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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Be two Sec. Amite High Point enter prise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina sunday january 22, 1939 unusual and delightful Interior Oeth Carolina a Cloudy i f e Light rain in North and West turns sunday warmer in extreme t portion colder in afternoon in the West and extreme West portions nday partly Cloudy considerably Der sunday night and monday. Ashington Jan. 21. Map a Ather Bureau records of tempera a and rainfall for the 24 hours end-8 p. Rn., in the principal Cotton Wing areas and elsewhere tation h l. R fall Ena. 32 26 .21 Eville. 64 40 of Anta. 64 36 of Antic City. 38 26 .02 Mingham. 64 42 of ton. 30 16 of Halo. 36 24 of Kington. 26 6 Forlotte. 62 39 of Lago. 44 28 of Sinnatt. 54 32 of Leland. 40 26 .04 Las. 70 46 of aver. 46 30 .00 Roit. 38 20 .02 Luth. 30 20 .03 paso. 70 42 .00 Veston. 66 56 of re. 22 to .00 Isonville. 68 40 .00 Baas City. 52 46 .00 West. 72 60 .00 a in Rock. 66 42 .00 Angeles. 55 54 1.92 jigs Volle. 58 36 .00 Mph is. 64 48 .00 Indian. 68 40 .00 my. 72 52 .00 n-6t. Paul. 34 28 .00 bile. 64 48 .00 Orleans. 68 50 .00 York. 32 22 .05 Jolk. 52 36 .00 Isburgh. 38 28 .05 hand. 50 36 of hmong. 58 32 of Louis. 64 44 .00 Antonio. 72 52 .00 Francisco. 60 48 .00 Annah. 70 44 .00 a. 68 42 .00 a Burg. 66 46 .00 Shin ton. 44 28 .01 Milton. 64 42 .00 ministration Relief its rejected again Continuo a from pa1 Josec. A non had predicted the $725,-.ooo allotment would be a Ved by i he margin of Only a p or two a Nator Adams a col floor lager for the measure told raters that a there is a very Stantial Chance that the Seu will approve the committee a several senators who had a expected to vote f r $875,-\o00 voted for the $725,000 a Quot he . A i think that was Fly due to a Lim ration on Region of Relief Rolls during the liter months and partly due to better understanding of the is about unemployment. Sallier Adams had seen lit Chance that tin $725,000,000 drop ration would be approx he had predicted that the drop rations committee would re a the whey beaten out of on the Senate floor in seek to retain ouch a aum. Republicans g neurally were pc Ted to go along with their to privations Eony Nettee Mem to in supporting the $725,000,-Allotnient. Inter Relief the measure a at by the committee today spa could not dismiss morn 150,000 of its 3.000,000 Kors during the months of Nti Ary and March. Existing of funds will he exhausted Druary 7 and the new approx Ilion was asked to operate spa until june 30. Many establishes St Quot Shadow Quot army int hued from Page i Sec. R going to California a on his u Wiah a Reward for his Vixen to Germany. Led Coiann w la replace bar Manfred von Killinger who j segued to pedal duties a a foreign he had a i Era lied in december to Reft on an explosion which Rock the a freighter Vancouver Oakland Estuary nov. 3. I five of the i., w Vvan sued and in it freighter was i Clad. Von Killinger Dei dared the time that the blast was i act of criminal of Lvi Edeman no a assignment nursed diplomatic quarters Belt St he had acquired a Constable reputation As a con a tial aide to Hitler Partlou by on delicate diplomatic mis us he decree forming a a Shadow Amy Quot was in essence a a keep protain in which All those if die would be kept in train in line with a requirements tin Imp n w to have completed their of. A military be. Vice under a conscription Law and com cry Illier service will be tanned into defense units in a or other party unit sup a Ision in order to maintain dry spiritual and physical if rom Tho age of 17 until a Are drafted into the army be men have a a moral Ohlig i Jno to acquire the badge of fitness us preparation the defense service the said Tho badge heretofore a pure party Honor was Given the it us of a military decoration. Reorganization in Tho heir hunk was regarded is removing Schacht a Damper Quot on the is vast spending program arms fortifications and pub a works. Dreyse and Heise supported Schacht in b s opinion to financing by piling huge Short term debts. In Oitim pm w Washington Jan 21 up Secretary Wood up said after White House conference today expected to explain some of army s plans next week at Start of House committee rings on a proposed $4 55,-1,0.00 War department annual get. A House military approx liable subcommittee headed by pres native Snyder l Ais Start hearings tuesday bed closed doors on the depart it s budget. A a let j from the Middle Little room of the go Venin fill Interior ii most unusual room courageous e banishing. The color scheme not Only a Swesse decorative interest Aud so is readily adaptable t of those Rich vivid hues affected by the Early v tone known As Palace Mulberry. The Woodwork o old White. The drapery fabric in Gold is a reproduction design and trimming of the droll eries being rep the Mirror similar to a piece seen in Williams the richly covered furnishings. This is typical of the Southern furniture and hug Market this a High Point. Res Palace came the inspiration for this Delight of the spirit Ami culture of old we a great Deal of aesthetic Quality Lull is Rich Iii o interiors if today. The Walls Are coated in one virginian colonists Iii this instance a deep wine offers pleasing contrast in its restrained tone of of a georgian damask in color and pattern the induced from a Williamsburg style of the Era. Org adds dignity to the setting and compliments tile furniture being Sho a Iii week and next at articular suite being one creation of Tomlinson of japs to strengthen National resources Tokyo Jan. 21.