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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather possible showers More data on Page 7a 92nd year no. 213 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation m2-1719 Lassord is h85-2177 other depth 8x5-2161 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon july 31, 1976 32 pages daily 15c. Sinday 35c hew so rules All boy choir must have girls by Richard Carelli associated press writer Washington apr an elementary school s All boy choir whose singers have not yet matured into tenors and baritones is under fire from the Federal government Tor discriminating against Little girls the office of civil rights in the depart ment of health. Education and welfare says the Callboy choir of fifth and sixth graders in Wethersfield. Conn. Violates a Rule barring single sex choruses the Only justification for such a group would be requirements based on vocal Range and Quality the government says but in this Case the boys voices Are As High As the girls hew found itself at Odds with president Ford in another recent controversy Over sex discrimination in that Case the department ruled that Tather son and Mother daughter dinners held in Scottsdale ariz., schools were discriminatory Ford ordered the ruling suspended and threatened to seek an amendment to the Law it an hew review upheld the original interpretation this looks like a Case of bureaucratic interference in a legitimate educational rep William Cotter a Conn. Said Friday about the All boy singing group my said the ruling May illustrate what Hap Fiens when Well meaning but overzealous bureaucrats get hold of a Good Law and make it absurd Quot hew said it is reviewing the matter we did t want to be in a position of noncompliance. Howland said the school started its boys choir to entice some youngsters who shred away from coeducational music groups. The choir meets after school and receives no Money from the town Otter charged that the government s ruling in the Wethersfield Case goes beyond the intent of Congress in title in regulations passed to give girls parity with their male schoolmates. He said that in this Case Quot the regulations have succeeded in interfering with the system s music program without doing much for advancing the goals of non discrimination Quot prejudice charged in jury los Angeles apr As jurors deliberated the Fate of William and Emily Harris the defense claimed the judge failed to disclose allegations that one juror May have prejudged the harrises and that others saw a Man making a a paper Gallows a during jury selection. Chief defense attorney Leonard Weinglass demanded a mistrial and dismissal of the kidnapping robbery and assault charges against the sym ionese liberation army members on grounds of judicial misconduct. He contended Friday that Superior court judge Mark Trandler received complaints about the jury but did not Tell attorneys about them Brandler rejected the motion to dismiss charges but an emergency hearing on the mistrial motion was to resume today the charges against the harrises Stein from a night and Day of violence May 16-17, 1974 an 11-count indictment accuses the harrises of aiding and abetting Patricia Hearst in an attack on a sporting goods store and of kidnapping two men and stealing four cars As they later eluded police. The newspaper heiress now serving a term Tor a san Francisco Bank robbery is a co defendant but will be tried separately. The judge tried to postpone testimony on the matter until alter the verdict but he changed his mind after the prosecutor agreed to a hearing then in the Bullet proof courtroom where the harrises had stood trial the defense called Jeannie Barton a prospective juror who was not chosen to sit on the seven woman five Man Jian Elk i was very concerned about the trial about Many events that happened during jury selection about the conditions in this courtroom Quot said mrs Barton a lawyer s Wile she recalled hearing a juror talking about the Case during jury selection Quot Ile said something on the order of ifs already a foregone conclusion or. We already know the outcome of this it seemed he had a very Del mite opinion about mrs. Barton said. Quot this was an attitude that worried me. It was an attitude that worried me after the jury was accepted. I never thought he would be and it continued to bother Navel revealing stretch democratic nominee Jimmy Arter stretches to catch a softball throw prior to Friday s game in Plains a Carter pitching Tor the Plains businessmen played against new people covering his presidential Campaign. The businessmen won 12-4 it last week the journalists were stomped by the secret service. It a wire photo Fri official admits improper actions by Margaret Gentry associated press writer Washington a Fri director Clarence m Kelley tired his top assistant Lor alleged wrongdoing now the replacement Kelley Nam cd two weeks ago is admitting responsibility Tor improper operations. Associate Fri director Richard to held acknowledge convention of police chiefs hit by robbers Wilmington apr three masked gunman who robbed a Wilmington restaurant Early Friday might have had second thoughts it they had realized there was a convention of police chiefs in town Wrightsville Beach police chief John Ward and the chiefs of four other North Carolina towns had just ordered a predawn breakfast at Thompsons restaurant Atter