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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Load. Mot More on it age 3 f2nd Vear no. 214 the High Point Enterprise Cau us ctr Mcaooo in a a a lied and other refit. Of Iti Man at it on High Point n. C., sunday morning. Al gust i. It7� him pages daily lie sunday Jse firm conc us on must await information oxygen new evidence of Mars life Pasadena Calif it api a an unexpected abundance at oxygen produced from Martian toil in a biological probe on the Viking i Lander could indicate processes that May mean Hie exists on Mars scientists at Viking control Headquarters said saturday there were other indications from highly Active Martian soil that May mean Lite. Researchers said but they said further information was needed before firm conclusions could be reached there Are nonliving non biological processes which could also explain the unexpected abundance of oxygen and other activity they said the higher than expected oxygen readings came from a test tube in Viking s life seeking experimental package the head of the project s biology Section Harold Klein. A Aid the unanticipated oxygen could he the result of photosynthesis the process by which living Plant life in Earth produces oxygen a More Likely explanation he said. Was that the Gas was released rom an oxygen bearing material introduced when soil from the Martian surface was placed in the warm and humid atmosphere of the test tube ufos Post says Mars life exists Appleton wis i api a there is life on mar but the Viking Lander has failed to find it because scientists put the spacecraft Down in a desert that is isolated from Martian cities the director of the ufos education Center says Lenore Hildebrandt said she believes the Jet propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena calif., is not giving people the Complete truth a there is life up there there Are civilizations of cities people and families mrs Hildebrandt said. A the climate is no different from Earth although a Little bit drier a a the ufos education Center at Appleton was one of three set up several years ago based on the Bel lets of George Adamski. A California scientist who claimed to have met visitors from outer space mrs Hildebrandt said her information about Mars came from Adamski s teachings m 5-3�81 fur answer to que ration or help milk a problem Call or write Adion line in care of the Enterprise every request i considered bul please understand thai the volume make it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Ever one wrestling real or fake u i would like Tor somebody to and oui Tor me to what degree is wrestling faked i am an avid wrestling Tan and i am von of ridiculed by All my in end and also my husband who saw it Ivall Lake i realize thai vome of ii is. Bul i would like to know to what degree and would Alvo like to see More in the paper about it i can to go to All of them bul i would like to know what happen and i look in the paper and at time nothing in printed Al All. I would like to know to wha degree this is faked and How much is real of somebody could find oui Lor or i would really appreciate it. . A you would have to ask the wrestlers Tor take one urn a or simply draw your own conclusions by observing any differences Between the pros and those amateurs in collegiate and olympic matches who Are competing for the glory of their Alma mater country or medals and won t meet on the mat at the same time next week it can univ Boti Dow n to a matter of opinion and each is entitled to his own it a a like deciding whether a defendant in court is telling the truth or if someone howling is really in pain or just putting on Tor the sympathy of those in earshot other professional sports seem to Oiler less Opportunity for tackiness a or staging the action you can t just give the appearance a of making a basketball goal or touchdown sinking a putt or winning a Tennis Point but then who s to say the opponent or defense is really trying a of any performance keeps the fans coming Back for More it serves the purpose whether the action is undiluted sport and skill or has theatrics thrown in for entertainment value that s show Biz the Enterprise sports department feels pro wrestling despite its sports trappings is More in the Field of enter hut ment but their opinion should t Lessen your enjoyment of it confucius say. Q could you give me the recipe Tor homemade Fortune cookies or give me the address where i could write to get one. I Ain having a party and really need the recipe bad. Chank you. Miss j. A one recipe Calls for printing the remarks on thin papers no bigger than 3 x i Inch the cookies while still warm from the oven Are curled around a wooden spoon handle or wooden Dowel. After the cookies Are curled insert a slip in each letting a part of the paper project then Pinch the ends of the Roll closed while the cookie is still warm we suggest you write one for yourself Reading Quot you will have a nervous breakdown making Fortune cookies Quot i Combine and mix until sugar is dissolved g cup unbeaten egg Whites 5 to 6 12/3 cups sugar g Teaspoon Salt. Stir in separately and beat until Well blended i cup melted butter. I cup All purpose flour g cup finely chopped blanched almonds la Teaspoon Vanilla or i Tablespoon Lemon juice. Drop the dough in tablespoonfuls Well apart on an a greased baking Sheet bake in oven preheated to 350 degrees about to minutes or until edges Are Golden Brown for future reference the Public Library has a pile of recipe books you can Check out if you re looking for something special Klein said that in one of the experiments in Viking s automatic Laboratory the Gas Exchange Experiment we believe we have at least preliminary