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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 18, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page pout the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Cente High Point North Carolina saturday May 18, 1910 Ign Point Enterprise published Stern sons and sunday mornings t. P. Rawley publisher 91s-1&37 b. Terry president a. Rawley Sec y and tres. My fat a. Cecil Gen. Mgr pus m. Waynick editor subscription rate8 daily and sunday by Candler in High Point and nearby towns a Ive months. Months. I be months a a month on r week. Lutted to collect tor More than one Eek in Advance Carriere to its or a a Ltd a a a la Ejli Fox a period of More than me Weess a ii Beer it Ion for a longer period i ment should be made direct to once. Asmir lated press is Axcius Lyciy de to the use for republication of a Uva dispatches credited to it or not of. B credited in this paper and also the. U news published then i member of audit Bureau of circulation _ n sered is Quot Quot Quot second c ass matter at the toll in in High cih2 1 of Congress of March 8. Ltd _ National adv representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New Yolk Cit saturday May 18, 1940._ cd Junu Qeti and if thou Wilt a Vatu in my Way keep mgt it Tatum it Quot it no it Enta As thy father David did walk to i will lengthen. Thy. Days. Re a 3 11. A obedience is the Kotlier of Success i is wedded to gaiety. A Aeschylus. K interest in ropes War rom the files of a decade ago Are being exhumed the writ sgt on air developments in War re by the late on. Mitchell e record and present happen is support Mitchell As a keen server and accurate Prophet Ith the president demanding a ,000 annual warplane capacity american plants while lit Sci arts at the vestigial evidences european civilization from e air Mitchells predictions Are Ming True hourly with amazing Curacy. But it is not the plane alone at is speeding up the present a to a new Pace record. Other mechanized weapons appear of most equal importance. The Obile fortresses impervious to j gunfire except the Mast pending that Are plunging ahead rough France Are among them hey Are being met it is True possibly equally powerful a ored tanks but that advantage the air conceded to Germany telling a tragic tale of Allied feat. The allies have had some months to get ready for the German push. Revealed to the orid now is the fact mat they id not take with quite enough seriousness the necessity for the a most Effort to equalize armament. Of the German conqueror not stopped he w ill have prov the Inadequacy of the historic dependence on Navy and infantry if he is stopped it will he at heavy Cost for failure of the Hies to keep step w Ith Germany in the modernization of their rms. Should the United states throw ii with the allies As in 1917? Side from the question of whether the people would be w ill us there is another glaring ques Ion As to whether entry would be effective. The sentiment is family eneral that it is too late for this country to be of great Force in his War. The Best that those who grave danger to our Way of the in what is happening in Europe can propose is rapid preparation for defense of this Side of the Earth from the spread of dictatorship. We have made commitments which March with our interests that we would he helpless to Hon or with Force under existing con lotions. What could we do Etc Fec Avely against invasion of Canada it a some other British Possession r the Western world How elective would be oui defense of the Monroe doctrine against an ill powerful european War lord looking this Way for help to pay a or the european War mow Ould we defend our outlying merest in the Pacific or elsewhere against a Force which recognizes to right save might in the event England and France were Erush it i and their navies and air Power confiscated the presidents Call for armament gives official Sanction to popular fear and while our factories Are seeded up to fill Allied orders for planes and other implements of War the nation Wall be getting the Benefit of one kind of preparedness for which the allies pay. That a a Small net gain in a generally gloomy affair. The key noting Ani the Keynoter there was no shortage of Praise for the a great party of a cock a get Altera in d. Hiden Ramsay a keynote speech to the state democratic convention yesterday but the address was better phrased than most and contained what we regard As a maximum of challenging suggestions for the future to be expected in utterances of the sort. As we anticipated the Asheville newspaper Man did a swell Job. We give it first place among the key noting efforts of our recollection in the state conventions. The keynote speeches Are Long at the Best. We might not string along with one observer of the Raleigh scene who expressed the opinion than ten minutes of talk and the Extension of the remarks in the record should be the Norm