a late session at the annual conference of Hie n j police executives association when three armed men wearing ski masks entered and shouted. Everybody freeze Quot Ward said he and some of the other lawmen instinctively reached for their sidearms but Allut them were weal ing Street clothes and none was armed the robbers took ail the Money in the restaurant Cash Register and robbed police chief James Matthews of Henderson of a ring valued at $750 and the contents of his Wallet a restaurant employee said she did not know How much was stolen from the Cash registered Friday that he was responsible for disruptive counterintelligence tactics against inimical militants in the Minneapolis area while he was running the Fri office there but held insisted Quot to say that i was directly involved is not entirely True Quot held issued the statement in response to news accounts based on the Senate intelligence committee report of five incidents it Fri harassment in Minneapolis Between 1968 and 1970 held was in charge of that office from october 1962 to february 1973 the targets were student protesters and the tactics included mailing of Anonymous letters to College and Mist raptors the committee said Justice department sources say atty. Gen Edward Levi is concerned about disclosure of held a involvement in Cointe pro the Fri Campaign to harass and disrupt political groups from 1956 to 1971 in a related development department prosecutors within a Tew weeks will go to a grand jury in new York with evidence against Fri agents or officials involved in burglaries said sources close to the probe department officials tentatively have decided to seek indictments against Fri per sonnet on charges of violating the civil rights it those who were the burglary victims the sources said Ford turns to choosing running mate Industrial tax Breaks instituted Washington of the Senate wants to give about $750 million in tax Breaks Over the next five years to the nation s life insurance companies railroads airlines and shipping Industry in a magnanimous session the Senate on Friday voted to help Hail out the ailing industries in a tax package that includes an $86-million-a-Ycar break for railroads one provision would allow depreciation of Tunnel bores and grading which could save the railroads $20 million a year for 50 years a a $192 million live year break for the airlines a $50-million break for certain Lite insurance companies which would allow them to Combine their tax returns with those of affiliated companies the Railroad and airline provisions have to do mainly with the so called investment tax credit. The general Rule now is hat a corporation can use such credits to Cut its taxes in half in any Given year the Bill would let airlines and railroads use the credits to Cut their tax liabilities to Zero the next two years the biggest fight came when sen Dale bumpers. Dark. Tried to Amend the Bill to end a double tax break for the shipping Industry bumpers was Defeated. 55 to 23, As conservatives and maritime states rallied against his proposal current Law allows shippers to escape Federal taxation on every Dollar of income they pour into a capital construction fund to finance shipbuilding in addition shipbuilders Are allowed As Are other corporations. A to per cent tax credit Lur investment in new equipment the Senate voted to make the double break retroactive to 1970 there was something or some of America s housewives too senators voted to allow a tree treatment of certain pension plan contributions benefiting spouses who have no Job outside the Home Inder present Law a worker who has no other pen Sion plan May set aside up to $1,500 each year for an individual retirement account i Ira it no tax will be due on such an account until retirement when most persons Are in a lower tax Backet than duping their working years Washington of a backers of president Ford say he has swung a majority of Mississippi s uncommitted delegates and can turn his attention from the gop presidential nomination to the task of choosing a running mate Ford returned to Washington Friday night after spending the Day meeting with Mississippi delegates whose 30 votes at the Republican convention could give him the nomination Ford backers saw the trip As a Chance for Ford to take Mississippi s delegates permanently away from challenger Ronald Reagan whose stoc k among the conservative Dixie republicans Sank after he said he would name Liberal sen Richard s Schweiker. A a. As his running mate Mississippi cop Leader Garke Reed who endorsed Ford after Reagan s Schweiker decision said Ford s visit had accomplished its purpose and that it appears to him that Ford has won the majority of the Mississippi votes he said the mississippians have Hopes of seeing their delegation Quot put Ford Over the top at the gof convention meanwhile. Ford obviously was concerned with showing that he is no longer concerned with the Reagan Challenge but has turned his thoughts toward picking a running mate and campaigning against democratic nominee Jimmy Carter Reagan was to spend nominee explaining that Ford was Quot asking for views but the final decision is going to be his Quot and Ford told supporters in Jackson. Miss that he plans to Call Carter a Liberal who or j embraces what he called 4 a a or voting record of ingress a Carter spent the Day at Home in Plains a. Of of i meeting with advisers despite