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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Retired persons the american Assn of retired persons and the National retired teachers Assn will have a covered dish picnic supper wednesday at Wesley memorial methodist Church shelter at to 30 p in the twirlers a Square dance group from High Point will present the program in Case of rain the event will be held in the Fellowship Hall the High Point Enterprise Etusil two no put i very afternoon �?�00 morning an Independent newspaper prom to to by to High Point Enterprise no 110 is rfcs a venue my porn n c 2t2i member of the associated press rate eve Mau i Pav 01 in and Ranee i i or a to j to i my daily Ane sunday m2 of 12 of Sio so Vij so sunday Only til Jota to m is to so by Carrat wkly Tao Mommy to so to i of mail Tuburi Tiff m n c Tubiac lots tatty Tai the a tot. A Leo Prim a no Iliad to thut lot Raptou Tizor of All Iota no print in till re i papa Rai a Ai ail a Newt Dopa tray entered Ai Teton clan matter Ai a to Poi Olin High Point n c Undari act 0 marts i it sat end last Pottage paid Ai High porn n c All carriers dealers end d sri Puloras Are a dependent contractors and the High Point in Propri a in s not responsible Tor Advance tubs captian payments a or to than or their a apr Tania. Res f or Hon a i a a it y i ate Contact your local Cartier Ward or it Ith comply National advertising re pretend Tivai country fair the Jamestown flying Tiger Booster club is presenting an Quot old fashioned country an auction picnic and Flea Market saturday from to a in to 7 p in at the Ragsdale Jamestown Junior High school Campus the event is registered with the Guilford county Bicentennial commission All proceeds Are to go to assist athletics in the Jamestown area truck Rodeo Greensboro the 37th annual state truck Rodeo will be held wednesday Friday at the four seasons mall tile event sponsored by the North Carolina motor carriers Assn. Will feature Competition in straight truck three Axle. Four Axle five Axle and tank truck showers Likely for City area High Point area residents can exp rat More showers and thundershowers today and tonight according to the National weather service at the regional Airport the probability for Shower activity today Aud tonight is to per cent the Weatherman said. To satisfy Hud requirements cd housing assistance goal tripled by Forrest Cates Well i tried that new chewing gum you know the one called big bed on Teepee with the cowboys and Western stuff like that i was expecting a big Western flavor like maybe Steak or at least something sort of horse it was t horse just sort of Den Tony in fact that was the Way the whole week went there Una a Piere in the neuf Aper about Hon a hit of Pettrle Ore going around a tenting Pedigree dog and holding them for random. The a Nill h the Pool or oui of Trifi off port bet nod an where they Are not nailed Dunn. The thieving Var mint usually demand Ghoul t20h for return of the dog and hmm it it my a record. I figured out him to heal a his Racket hut of far i hat in l keen Able Iii gel anybody to Litten. Of Hal you need to do ii gel a pretty Good i de Alligator and Hob la Al both end annul and Hill and then Penl la yell on and put a Lollor around i net a saying a not or Quot or a ome Lhing Doggy like thai. I hat ought to tap Thote nutty Guy from holding dog for random bet aute 11 a hard to hold anything for random uhen you Ain t got any Finger or maybe any hand or fret or practically anything. That it of nods me about those alligators on my vacation a the three alligators which everybody said lived in the Lake in the Middle of the Campground where i stayed almost exclusively two feet off the ground in a camper with the door closed and barred for a whole week at the Beach i never actually saw those alligators hut the Guy who told me they were in the Lake also told me that a great big Nanny Goat roamed around the Camp ripping off campers food and i actually saw the Goat so i assume he was telling the truth about the alligators there was something else that made me believe that we were sharing the Camp with a family of alligators they were renting pedal boats at the Lake the sign said a keep feet of children out of the water at All times alligators. That May be the biggest waste of words on record All that sign needed was the last word i came hark from my vacation and discovered to my dismay that Arr Bod y had to scheduled the fourth of july and held it while i was gone. I hat meant of Rourke. Tinl i Hill have All that potato a and and baked Benni to go in Trugh. Ii aint Means that the Vicente Neal Celebration Titi ill ahead hut i m not going to toy anything amort about that bet aute there a name for bad mouthing the to Enlen Nial. La called to earn. I a Ai whither saddened to learn that movie metre Stella Steven Bari u United until the a tule of Limi Lalitte by pred before trying to be play Btry Manga Tine