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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 18, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina saturday May 18, 1940 Laynard leads Piedmont hits Richmond leads in team batting Portsmouth in team Fielding Richmond a. May i 8.�? up although Tea inmate j. W. Maynard maintained the official Lead among Piedmont league batters this week Richmonds Bill Prout touched off the chief fireworks by changing out five homers a triple and six singles. First baseman Prout s spree left him at .343, Well outside the a big five but he was tops in runs batted in 31. And nine Home runs put him ahead in that department. Cyril Pfeiffer of Durham skidded 47 Points but wound up with a .386 that was Good enough for second place in the official figures released today by the Howe news Bureau. Next in line were Hank Schluter of Portsmouth. .385 Natisin. Asheville. .37 2, and Sanford Charlotte. .365. Sch m talk i fads hits Schluter also held the Lead in hits with 42 and total bases 7 6. While Sam Gentile of Rocky mount and Amil Brinsky of Winston Salem were tied for the doubles Lead at to. Best in Tea a batting was Richmond. .299, and in team Fielding Portsmouth was Best at .968. Dave Smith of Richmond continued to show the Way to the pitchers with his Mark of six victories and no defeats. More about wave after wave continued from Page one French War ministry spokesman said. Here six words were censored. The French admiralty denied a German communique s assertion that a destroyer had been sunk and a Cruiser damaged by German air planes at the French port of Dunke que. The spokesman said the situation of Northern France was a very serious but not Premier Reynaud. Meanwhile received the principal member of his Cabinet separately in a morning of continuous conferences followed by a meeting of the inner War Cabinet. Defense minister Daladier. After conferring with Reynaud went to the Elysee Palace to Call on president Albert Lebrun then returned for the War Cabinet meeting. Marshal Philippe Petain Allied commander in chief in the world War. Was among those who conferred with the Premier. He recently has returned from his Post As ambassador to Spain. A the great Rush is on the War ministry spokesman said describing renewed mass attacks by tanks and planes in the widening salient Between the Sabre River and Rethel. German tories penetrated into Brussels and occupied Louvain and malines after the British belgian Force withdrew to the West. Allied spokesmen declared the withdrawal was a strategic one Aud accomplished in Good order. The Battle line now stretches from Rethel in France northwestward through the veins and avenues regions to the belgian Border and through Belgium to the West or Seaward Side of Brussels and malines to Antwerp. German Force entered Antwerp today and hoisted their Flag on the City Hall dub. German official news Raeney. Reported Home isolated Points in the regions overrun by the germans like forts around Liege were declared to be holding out. Tho Paris Region where antiaircraft fire was heard during the Day. Remained Calm the nearest Point of the Battle area was still in the 1 Rethel zone about i of Miles a Way. Ill Milfs from i aids authorized sources in Merlin asserted German Advance guards a re within 60 Miles of Paris and the main army within too Miles of the capital a special militia was being formed rapidly throughout Fiance to Cope with possible German Parachute troops and a fifth column or enemy agent activities. A notice was published that military touts henceforth will rec us with ail Law violations and there will lie no Appeal. The inner War Cabinet s session lasted an hour and 20 minutes but no communique was issued. However it was announced Premier Reynaud would address the nation by radio at 7 . I ., est i. French diplomats expressed some concern Over what they termed German activity in Spain but said they had no reports of manifestations or other outwardly alarming developments. In the fever of the fighting the work of the outnumbered Allied air forces Drew particular Praise in War reports which said individual acts of heroism were so Many they could not be enumerated. The Fie in ii War ministry spokesman estimated that at least half of Germany s entire mechanized army was making the drive into Northern France. Two columns of Shock tanks were reported heading the assault a one hammering Al the French lines in the direction of a Esnes and the other said to be the More important thrust aimed at Verona. Asserting that the new attacks were the spokesman Caid it was Only natural thai a some Quot flirt Lier territory had to be ceded under the weight of the assault. There was virtually no activity in the Rethel sector at the Southern extremity of the pocket this informant said. There the German positions Are some too Miles from Paris. Fast of Rethel in the Mont Medy sector several local German attacks have been beaten off be said. Canal