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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina 6a High Point saturday july 31, 1976high Point area Church Calendar of events Highland a movie the will be shown sunday during the 7 p in worship service in Highland United methodist Church on Mill Avenue the pastor the Rev Irvin Houser said the film deals with How television networks might Deal with the sudden Digap Paranee of god s pc pie and the chaos which would result a into news Tiu Mas Vilue revival services will be held in Good news Baptist Church monday through saturday at 7 30 the evangelist will be the Rev Roger Williams the Church is on old 29, South of Lilot school mount Zion Trinity the Rev Jack Luther of Mocksville will be the evangelist for a revival to be held in mount Zion United methodist Church off the Pinch farm Road some seven Miles Southwest of Trinity the services will begin sunday at 7 30 p in and continue through Friday night pastors anniversary the 9th anniversary of or j w Reed As pastor of greater Bethlehem Baptist Church Boi s Centennial St., will be observed with two services sunday at la a in the Church choirs Are to sing and several members of the Church will make remarks in Honor of the pastor at 3 the anniversary message will be presented by or l. L. Macon pastor of Temple memorial Baptist Church the Temple congregation will attend the service Bethlehem has grown to a full time ministry during Reed s pastorate and the Church Sanctuary has been Rem a ated and a Large parking facility has been added the pastor was educated at Winston Salem state univer sity Hood theological Seminary Piedmont Bible College and he has a degree from Universal Bible Institute Alamo Tenn he and his family reside in Winston Salem United Ushers the United Ushers will meet sunday at 3 in new Bethel Baptist Church 1118 Mon lieu the youth group of gospel Baptist Church will again present their pageant tonight at 7 30 the pageant was presented earlier by the youth and tonight s performance in the Church Sanctuary on Highway 311 South of High Point is due to popular demand. Concert the f. L Andrews Young adult choir will present its 3rd annual concert sunday at 4pm in first Baptist Church 701 e Washington or mrs Nancy Carree is the choir s director and Daryl Robbins is president of the group revival a revival will be held in the Mission of Unity 304 e. Fairfield re sunday through saturday. The Rev Kenny Dunn will Lead the Baptist Trinity the Rev. Jim Mccoy will preach sunday at the to 55 worship of Trinity Baptist Church Mccoy is a graduate of Southern Seminary. Louisville. By and now lives in Chapel Hill where he is to be involved in Baptist student work on the University of North Carolina Campus he was youth director of the Trinity Church in 1972 the evening service will be led by the youth of the Church the speaker will be Ron Poythress. A Campbell College student who is youth director of the Church revival Archdale a a series of revival meetings will get under Way monday in tyndale pentecostal holiness Church on Wharrie Road to continue through the following sunday evangelist Joe Cook will Lead the services which begin at 7 30 . Jamestown or John a redhead jr., retired pastor of Greensboro s first presbyterian Church will preach sunday at la in Jamestown presbyterian Church St Michael s Quot because god in res a will be the theme of a vacation Church school to be held monday through Friday at St. Michael s lutheran Church. Classes will be held for children Ages 3 through Grade 6. Lexington Avenue Charles Garner of High Point a rising Junior at Columbia so Bible College will preach sunday at morning and evening worship services in Lexington Avenue Baptist Church a son of David Garner of High Point the visitor was licensed by Abbotts Creek Baptist Church in 1973. He was pastor of Floyd Baptist Church for a year prior to entering Columbia in 1974 he is married to the former Marilyn Everhart. Singing they Outh of the Church of god of prophecy. 211 n. Ward ave., will sponsor an evening of singing saturday. Aug 7, from 7 30 until 9 pm at the Church. Those taking part will include the Young believers of Reidsville and other area groups Wesley memorial or. Ralph Taylor retired United methodist minister and former superintendent of the High Point District of the Church will preach sunday at 8 45 and la . In Wesley memorial United methodist Luke the lutheran Church of Saint Luke Leonard Avenue at Walnut Street will celebrate the sending of the twelve sunday at la a in. Lay readers will be mrs Thelma Johnson Boss and miss Ronda Holmes. The service is open to the Public and will be held in the Church s recently air conditioned a tent revival led by evangelist a Mon Pennington of Charette is now in Progress on Jackson Lake Road off Kivett drive mount Olive the Rev Oscar Cook and congregation of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Thomasville will worship sunday at 3 pm. In mount Olive Baptist Church. A the illustrated Bible Joseph faces his Brothers and Jon pm my his or Ethan and he knew them hut nude himself strange unto them g�mto42 7 since Joseph under pharaoh was now governor of i Egypt my in Vole tharge of food supplies la was he to whom Jacob a a sons had to apply for the Pun Haw of sum hut when they approached hint hey did not recognize the or utter whom they had sold into slavery so Many years before. Joseph recognized Ihm however though he pretended otherwise. Ile spoke to them harshly and when they pleaded for Corn he accused Ihm of hemp spies. They protested saying they were All members of one starving family in Canaan and thai their Tat her and younger brother had remained at Home. After three Days Joseph promised them torn bul Only on condition