for publishing a nude photograph of her. I in a and denied a and a Little confused. The photograph Houed her nude on a Ofa Aith her Eye Cut etl and her Tongue Alit King out. Pony in the mad about her Tongue her Eye or her Nek kid f to bring myself out of this Funk. I went in search of some happier news. I turned As i used to. To the fillers in the newspaper and Learned something that somehow had escaped me there practically Ain t no More fillers in the newspaper. Anymore alter Hunting through nearly too pages of newsprint i finally found one it said Quot Ollie Virgil a dominican Republic native coaches third base for the Montreal expos a and that is what the Happ Little filler has come to by Lee Mortimer Enterprise sch writer High Point has had to expand its Community development housing assistance plan three told to win Federal approval of its cd application originally City officials hoped to pull out All the stops to build and rehabilitate housing in the Southside area of High Point but the i s dept of housing and Urban development which must approve the cd application thinks High Point should extend housing assistance efforts to wider areas of the City t he Southside h is been the scene of slum clearance for the past five years those efforts have Boon stepped up considerably the last two years old and dilapidated housing has been removed but Little replacement housing has been added now City officials would like to use cd funds to Complete the Job Jim Pennington assistant City manager explained that i d would like to enable lower income people to live in All areas of the City scattered site Quot housing is the concept which is coming into Vogue to accomplish thai goal the City seems caught Between two sets of i d guidelines designed to get the most desirable housing for people Pennington said one is equal Opportunity for people to live in any area of the City they wish the other is the requirement that the City seek citizen participation in deciding How cd Money should be spent the residents have been telling us Over and Over emphatically we want housing put Back into the Southside a Pennington said he thinks there will be a lot of disappointed people if that objective is impeded but Hud has not said the Southside should be reemphasized the Agency thinks More efforts should go into scattered site housing to do both. Hud said the total Widdi Gjonai housing goal should be tripled Pennington said the original plan called for 140 units of new housing mostly for Southside i d said the figure should be increased to 435 the problem will come in attracting financing under Section eight of the Federal Tunis my Law private firms will be sought to develop housing units the statute sets up a subsidy for tenants but leaves the responsibility for initial financing to the Developer but to attract developers to such a plan the finished product would have to be relatively Low Cost. Pennington said in Ower Cost housing could be More easily developed on less expensive land in the Southside than in Northern and Northwestern sections where land is much More expensive he said housing Assisto e would not have to by restricted to constructing new units Low income people could move into existing in Ler Tel. Priv cd Kou ing using rent nub sidles provided tinder Section eight Hud claims High Point is capable of scattered site housing because the Agency computed the average rent Here to be about $149 per month for an existing two bedroom unit. But Pennington said that figure is misleading because it represents the average Between High and Low priced housing he said High Point has mostly either Quot luxury Quot apartments or Low priced marginal units there is very Little in Between which is moderately priced he said Ile said the City is going to go along with the plan As Hud requires but Hopes to accomplish its goals in Southside but if the goals Are endangered Quot we May have to Challenge Hud he said. High Point Enterprise sunday morning june 2d. 1976 Page 2a City amp area in reorganization employees of zoo society lose jobs evening on the Lake in the Cool of a recent evening onlookers enjoyed a moment of Solace and communion with the fishermen on Oak hollow Lake. The More observant acknowledging danger viewer May wonder How the Fisherman managed to launch his boat on the Bridge but at such a peaceful time. Is it really Worth worrying about photo by Art it chord ton birth control Pill statement required Charlotte no Al a a Charlotte gynaecologist is requiring patients using birth control pills to sign a statement saying the patients a accept the tact that the use of this drug May cause reactions anti or Patricia a Lawrence who has practice for 21 years said she requires patients to sign the statement because of her concern about the possible dangers and complications of birth control pills and because she thinks Many men and women do not realize the pills Are a drug. The statement