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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather possible showers More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 212 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon july 30, 1976 28 pages Dau \ , sunday 35c other suspects sought two men caught in bus kidnapping Chowchilla. Calif it a three Young men sought in the kidnapping of 26 school children and their bus Driver Are in jail. But authorities say they Are pressing their investigation for unidentified suspects who May have been involved in the bizarre mass abduction. The Case broke wide open thursday with the arrests of Frederick n Woods in Vancouver Canada and his former schoolmate James Schoenfeld near Schoenfeld s san Francisco Peninsula Home the arrests just five hours apart after a week Long search for the pair came As Richard Schoenfeld pleaded innocent to 43 felony counts at an arraignment in this Small farming Community where the kidnapping took place july i5. All three Are held on bail of $1 million each although Woods and the Schoenfeld Brothers were the Only persons sought on arrest warrants in the Case authorities Are pursuing various leads that May bring about More arrests. Thursday s developments tumbled out rapidly beginning with the arrest of James Schoenfeld 24, shortly before 7 a m. In Menlo Park Calif Fri agents said Schoenfeld was spotted wednesday night driving a Green Van with Idaho License plates by a a person who knew him police spotted the Van again thursday morning and made the arrest without incident. His arrest so close to Home was something of a Surprise since authorities had said earler that Schoenfeld had tried twice to Cross the Canadian Border nearly two weeks ago and had been linked to incidents in Reno nev., Spokane. Wash., and Coeur d Alene Idaho. Attorney Edwa re Merrill said Schoenfeld had returned to California to surrender that morning to Merrill s Law partner William Gagen. Quot he was supposed to be in our office this morning at 8 a m. To make arrangements to surrender Quot said Merrill Gagen said Schoenfeld had been in the area for several Days Quot perhaps camping on a he said both Brothers were Quot very naive Quot As to the seriousness of the charges against them. About noon the Royal Canadian mounted police acting on a tip from san Francisco Fri agents arrested Woods 24, at a Vancouver Post office Woods father owns the Quarry in Livermore calif., where the school children and their bus Driver were held captive in a buried moving Van for 18 hours before they managed to dig free officials said Woods using an alias entered Canada More than five Days ago on a commercial Airliner from Reno he was immediately returned to this country. He appeared before a Federal magistrate in Bellingham. Was hand waived extradition to California Frederick n. Woods in statements Carter follows Ford on defense James Schoenfeld by Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington apr his Early statements on defense show that democratic presidential candidate Jimmy Carter generally parallels Broad Ford administration positions. Carter even has adopted defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a term Quot rough equivalence Quot to describe the military balance. Talking with newsmen in Plains a. Carter said earlier this week that the United states is not in second place. That is what the Ford administration has been saying. Carter said that Quot in some areas we re Superior and in some areas they Are Rumsfeld repeatedly has said essentially that. Carter said the United states must assure that Quot we keep a rough equivalence Between ourselves and the soviet Union in strategic atomic this sounds like Rumsfeld s assertion to Congress that such equivalence Quot is the foundation we must Carter said neither the United states nor Russia could launch a Quot first strike Quot nuclear attack on the other without receiving a massive retaliatory strike in return this amounts to the same As the Ford administration s stated position that neither superpower could mount a Quot disarming Quot first strike Arter said the United states should press negotiations Quot to slowly move downwards the outer limits of both the numbers and the Quality of weapons of nuclear mass destruction Quot Ford administration officials have said they Hope to put a Cap on the nuclear arms race under a new Salt agreement with Russia then move later to a Mutual reduction in nuclear weaponry. So far. Carter has differed with the Ford administration principally on cutting the defense budget and on the timing of a production decision on the controversial by bomber but Carter s proposals Tor cutting the defense budget by $5 billion to $7 billion have focused on such generalities As improving management techniques rather than on eliminating or reducing specific costly weapons programs now under Way. As for the by bomber. Carter has said he opposes its production Quot at this time but he has not foreclosed the possibility that he might change his mind Quot the decision