thai they go bask Home and return with their brother. Benjamin. Nest Heck Josi Pii Ano his Hoo Iii is Al of Ilko Jamestown presbyterian Over a million expected roman Catholic leaders meeting in Philadelphia ordination service scheduled Thomasville Fly George w Cornell a religion writer Philadelphia a what May be the largest religious gathering in u s history the 41st International eucharistic Congress takes place starting sunday in Phila Delphia. Hooding the City with people and pageantry ifs the first such Altair in this country in 50 years a Konsun Catholic concourse id Church leaders and laity it is expected to draw More than a million people Tor an eight Day round of liturgies performances exhibits Pat a d e s and seminars a Quot spiritual olympics it has been Calk d with events going on simultaneously at Halls and Arenas across the City. The program has a pattern something like a 10-ring Cir Cus hut it s a festival of Faith focused on the bread and wine o t the Christian eucharist the reenactment it Christ s i ast suppler in which he is considered present uniting god with humanity the word eucharist itself Means Quot thanksgiving a gratitude for the divine presence with that As the Central Motif the Congress branches out into a lavish and varied Tare it drama music dance discussions Art shows process ions diverse National heritage liturgies receptions and ceremonies Quot the Congress will offer a Complete representation it the universality and diversity of the Church of every group who makes up the people of god. Says the Rev Walter j Conway the Congress executive Secretary. It also has its ecumenical dimensions with participation scheduled by representatives of protestant and Eastern it orthodox churches. Quot the eucharist however we celebrate it. Is a real commitment to one another and to the shared Mission of the Church in the world. Says the Rev Charles v. Devlin Secretary of a committee Tor inter denominational participation an estimated third of those attending Are coming from overseas Pope Paul i initially was expected to be among them but word came recently thai arthritis making it hard Tor him to walk. Prevented the trip hell be represented by his papal Legate. Cardinal James Knox formerly of Australia now of the Vatican. The series of world eucharistic congresses started 93 years ago in 1881 in Lille. France intended to counterbalance society s rising secular tide of world political and scientific interests and conferences Only about 800 people a and two Bishops a attended that first Congress but the numbers and eminent figures taking part have swelled with the years with about 450 Bishops and 50 cardinals Many from abroad involved in the Philadelphia Assembly the last such Congress in this country was in Chicago in ism Baptist Center staffers like week Long months Ridgecrest it was Christmas and december last week at Ridgecrest Baptist conference Center a just like ii was thanksgiving and november the week before and hollowed and october the week before that while that sounds confusing to most people it makes a lot of sense to the conference centers staffers most of whom Are College age Young people the summer is divided into 12 weeks and for the staffers each of those 12 weeks represents a month so before the summer is Over everyone has celebrated a birthday along with the year s Holiday s the week Long months Are As close to the real thing As possible staffers Send birth Day cards to each other make cakes and sing a Happy birthday to their embarrassed friends during meals in the dining Hall each week a or month a culminates with a special a Celebration on Friday night with everything from an hawaiian Luau on the grass and couples kickball to list Friday night s formal Christmas banquet the person responsible for making the weeks seem like months and a hot july evening seem like a wintry Christmas eve is Dolly Wyatt a student at southwestern Baptist theological Seminary in fort Worth. Tex in addition to planning the celebrations she is also in charge of All the decorations last week for example the Christmas theme was apparent everywhere staffers gathered it was particularly evident in the staff dining Hall and the staff Center where there were two colourful 12-foot Christmas Trees Cut from the nearby Forest painted windows and numerous Wall decorations sometimes getting the appropriate decorations is difficult but the 28-year-old miss Wyatt always comes up with an idea and a Way to carry it out a even if it Means borrowing a coffin from a nearby funeral Home to make the halloween spook House More effective hut just As cloches make the Man decorations make the month at Ridgecrest and often they Are so effective that the staffers target what week it really is a Many times to the Surprise of the guests on the grounds Atter All it can be startling to peek casually in a window during july and see a Large Christmas tree with frosty the snowman smiling at you or to be walking along enjoying the summer Sun Only to have your shouts interrupted by a pickup loan of recreation Crew starters singing hark Tho Herald Angels sing As they pass by mount Calvary Baptist Church 903 e keen in St an Independent Baptist Church holding True to fundamental of you to its services Vikki As a Al Strasu i i of a a the lira Oay in mme j to p a i to p i Herb Mcpheron pastor thkophilu8 some folks think that the ultimate in Freedom is living darkness or without any restrictions but this is the worst Type of slavery True Freedom comes to us when Chat s Law is obeyed through o knowledge of b by Al truth Gal e 2 j no 8 32, it not up to Mon to direct his own Steps Jeremiah to 23 but Man needs Light from heaven so he won i fall in the dor1 nets psalms 119,105> let the Light from heaven brighten Yov it life Send to to 1789 for the free Booklet understanding the Bible visit Thi a Jurij of it wrist Wal Emter Cire re lies set vices san so Siwu 9 Job a so Quot a Wolf in to to a j so pin a sly i to pm in a pm Wmk f is pm to . ,.