but key noting is wearying by Long. Perhaps it has to be. Oversight of some important person or thing in the pointing with Pride would be noted and resented. We will add respecting or. Ramsay a performance that he held his audience and pleased it far better than the usual Keynoter. We think that praises both the speaker and the audience. Incidentally the fact that the party has left Zeb Vance with the Ages and has begun to Stop the backward glance at Aycocks time has helped some. New Road would constitute less than two lanes of Highway across the continent but if War is to remain an instrument of National policy the time May come when we will regret the delay in building a real system of great highways Over which armed forces could move As they move today in Germany. At times it is difficult to defend a democracy against the totalitarian charge of inefficiency. An urgent need in the state North Carolina must make More nearly adequate provisions for institutional care and treatment of the feeble minded. The institution at Kinston is full and has More petitioners for admittance now than it has patients. We understand that about 1,200 children who tragically Are eligible for the institution cannot be taken. Whether another Hospital of the Kinston Type should be erected in the Western pail of the state or the existing institution should be increased is debatable. We incline to the opinion that the Kinston one should be enlarged but possibly not to a capacity adequate for the need. Surely on one score there can be Little debate that is on the proposition that the state should compensate this need and do it promptly. The greatest Boon would be the coming of the Day when the percentage of the people needing such care would drop to a negligible figure. But the state cannot await that Day. It must take care of this terrible need of care for Little ones marred somehow in the potters hands. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people the first Day of november 1909, was important to a boy named Walter grist in Milwaukee. Wisconsin. On that Day he got a Job As errand boy in the saw Mill engineering department of the Allis Chalmers manufacturing company. He was delighted. Elated a real Job. Money every saturday. He worked hard and after a time was advanced to tracer then he became a craftsman then a designer. Step by step he went up. He was made Engineer in charge of Power transmission when he was Only 31 years old. That was achievement swell but there was a catch to it. He had gone As far As he could in his department. How Many people have experienced that Well that misfortune was responsible for his becoming a famous and prosperous Man. He realized that if he wished to Advance he would have to do something new in the Power transmission Field something that s never been done. So he made a Survey of the possibilities and finally decided on the thing that seemed to him was the least efficient and most unsatisfactory drive in the Power transmission Field. This is what is called a the Short Center the a a drives in use jerked or slipped and when applied to textile machines Tore fragile threads. Instead of trying to talk his company into paying him More Money he started in to help the company by finding a better a Short Center there was no one in the we orld he could go to for help for such a Job had never Boon done before. He had to do it himself. So he rolled up his sleeves and went into the factory worked late at night. Sundays. His friends kidded him. They said he had a Good Job. Top Man in his department so Why Stew around about something that could t tie done. But he stewed anyway. He stewed two years and developed what is known As the Tex rope a Belt drive Quot which started and stopped smoothly eliminated jerking absorbed shocks. It had never been in the world until he put it there. Did the company promote him then of course it did it could hardly wait to promote him. No asking now. He was made assistant manager of the entire milling department. Last year 1939, the Board of directors elected him a vice president of the Allis Chalmers co., which makes a greater diversity of products than any other capital goods manufacturer in the world with the exception of Krupp in Germany. The National association of manufacturers Are going to give him their special award As one of the country a modern Walter Geist did a most Wise thing. When he found he had got As far As he could in his department he set out to add something new something that would help it. You can follow his principle. When you be advanced As far As you can. Then do something new and helpful something the company s never had. You wont have to ask for a Job then. It la ask for you. One Means of National defense strangely enough no great portion of the billions spent to provide employment during the past seven years has gone to building roads in the United states. Mole than a Century ago when England