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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina To 11 Mai Point Enterprise Good morning an Indr Pendant new spa a Randii b Terry. President co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley or. Vice pies mrs c h Lockwood. Vice pres Joseph p Rawley. Gen mgr Joe Brown. Editor Day set aside to Honor the old Man 4 a sunday june 20. 1976 fiddling around a minefield when it come to prisons there just kit much political Pizzazz in there a a those words were uttered Friday by the governor of North Carolina in a talk t a the annual gathering of girls state in Greensboro they stay not be terribly prophetic hut they Point up accurately a condition that May Well present the state with its biggest headlines during the a Miner weeks ahead at about the same time that govanes Holshouser was speaking a group f legislators Many of them big name democrats was saving no to one of everal efforts to do something about the Tate prison mess the advisory i budget commission was turning Down a proposition to convert a Rocky mount in a Mutton to take care of some of the prison overflow reasons were generally two fold citizens of the area Don t want a prison nearby and the democrats Don like the Way the Republican administration is running the department of corrections Why do anything at air hark Back if you will. To a news Story of a couple of weeks ago from Raleigh the Warden of Central prison. Sam Harrison was quoted As saying that overcrowding in that institution has become so critical that the Security staff Ini longer controls the internal affairs. The Penitentiary designed to House the to highest inmates was built for a Ca pad in of 860 that was 92 years ago. Today the Central prison population is 1,350 alongside the Cellblock Are lined with cots where prisoners bed Down in open dormitory fashion. In such conditions control of what toes i Alining the inmates is a simple impossibility says the Warden. A we have Periphery control in the sense of Walls and gun towers we have internal supervision in the sense of one officer overseeing 140 inmates in a dormitory i it dial Doest t dictate control what he umm in died is that with enough Walls and fences and men with guns it is possible to keep the hundreds enclosed in a Small geographical area but no longer is it possible to take the Small Steps necessary to maintain the peace inside there is no Way to identify. And segregate trouble breeders. To control effectively the creation or gathering of weapons and summer is coming on Strong prison guards know that summer heat intensifies discontent and is often the last element that puts rioting into Force and still North Carolina is More intent on its political differences than the Likely consequences As one reporter writes. It Joy Jim Hunt democratic candidate for governor and corrections Secretary David Jones Are bitter enemies the corrections department wanted to use less than $1 million to convert a vacated youth services training school near Rocky mount into a facility for minimum Grade prisoners and mentally retarded inmates just like the people around Eagle Springs who Don t Uke what is happening at Samarkand Manor training school the school s director was ousted on Friday the people in Rocky mount done to want a prison of any kind in their backyards with such democratic stalwarts As Billy Mills of Onslow. Russell Kirby of Wilson. Billy Watkins of Granville. Allen Barbee of Nash and Larry eagles of Edgecombe carrying the Ball. The plan was effectively disposed of instead. Sen Kirby said Quot there Are other ways we can go. This is a policy question i Don t like this Way of doing business., without hearing and with the legislature recognizing what s going after All. He added theres another legislative session coming up in about eight months time to take a Quot comprehensive look Quot at the system the state can Only Hope that there will be time that the summer of 1976 won t go Down on the books As the time when the problems exploded in the face of political one up Manship by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus today is being observed generally As father s Day a time for putting dad on a Pedestal just As mothers were Only a Short time ago when their special Day was observed most fathers As mothers never cease to be proud of their identification and they react accordingly by trying to set the Best example they can for their children inasmuch As this Honor is being paid to them they tend to carry it on and there Are some memorable examples to cite on this Day As fathers meet their role and respond to it let us cite a few he was ashamed of himself he asked that he be Given one More Chance. Quot in be made a he said to the officer Quot and i m the policeman and the Man talked further it was t a major crime but the father had broken a Law a you said the Man. A i did t think As i should have before this happened since i be been with you. However a lot of things have gone through my mind Quot what Quot asked the officer about a lot of said the Man. A More than anything else though. I m sorry for my boy his father has let him Down Quot the officer telling the Story has a further Point to make he said that he had decided As a part of the investigation. To Call the son in for a talk the son came promptly to say he was sorry about the charge against his dad but i ii say this. The son told the officer. Quot my dad is a Good Man he s always been a Good father 1 11 stick with him Quot the officer s conclusion when you see a father respecting his son. And the son respecting his father like i