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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Personality profile High Point Enterprise. Sunday. June 20. 1970 5a Golf and dentistry Good combination for Jay Harris Sierra nevadas can be Tricky by Phil Speaks Enterprise stall writer Thomasville a considering Alt Ute Pitfalls of hiking in the East in comparison with those of the West. The sane out a Morsman probably would opt for walking the Eastern trails please done to misunderstand the scenery and natural wonders of the Western mountains Dwarf those characteristics of the East in most every aspect the mountains in Colorado and other Rocky Mountain states Are in a class by themselves when it conies to sheer size. Ruggedness and wild Beauty it probably comes from not being familiar with mountains of such ruggedness and size that a Small problem cropped up during a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Which rival the Rockies in every respect a Friend of mine and myself were in that area within the last two weeks and decided that would he the Best area Lor backpacking since All the More Scenic trails in the Northwest still were closed because of lingering Snow we sought advice at a backpacking shop in Truckee Califa Small town near i Ake Tahoe a about which Trail in the area would be the Best for a two Day trek assured that there would he no problem in negotiating the Emigrant Trail within two Days we both set out with a great Deal of anticipation of having a Quot Good Ole Lime it was on that Trail that the Quot Small Quot problem reared its ugly head on the Trail for a total of two Days. It was t until the afternoon of the second Day that my Friend and i began to realize that something was wrong the path we were following is called the Emigrant Trail which was used during the 19th Century by frontiersmen trying to get to the West coast area it those people had to go through what we did. My admiration is boundless turning a curve in the Trail we noticed that the Road ended Well we had just passed a Fork in the Trad with the route we were not on taking about a 45 degree incline up the Side of a Mountain being by that time a Little tired and a whole lot Lazy we decided to take the lower route whence finding ourselves at the end of the Trail not being very experienced outdoors men. We decided that maybe the Road would resume somewhere on the other Side of that dense growth that confronted us to make a Short Story Shorter we walked through several Miles of Forest and eventually Lound ourselves on the Side of a huge Mountain of solid Granite i turned to my Friend and said Quot us. Lee i think we re lost after All the Quot encouraging a remarks of friends which preceded the vacation. A some of which were you re going to be consumed by grizzly bears and snakes or you re going to tall of a Mountain and break your fool neck not a word was uttered about getting lost hauling out the old map and Compass we both discovered we could not locate our position exactly but happened to notice a Swath crossing the face of a Distant Mountain it was Only by making for the Swath and discovering that it was the Fork we should have taken instead of the lower Trail. That we realized with a great sigh of Relief we were not lost alter All eventually regaining our Confidence we were patting ourselves on the Back for being such rugged outdoors men and managing to redeem ourselves in the midst of an inaccessible area where no one probably would have been Able to find us it was just about that time that we heard a Peculiar noise Down the Trail and eventually discovered coming around a turn in the Trail a couple of men in a of All things a a jeep by Jim Pettit Enterprise staff writer the dreams of yesterday Are tempered by the realities of today but High Point dentist or Jay Harris has found the perfect Union of profession and Hobby dentistry and its precise skills occupy 36 hours a week but weekends and Quot an hour Here and an hour there Are devoted to Harris prime recreational activity Golf in fact if it weren t for Golf the 35 Vear old Mebane native wouldst even be in High Point Quot i came to High Point on the basis of Willow Creek. Harris said. Quot Golf is so much a part of me. I had to Selec t a to wit that had a course that suited me Willow a reek currently ranked As one of the state s to finest courses has Long been noted for its golfing elite such members As Dale Morey and Harry Welch Are annually con tenders in the state regional and National events a dozen or More members carry handicaps ranging from 0 2 Quot i used to have goals when i was younger a Harris a one handicapper noted Quot hut in a More realistic now chances Are i ii never achieve my dreams of becoming a real Fine Amateur player it takes a lot of time and Money to do that and usually if you Haven t made it by my age. You Aren i going to Quot a but in a very Happy competing on the local level con tending now and then in a state tournament and playing with my friends on weekends a dentistry and Golf Are closely linked in Harris scheme of things i be been accused of being very intense Quot he smiled but there Are two sides of me people who know me Are aware of roaming the Piedmont a Clever dry wit friends see that Side of me that same intensity is an asset in both dentistry and Golf plus there s a certain fascination with the technical aspects of each. Quot thais just the Type person i am. He stressed to a big believer if you do something do if Well not to the Point of be my a poor loser but find it it All you can about it. Get the View of experts then attack it that s the Way it was in dental school and that s the Way i am about Golf Harris who did undergraduate and dental studies at the University of North Carolina and worked in Public health ser vice before entering private practice finds