which says the prescription is being issued at the patient s request is accompanied by a pamphlet outlining All possible complications of the pills or Lawrence said she was a astounded Quot at the number of her patients taking the Pill who when questioned about their medical history said they did not take any drugs when i got them in my office and asked them what form of birth control they used they d say the she said the women did not say they were Quot taking a Medicine Quot or Lawrence said Asheboro a major Quot reorganization a of the North Carolina zoological society has been made and three salaried employees will lose jobs As a result society officials announced Friday prior to the meeting of the state zoo Council that the three positions including that of Veteran zoo employee mrs Ann Cagle will be terminated As of aug i. Mrs Cagle has been act be in the zoo Effort since it began in Randolph county and for the past several years had served As the society a executive Secretary mrs Cagle has already left the society s employment As has mrs Molly Farlow who worked in the memberships division the third position to be Cut is held by mrs Marie Brown who will leave on aug i. Purpose of the changes a society representative said was to Cut Down on expenses so More of the funds raised will go towards the zoo and the Purchase of additional animals. No changes is expected at this time in the position of president of the society a position now held by former Charlotte banker. Doug Aitkens the zoo society president told reporters the reorganization is not due to the society being in financial difficulty in fact he said the organization which raises for the state zoo is in the Best shape financially the group has Ever been in the society was originally created to raise funds for the slate zoo. Since the zoo itself cannot be involved in solicitation of private funds or donations under state statutes some criticism has been levelled at the body because it has failed to raise the needed funds to begin construction of the slate zoo facility the major portion of the funds which Are being used to Eon struck the first phase of the zoo has come from $1 million donations from the state legislature Over a two year period and a similar one from the Smith Reynolds foundation of Winston Kalem the legislative body has also provided most of the funds used to administer the zoo the Reynolds foundation promised to give the zoo $1 million if the zoo could raise $4 million the society later had to go to foundation officials and ask that the $4 million Matching funds despite friends provision be dropped making an outright gift of a million dollars to the zoo foundation officials agreed and the construction of the first phase of the zoo was Able to get underway earlier this year society officials blamed the recent recession and Gas shortage As the reason they failed to raise their share of the funds the most successful fund raising Effort of the society to Date has been the statewide Lele a Thon held earlier this year which raised something Over $400,000 the first phase of the zoo. The african Veldt is expected to by Ope Ned sometime during the summer of 1977 deportation set for Marie Lexington a i Augustine Soto mane will apparently be deported Back to Mexico despite efforts of newfound friends and supporters Marie 33. Said through an interpreter that he swam the Laredo River two months ago gaining illegal entry into the country to look for work Loist week. Unsuccessful in his Drifting search lie wound up outside Lexington where he turned himself in to authorities he attained the informal status of a trusty in the county jail and expressed a willingness to work by sweeping and washing cars and dishes an immigration official arrived late in the week to begin deportation proceedings for Marie local citizen supported Marie s efforts to stay in the country. And he was offered a full time Job on a Dairy farm the immigration official. Sam May. Was sympathetic with Marie s desire to slay in Lexington and Davidson county sheriff Jaybird Mccrary and county manager Jim Phillips talked with May for about an hour but Mccrary said the chances w Ere Quot slim to none Quot that the deportation proceedings could be stopped Quot he May has a Job to do like you and me Quot Mccrary said concern for education reaches politicians everybody thinks of education As Quot taking a break Quot in the summer it s not taking a break this summer however and that s because political candidates gearing up Tor the aug 17 primary Art getting the Gist of the Quot feeling that s in the people Are getting mad about this Broad thing called education most of All they Are mad because some children can t read by the end of third Grade because some can t read by the end of Junior High school because some can to read when they receive their High school diplomas people Are getting mad enough to in Sist. Quot get Back to basics