had a somewhat similar break in Normal employment work on the Public roads was almost the Only Civ a pm a and spa of the times. Relatively a pittance from the great appropriations has been doled out to the highly organized and technically Well staffed Road building forces of the nation. Now with preparedness demands on the government being met with huge new allotments there is some danger that Road appropriations at Washington May be Cut still further. Are we overlooking the significance of the net work of heavy duty roads Hitler built during that same term of years. The German dictator did not Overlook the importance of having Frontier connected with Frontier by a Road system Over which a mechanized military Power could move expeditiously. In this nation of ours a nation of truly magnificent distances hitlers 5,000 Miles of in they had used want ads wanted new worlds to conquer. Alexander Box 336, Macedonia. Investment Opportunity want to borrow about $20,000 for six months. C. Columbus. Care s. S. Santa Maria. Musical instruments fiddle for Sale slightly damaged by fire. Nero Rome. Shipping notice hereafter tide cease Between 6 a. In. And noon tuesdays thursdays and fridays. Canute arbiter of disputes. Literary work speeches written for All occasions. See Patrick Henry Richmond a. Best method Brown a do you expect to help your wife with her housecleaning this Spring Quot Blue a yes. I expect to stay out of her Secretary Edison compares this defense business to a poker game. That flush then will not be in a High hand but on Uncle same a face As he is told his army and Navy Are a bit under Par. The coast guard finds no icebergs in tile Atlantic this season leaving it to be assumed they have All fallen prey to a boats. On the March i. A Tamera lamp feb it a. A a a of. Vyv it a % aft ,.v. A a. A a soy. Try in. Ii is i a a a a by r a Atit %. In j if i i u in l n i or i Irv int a j in h u Iii 1l ii it capital Short shots Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henry Averill Raleigh. May 18.�?cp>�?Raleigh s biggest democratic convention crowd a unless the violent 1928 gathering exceeded it a was thoroughly orderly and the convention itself was a Model in Harmony and decorum. There was obviously plenty of enthusiasm for president Roosevelt but even for s name was cheered without any wild demonstrations. Lina and it will be All right a or. Silverthor. Rejoined the Rocky mount High school band resplendent in Scarlet and Gray uniforms each member proudly wearing a a gravely for governor ribbon just about stole the show shortly before the convention opened. The musicians paraded Down Fayetteville Street to the memorial auditorium went right on in. Sat Down in front seats and proceeded to serenade the incoming delegates. We Hen told they would have to leave so that delegates could have the seats assigned to them the Bondsmen calmly ignored the order until they had finished what they started. Badges ribbons and Campaign cards were a drug on the Market. You could get yourself All covered up with badges in almost no time at All. All the gubernatorial candidates had ribbons or badges or cards or ail of them. In addition your reporter collected cards for Erskine Smith for lieutenant governor. William b. Oliver for state insurance commissioner w. Kerr Scott for commissioner of agriculture Charles w. Miller for state auditor. Thad Eure for Secretary of state William r. Rand for Wake county auditor Arthur b. Corey for state Senate from Pitt and rom Mie f. Simmons for House from Forsyth and Oscar Barker for Congress from the sixth District. This was done without any Effort they were practically thrust upon the reporter. Bottons and noise at a state convention May mean Little or nothing with regard to sentiment in the gubernatorial race but there a no getting from the fact that on the surface the Friday gathering w As largely composed of j. M. Broughton boosters. One county chairman in whom this reporter has great Confidence told your reporter he was amazed at the big preponderance of Broughton sentiment among county chairmen from All Over the state. That was just one Angle however. Partisans of All the leading candidates found something to brag about As indicating that their favourites Are in the Lead. C. Wayland Spruill candidate for commissioner of agriculture had Campaign canes distributed. A Loyal supporter of commissioner Kerr Scott scoffed a a Man must be very weak in the head or in the Knees one to carry a Cane. Judge Walter a. Siler of Chatham county was ousted from the place of fourth District representative on the convention platform committee a Post he has held for years and years. The fourth s caucus was controlled by Broughton supporters by a big majority and the Veteran judge went out because he is so closely identified with the Horton Campaign and because he has been identified with the gamer or anti third term movement. There was no question that the