builder his Paris May 18. Up a Philippe Qunaun Vai Ilia. The Engineer who at 26 was director general of a French company that agree to dig a canal across Panama died today. More about Oil reserves continued from Page one the belgian capital plunged London deep into gloom. Intensifying the forebodings was the disclosure that dutch and French forces had abandoned the Netherlands islands of Beveland and Wal Cheren in Zeeland province after a heavy bombardment by German planes and artillery. The press made no attempt to hide the Gravity of the situation despite a reassuring bulletin from j British general Headquarters which said that the morale of the troops in Belgium is High and that there was a no question of a collapse or break through on that front despite withdrawals. Not a a irremediable official sources counselled the British Public to keep a Stout hearts and Cool Heads Quot and said that while the situation is grave it is not a Britain has faced tests like this before and can face them again a the Appeal said. A there must however be no illusion about the fact we Are now facing the first stages of the most tremendous Battle in the history of the the War office communique announcing withdrawal of the Allied lines to a Point West of Brussels said merely that a certain adjust-1 ments to the front became necessary a during the night of May 16-17. The withdrawal was said in informed circles to have been ordered to frustrate a German attempt to catch the British forces now operating on the Northern flank of he belgian front in a huge pincer movement. German mechanized forces which have penetrated the Allied lines in the Vicinity of Charleroi some 30 Miles South of Brussels were reported to be fanning out threatening encirclement of British right flank. A 1 More about relaxing continued from Page one increasing the presidents emergency Powers after hearing test i Mony by Navy department expert As to a bottlenecks and test things he said that whenever the president declared a a National emergency to exist the chief executive and the Secretary of the Navy should be Able to do these things now probe cited by Law i. Make advances on naval contracts up to so per cent before Start of work or up to too per cent before completion to finance j contractor. 2 remove present requirements for competitive bidding on naval contracts including aircraft. 3. Suspend present wage and hour standards of the Walsh Healy act when these were found to he a prejudicial a to National defense. 4. Suspend Federal profit Lim rations of to and 12 per cent on contracts of $25,000, or less. The present limit is $10,000. 5. Permit the Navy department i to make allowances for Plant expansion costs on Navy contracts. J these costs now Are subject also to Treasury department approval. 6. Remove present work period limits of 40 hours weekly and 8 hours a Day. With s provision for overtime payment St a rate of a time and this would i apply to government naval workers j or those on government contracts and would set up a maximum i of 48 hours subject to increase by presidential order. A a action and action now was i the a phrased slogan As Congress Cut through More legislative pre a luminaries toward the objective of having the extraordinary $1,182.-000.000 defense program ready for i Senate and House approval next week a Senate subcommittee set the j Pace voting quickly in favor of $647,648,994 in extra army approx privations recommended in presi Dent Roosevelt s defense message and then adding an additional a requested $50,000,000 for More regular troops. Cover whole Field plans were being simultaneously drafted elsewhere to cover the whole sphere of military Effort from Large scale expansion of aircraft and munitions industries to the training of pilots. I de by former president Herbert Hoover and Alfred m. Landen. 1936 presidential nominee key Republican figures backed the administration in putting defense needs Foremost. There was conjectures in some quarters As to whether a bipartisan coalition might be in the offing. This speculation was spurred by an invitation to Landon to lunch with president Roosevelt at the White House wednesday. There was a deterrent however in London charge that the administration had been Quot tragically later in assuring preparedness. Interest likewise attached to the announcement of col. Frank Knox Republican vice presidential nominee in 1936, that or. Roosevelt had authorized him to disclose plans for a a Plattsburgh of the air a an idea conceived and hacked by a group of patriotic citizens. This project envisions a series of training Camps to produce thousands of military fliers. The Senate military appropriations subcommittee which acted on some of or. Roosevelt a special defense recommendations yesterday met again to add another $132,000,000 to the army Hill. This additional sum would represent the army a share of the $200,000,000 fund which the president requested Congress thursday to place at his personal