Golf a Good outlet from the Rigours of the daily grind Quot basically Frum 8 to 5 30. I m at the office and that s All in a thinking he offered but i Don t take my work Home with me i believe you should go to work fresh each Day and Golf gives me the Opportunity to forget the office i really appreciate the game More is an adult than i did when i was younger it s a Good stress breaker for a dentist in my class alone half were to handicappers Harris who lives with his wife Jackie and their son Cavan age 6 and daughter Kelly age 4 at 912 Kingston admits he would he tempted to apply his intensity to other pursuits it time permitted i would be a very serious Bridge player if i had the time. He evaluated i enjoy playing very much but i have to some degree a Golf widow now and it would t be fair to her to go out one or two nights a week playing Bridge Harris is also an accomplished pianist and enjoys playing and singing with the children vie do that a be added a i think music appreciation is very important piano is something i took All the Way through is Bool and. Again its something id like to pursue if i had the Harris admits being an avid Reader although he Seldom has j no to get involved with the latest novels i do enjoy Reading a he said but i Don t read Many books i read a lot of dental literature newspapers t parti Plarl the editorial Page and several Golf publications i guess you d say ifs a lot of Short term Reading past president of the High Point i rental society. Harris is a member of Green Street Baptist Church where he assists in the sunday school department he is also a former past presi Dent it the Plank Road civitan club lits golfing credentials Are More impressive than his modesty leads you to believe a former North Carolina state High school Champion i959i. In also swept the military Airlift command championship while serving in the air Force in 1967 a i did t do too Well in the All air Force tournament. Though he cautioned Quot i finished about 25th and at Willow Creek last year. I finished third in the first flight with a pair of 75s a he recently won the Enterprise Golf Dassie and competed in the n c Amateur this week at Tanglewood and Bermuda Hun Gull courses a Golf has absorbed a lot of my energies and i have nothing hut raves for the Harris conceded Quot it s an overwhelming compulsion i really think i enjoy the game More than 90 per cent of the pros do they re out there working trying to make a bulk i can relax and enjoy it about a self blowing Horn and a paying Hobby by Braxton vol its Enterprise staff writer die Days of the Mode t Ford have Long passed but thoughts of that Assembly line replacement for the horse and buggy or mule and Wagon keep recurring these recurring thoughts Are most prevalent when something goes wrong with a More modern automobile something which necessitates a trip to a Repa or Man Lake. For instance a Horn Winch suddenly starts blowing of its own Accord in the t Days if this occurred one could be sure that the wire Irwin the electrical source to the Horn via the Button had shorted out it was a simple thing indeed to find the Short tape it. And Tor get it not so. I Ila it found to my dismay with that yellow bellied monstrosity that i am now driving one morning with a it warning whatsoever the horns on that thing started blowing for All get out the Only remedy Man editor s Outlook rescuers and i discovered was to snatch the wires from their connect on the Iorns that stilled the Loudmouth things but it left me without any warning device whatsoever that is i had no warning device other than my big Mouth and several have said that is Sui Fie Lent in tact they have added that they would like to find some Way of disconnect gig wires to that Back to the Horn dilemma that thing was first diagnosed As a relay a new one was put in. The Horn Button touched and the Horn blew but. On the second tap. No Horn i did t find out what was determined finally a the a Ause of my problem in fact i was afraid to find hit so. Let it suffice to say that now i have a Horn hut i am not exactly sure of How and Why nor of where the trouble was the following Story from the h j Reynolds tobacco co. In Vav ins ton Salem brought Hack fond memories of childhood and i feel that most men who Arsu or More will recall similar instances of tobacco tag collecting a Hobby can in much More than a pleasant pastime it can he a business asset. Quot my Hobby is not Only a source of personal satisfaction hut also an Aid to my career a says Hon Evans who has one of the largest tobacco Memorabilia collections in the i United states Evans a zone sales manager for h j Reynolds tobacco co owns Iso chewing tobacco plug cutters. 10 -000 tin tobacco identification tags numerous advertisements and tobacco con tamers from the turn of the Century when i in researching my Hobby. I in researching the history of my livelihood at the same time a Evans explains As he researches the various items in his collection. Evans learns a great Deal about the development of the tobacco Industry for instance the tobacco Cutter reflect a bygone form of plug tobacco the tobacco was made in 16-Mch-Long rectangular strips which were Cut into smaller pieces or when purchased the tobacco Cutler was marked with notches each notch denoting a certain Price the size of the piece the merchant would Cut would depend on what the customer wanted to spend in those Days a merchant could sell you a piece of tobacco regardless of Bow much Money you had a the 0 too tin tags Are the ancestors of a modern retailing concept Quot in the last i Koo s and Early 1900 s. A trademark identification tag was affixed to each plug of tobacco the tag could be redeemed for prizes Cash or free products these tags represent the first co poning system known to the retail tobacco Industry a Evans Hobby does More than