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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Spotted fever causes two More deaths Raleigh a two More North carolinians have died i rom Rocky Mountain spotted fever bringing the 1976 death toll in the state to four a state health official says. According to or Peter Rogers of the state division of health services the latest victims died in Wake medical Center in Raleigh after being admitted in a dying condition Rogers said the two were a 25-year-old Atlantic Beach Man and a 64 year old Raleigh Man he did not have their names available. So far this year. 107 cases of the fever have been reported in North Carolina. Which generally leads the Nati on in the number of reported cases earlier this year a 7-year-old Rocky mount boy and a 49-Vear old Ahoskie Man died from the disease Rogers said the tick borne fever is easily diagnosed and cured if caught in time Motel lodger found dead Throat slashed Graham a a lodger was slashed to death in a Motel just outside Ira Ham Friday night he was identified As 48-Yqaroid Homer g Wheeler of Saxapahaw the manager of the Motel said he found him with his Throat slashed he was lying Between the twin Beds in his room Wheeler had checked in monday police were checking his occupation no arrests were made immediately if gasoline prices go up on weekends when people will be using More. Why does t the Cost of toed come Down on the theory they la mainly be cutting Down on consumption by sleeping late and just snacking i army records reveal mishandling of food it Bragg api a army records obtained by the Fayetteville times Point to a Gross mishandling Quot of food items at it. Bragg conditions potentially harmful to both Consumers and food handlers also Are cited in military documents. The military records obtained through the Freedom of information act after it Bragg authorities refused to release them confirmed that problems existed at the military base in both commissary operations and operations related to distribution of food items to soldiers. Unlike a preliminary report presented earlier this month by it. Bragg the documents reveal details of problems which were first published in the Fayetteville times june to. Those articles were based in part on allegations from it Bragg food inspectors the documents Back up the inspectors allegations and show that numerous potential health hazards involving food handling and sales existed at it Bragg i sanitary conditions existed in both commissary operations and food warehouse procedures inadequate warehouse facilities resulted in waste of thousands of pounds of food items inferior freezing facilities in both commissary and warehouse systems resulted in waste of thousands of pounds of food items. Frozen meat was being packaged and sold As fresh meat auditing of food items at it. Bragg designed to Check contractor violations was questionable. A and fungus growth in cold storage coolers resulted in molding of numerous meat items and according to one report could potentially infect people breathing the air in a Coder following the newspaper s disclosures. It. Bragg commanding Gen. Henry Emerson ordered an investigation into the disclosures the investigation resulted in a preliminary report which confirmed that a some meat processing practices need to be improved and that there exist some inadequate storage facilities at the military Post although it. Bragg spokesmen did not elaborate. The military investigators confirmed however that commissary meat handlers were mixing discoloured ground beef with fresher beef to make it look better and sell better it Bragg spokesmen said the problems alluded to in their preliminary report either have been or Are being corrected cd society classless from Page i a such increased ionization out there makes that f2 layer highly reflective so reflective that radio Waves Bounce off it right Back Down to Earth under such conditions a cobers radio signal instead of zipping Only five Miles Down the Highway might also Ping Pong Back off that High sky to be heard by cobers Halfway across the country the condition is called a skip the Sunspot activity that promotes it runs somewhat in cycles that last from three to five years such a Cycle is expected Between 1977 and 1981 some experts say. Maybe. Maybe not there have been Long stretches of years Breaks in the predicted cycles without significant Sunspot activity. But it the a skip Quot from sunspots should begin next year As foreseen the sky in the several years thereafter could become so full of bouncing radio Waves that most of the cd conversations worldwide will be a walked on a Blanket blotted and garbled by an uncontrolled cancer of reflected signals the technical to. Are staying up late these nights to Engineer a solution to that pessimistic possibility emergency talk in the to codes a 10-5 Means a relay my message please a 10-33 Means a this is an a to 46 Means 1 assist a Motorist Quot a 10-51 Means wrecker and a 10-52 mean a ambulance needed can you remember All that a neither can i. Please note however theres nothing wrong with saying something simple Over cd such As a they will somebody pass along the Call that we be got a car wreck Here at mile Marker i whatever and we need both an ambulance and a wrecker ifs the will of the flt u that Vou and i be advised it s Okay to talk Plain English in emergencies Emma emf the weather i a urn astronomy