Ford s apparently intense Effort at stacking up More a strength he a fun votes to win the gop nomination on the first ballot Ford campaigners Gerald Ford claim the president has i 135 delegates Reagan the weekend resting in forces claim their can Northern California. Dilate has i 140. Ford told his but the Lau St Mississippi supporters associated Piess count during closed door of delegates shows Ford meetings that he would with 1.104 votes 26 Short seek the advice of each of j a the 4.518 delegates and Reagan has 1,023. And 132 alternates to the gof were uncommitted convention in choosing the Mississippi his running mate delegates said they were a Ford spokesman impressed with Fords later said Ford did t two hour question and mean he would let the answer period but there part convention pick the ?ejt1fd to very Little Vic presidential n sentiment among those favouring Ford or Reagan and those who a a a 7/ i Are uncommitted by he i s inside j Tho sentiment seemed to be to keep the entire amusements a delegation uncommitted Bridge Iga until the Kansas City con classified ads 12-15a vent Ion under a unit comics he Rule. Alt 30 Mississippi crossword v votes would go to the can editorials a dilate with the majority. Of to a rates. Sash weaker Ami sports8-9a planned a tour of the television see a Northeast and South next a rather.7 a week for Clumsy postmen walking school Winston Salem it a the letter carriers Call it the walking school Tor Clumsy postmen it s the safety training program which some have been required to attend after they have had accidents on the Job postmaster r Graves Wilson or suit walking school is a Misnomer he said a safety training program is recon needed for postmen who have had slips trips and tails he said some postmen have been required to set a film called Winter walking which stresses cart Iii walking on ice and Snow one postman who sprained his ankle said he was required to watch Nims arid listen to lectures w Ith about a dozen other s who had tripped or fallen on the Job a it did t do me a bit of Good. The postman told the Winston Salem journal la s the biggest a it Teo taxpayers Money that i be Ever seen it May not be a walking school but that s what All the boys at the station Call it another mailman said the program is similar to a safety training session for postal service Drivers who have a mishap it you tall you re going Down there the mailman said Kenneth \ Blakley who has carried mail Tor 22 years pulled a muscle in his Back while on his route this month and was forced to stay hut on ins Back for two weeks Blakely said he got a letter of warning me quoted the letter As say ing future deficiencies will result in More severe disciplinary action being taken against you tax giveaways win Washington i a the Senate finance committee. Although under Sharp criticism from some for its handling of a major tax Bill. Appears to be winning a vote of Confidence from the full Senate since debate on the Bill began june 17, the com Mittee and its chairman. Sen Russell b Long i la have won virtually every test of strength against a Liberal bloc of self styled tax reformers seeking to change the committee authored measure. In most cases the Senate ii a s rejected efforts to eliminate or scale Down various t a x incentives approved by the committee which would Benet it wealthy investors and business the strongest show of Senate support has come in the Battle Over 73 committee amendment s. Millionaire Hobo cd society Das Siess by e. I. Strange the citizens band society is a Little like the society of retired people social rank is out of place it s bad form to identify yourself As the president of your company or the chairman of the Board millionaires use handles such As Quot Handyman Quot and Hobo Quot pro quarterbacks and to stars and other professional celebrities affect an anonymity on the air behind such trick names As Quot broken Arbi and Quot walking dog Quot and Quot nervous wreck a if you hear a Man who Calls himself Quot or Money Quot you can bet a Quarter on the Corner he a not Rich and in part its this classless Equality so craved by the conversationalist who share it that causes some students of the mind to say that cd is the Best thing to come along Lor the National mental health since snoopy the acc reports it won t accept applications for certification of Walkie talkies operating at 27 Mhz Atter oct i it already has ordered that they cannot be built after March 18, 1977, marketed after March 18, 1978. Or used after March 18. 1983 two months before Uncle Charlie the fun last year legalized the Hobby use of the citizens band around Here the government of the Netherlands did just the opposite it s Tor business Only there and the dutch Bureau boys have to layout turned Down about 50.ooo cd License applications organized homosexuals in St Louis mo., have set up what they All a Gay patrol Quot using cd radios to Alert their members to impending raids on their get Gethers police Are not what they fear they say. Marauding bands of Youthful Street to igniters Are. Rather with Large practicality these self defenders report they re backing up their cd warning system by carrying aluminium baseball bats that thing Aller skip Chat celestial phenomenon called sunspots boosts the ionization of the Quot it layer an area High above the Earth in the ionosphere

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