saw. Then i knew this Man was worthy of As much consideration As one could give to him you can judge a father much of the time by the respect with which he is held by his children Paul Harvey has described a father As a thing that is forced to endure childbirth Winston Salem s Choice cast hmm a a a virtue we the Piedmont triad s eyes will turn toward the Northwest Corner in the week ii head As Winston Salem voters go to the a oils to decide a Bond Issue the matter before the electorate there is whether to borrow 535 million to finance three different projects one is easy a Mere 1 million to finance four new fire millions the second is a bit More Uncertain lib 5 million to build a new downtown City administration building and the third is most difficult of All $17 million to do a total rebuilding of the Winston Salem coliseum which the City largely regards As a Quot White elephant Quot of Long standing critics of the last of the three items tend to View it As an ill considered Quot ego trip Quot Tor twin Cit ians who cannot abide the thought of Greensboro getting head of them. With its m c. Benton convention enter Winston Salem has become the undisputed convention Magnet for the triad but its Small fit too or so seats and elderly coliseum has Long since been upstaged by the Greensboro War memorial coliseum 16,800 seats As a sports and big name entertainment facility. Winston Salem has been pondering what to do with its coliseum for several scars an unattractive Bond Market has been a major Factor in putting off a Day of reckoning its director James a Dairymple is pushing hard for an at fir our religions native decision by the voters on tuesday Quot Winston Salem has become the convention City of the Carolinas in the last few years and i see no reason Why Winston Salem cannot become the entertainment and sports capital of the Carolinas a a he says twin City news reporters then called James Oshust. Director of Greensboro s going operation to see what he thought. Oshust did t really want to get involved in View of his obvious prejudice but he did wind up saying enough to let people know he thinks the Winston Salem people Are pursuing an unnecessary pipe dream if he were advising the City of Greensboro whether to replace its coliseum exhibition building and auditoriums at today a prices he was quoted As saying he would probably say no on the basis of feasibility. High Point s opinion As far As we know. Has not been asked and we would Stop Short of being so presumptuous As to offer unsolicited advice even though this City is a resident member of what sometimes purports to be a cooperating three City Complex. If w Aston Salem is willing to pay the Price who Are we to object we live never endorsed the idea that any of the three cities should subjugate their own identities in this business of close neighbor cooperation we can Only wish Winston Salem the Wisdom to make the right decision on tuesday. The i Umi Btl. Joi Al be met a maw la e always said Jimmy was a Good of boy. Right fellas a Washington merry go round without an aesthetic a father is a thing that growls when it feels Good and laughs when he a scared a father never feels worthy of the worship in a child a eyes lie s never quite the hero his laughter thinks never quite the Man his son believes him to be. And this worries him. Sometimes a father is a thing that gets very angry when the first school grades Aren t As Good As he thinks they should be he scolds his son. Although he knows ifs the teacher s fault fathers Are what give daughters away to other men who Aren t nearly Good enough so they can have grand it Hildren who Are smarter than anybody s. Father s make bets with insurance companies about who will live the longest one Day they lose and the bet s paid off to the part of them they leave behind i Don t know where father goes when he Dies but i pc an idea after a Good rest wherever he is. He won t just sit on a Cloud and wait for the girl he s loved and the children she bore hell be Busy there too. Repairing the stairs oiling the Gate improving the streets smoothing the Way dads have had their ups and Downs throughout history he has t always been As popular As he is this Day in biblical times it was considered a crime punishable by death for a son to disagree with his father. Early Homans called the curses of the ancestral nun Una or family gods on children who Cut themselves Loose from parental authority among ancient greeks when a son was old enough to marry his father selected his wife for him with no questions asked the same belief in fathers matrimonial Wisdom was held in India where children were betrothed in childhood my sometimes a Young Man was twit permitted to unveil his Bride until Atter the wedding ceremony. But Indian women had their revenge an Odd Law decreed that if a father got into debt his Wile could sell him into slavery to pay off his creditors in these present times in the ended states statistics show that women own an Ever increasing portion of the National wealth. Some sociologists even believe that Fop s in danger of becoming the Quot forgotten Quot Man but while he May be shorn of his tyrannical Powers the an Nual outpouring of affection with gifts and sentimental greetings shows that father s place in hts family s heart continues Strong even in these parlous times there Are cards All manner of them to brighten his Day with occasional diversions such As Quot Happy father Day to the Man who has everything inside the caption reads Quot mortgaged to the Hilt Quot or. Quot to dad. Who is always Calm. Cool and. Collected from a the late general of the army. Douglas