across 4. E i Mot it. A j 9 e l new it Ltd a it 1 a i pm to i a i e Wmk Hatoe of tvs a cd Mai it a a a Jpn ii is apr i Ely Lese v a fold Rig Mio h a. Quet it possible rain North Carolina might receive More Relief from its dry spell As showers and thunderstorms which were reported across the state yesterday could continue into the weekend the triad area forecast Calls for partly Cloudy skies today and sunday with a Chance of afternoon and evening showers thunderstorms Are possible sunday the High today and sunday is expected in the upper 80s to forecast North Ca Kolina scattered showers and possible thunderstorms mainly near coast today becoming widely scattered tonight and sunday variable cloudiness highs today and sunday in 80s mountains and outer Banks and upper 80s to mid 90s elsewhere lows tonight 60s West and 70s East South Carolina mostly sunny and hot today highs in the 90s fair tonight lows in the 60s Northwest to 70s elsewhere partly Cloudy sunday. Highs in the 80s Northwest to around 90 elsewhere. Mid 90s with the Low tonight near 70 probability of rain is 20 per cent today and tonight. 40 per cent sunday. Temperate res 24 hours ending 7 a in pm i Mion ii i. I m \ she Ville in 86 67 77 Yugu to pc 94 to 25 Charleston i 93 77 35 Charlotte pc 93 71 0 Columbia Elds 95 73 0 Greensboro p c 92 70 37 j Villes c pc 91 72 to Raleigh or 99 70 0 Savannah Clr 74 70 0 Wilmington pc 95 76 0 3-Day forecast North Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday Clearing and cooler monday. Fair tuesday and wednesday lows in the 60s except 50s in the mountains highs in the 80s except 70s mountains South Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday a few thundershowers monday. Turning a Little cooler through the period highs ranging from lower 80s Northwest to mid and upper 80s Over the rest the it state lows mostly in the 60s i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 to Quot 12 13 14 15 16 of 18 19i a 20 21 i 22 231 i i i 25 26 27 28 a i 30 31 32 33 a a 34 35 a i 37 38 i a 40 41 i 42 a i 44 45 46 47 a 48 49 50 51 a 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 3i read the Enterprise windstorm insurance disputed Raleigh a the state department of insurance and insurance companies have renewed their three year old struggle Over How much rates covering windstorm damage should be reduced even As both sides await a state supreme court ruling Over their latest disagreement the department has opened an inquiry into the Way proposed a extended coverage rates Are determined extended coverage primarily involves wind damage insurance and is purchased As an addition to fire insurance last year. Insurance bringing companies about $17 million in premiums was purchased in the state w Byron Tatum Deputy insurance commissioner. Said in an interview that the department would examine the rating formulas used by the Industry it Jis a stoning by department attorneys at Friday s hearing indicated that Industry profits and investment income also will be scrutinized in future hearings. Both the Industry and department agree a reduction is justified but the argument is Over How much and the two sides Edge further apart As time passes the . Fire insurance rating Bureau. Which represents the Industry has been seeking unsuccessfully since 1973 to have extended coverage Premium rates reduced. Initial a. The Bureau asked for a 23.3 per cent decrease and Cam Teeth insurance department with two subsequent reduction requests. Rut for two years insurance c commissioner John Ingram delayed holding hearings on the requests As a result the filings by the Bureau were withdrawn. Newspaper accused by Union Winston Salem apr a printers Union has charged the news and observer publishing co in Raleigh with violating the National labor relations act a spokesman for the National labor relations Board no rib office Here said attorneys for the Raleigh typographical Union no 54 filed charges thursday according to this spokesman the Union accused the company of bargaining in bad Faith and making changes in employees working conditions without con siding the Union the company publishes the Raleigh news and observer and the Raleigh times Frank a. Daniels or publisher of the two papers. Said he had read the charges made by the Union and i believe them to be without foundation a a the spokesman said the charges will be investigated by an Norb examiner who will collect sworn affidavits from the Union after the company responds to the charges the examiner will present the evidence to a regional Norb Board which is expert Ted to decide within a few weeks whether to file a complaint against the company i ubic opinion is a private opinion Broad ast by states men tomorrow is a reflection a reflection of what you do today High Point Enterprise saturday july 31, 1976 7a Don Turner pastor we invite you to attend Woodlawn Baptist Church 3201 n. Main Street a sunday school 9 45am a morning worship i i of a in a youth Fellowship 6 30 a evening worship 7 30 a wed prayer service 7 30 rom. 10 1 7 so then Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of a Independent fundamental first i i in i Wesleyan Church 9,"� North Centennial be. Serving the whole fam la a Sill eos i eos Senyk is sunday Schuol 9 is 4. I \ 4 Limpid Radi a prof run worship Bour a to in a m left it a it by or j a a rout a no vision i nine or Irry a 7 00 pm for All a. Sunday at six message by or. Clyde a. Parker a the Way of the transgressor is hard special music by Bel Canto chorale Church off id 882-1117. 