disposal. The subcommittee worked at such a Pace yesterday that this item was overlooked and today a session was to remedy the omission. One of the first Steps toward expanding the nations Industrial resources to meet preparedness demands was the calling of a meeting of american aircraft manufacturers Here monday. The subject for discussion was increasing warplane production to 50, aunt ally. Music project to present programs during next week several recitals arranged for presentation during Community week special programs have Beed planned by the music project under the professional and service division of the spa for High Point next week in conjunction with the Observance of Community week. The Public is invited to attend these recitals the first of which will be presented monday Mary 20. At 2 30 of clock at the y. W. C. A. On North main Street. On May 21 and 22 from 3 to 4 of clock at 1001 Lindsay Street. Regular class work and text books will be presented for the visitors. On May 23 there will he a music recital at Blair Park club room the South main Community Center at 8 p. Rn., sponsored by juvenile judge w. F. Bailey As this is a City recreational juvenile project and with the cooperation of the Carolina music company. Friday night at 8 of clock in Central friends Church Annex on South main Street a music recital will be presented with Rev. Cecil Haworth As sponsor. There will be action songs in costume musical play lets and glee club members la the Best classics and also the popular hits of the Day at the recitals. These programs Are under the direction of i miss Laura Elsie Gates proves i signal music teacher. Children under five years of age will not be i admitted. More about last vestiges continued from Page one Frontier fortifications dispersed two enemy divisions and pursued the retreating enemy beyond the upper Sabre River in a southward direction As far As the upper Oise River. A infantry divisions Are now closely following up in tremendous marches. Many prisoners among the Defeated French troops were made and Large supplies South of there South of Sedan in the Region where the main Maggot line has its Western Anchorage. The High command said a we gained ground in a southerly the entry into Antwerp important and heavily fortified port at the Northern end of the Allied lines was reined by the German official news Agency St almost the same time As the High command communique reviewing yesterdays developments had Anontine red a we succeeded in breaking into j the outer ring of the Antwerp i fortresses at two in asses inflict we a belgian communique said belgian troops a in Antwerp prov Tince especially inflicted heavy i losses on the germans. British and i French spokesmen said the with i drawl in Central Belgium followed plan and was made Neces sary because of development in the South leaning up resistance in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands Northwest of Antwerp and i seizure of Antwerp will enable i the germans to aim for Channel bases facing England and to seek to turn the Allied flank downward j toward Paris. The High command reported i that newly seized dutch coastal i batteries already had been manned and parts of the dutch Navy taken Over. Besides claiming tremendous successes for the German air Force in attacks on a dense columns it the allies retreating in Belgium and France the High command said Germany lost Only 26 air planes while the enemy lost 108 yesterday. It charged that enemy air attacks directed mainly at Hamburg. Bremen and Western Germany affected Only non military objectives except for one military Barrack. And called special attention a to this fact in View of subsequent dub asserted 29 civilians were killed and 51 injured in a raid during the night on Hamburg. Germans who reported their forces to be within 60 Miles or Paris declined to reveal the exact location of the Advance units but it was apparent from a study of the War map that they must be around reims and St. Quentin France. They were encouraged by the Allied Generalissimo Maurice Gustave Gamelin a order of the Day calling on French soldiers to a conquer or die in the desperate Battle to halt the germans. The German sources described it As a exceedingly earlier authorized commentators had said the German forces had broken in two tile Allied front reaching from North Belgium As far As Charlevill and sedum France. Germany also was said to have captured the belgian cities of Louvain and Micheln malines and to have entered the belgian capital Brussels dutch forces in the Zeeland area in Southern Holland has capitulated it was further claimed. The High command communique said Over 2.000 dutch and French prisoners were captured on the islands of Echo Owen and Houton Beveland. Much Booty also was obtained in Zeeland it was said. The headlong Rush for pans made military observers speculate whether after All fuehrer Hitler was attempting to carry out the classic plan of Graf von Schlieffer a a wide flanking