Macarthur is the author of this a father s prayer Quot build me a son. O gird who will be Strong enough to know when he is weak and Brave enough to face himself when he is afraid one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat but Humble and gentle in Victory build me a son whose wishes will not replace his actions a a son who will know thee and that to know himself is the foundation Stone of knowledge Send him i Pray not in the path of ease and Comfort but the stress and Spur of difficulties and Challenge let him learn compassion for those who fail build me a son whose heart will be Clear whose goal will by High. A son who will master himself before lie seeks to master others one who will learn to laugh yet never forget How to weep one who will reach into the future yet never forget the past and after All these things Are his this i Pray. Enough sense of humor that he May alway remember the simplicity of greatness. The open mind of True Wisdom the meekness of True strength then i. As his father will dare to whisper i have not lived in Money conglomerate being scrutinized lutheran gets Yale Post in or Carlyle Adams lie Rev John w Yanno Orsdell has succeed a i in William Sloan coffin or. As universe t chaplain at Yale the Hev or Vannoort Lull has been chaplain of g College in Pennsylvania since 1962 and is a Clergyman of uie la Khetan Church in America dry elfin is a minister of the presbytery of on imbue it Valley. Inned i Resby Lerian Hunch it i it Stion is it True that i nned methodist i shop Prince a Taylor of the Newark area a scheduled to retire this year a has i successor been chosen answer Bishop Taylor will retire this Star his successor will be elected at a v it i tin astern jurisdictional conference at Bridgeport. Conn july 13-16 a truest ton is Judith a Bible name answer yet it appears once in the Bible in inn lib 34 which Stales that Esau married Judith when he was to years old the Story also intimates that the marriage was not pleasing to Esau s parents Isaac and Rebekah Esau was the older brother of Jacob in jewish apocryphal literature there is a inure prominent Judith who is the subject of a Book written first in hebrew bul preserved now Only in greek translation she lived in Dethulia and a credited with an important part in defending that town against the forces of Nebuchadnezzar question. Late in 1975 the world Council of churches held its fifth Assembly in Nairobi Kenya when and where were the other four assemblies answer the hrs was at Amsterdam. The Netherlands in 1948 the second at Evanston Iii in irm. The third at new Delhi. India in 1961. And the fourth at Uppsala Sweden in i >8 a editor s note questions on religion and the Bible May be addressed Lodr Adams in care it this newspaper All questions must be signed i they said it it s harmonious when you get a solution especially if it s an elegant one. Most solutions Aren t elegant but the ones that give you the greatest a tut action Quot a Murk a Mima a new it Ora City High shool Sophomore oho mom the notional mathematic olympiad. By Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington a 57-Story Tower dominates the Low Slung Skyline of the a Neapolis St Paul twin cities the imposing Tower together with the complementing edifices at its base is the Home of investor diversified services this is a insult billion Dollar Complex a government unto itself whose corporate command is located far from the Backrooms of Washington and the Boud rooms of Wall Street but its economic Power is Felt in the loftiest offices and its economic tentacles reach into the lowliest pockets some of the biggest names in polities have wound up on the payroll of investors diversified including Richard Nixon who served on the boards of four of its affiliates Between 1964 and 1966 for less than arduous duties he collected Over $44,-Ou in fees and $3,500 in expenses investigators have also been Able to Trace at least one additional 915.000 payment to his former new York City Law firm Nixon appointed Hamer h Budge As chairman of the securities and Exchange commission which is supposed to regulate investors diversified after Budge departed Washington he turned up quietly in Minnesota working for the financial Combine he had been regulating Nixon s chief economic adviser Paul w Mccracken also found employment in the corporate set up after leaving government Many other government bigwigs signed on with investors diversified including sex defense Secretary Mel Laird Gen Mark Clark and sex rep John w Byrnes formerly the top Republican on the tax writing House ways and Means committee despite is political proclivities and its tremendous economic clout investors diversified has managed virtually to escape government attention but an obscure Senate subcommittee has been conducting a quiet meticulous study of investors diversified. As part of a routine investigation of government regulatory agencies the Senate subcommittee on reports accounting and management has been digging into the operation of the financial consortium the findings Haven t been released to the Public but we can reveal the highlights the most disturbing discovery was that the Federal watchdogs have been keeping Only half an Eye on investors diversified the regulatory commissions for example Are supposed to scrutinize its Stock transactions. Yet the Senate sleuths found that essential information was missing from the ownership forms investors diversified is a vast Money making machine which manages and invests other people s Money it has grown into the world s largest Mutual fund conglomerate with assets of nearly $9 billion