9 rides or children. Enter 886-7081, n4-s�-Y�n arms or. J. V. Grout pastors or. 4ii>ii Parker or. I errs Skelton Hev it Terrace Millburn. Be tavern. Mold Man denies threatening to kill Jimmy Carter Portland. Ore. A a threat on the life of democratic presidential nominee Jimmy Carter has been reported to the secret service by Don Clark chairman of the mul Tomah county commission a Clark aide confirmed Friday. Hut the Man responded later Friday by denying he made the threat the Man approached Clark late sunday night at the Goose hollow inn and told him he was going to kill Carter said the commission chairman s aide Dick Feeney Feeney quoted Clark who was unavailable for comment Friday As replying you Don t really mean that Quot when the Man repeated the threat several times Clark believed he was serious and reported the incident monday to the secret service. Feeney said Richard Tench a retired constitutional Law professor gave a different version in an interview with a Portland broadcaster he said he and Clark were having a political discussion at the tavern and that the topic of Jimmy Carter May have come up rut he said he never made a threat against him labor party challenges meeting restrictions Greensboro it apr suits alleging violations of constitutional rights Lave been brought against Greensboro and Winston Salem officials by the u s labor party the party is challenging restrictions on outdoor Public meetings in Winston Salem and on the volume of Public address systems in Greensboro. William g Pfeffer Kom attorney Lor the labor Bary argued in i s District court thursday that the w Inston Salem ordinance is unconstitutional because it requires permits Lur most rallies but allows Public of duals and candidates for Public Oil ice to hold rallies without permits pet i or Kernel ii tried citizens rights to free speech had been infringed the Law. Originally passed to control the activities of Street preachers says permits can be denied Only if rallies might conflict with other gatherings or cause traffic congestion the labor party contends that the w Inston Salem Board of aldermen turned Down the party s requests for Victory in truth Baptist Church 300 f Springfield lid High Point permits because it was the labor party making the requests Kod Dev m Ligon or. Representing Winston Salem officials said the permits were turned Down because the requests were for a proving rallies and were not specific enough about the time and place of rallies in the Greensboro ease the labor party contends that restrictions on Public address system volume is unconstitutional and arbitrarily enforced Tench who said he was visited by the secret service the next morning called Lark s report of the threat a a Devil of a Way to respond to losing a political argument a Feeney said Lark. A former county sheriff took the assassination remarks seriously because he worked on the 1968 Oregon presidential Campaign of Kobert f. Kennedy and was his personal Driver in the state until about to Days before Kennedy was shot to death in i of Angeles Gary Mcleod special agent in charge of the secret service office in Portland acknowledged a threat had been reported but did not say who submitted the report Mcleod also did not name the person said to have made the threat but noted the Man had been identified and cont acted after his investigation the Case will be turned Over to the u s attorney s office in Portland. He said verbal threats against presidential candidates Are illegal under a Section of the i s ode Mcleod said the maximum penalty is a $1,000 Fine or one year in prison the incident was brought to Public attention Friday when a Young woman distributed pamphlets in downtown Portland and implied that Lark had informed on the tavern Patron Westminster presbyterian Church in America guest speaker Rev. Charles Olim too a m and 7 00 pm worship service sunday school .9.45 a m morning worship la of a m evening worship .7 00 come and worship with us this sunday morning at the Kirkman Park elementary school at forms ave and Centennial St worship with us sunday evening at 3211 Flanders it sunday school v 45 o in morning Wor p i i of a in sunday nigh 7 30 p in wed nigh service 7 30 p in. Larry Kcf Chenney pastor k. Everyone Welcome evangelist Sonny Holland of Clinton. La. Will be special guest Singer it preacher at Calvary Temple Baptist Church 1029 Blair St., Thomasville sat. Night july 31 at 7 30 the youth group of gospel Baptist Church presents Al America to an original historical pageant written performed and directed by members of the month group with Mutic by the youth choir saturday july 31 7 30 . Everyone is invited to attend gospel Baptist Yogi ism a Church High 311 South High Point . Every facility of this Church is dedicated to providing you and your family the spiritual uplift for a Happy life 8 35 messages of Faith to sunday school 1055 morning worship 7 00 evening worship main Sanctuary our Here determines our hereafter or Price mfr 1230 on am a place of Bible study for everyone special classes for the deaf and the retarded and a fresh new vital ministry for single adults or Carter what do you mean born again or Price Sermon by or Roger Patterson of Sandy Ridge Green Street Baptist Church 300 South Centennial St. E. W. Price the. D. Pastor

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