Roosevelt ribbons predominated. Some wore Roosevelt and Broughton ribbons. Some Roosevelt and Maxwell others Roosevelt and Horton but almost every be badged person had Roosevelt in the combination. Your reporter heard More favourable comment on the keynote address of Hiden Ramsey than upon any similar speech in years. The Asheville newspaper executive really a went to Brevi ties its now or never for the nazis while All the allies have to do is to stabilize the situation in the army phrase Short of defeat. A James a. Moffett american Oil Man. Country boys get almost All the hiking they want behind a Wheeler Mcmillen farm journalist on Extension of boy scouting in country districts. Only Man on the convention stage in White summer clothes was state auditor George Ross Pou. He parked himself squarely in the Center where he could t possibly be missed by any Eye. He has opposition in the primary. We were taken for a ride on that and i am perfectly willing to admit administrator Harrington on criticism of the building of a Del mar calif., Racetrack. Alfred Oliver age 18, was advertised on the cards of his father we. B. Oliver a candidate for insurance commissioner As a smallest Campaign manager in he is a midget certainly not More than a Yard tall. All i can say is Trust in the future behold your traditions. Long live the fatherland a general Winkelman Netherlands commander in chief on surrendering. Should men of 50 fight our wars americans first great War. The revolution was won by men up to sixty. But in the civil War the age limits for military service ranged from Twenty to forty five. The draft Law of 1918 expanded the limits on the Side of youth to eighteen years of age. This Law assumed i that a Stripling of eighteen is better prepared to defend his country than a vigorous adult past the forty five year Mark and 2 that the country can better afford to lose a youth on the Battlefield than a mature adult. The March of events since the civil War has made the fallacy of both these assumptions More and More apparent. Our falling birth rate and cessation of immigration have put on youth the Premium of Scarcity. The mechanization of Modem War has proceeded to a Point where the qualities of Middle age mechanical training general experience and Calm judgment Are More important than the extraordinary physical endurance and the reckless courage of youth. There is no longer any Good reason a if Ever such reason existed Why the third of our population Between forty and sixty should not share equally the Burden of w a with the third Between Twenty and forty. On the Side of humanitarianism or sentiment if you will there Are other reasons for sparing the Young. A tragedy of the last War was the loss of so Many Able talented Young men. But the overpowering by decisive reason Why we must Amend our draft system Springs from the brutal facts of our population trends. We simply cannot afford from the standpoint of National survival to toss away several Hundred thousand Young men in a War. Modern War can. In the main by fought about As Well by the fathers and grandfathers or a gaffers a As by prospective fathers. War is subject to the same underlying technical changes that apply in Industry and agriculture. The machine is saving labor on the Battlefield As in factory and Field. As War becomes increasingly mechanized a and i have followed t the course of change from chateau Thierry to Spain a less and less emphasis is placed on a soldiers brawn More and More on his brain. Instead of marching to War today s Soldier rides to w a on wheels. It was a Middle aged army that held off the germans in the first Battle of Ypres. Frequently in tight spots i have seen older men become rallying Points for Young troops on the verge of panic. Mature men in their fifties and sixties Pilot our crack railway trains. Railroad work is hard exacting and Calls for highly skilled experts. Today men of fifty or even sixty Are younger than men of forty were a generation . William a Donovan world War commander of the a fighting 69th,&Quot in this week new York. We protest that our colleges should not to mirrors to reflect contemporary society that they should be torches to Light and Lead . Robert i. Gannon president of Fordham University your reporter encountered Sam Blount Jovial former representative from Beaufort county in company with s. M. Silverthor also from Beaufort. A an item that would be read with great interest in Washington is that or. Silverthor has been looking for governor Glenn for three hours. He says he a met All the rest of the politicians and is anxious to see governor Glenn a quoth Sam. A just add that Sam Blount is the biggest liar in Eastern North Caro Hitler brought Germany to reason and thereby made us Ley head of the German labor front. There Are those among us who remember the War in Norway. To those just coming in the plot is the same Only the locale being changed. The development of our foreign Trade As Well As the continued improvement of our National defense both demand a civil air Fleet second to t. Trippe president pan american airways. Just As bad Money will drive out Good Money so intolerance bad tolerance a will drive out tolerance if we do not fight for it. A Hendrik Van Loon dutch born author. Coming Back to America is like returning to an adolescent country which has not yet reached the spiritual maturity that comes from much suffering and disappointment. A Rev. Roswell p. Barnes new York. Bruce Cotton in Washington Story of death insanity told in Rayon report Washington. May 18.