on production of this weapons system should be made by the next administration. Carter has said Carter has called for . Withdrawal of troops from South Korea Over the next four or five years. The Ford administration has avoided any such commitment and Rumsfeld said recently there Are no present plans to reduce the . Military presence there Hunt Calls Peak Price plan phony Raleigh t a i it gov Jim Hunt today Termi j As phony Quot the Peak pricing plans submitted last month by the three big electric Power companies serving North Carolina Hunt told a news conference the plans appear to be nothing More than an attempt to get a rate increase through the Back door Hunt. Democratic candidate for governor said the three companies Are not Peak pricing at All Quot it s he added that a 12-hour Peak will not give us a realistic Opportunity to save Energy. Instead it will Force us to either completely change our lifestyles or drastically increase our already skyrocketing electric Bills Hunt noted that Carolina Power amp Light co. Duke Power co and Virginia electric amp Power co. Filed plans that generally propose a single to or l2hour Peak lasting throughout most of the Day and into the night instead of several peaks lasting just a few hours under the Peak pricing theory Consumers who use Power during periods of Low demand get a cheaper rate Quot what the companies have done Quot Hunt said in a prepared statement Quot is merged the peaks for residential commercial and Industrial users that results in the 12-hour Peak they have proposed is hat they should have done is establish separate peaks lasting just a few hours for each class of user reflecting the actual demands each puts on the system what s inside amusement 7b Bridge. 9b classified ads. A mob comics. _____16h crossword Kab editorials. In financial. 2a obituaries. 2b sports. .3-6 b television. Kuna Omen s news .6-7 a Areather. A Hospital wins pays $500,000 Washington api As the Ary prepared to give its verdict in a $3 5-Mi 11 Ion malpractice Milt. Attorneys Tor holy Cross Hospital agreed at the Lut minute to pay a ant my i lament the 12 jurors then were dismissed before they had the Chance to announce their verdict a in favor of the Hospital the last minute agreement tame thursday at tile end old a eight Dav trial alter the Foreman of the circuit court jury knocked on the jury room door to indicate that to hours of deliberation had yielded a verdict the lawyers Tor both ides huddled and agreed on the $500,000 settlement the judge then announced the settlement and dismissed the jurors. A attorneys Lur both sides were shaking hands outside the courtroom the jurors filed past them and mentioned that if they hid been allowed to return the verdict it would have been in favor of the Hospital Edward and Myra Farrell had sued the Hospital claiming that their son Jimmy now 6, was blinded shortly after his birth at the suburban Silt or Spring my Hospital As the result of negligence by the Hospital and two doctors the suit argued that an excessive amount of oxygen was administered to the infant after he was born two weeks prematurely on get 12. 1969, and that the oxygen apparently led to the development of a rare disease that destroyed the boy sight during the trial attorney David Goldberg had argued Tor the farrells that the Hospital and doctors in charge of the delivery room were negligent in tailing to ensure that the oxygen i pumped into the infant s i incubator turned off i before its concentration see Hospital on 3a in s-2��0 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Pierced earring wires 0. Could you please Tell me where one could obtain Good pierced earring wires in Small quantities at a Good Price this is very important and thank you. . A Mary Carter paint store carries some in their Craft items and so does Bermet. Clyde Gilmore who makes jewelry and exhibits at Craft shows says hell have some in about a month when he opens an office and warehouse at 3603 Battleground ave in Greensboro he also mentioned As a source american handicraft located in King s shopping Center in Greensboro Quot rack and Field enthusiast go to a private school and it does t have a track program. I wanted to know if there is anywhere i can join a track and Field program. Please answer this it is very important. Anon. Girl. A apparently you would have to he enrolled in a school with track or prevail on your school s administrators to add it to their athletic program neither the Owca the sports department nor the physical education office at i no g knew of a track and Field clinic or Camp such As those held for other sports. Don t let this Stop you from prac timing on your own a like that kid in the Mcdonald s and who has been running nonstop ail through the olympics telecast Job references in this is a very important question and i need an answer As soon As possible is there some Way you could find out what kind it message your former employer is giving to other places where you Are looking for a Job anon woman. A Only by asking the former employer or the person to whom