels. The a Geol in and peruvian legation moved xxx till the government. Said flax a. Lion that has stored up a Field As a new obstacle for Germany in Lair Force. Charles Cone of Miami Stock of half a million vehicles also have extended their facilities for possible increased War munitions orders. The huge Ford motor company Plant at. Dearborn covering 1,200 acres in common with All other factories is understood to be ready to go into munitions production As quickly As Taw material can be i nun Uco in fag Atwo cd yells Quot speech Quot though Ramsey a when t he first plane came Over j Thor Itaf in quarters place the delivered. Field artillery Shell had not concluded. J dui we hauled it Down immediate a amount of business that would be casings and a variety of other Oxar j by. No mag xxx up when the bomb j immediately placed in Michigan at materials could a started almost continued on lop ten was upward <4 ,000,000, 3ina Iov Arighi Ai ult Ford Fiauu a her ser tenuous Effot to obtain a j Beach. Fla., announced Here today j promised quota of 1 30.000 Tony that a group headed by Horace k monthly which is less than half Dodge of the Detroit automobile filled on far in 1940. Family planned to open a huge anti aircraft searchlights play plane and engine factory in mowed Over Bucharest last night and port new a. New sirens were tested atop the i Quot things have happened rapidly j rumanian capitals tallest build Ainee the presidents speech yes ing. Ter Day Quot a Aid Cone. Quot we already j military circles said a new Man have our own Landing Field in had been called for every reservist Newport news near the Plant j Given leave from the army Foi building which covers about three j Fani work. The army strength Sill Leat mated Ai Mort Thau i,00u,-i he declined logo into details. Germ \ no m sch into Brussels Berlin May 17.�? Ltd it a German to it hip mar lied into Brussel the belgian capital toward sex oiling Galax after British and French portions South of Lawn Ain had collapsed the Berlin radio announced. Same Oli Sturt a yaks Ville. May Robert in Mcneill. I gubernatorial candidate next Deal policies speech Here today. 17.�? a a a Puhle an of tacked in a Campaign

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