scattered through a corporate Maze it controls nine affiliated Mutual funds a life insurance company and other subsidiaries together with its affiliates it holds massive blocks of Stock in the nation s major industries these include the automotive Industry Ford and general motor chemical corporations Dow and Dupont Energy multinationals Exxon. Gulf. Texaco and Atlantic Richfield newspapers Knight Ridde retail Trade jul Penney Mcdonalds Sears Roebuck utilities Montana Power Commonwealth Edison at amp to transportation trans world airline mining Kennicott Copper i and general business american express i. The conglomerate s hidden influence is illustrated by the Federal Power com Mission s files on Montana Power these identify the Security Holder with the Quot highest voting Powers Quot in the Montana Utility As Carothers amp Clark of Wilmington Del it turns out that Carothers amp Clark is merely a paper entity that the real control is held by investors diversified. Two other Mutual fund groups and an insurance company also hold a substantial interest in Montana Power under other names yet these four principal voting interests charges the study Quot Are not even men tinned in the report filed with the Federal Power commission Quot this report a meekly accepts without question and displays in its Public files a meaningless Jumble of nominee names Quot adds the Senate study Quot which Are purported to be the major holders of voting Stock Quot our own sources described Mutual fund regulation As Quot too fractional Zed too generalized and too weak Quot Washington whirl Capitol viewpoint perhaps encouraged by the Elizabeth Ray revelations. Some prostitutes Are beginning to stand up for their rights Call girls who Are timing harassed by the internal Revenue service in new York City for example have protested to us. One objected bitterly to an increased assessment the Money will be used she wrote in defiantly to hire More vice cops to interfere with her profession now some hookers have formed their own militant organization which they Call Coyote it has called a convention in Washington next week Quot to address the issues of prostitution rape family violence and the economic exploitation of women Quot a eight years ago. Congress adopted a code of ethics for government service Quot put loyalty to the highest moral principles Quot it began. Quot above loyalty to persons party or government it also called upon government officials to Quot give a full Days Tabor for a full Day s pay. Giving to the performance of his duties his Earnest Effort and Hest thought unfortunately. Congress neglected to impose any penalties upon those who violate the code despite the surface Unity. There has been dissension among the members of the democratic platform com Mittee i it democratic National chairman Robert Strauss has urged the committee to stay away from controversial issues but some committee members want to take up such hot issues As abortion marijuana reforms and Gay rights they re threatening to bring these issues up on the convention floor la the committee ignores them Duke people mover projected by Don Oakley newspaper Enterprise Assn the upswing in gasoline consumption by americans has sparked renewed interest in the development of Low Cost. Efficient mass transit systems but even without the Prospect of another Oil embargo Energy crisis the continuing Hight against pollution and the need to revitalize the nation s cities should give mass transit top priority experts in government and business agree to encourage imaginative engineering in this area the Urban mass transportation administration an Agency of the u s department of transportation has announced la will pay up to 80 per cent of the Cost of three demonstration transit projects in three cities each could Cost an estimated $20 million to $50 million As of last May. 46 cities had submitted letters of interest in the Agency a Quot downtown people mover people mover May be a Misnomer since it suggests something like a moving sidewalk the goal Rattler is Fiat of innovative mass transit systems that do not involve the High construction and operating costs of traditional transportation arid which would be attractive and convenient enough to wean people away from their automobiles subways fur example receive serious consideration Only for the largest cities and these have not always demonstrated unqualified Success buses and minibuses Are More practical for smaller cities but their service leaves much to be desired in Cost Quality and environmental Impact of particular interest is a system being constructed for Duke University by Otis elevator co minibars Riding on a Dun film of air rather than wheels arid carrying up to 30 passengers per car. Will provide automatic computer directed service Tor passengers Between two buildings at the University s medical Center a something like horizontal elevators with variations the system could be adapted to congested areas in big cities says company engineers and be extended As far Asio Miles from City centers to perimeter parking lots where inbound commuters could leave their automobiles. Installation costs of such a system which the company Calls automated guide Way transit would be on the order of one tenth of those for subways. Energy use per passenger trip in built up areas is estimated at from one tenth to one thirtieth that of private automobiles two other companies with experience in moving people hoeing and Rohr Are also in the running and Are expected to bid for a piece of the demonstration project action

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