you Are applying there is no Legal obligation on their part to divulge the information Given or received a just As you Don t have to give the name of a former employer As a reference if you think it might reduce your chances of employment elsewhere. Credit references Are something else persons Are entitled to see what s on their own record at the credit Bureau re action in my opinion the lady who was upset about the copperheads and water moccasins in her Back Yard does not have much of a problem. I have never seen a poisonous water Snake in the High Point area. Unless her children Are moving trash or turning Over logs they will probably never see a Copperhead because they move out when the Patter of Little feet or a dog comes around. The Only time i am concerned with copperheads and rattlers is when the weather starts getting Cool and they Are fat sluggish and partially Blind. Then they will not move out of your Way and will strike at body heat. I can remember stepping on two copperheads Barefoot without being bitten. They were cold and i moved without calling a committee meeting. In the thirty years i have been scoutmaster our scouts have been in the Woods a total of 100,000 boy hours without the first one getting a bite from a poisonous Snake. During the same time we have had three killed in automobiles. I believe her children Are much safer playing in the Woods than in the Street. Milford h. Byerly scoutmaster troop i. Ford flies to Mississippi in Delegate Hunt Washington of president Ford continuing to pick up Delegate support As he nears the magic 1,130 Mark is travelling to Mississippi to make a personal pitch to the state s gof convention delegation an uncommitted group Large enough to Clinch the Republican nomination for him the president was flying to Jackson miss today for five hours of campaigning challenger Ronald Reagan plans a similar trip next week Ford gained seven delegates thursday a four from Pennsylvania and three Grom Louisiana a to bring his total in the associated press convention preference tally to 1,104 the Survey shows Reagan remained with 1,023 delegates and 132 delegates still Are uncommitted of Ford wins Mississippi 30-vote delegation he would have four More votes than the 1,130 needed for the nomination when the Roll is called at the National Convell lion in Kansas City on August 18 in Mississippi Ford Hopes to exploit a major defection from the Reagan Camp state gof chairman Clarke Reed who declared that Reagan a vice presidential Choice caused him to endorse the president sen. Richard Schweiker a Pennsylvania Liberal was picked by Reagan with the Hope of gaming supports a Ford on 7 a chinese Mother holds baby under shelter of sheets in peking Street rain Falls after earthquakes caused heavy damage in Northeast China a wirephoto1 chinese take to streets in fear of new tremors by John Roderick associated press writer Tokyo Aid a chinese officials ordered millions of people in Northeast China into the streets before Dawn today in anticipation of massive new earthquakes the australian broadcasting commissions peking correspondent reported that the foreign ministry telephoned All foreign diplomatic missions before Dawn to warn that another serious quake was expected Quot we were awakened at 4 a in and told to get into the open Quot David Dean Deputy chief of the Liaison office in peking reported by Telephone most of the population of peking is camped outside but another big quake Hasni to happened yet and we Hope it does t Quot the australian correspondent. Warren Duncan said officials toured the capital blowing whistles and shouting warnings urging people to leave their Beds and move out doors he said More tents and makeshift shelters were thrown up in open spaces but there was Quot a mood of absolute Calm a a reports from various sources indicated that Tangshan. A Coal mining and Industrial City it a million people about 80 Miles East Southeast of peking was hit hardest by the first great quake Early wednesday Hsinhua. The official chinese news Agency said Tangshan a suffered extremely serious damage and a japanese technician who was in the City reported that most buildings that we could see collapsed Quot there was speculation that some of the Kailua Coal mines there had caved in in bombing miners on the overnight shift. Reports in japanese newspapers rom a French delegation in Tangshan gave the impression the City had been totally destroyed and that tens of thousands might be dead the chinese customarily withhold details of loss of life following natural catastrophes on the Assumption that such bad news gives Comfort to their enemies the quake also did extensive damage to tientsin. Hina s third largest City 40 Miles Southwest of Tangshan and caused some damage and casualties in peking Dean said Thomas Gates chief of the Liaison office personally offered american Aid to the chinese government and the same Otter had been made in Washington to the chinese Liaison office there he said there had been no reply yet

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