get Back to basics Quot Ben purr in. Candidate for state superintendent of Public instruction has sensed this desire in people and is Basing his platform on getting Back to basics a in the primary he will be facing supt Craig Phillips for the democratic nomination gubernatorial candidates have sensed this feeling and Are not just paying lip service to the needs in education they Are delving deep into the causes of Why so Many students Are not learning tile skills they need to read write and do mathematical computations effectively. They Are nol dwelling excessively on the needs it higher education As so Many candidates have done in the past but they Are ferreting out problems that begin Way Down there in kindergarten and first Grade and never end for some children candidates Are not just saying Quot i will try to support a raise in teacher salaries and do the Best i can to see that education gets its fair share of Hie budget. Quot they Are saying a this is exactly How i propose to do these things Quot i think that All dedicated teachers will agree with me that while a raise in salary is important teachers Are not just listening for the can diddle who flatly promises a raise in teacher salaries and nothing More some segments of the Public picture teachers As eternally holding out their Grubby Little hands for More and More Money not caring if they figuratively step on childrens bodies along tile Way to get it. This is simply not True. Teachers realize the problems in our schools and teachers know that when a it gets right Down to it Quot the. Classroom teacher is the most motivating influence in the teaching of Reading in the teaching of anything All of the legislative backing in the world All of the cooperation of the governor All of the Best planning in the superintendent s office cannot make a Good teacher out of a poor one yet a candidate for governor brought this up in a conversation with me last weekend in Raleigh. Someone he said Quot asked me it i did t realize that a bigger salary increase for teachers would mean that the state would just keep rewarding poor teachers with higher and higher salaries along with those who deserve a salary increase Quot his answer to the person intrigued me yes. He said that was an inescapable tact a that some who did t deserve a higher salary would automatically get it. Quot but Quot he continued Quot higher salaries would in time attract the very Best to the teaching profession around by Fay Marks teaching would be a highly reputable occupation and the very top College students would want to go into the profession a think of the logic of that. It is already happening really not the top salaries but the realization that teaching is becoming a highly competitive occupation it s not so lucrative that a great Many More people Are choosing it As a profession but there Are just fewer jobs available for applicants. Therefore colleges and universities Are tailoring their programs with this Stark reality in mind they Are trying to set up programs that will Weed out undesirable candidates in the teacher education program before they get in too deep to choose another Field the requirements for acceptance into teacher education programs Are becoming stricter applicants who can t meet these requirements Are Bewig discouraged against pursuing a career in education you can put the blame Here and there for the failures in our educational system a you can paraphrase the Victory cry of political parties and place the blame from Tho White House to the statehouse to Hie court House to the you can blame the parents and the Home you can blame discipline problems and Low teacher salaries open classrooms and closed Money supplies and you May be right on every count never before though have the people of North Carolina seemed to in tent so organized so Quot together Quot in trying to find out Why every child in the state is not learning to read. Write and do simple arithmetic effectively. Its not just in Lins state but in others that people Are beginning to demand the answer log Why Quot colleges and universities Are shocked to find that Large percentages of their freshman classes Are very inadequately prepared in sentence construction and grammar. This is an election year and while the governor cannot change education by himself and neither can any other elected official a each Wie who is elected can do his part in studying the educational Kaleidoscope to see which parts fit and which ones done to. We have enough Money in North Carolina to see that teachers Are properly paid we also have enough to devise and maintain ways of seeing that Only the very Best enter the teaching profession More important1though. We live enough Money to Sec that every child learns to read and that the course titles Quot corrective Reading and Quot corrective English Quot can be stricken from College catalogues

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