provide information a it also stimulates conversation Quot you would be amazed at the number of people who collect tobacco Memorabilia i encounter 8 to to collectors a week it is also surprising How often i can use my Hobby research in casual conversation Mutual interest in these nostalgic items often provides a link of Friendship with prospective customers a he is a serious collector who extensively studies tobacco Memorabilia Quot i buy every Book i can get my hands on and i be done some research at the smithsonian being Able to provide historical information about the tobacco Industry enhances my professionalism in business contacts Evans Hobby involves his whole family Quot we often pack a picnic lunch and go to Flea friskits where my wife Hunts for antique Kitchen implements. And my son and i look for tobacco cutters my son Ronnie and my daughter. Brenda can now spot a tobacco Cutter a Hundred Yards the search for an item Evans wants to add to hts collection often becomes a full fledged Chase �?�1 wanted to pirate a tobacco Cutter that i d heard was made like a Guillotine and had a Crank like an antique car. Because i could t imagine How it was constructed i met a dealer who said he Tiad just sold one so i started tracing it by the Tim i found and purchased it the Cutter had gone through three dealers two collectors and the Stales of Tennessee. Georgia and Alabama a common Way to acquire new pieces is by trading. Which Evans Calls Quot a Battle of the wits he notes that most serious collectors would t sell anything in their collection but they Wuu id Trade an item fur something they really wanted and part of the fun is talking to other collectors and explaining to each other How you got certain items you can see them get excited As you explain the search a listening to hard Rock smoking pot not his bag by Jenkin Lloyd Jones los Angeles times How come me to by in that Rock festival was on account cd i was looking for the Hall game but there was t no scene the Park is dark and a Broom Pusher tells me that last night s storm knocked out the lights so i in splitting for Home when i come across this huge parking lot stuffed with cars Well there s a dude without a shirt Kinda holding up a girl in a Loose Halter who s got the Giggle wobble. And i says what s going on and he says a Rock festival and i says any Good a and he says outa sight so Here i am at the ticket window in the huge exposition building and i says How much and the girl says something and i shouts How much and she shouts Hack eight dollars Man the noise coming out of that place you would t believe Well if i d known it was going to be eight Bucks i d i Home by now but i Stampede easy so i pay the gatekeepers eyeball me real Good what with my Short Gray hair and clean shirt and pants and i feel like a live lobster in the holy water font this place is almost As dark As the Ballpark and All i see is acres and acres of sprawled bodies on the steel boor except Over at one Corner where there Are some stands and beyond them a stage now As everyone should know a Rock concert is a kind of relay in which one combo blows itself out and then another comes on and there Are two gimmicks the lights and the amplifiers Well. The lights they wheel around making the combo look purple and Orange and yellow my so on and this is supposed to be a big turn on hut die main thing is the sound and Man fhe it pc Gilt that gain wound up so tight you j think a Jackhammer was a Lullaby there a this player for in stance who climbs up on a High place and the spots pick Hun up and he lets go w till his sax just one saxophone. Mind you. But he s got a nuke tucked right Down into the barrel and Sou feet away the Walls bulge out the kids go wild there s singing too. Of course but i done to get an i the words just gasps my howls so i turn my attention to the crowd like i sax most Are just sprawled on the floor some on top of each other. And blare Are styrofoam coolers every whet e and Beer cans by the Hill the formal Guys have to shirts or motorcycle jackets hut die real hips Havi no shirts and Wear chains around their necks some of the hot pants in the girls would by rated x and a few have on Bikini top and get whistles Only about a tent i of the crowd can get in the stands and these ail stand up arid Rock my scream and once when some Guy Down front lights his lighter and holds it up in ten seconds there Are too lighters being waved you get the impression everyone is looking for a Leader to Tell them to do something now of course the beat from die stage is a go to hell Beal my it seems to say nuts to the old Man nuts to the in who cares if school keeps and if the rent Ain t paid hut oui Young City editor he says that the older Genera turn misjudged these kids that they re not rebellious Only passive the Rock crowd says he. Don t struggle it Only wants to float they re sheep in says and while they bawl at their heroes up there on the stage and the dirtier and louder the better a it kist of the crowd would t Hurt a Fly about this time it dawns on me that some of that thick smoke i be been smelling smells mighty Tunny and As i pass around i see some of the kids ducking their weeds like i must be a narc i Don t want to be a wet Blanket and besides my ears Hurt so after about 20 minutes i head for the door which grieves me in a Way because that figures to 40 cents a minute outside this cat looks at me in some Surprise and says. How d you like the music Pup a and i says. Quot what music a and he says Quot what did Vou come for a and i says Quot i guess to look a the crowd. And. Tell me Whai percentage of the kids in there were smoking pot a and he says. Quot about to. Bul some like me Are real straight one mole question says i in Case the Mulloon should Ever go up and this country would have to fight a War do you suppose that crowd in