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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Let s talk father counts his blessings High Point Enterprise sunday june 20, 1976 3a apathy concerns Archdale mayor it was nearly 17 years ago that i first became a father a i held that Little girl i sensed the it something was radically different in my life time Lias proved me right there was no Way i could have known then How much fathering her and the two mho followed her would change my life. Over the years there have a been some observations that have been helpful to me. Perhaps they will be helpful to other parents 1 the greatest asset a Man can have is a woman who will love him and his c Hildren children need the Security of a Strong father other relation hip it is possible for a father or Mother to raise children alone Many Are Riding it arid doing it Well however most of them report it to he Tough those of us who Are fortunate enough to love and beloved by the mothers of our children a an be very grateful on this father s Day. 2 Hildren will forgive the worst elements of a Man # life if hot will love them and show it it is amazing what children can endure if they know they have the love of a father j another discover i have made is that my children Are not mine to possess they Are persons who Are in prepare lion Tor lives of their own ultimately they must Choice for themselves How they will live oui their lives my responsibility is to prepare them to Deal with the choices they will end counter and to assist them with choices As Long As they Lee they need it 4 i have also discovered that not one moment i have guard dog quits Post or stolen All Helmle a James Hedv path complained to sheriffs deputies Friday that someone entered South main service formerly the pet Palace and stole a number of items including Candy cigarettes soft drinks end a guard dog he said the Fly also broke into several game machines in the place and removed a bout lion m change the deputies said in Ihetu report the dog a Doberman pins her was sup nosed to be so mean that Only Hudspeth and the owner of the store could touch him total value of the break in and dog was $.150 50 deputies said the thieves got into the building by pry my some plywood he a door hand hand raising As a formal greeting originated among Cavemen to prove they carried no weapons in Feudal times an armoured Knight raised his right Ann to lift his helmet visor and to show Friendship by keeping his sword hand away from tie weapons the gesture developed into the military dilute before the 19th pen fury. British soldiers saluted to tipping their hats $ by Tom Watson / j Quot in spent in fathering has been wasted time 5. Little things mean a lot what has been interesting to me is hat As i have done the Little things that say Quot i love you those things have come to mean As much Tome As the children to children learn More from what they Sec than from what the hear the Way a father lives nut his life before them makes More of in impression that anything he says another big surmise to me has been the number of things they have seen that i the night were Well hidden 7. A sense of humor can accomplish More than i had realized when my children enjoy me. Discipline is not so Lough 8 the rewards of fathering have greatly outweighed the burdens nothing has enriched my life a it has being a part of a family where love dwells 9 finally As a father i have discovered Muc h about my relationship with id someone has observed that no Persy in can fealty understand what parents Are All about until they have children it their own As i have watched my responses to in children. I have marvelled at the love and patience of Dot Al in dealing with Umas his child today i am a Rich Man because Tor nearly half of my Lite i have been called dad Dvo. Thanks. Father Archdale one of the most discouraging things to elective officials is the Lack of interest the Public shows in what they do mayor Lloyd Taylor says he is disappointed that More people Are not coming in to inspect the proposed City budget which is now open for Puhr examination Taylor says to his knowledge not one citizen has taken advantage of the Opportunity to look at the budget proposal and see Weic tax monies Are going a i would he very glad to take the time to go Over the budget with them if they came in and had questions but to my knowledge no one has come into the fity Hall to look Over the budget. Quot i would like for our citizens to know what we Are spending thir tax dollars for hut i Haven t had anyone to even munition it to me their Money is being spent wisely. I flt Al. But they still ramblings i should come in and see for themselves Quot tie Archdale Council will probably approve the tentative budget when it meets for us regular session on tuesday night the budget retains the present tax rate of 27 rents per $100 also Continuer Taylor. I believe the people should be interested in knowing that i have signed a contract with Freeman engineers of Highfi Point for a feasibility study of the proposed sewage disposal system for Archdale. This contract covers Only the system within the City and an additional contract will be Marie with the same firm to Rover the lines which will carry the sewage to the High Point Eastside Plant for processing. A two contracts Are necessary because the Federal Environ rental Protection Agency is involved in the lines to run from Archdale to High Point Epa is not involved in the City s own collection system a Taylor explained that the purpose of the feasibility study is to determine the areas that can be served ways the projects can be financed what the costs of the project will be. And All engineering details. He did express some concern about Archdale s position in line among cities waiting for Federal funding a i am concerned about Archdale s Low priority for Federal funding due to the fact the City does not discharge sewage treated or otherwise into streams once Pur study is completed and we have had Public meetings to determine How our people feel we can then work on getting our priority standing improved be do not expect this study to be completed by our engineers before the end of this year but the people should know work is being done on it and it will by presented to our people As soon As possible Quot the proposed City sewage system is not the Only problem on the mayor s mind he notes the City s hoped for Park project a is moving though More slowly than we would like the process of getting Federal Matching funds is rather drawn out thuland which is being Given the City by or Bill Aldridge is presently being appraised and following this an application will be made we have been told there Are no Federal funds available before the beginning of the new fiscal year which begins on oct i a your he continues. A will be in before that time for consideration and we Hope to get funded in time to begin work on the Park for use in the summer of 1977 a woman is convicted in no support Case Asheboro a Randolph court insiders say they can not remember How Long ago. If Ever they can recall a woman has been charged with no support and lost earlier this week mrs Patsy it Routh. It. 3. Randleman was charged by her Limiter husband John m Routh with no support of their five children the children ranging in age from 4 to 17 years Are in custody of the father a warrant presented in court charge the woman with unlawful and wilful neglect and with refusing to provide adequate support for the children court records indicate the children were awarded to Routh who is partially Iii Ahmed when he and la unit Tutu Uhal la a tilth in Nile Hutto sell ii hid u i la note to it his wife separated District court judge Adam rant found the Mother guilty and ordered her to serve a six month sentence Suspender on condition she fray a it every two weeks to the support of the children the suspension covers a period of three years judge Grant said there was some evidence that the woman mad Given some support in the form of cloth Ujj for the children fashion Eye Wear in shades of smoke with Black rims for masculine Appeal. And. For the girls tints that melt from dark to Clear Are better than Eye Shadow Westchester mall a 883-4315 four seasons mall Greensboro a 294-4252 also in Winston Salem and other North Carolina locations Numa f. Reid Lodge no. 344 a f. Amp a m. Emergent communication fellow crafts degree Mon june 21 7 30 p m Michael Rinehardt matter Ronald c. Whittington Secretary a a a or a Wrt to i i in it ii a a re a i,.,------------------ in announcing it it i i sitting on hard pews add a pad a no a Loose Cushion Tho will tilde and move from under you i a pm Momenthy Otto had Cut Ilion Otma poly foam covered with Nylon Tatoo chosen re Church furniture add a pod Cor be retailed w thou interruption to Butch activate. The fabric cd met in o Choice of Mony Colo t open in Al Mien. Rhow ti4e. A night a Al fax the Vernon equipment Al company inc. 312 new St. Phone 885-4615 it s better than broiling come in amp see this new Grill Range aia Ltd re Jenn air Grill Range it s a different kind of Range now you can Grill what you user to Broil cleaner than broiling built in ventilator removes smoke spatters easier than broiling you can see loud cooking keep it from burning tastier than broiling gives food a Char broiled outdoor flavor see it dependable refrigeration inc. 1641 North main High Point 886-4987 master charge a Banka Dericard accepted Melvin Carter knows Bis Mother is a woman libero Bis Mother knows Bow convenient Central makes Ber banking with their Wrenn St. Drive in windows drive in to North Wrenn a walk in too North main to to

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