evidence of a very Active surface material it May mimic biological activity the Label release Daia indicates we Are getting a fairly High level of radioactivity which looks at first indication very much like biological said Klein that second result must be viewed very very carefully in order to make sure we Are dealing with a biological phenomenon a the Gas Exchange Experiment was no designed to find photosynthesis but rather to determine the possible existence of Micro organisms a situation which contributed to the difficulties scientists had in explaining the elevated oxygen level it reported Klein said that if it is life they have found a microbial life is More intense and developed on Mars than on Earth asked during a news conference at Mission Headquarters about As a possible explanation of the elevated oxygen level. Klein said he doubted it because of an absence of Light in the experimental chamber. The information being presented by the re searchers at Viking Mission Headquarters came across 200 too million Miles of space from the american under sitting on the Boulder strewn rust coloured surface of Mars Al Chryse the Plain at told it was last wednesday eight Days after Viking s gentle touchdown that the Lander s robot Mechanic Al Arm snaked out furrowed the soil and deposited about a shot Glass full of dirt in Viking s automated to logical labor Aion the Viking scientists were obvious overjoyed with the information the were Able to present saturday but it provided no final answer to sons untold of human speculation Romance and myth about life beyond Earth Quot at present there is no Way you could Rule out that data As being i Motney said Klein referring to the higher than sex peeled oxygen level in the test lube on the Viking Lander in the jargon of the Viking researchers Biol of mean life chemical processes unrelated to life could also be causing the High oxygen level. Klein said a ill is pros Sibler we Are see my oxidation it one or More of the radioactive materials swept away but saved Victor Niforth of Pasadena Tex makes his Way to Shore As daughter. Ginger 8. Clings to his neck after being swept into deep water while playing no the Wash of Hawaii a rough surf mrs Goforth gives them a hand and watches for More Waves Niforth a a non swimmer a rushed into the water and rescued his daughter Friday at Sandy Beach near Honolulu the family is vacationing in Hawaii j by congressional action system to Lessen hazards of earthquakes is prepared Washington a Congress is putting final touches on legislation to create a full scale coordinated program aimed at reducing earthquake hazards and developing the capability to predict quakes accurately before they strike passage of the legislation a it ears virtually assured in tie of concern Over this week s major earthquakes in Northeast China disasters elsewhere around the world and the possibility of a sizable quake in Southern California the Senate adopted without objection in May a Bill to expand current v s earthquake research activities. While the House is brushing work on a similar measure to set up a comprehensive National program of earthquake Hazard reduction a in addition to predicting of quakes the program would a All for Steps including improved building construction methods coordinated emergency preparedness plans As Well As expanded Public education about earthquake dangers Hep George e Brownjr. Draht. A member of the science and technology subcommittee shaping the House Bdl. Noted that Quot the chinese Are apparently More advanced than Lite United inside Reading Cates on 2a chinese drug societies. Page 16b White Collar penalties. Page 10a editorial. Page 4a women j Newt. Section b c Ioc entertainment. Page 9, ionic obituaries. Page 30 emitted pages 4 180 states in earthquake Quot but As the recent quake in China have shown this is still More an Art than a reliable science a a Brown added chinese scientists had successfully predicted a major earthquake in february 1975 but tailed to specifically predict the two Ina site quakes that struck on wednesday however they had issued a general warning that the Region could expect a Large earthquake before iwo Brown s Southern California District is t rushed by the Active san Andreas fault responsible for a major february 1971 quake that claimed 55 lives and caused about $500 million in property damage a scientist at the California Institute of technology has predicted that on the basis of a current geological see system on 7a used la the Experiment he mid Viking i a launched aug is hts and put into orbit around mar june 19 almost a year later the Lander from Viking i Lour Hod Down on the Martian surface july to Viking 2 was launched sept 9 hits it is now about i million mile from mar it i scheduled to go into orbit around mar aug 7, with Landing duo Early in september after mud my Sample of Martian toil Friday suit fists mid the planet contained elements resembling those found in California Barren Moja a desert they said x Ray analysis showed the presence of Iron. Calcium Silicon. Aluminium and other elements familiar to Earth dwellers but the noted that unlike the Mojave desert soil. Martian tot apparently is Low in i race element a those w altered in minute amounts throughout the said that mar appeared to by in an earlier stage of development than the Earth adding the Lack of Trace elements suggested a More Quot primitive Type of Rock scientists said then that there was nothing in the Sample that ruled out the presence of life Ford polls delegates about up Washington Aig president Ford began polling a top Delegate and party leaders on their preferences in a vice presidential candidate saturday while the democrats vice presidential nominee