there could Ever win a Battle the kid says Quot Fop we am t Ever going to tight the kind of a War you old people got in mind Well argue it out and i says Quot suppose the other Side Don t just want to argue and the kid says of. They will because we figure kids Are die same All Over the world so i drive away wondering where i can buy some russian bund a healthy cynicism is abroad and nobody is minding the store it editors note newspaper Enterprise association Nea issued a series Early in the year by the major presidential candidates. Here is what Jimmy Carter who apparently has the democratic party nomination clinched said in january by Jimmy Carter americans Are Hurt embarrassed and disillusioned everywhere i go. Our people Are asking two Basic questions can our government work can it by competent efficient Well organized economical and Well planned can local state and Federal governments cooperate with each other to share responsibility for exactly the same constituents can the Congress and the president work together for a change to meet the needs of our people can it be honest truthful open idealistic and compassionate can our government represent what our people Are or what we would like to be can it be a source of Pride instead of shame and embarrassment most people perhaps with Good reason believe the answer to both these questions is no. I am convinced the answer is yes the next president will be the person who can give this country some Hope that our government will once again be worthy of Complete Confidence and support. There Are other considerations that Are related to these Basic questions voters in 1976 will be extremely reluctant to select someone who is seen As having personal and political investments in the mistakes and embarrassments of the past our people Are looking for someone with the inclination and Freedom to make sweeping drastic changes in our tax and welfare systems in the uncontrollable budgetary process and in our wasteful and unresponsive bureaucracy. Americans have never been ideologues and Are even less so today we Are no longer Content with dogmatic Liberal or conservative solutions we want leadership that will assess each problem on its own Mek without regard to what the textbook Liberal or conservative solutions we want leadership Blat will assess each problem on its own merits without regard to what the textbook Liberal or conservative answer might be we want jobs. Housing we can afford gasoline and fuel Oil at reasonable prices Security for person and property and a fair tax system a not endless debate and theoretical rationalizations of continued inaction the people of bus country know that our greatest mistakes in foreign policy have come about because Public officials have excluded us misled us or intentionally lied to us we will no longer accept the argument that foreign policy decisions should be left to the experts because we have seen the tragedies into which our experts have led us americans Are concerned that nobody is minding the store in Washington we see a National government that drifts from one crisis to another without purpose or direction we would like to live a chief executive with some demonstrated ability to actually run a government there is a deep disenchantment with the entire Washington scene the feeling is widespread that our government operates according to standards of ethics and logic that Are unacceptable to the vast majority of Init people of Given a Choice americans Are unlikely to select someone closely identified with that Type of behaviour americans still believe we have the Best system of government in the world but we tee it a been betrayed we Are not ashamed of our country but we Are disgusted with what our government in Washington has Don to it there is a healthy cynicism abroad in the land our people have heard promises of tax Reform welfare Reform and a More efficient government for a generation we set clearly that nothing has been done we see politicians who talk the most about problems tailing completely to do anything to solve them after years in office Campaign rhetoric Blat is inconsistent with the candidate s record will in rejected in 1976 along with the candidate the american people Are going to be particularly hard on candidates who Fly the special interests from the stump but accept Bien flavors behind closed doors once elected it will be equally difficult for politicians who have benefited politically and otherwise from wasteful government to convince the voters that they will become Lai Witul stewards of our tax dollars once they reach the White House americans Are tired of being shouted at and times Are too serious to by Content with entertainment we have discovered that a loud voice and a professional joke writer Are no sub Al tin i. Fix r h aril Tvarok Yimman and honest concern for die future of this country we Are no longer Content to Send messages to Washington despite what we have been told for Over a decade we so clearly that either the messages Aren t getting there or nobody is paying any attention to them americans Are ready to Send a president to Washington with the commitment and the ability to get bungs done above All else this country is searching Tor something Worbi believing in we know that our personal standards of honesty morality and hard work Are worthwhile but we Are hungry to see them applied to the government that is supposed to represent us we will tolerate honest mistakes and Sharp differences of opinion so Long As a Basic Confidence in the integrity and competence of our leaders remains that Confidence does not now exist the search for someone who can restore it will be by primary Factor in the 1976 elections i believe that i can do it i know it must be Kine or. Jay Harris Davidson dateline

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