move on Paris a to the letter. Short to As Mobile As German general staff plans have been throughout the conjecture seems justified that Hitler is taking a Short Cut to the heart of France without waiting for the Light flank of his army to envelop retiring forces. In fact u Skeines to observers More about suffering continued from Page one spurting from the stump of his Arm. A baby huddled in the Corner of the station kept wailing a mama bombs destroyed the hotel which for a week had been my Headquarters Between trips to the front. Everything i had including a typewriter and a steel Trench helmet issued by the american embassy was lost. I prevailed on a terror stricken boy on a bicycle to repair my wheel. Philip and i started out again for Paris. As we left a Squadron of at least 30 planes was bombing and machine gunning behind us. We saw billowing Clouds of smoke rising from burning towns and villages As we peddled Sev. Eral Miles to the next halting place. From every Hill unbroken columns of refugees could be seen winding Down to the main Highway. Nazi planes were flying everywhere singly and in squadrons up to 30. Time and time again we ducked from our bicycles and flopped in the ditches alongside the roads to hide. Town criers went through villages ringing great Bells and warning everyone to be on the move within an hour. We reached a Little town on the main railway line to Paris just before Nightfall too tired to do anything but wait for a train. It never came. I finally left by car driving a family of refugees and taking the place of a 76-year-old woman because there was nobody else who could drive and there was a Mother and five children in the car with room for Only one Mort. The old lady gave us a tearful smile As we left her behind. Quot it s the Only thing a she explained. Quot my husband and son were killed in the other War. I am All alone and done to Admiral against America s entry support treaty of peace that will discourage War As National policy Newport. I., May 18.�? pm rear Admiral Harry e. Yarnell u. S. N., retired declared today that America should keep out of War until she is assured that her men and Money a will be spent to a far better end than in 1918.�?� a the people of this country Quot he said in a prepared address before the graduating class of the naval War College a Are still painfully aware of the result of the last world War. When we sent two million men abroad and spent thirty or More billions of dollars to make the world Safe for democracy then at the end witnessed a relapse of the High ideals and a resumption of the old selfish nationalistic policies that planted the seeds of future War no Assurance a Why should we spend our blood and treasure until there is Assurance that they will be spent to a far better end than in 1918? Quot do not enter the War to assist any he admonished a until that nation unreservedly pledges itself to support a treaty of peace that will be fair to All and will be of some value in discouraging in the future the use of War As an instrument of National More about italians f 41 la to d from a ure one Slavia. As Well As Turkey Are partners in the Balkan entente. Possibly connected with the Balkan mane vering was the report of a Stockholm newspaper the tid Ningen under a Moscow dateline of rumours in the soviet capital that Russia had made representations to Berlin in the interest of preserving yugoslav neutrality. The rumours lacked official confirmation hut part of it was that a yugoslav representative paid a j visit yesterday to the Moscow foreign commissar thereafter it was reported the Kremlin dispatched it note i to Berlin. It was even rumoured that a second note went to Germany hut what it concerned was a mystery. Goebbels Suez canal Stock attached by French Paris May 18.�? up a a civil tribunal today attached too shares of Stock in the Suez canal which court authorities said belong to German propaganda minister Paul Joseph Goebbels the Suez canal company is a Stock company with most of the shares in French and British hands the authorities added that All coupons up to the present had been cashed and the Money deposited to Goebbels account in a Luxembourg Bank Raleigh news and observer prints 240-Page edition Raleigh May 18. A Ltd the biggest newspaper Ever published in North Carolina a 240 pages a was brought out by the Raleigh news to observer today. It was its 75th anniversary edition. Publisher Josephus Daniels United states ambassador to Mexico came Here for the occasion and to attend the state democratic convention. People need Roosevelt Tokes says politicians following people not leading them new York May 18.