�?an Arr aging and gruesome Story of illness insanity and death suffered for work ers in the Viscose Ray on Industry because of poisonous fume inhaled while on the Job is told in a report just published by the department of la Bor. The report a drawn up by or Alice Hamilton under the direction out Verne a. Zimmer director of the Divi Sion of labor stand Bruce Cotton aids after an invest ligation which began two years ago. It asserts that two chemicals use in certain Steps of the Industry Carbon Disulphide and Hydrogen Sulphide give off fumes of terrible potentialities. Some workers dropped dead at their jobs. Others went insane. Stil others were Laid up by severe digestive disturbances or suffered Sharp impairments of sight or hearing. During the investigation the effects these fumes could have was called to the attention of leaders in the Industry and preventive measures arc now being taken in Many plants. One firm is understood to be spending almost a million dollars to make its factories one of the largest manufacturer installed adequate ventilating and other protective equipment a year and a half ago. And has had no trouble. Union complaints reveal trouble the matter first came to the labor de palamento a attention through complaints from local officers of the textile workers Union. In a Southern City these Union officers had noticed that in one Viscose Rayon Plant four workers had dropped dead while at work during one year. In Pennsylvania they had discovered that an unusual number of workers had been committed to insane asylums. Members told of fellow workers who grew Moody and irritable complained of nightmares and finally had to be taken into custody after fits of wild. Homicidal anger. Herbert Payne head of the Viscose Rayon Section of the Union brought these complaints to the department and asked for an investigation. The problem was handed to or. Hamilton. She studied factories in Massachusetts. Rhode Island Connecticut new York Pennsylvania Ohio Virginia West Virginia North Carolina and Tennessee working in cooperation with the various state labor departments. A moist striking effects on brain Quot most elaborate study was made in Pennsylvania where eight doctors from the University medical school made physical examinations of 120 workers in two plants. They found mental disturbances afflicting 77 of the men. One paragraph of their report reads a the most striking and the most disastrous effects of cs-2 Carbon Disulphide poisoning Are upon the brain. The mental symptoms run the Gamut from irritability and depression to manic depressive labor department officials emphasize that this previously unsuspected Industrial Hazard has not confronted a majority of the workers in the vis Coe Rayon Industry. Of the 55,000 workers in that Industry. Only about one fifth have worked in the processes which might be accompanied by exposure to the fumes. The investigation brought out nothing to show Many of that one fifth May actually have suffered the poisoning conditions vary so much from Plant to Plant and workers vary so much in their susceptibility to the Poison that it is said no fair estimate is possible. We must make ourselves Strong not in the future but no before it is too Lehman of new York. Dutchmen Are officially cautioned not to show any sign of curiosity about the occupation forces. In these Days finding a nazi in the front Yard is no longer a Surprise but is just taken for granted. Izzy Kein a along with the Trojan horse revival we see they re pulling the old Mahomet play too. It seems the Kaiser go to Germany so Germany a come to him. Conservation hit seems like the u. S. Department of agriculture Aims to find a outlet Fer surplus farm products. They a building some laboratories. And a army of scientists is a going to Experiment w i t h Cotton Beans turnips and suchlike. As i see it they done to need no scientist to work thai out. All they need is to develop the potential Home Market and learn to use the by products. Swap apples to potato growers potatoes to Coni grow ers Corn to meat growers an sell the Corncob to tourist Camps. Like that time old George Ammon raised too Many taters and did t know what to do with Mem. His wife said Quot i reckon a nuther pair of twins would take Keer of

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