- in. It it a Ife. Cum a. A w. Ctn we rib shut i is j newly formed Institute aids effect of self help groups the Rev i mrs i Frances Ruark Landsey of Thomasville is one of three ministers who will receive the orders of United methodist ordination sunday at 3 in Broad Street United methodist Church in Statesville mrs Lindsey is the wife of or Julian a. Lindsey superintendent of the Thomasville District of the United methodist Church she is to be ordained a Deacon the ordination rites will be Ltd by Bishop Earl g. Hunt of Charlotte in United methodism Deacon is the first of two orders of ordination with the ordination of Eider the recipient becomes a fully ordained minister of the Church Church holds first services Trinity a services Are now being held in the recently organized Fellowship Bible Baptist Church on s Trinity Road the pastor is the Rev Kermit a Morgan a native of Macon county Morgan attended Nanta Haia High school before moving to the local area some 25 years ago he also attended Jamestown High school Piedmont Bible College and was graduated from Baptist Bible College Springfield. To with a degree of graduate of theology me is married to the former Jacqueline Mabe of High Point the couple has three children t last fled ids provide results that Are unmatched by any other method Evanston ii a the self help groups that Are booming across the country Are getting a Little help themselves a from a new Institute established to study the trend Quot suddenly out of the Woodwork you get these Little groups nobody Ever heard about Quot said or Leonard d. Borman director of the self help Institute affiliated with the Center for Urban affairs at Northwestern University. Borman an anthropologist said the Institute plans to gather data about self help groups and provide training and a Clearinghouse for information to help the groups become More effective no one knows How Many self help groups there Are. Although some estimates place the figure at a half million tax exempt organizations alcoholics Anonymous which Borman Calls Quot the Granddaddy of Seif help organizations was founded in 1935 and is estimated to have 800,000 members in the decade trom 1962 to 1972. The number of a chapters doubled from 9,000 to 18.000. Borman says. Recovery inc., an Assoc at Ion of nervous and former mental patients was established in 1937 and now has 15.000 members meeting weekly for Mutual support in 1.000 groups in the United states Canada. Puerto Rico and Ireland the development and growth of syn anon which Borman says has had Quot a remarkable Impact on drug addiction reflects concern Over a comparatively recently social problem. It was formed in 1958 by a former a member. Other groups include such organizations As parents Anonymous made up of parents who have abused their children gamblers Anonymous for those trying to overcome that problem. Tops take off pounds sensibly a a weight reduction organization the Fortune society made up of former convicts and reach to recovery for women who have had mastectomies the growth of health related Seif help groups has been a striking development Over the past decade Borman said he noted that mended hearts a National group for persons who had had heart surgery is growing at the rate of 200 new members a month other organizations include the Blind the deaf arthritis and cancer patients who share their anxieties and concerns w Ith each other and ofter encouragement and support Borman said a different Type of Seit help group is represented by the food buying clubs formed by Consumers to save Money there also Are groups Tor widows new mothers who breast feed homosexuals Church of Jesus Mendenhall re. Off w. Fairfield High Point . For there Are three that Bear record in heaven the father the word and the holy ghost and these three Ore one. I so August preparing the Way for a great revival sept. 10 sunday 8 30 am bus ministry 9 45 a in meaningful Bible study 10.50 worship in the spirit 6 15pm Christian training 7 15pm gospel singing 8 00 pm preaching the word mid week wed 7 30pm prayer meeting thurs 7 00 pm visitation saturday 7 of men s prayer meeting Garrell Street Baptist Church Garrell St. At playground re Quot where everybody is somebody Quot come one come All Welcome Geo. H. Wallace pastor and the elderly women s consciousness raising organizations fail into the category of self help Quot these groups seem to have the key to problems their people face Quot Borman said one common characteristic they share he said is that they were developed outside of established institutions. Their development in part represents an anti professional attitude he added a Many persons who participate in these groups want help from somebody who has been Down the line a Borman said. Read the classifieds Archdale Assembly of god invites you to worship with us sunday school to . Morning worship 11 . Evening worship 6 . Located in the Trinity Grange building Trinity re. North Between Surratt or. And Hwy 62 phone 4313344 or 431-5144 first pentecostal holing Church Lex Kenilworth dr., High Point . Rev . Spargo minister Church phone 882-3615 parsonage phone 882 2028 everyone Welcome or is a join us in worship v a first baptists Church Ltd Roll Kyj a r. Put s 1776 1976 i irm a Pii m. Hill h High Point s c sunday 945 n m. Sunday school hour i Luo . Morning worship a 6 00 . Evening Vesper wednesday amp 6 00 . Family supper a worship for other Aei Liev a schedule Lei the Church office 883-0178. I i i

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