�? up a Secretary i ekes declared today the continuance of president Roosevelt in office is a necessary to give a free people National Unity at a time of grave crisis a and a to per Mai the new deals concept of social and economic Justice to become an accepted part of our american speaking before the amalgamated clothing workers of America at the worlds fair on the occasion of their 25th anniversary Ickes said in a prepared speech that the people Are looking to president Roosevelt for continued leadership a and will not be denied because they have the rights the right of democracy to choose their people Foremost a it is the people regardless of party and not the politicians who constitute the movement to continue president Roosevelt at the Helm of the ship of state a jokes said the politicians some of them belatedly May think that they Are doing the leading but regardless of their place in the procession they Are Only following the Ickes declared that a Baa these people express it or. Roosevelt at the present juncture of affairs is the greatest unifying Force of the nation today and the unifying Force which he represents is the country a greatest need today As we see the uncertainties and perhaps even the terrors of a social revolution that is shaking the Cotton week to be observed in state Hoey urges North carolinians to join Celebration Raleigh May pm the current Observance of National Cotton week has Quot overshadowing importance so far As it relates to the economic condition of the governor Hoey said today in urging North carolinians to join in the Celebration. A practically one tenth of the nations population is dependent upon Cotton for livelihood and Many More Are indirectly affected by the Price of Cotton which must necessarily be regulated in a Large measure by the amount consumed a the governor said. A at this time there is a Domestic surplus of More than 13.000,000 Bales of Cotton and world conditions furnish a continuous threat to the nations Export markets for Cotton which endangers the future of this great National agriculture Industry and involves the Prosperity of millions of merchants. Effective Means a Cotton week has proved to be a most effective Means of calling attention of the buying Public to Cotton goods or materials in which Cotton is used and this is resulting in an increased Domestic con suction of Cotton products. During this National Cotton week More than 100,000 retail merchants from coast to coast will exert themselves to increase the Sale of Cotton products and i therefore urge All the people of North Carolina to join very fully and heartily in this United Effort and to make the Observance of Cotton week a real event in North lumber company files suit with clerk of court Snow lumber company Toda filed suit with the clerk of municipal court against r. B. Jor Dan jr., of it. Gilead in Whie it is alleged that the plaintiff o june 29, 1939, delivered to the defendant lumber and building supplies in the amount of $215.48 the defendant has failed an refused to make payment it further alleged and the plaints asks the sum of $216.48 and in Terest from june 29, 1939, a costs of the action. Durham policeman s body is recovered from River new Bern. May 18. A he body of t. H. Holloway Dur Ham policeman who was drown Neuse River 18 Miles Belo new Bern last monday was re covered this morning and Brough Here to be prepared for burial an shipment to Durham search was continued for hoi Loway a two companions w. A Croom Durham safety Directo and policeman bus Maline b lived drowned while on a fishing trip with Holloway Holloway a body floated Ashor during the night at the Cherr Point fishing Camp where the three men were staying. South african coast mined by German Navy Berlin May 18.�? a German naval units have mined South african ports the High command announced today. The disclosure was made in a terse communique which said a units of the German Navy have Laid mines before South african ports which Are serving a bases for enemy naval High St Hool a Mas it ois t Dosen Kernersville. May 18 a Jeanette Cook daughter of or. And or Ralph Cook and James t. Justice Iii it on of or. And mrs. James Justice have been chosen As mascots of the 194 0 graduating class of the Kernersville High i school. Churchill s regime seeks soviet favor improvement of relations Between nations undertaken London May 18.�? up a Wina ton Church helps new win the War government was said by a reliable source today to be seeking a a new and More Friendly approach to improvement of relation with soviet Russia. Inclusion of the labor and Liberal parties in the new Cabinet wag said to have paved the Way for abandonment of the so called a stiff necked attitude toward the u. S. S. R., credited to former prime minister Chamberlain and most of his conservative regime. A softening of press attacks already has been noted. Russian ambassador Ivan Mai sky saw lord Halifax foreign order 12-hour work Day for French air Industry Paris. May 18. A up a t French government striving t combat Germany a admitted a priority in the air on the Wester Battlefront today ordered a i hour work Day for All aviation i dairies effective at once. A decree by the air mints said that a because of the prese circumstances a i i Industry working directly or indirectly aviation orders must not Only Sta work ing 12 hours a Day but us Days and holidays As Well. Some air industries up tint now have been working a 10-Ho six Day week. Belgian forces at Namur still holding out nazis Paris. May 18.