sen Walter Mon Dale was attacking it publican agricultural policies Ford wrote each Delegate and alternate to the Republican convention saying he wants a running male with character and experience who is not Only capable of leading the country bul would also be an asset during the Campaign each person was asked to list five possible candidates in order of their preference the of resident is also seek my responses from party leaders in and out of Congress in releasing copies of the letter to delegates saturday presidential press Secretary Honey sen said Ford might not abide by their Choice hut he noted that the responses Quot will certainly be a Factor in deciding who his running mate will be Quot meanwhile Mondale attacked the Republican policy on Arm exports in his first Larm Belt speech delivered at Pierre so he said that while presidents Ford and Riehard Nixon claimed they embraced a free Market system they had undercut Farmers four times in three years with embargoes on overseas shipments it democratic nominee Jimmy Carter is elected president the practice of Emba going Grain shipments will end Mondale promised in Washington sen Bob Dole the Kansan who is ranking Republican on the Senate agriculture Coin Nutter predicted otherwise he said the election of Carter arid Mondale Quot would mean Market manipulation through Grain reserves Grain embargoes whenever labor leaders want them and a farm program controlled from Washington with prices fixed by bureaucrats not in the markets while Ford s rival Tor the Gap nomination Ronald Reagan rested in California there was a new Effort among his supporters to make sen Richard Schwiker. Reagan vice presidential Choice More palatable to conservatives it int of Reagan t top aides hew to new York on saturday seeking an endorsement of the Liberal Pennsylvania senator from the state s Young americans for Freedom hut local leaders predicted that the Effort by Roger Stone National director of youth Tor Reagan was doomed to failure Yap plans a mock vice presided Tai election Nunda St Hoetker and Reagan also have scheduled a Lour of the Northeast and South next week to prevent any erosion of delegates Dole speculated that Schweiker Quot May be the victim it his own Liberal voting record and May never reach the Kansas City Contention aug la As Reagan i running mate testimony May bar verdict los Angeles a several jurors deliberating the fates of William and Emily Harris were present when a miniature Hangman s noose was con strutted in a jury room weeks ago. A woman testified saturday Corinne Hansen once a prospective juror in the trial desert lied at an emergency hearing How another jury Prospect used paper erasers and paper clips to build a Little Gallows then Hung from it figure resembling a Man and woman it was a Hangman s noose she said Quot. He put two Little doll figures on it. One in a shirt and one in pants he Hung them from a Hook and he put it on the table lie said. Here they Are a a miss Hansen testified at an emergency hearing on last minute revelations which could bar the jury from reaching a verdict in the harrises kidnapping robbery and assault trial. The harrises co defendant see testimony on 7a, nation s death rate shows decline by Ann Blackman associated press writer Washington apr americas death rate has declined to its lowest Point in the nation s 200 years the government reported saturday heart disease strokes and traffic accidents took proportionally fewer lives last year than the year before these gains outweighed the rising death rates for cancer murder and suicide a even though the nation s population is growing older the death rate dipped to 8 9 deaths for every 1,000 americans last year that is Down from 9.1 the year before and the 9 7 in 1958 it is the first time in american history that the death rate has Dropp d to below 9 it thousand the census report said that i 91 million americans died in 1975 that is the lowest number of deaths since 1967, when i 85 million people died Highway and traffic deaths dropped 17 i per cent from 55.069 in 1973 to 45.674 in 1975, for example this is primarily because of a lower Speed limit and requirements for stricter safety standards in cars according to a spokesman for the National Highway safety administration information from the National Center for health statistics shows that the leading cause of death a heart disease a dropped 4,5 per cent from 757.075 deaths in 1973 to 722 570 in 1975. The Center reports also that death due to cerebrovascular disease a or strokes a dropped 8 7 per cent from 214,313 deaths in 1973 to 195,630 in 1975 of the 15 leading causes of death the Center reports Only three have showed an upward trend in the last two years the cancer rate increased 4 2 per cent the suicide rate in creased 5 per cent and the murder rate increased 4 1 per cent the census report shows that the growing proportion of elderly people in the country is linked directly to the falling birth rate it is no secret that in the last few years women have been giving birth to an average of less Man two children each bringing the total Fertility rate to an All time Low of i 8 in 1975 therefore the proportion of people 65 and older has grown until today they comprise to 5 per cent of the population. That compares to 9 8 per cent in 1970 at the same time the total population of the country Gre by 16 million to 214 4 Mullion from 1974 to 1975, or 79 percent the report shows a the amount of increase was greater than it had been for Hie three previous years largely because of the admission of about 130,000 vietnamese the report says Quot without the vietnamese the population would have been i 56 million a

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