�? up a the b Gian forces at Namur Are St holding out havas. French be Quot Agency reported today in a d Patch from a somewhere in b King Leopold was reported have gent the City defender message calling on them to a or Slat to the end for the Fath Secretary on thursday and it understood they discussed or Lent raised by British Contrata control a principally delays shipping and How to shorten thei More about americans continued Dom Page one Lomita. Who with All the other american republics Are cooperating in the neutrality system instituted by the Panama pan Amert can conference withdrew minor a objections to the Uruguay Dedara-1 lion. Panama meantime began a checkup on All foreigners listed in the recent census. The move j ordered by Secretary of Justice Leopold Arosemena was one to head off possible subversive Active i ties. Here that the right flank of the j German army was being used to i Cut off the British forces from seaports and thus make their return to England impossible. This gave Rise to rumours that Hitler before beginning a threatened bombardment of the British Isles would first try to occupy the belgian and Northern French coasts and then ask the British to capitulate. Men who usually know something of Hitler mind freely gave expression to this theory. Meanwhile the possibility of Italy sentry into the War loomed bigger than Ever. Hail Megerle Germany s a Zvir Ginio Gayda a said today in an editorial in the Boersen Zeitung under the caption a a unbearable that a the government of the people of Italy Are Al the end of their Virginio Gayda is the editorial spokesman of Premier Mussolini Megerle a article was described by authorized sources As a Well new Stam meanwhile authorized German sources said they expected the allies would make a new stand along the line from Lille to Antwerp in in Effort to prevent the germans from reaching the belgian coast. From there the nazis could launch a destructive air attack against England they said As Well As Harry British lines of Supply to the expeditionary forces in France and Belgium. Authorized sources said the latest military developments in Belgium included the capture of the cities of i Louvain and Muehlen malines and an Advance on Antwerp where the Northern forts of the City were reported reached. It was reiterated that German troops were entering Brussels As announced by the German High command last night. Antwerp apparently had been approached on two sides from the South through malines and from the Northeast by forces coming through the Netherlands. Along the Southern tip of the front the Little Maginot line was pierced Between Mau Bege and Carrignan and Southeast of Sedan a distance of too Kilometres about 62 Miles the germans claimed. French armoured Force attempting to Check the German Advance were reported Defeated with the French retreating Westward pursued by the nazi air Force. One German regiment was credited with capturing 12,000 French a including two Lamar xxx / a a Capi. L a Rickenbacker emerged rom the world War a America a of a being credit with bringing Down no 1� than 26 Onomy plan. Today a in president and Genera manager Al Eastern air in. New York and president it the Indianapolis motor Speedway corporation. Tells flow to develop flees when capt. Rickenbacker tells your Carrier boy what it takes to get ahead in the great aviation Industry it is a timely message every ambitious lad can read with profit. For Eddie Rickenbacker is a Quot self made Man Odio had to make his own Way from the time he was 12. Today As the head of great enterprises where Speed service reliability and team work Are demanded in highest degree he is eminently fitted to Point out the qualities which help Young men succeed. He says that the Young Man who seeks a career As an air transport Pilot or in other branches of aviation must be healthy Alert intelligent clean living fast thinking and trained to the Point of almost instant coordination of mind and muscle. He adds Quot i believe strongly in the character building mind training stimulus Given to youths who have such constructive work to do As serving their own newspaper thus capt. Rickenbacker joins the Long list of distinguished americans who heartily endorse newspaper route work As an excellent spare time training school for a teen age lads who aspire to become Quot aces in the streamlined world of tomorrow. Copyright 1940 by the we to her boy of America Ine. . 2 of a series what it takes to develop leaders the High Point Enterprise ufos lf9 it son a of Carrier a and eager to get the finest possible preparation for Success to Lite during his spar hours advise Bim to ask our circulation department about the next rout opening in your neighbourhood

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