�? ply Premier Kiichiro Hiranuma told an opening session of parliament today that measures for strengthening National resources and National morale would he launched As soon As possible. Hiranuma who became Premier Jan. 5 and was making his Maiden speech before the diet emphasized the necessity for pan arianism and warned that extermination awaits Japan s opponents. He devoted his speech largely to foreign problems. Quot As for those who fail to understand to the end and hereafter persist in the opposition to Japan Quot said the Premier a we have no other alternative Thau to name them a declaring War time control measures would he placed on a permanent basis Hiranuma said a the creation of a Strong at filament constitutes out most essential new York Bermuda plane falters continued from Page i Sec. A Industry agriculture to hold round table Parley in Washington Washington Jan. 21.�? pm a the chamber of Commerce of the United states arranged today for representatives of Industry and agriculture to Exchange views at a round table discussion Here january 25. George h. Davis president of the chamber said about 60 representatives of farm and Industrial organizations had accepted invitations to a conference on a the problems and relationships of agriculture Aud a agriculture is so fundamentally related to other Industry Quot Davis said Quot that the farm problem can not be considered aside from All other Calls on publishers to protect constitutional Liberty and free press Fresno calif., Jan. 21�? up a a Call to american publishers to protect All forms of constitutional Liberty As Well As Freedom of the press was voiced today by James u. Stahlman. President of the american newspaper publishers association. He asserted fundamental liberties might in endangered most when the people were least aware of the speaking before the 51st annual convention of the California newspaper publishers association Stahlman described As Quot silly Quot the View of some people that the american Public was losing its interest in newspapers and turning to other mediums for its information. He asserted the press had remained free a through its own determination to stay so and not through the protested love of Many in Public office for the so called Freedom of tile Quot the press of this country As a whole Quot said Stahlman a does a remarkably free Job. Considering All the efforts to hamstring it both by special interests As Well As by the i. S. A i ast stronghold Quot new York Jan. 21.�?op a Joseph a Keenan assistant to the attorney general described the United states As the a last stronghold Quot of Quot equal rights Quot today and that election of a a stuffed shirt Quot As president in 1940 would threaten democracy. He mentioned no names however. When he said a no reactionary or still Stander Quot would satisfy Quot either the immediate demands or the ultimate aspirations of the american mrs. A ref wants divorce Las vegas nev., Jan. 21.�? a Tjw in. Maria f. Gable will file suit for divorce from film actor Clark Gable about the first of March after establishing six weeks residence in Nevada sh1 told her Las vegas lawyer Frank Mcnamee jr., today in their first interview. She will charge mental cruelty. The commandant of the Eastern division. Doth the Monarch of Bermuda and Queen of Bermuda passenger ships which left new York today for Bermuda a British Colony wire Essed that they would abandon their regular course tomorrow morning and Circle the scene where the flying boat was forced Down. Severe weather conditions which caused icing of its carburettors and a Complete stoppage of its motors apparently forced the Cavalier Down. Carried provisions on a scheduled run Over the 780 Miles of open Ocean be Ween the Long Island base of port Washington and Darrell a Island i at Hamilton Bermuda the Cavalier carried emergency provisions and life preservers. One Steamer the City of Rayville radioed that she was Only eight Miles from the reported position of the Cavalier at 2 10 p. In. Restless than an hour after the air planes Crew advised the pan american airways office Here that the plane was doomed. As darkness fell search apparently was fruitless although the City of Rayville was not scheduled to reach the scene until 7 45 p. In. The pan american Clipper. Which shared wireless and port facilities with the Cavalier on the Bermuda run returned because of darkness to its base at Darrell a Island Bermuda without reaching the last radioed position of the British flying boat. La Donald one of the coast base at Floyd Bennett Field reported that one of two machines dispatched to search for the Cavalier apparently was in the Vicinity and had radioed for hearings it did not report sighting survivors. I the weather was Clearing however and the sea was smooth. No word had come from the freighter Alamar due at the scene at 4 30 p. Rn., 15 minutes before darkness set in. Two reports that a to unidentified vessel had picked up All the passengers and Crew were dented by the roast guard and i by Imp Jal airways at Bermuda from which the reports were supposed to have emanated. Speed to Rescue within an hour after the first received some 15 sur a and a half dozen re speeding to the res weather we As reported Fly on any two of its four motors which Are sunk into Nacelles in the huge Wing. The Hull of the flying boat swung beneath Tho Wing is of aluminium Alloy and was intended to withstand considerable buffeting in bad weather landings. Bad weather conditions and darkness which fell at 4 45 p. Rn., were expected to make the task of Rescue difficult however. Late in the Day pan american was advised that one of the army air corps Quot flying fortresses Quot a four motored land machine with a Long cruising Range had taken off from Langley Field va., with flares and other emergency equipment to drop to survivors. Surface Craft which turned from the courses to give Aid included Tho Esso Baytown a Tanker due to teach the spot at 7 45 p. In. The coast guard cutters Mendota Champlain and icarus the s. S. Lillian the general Lee the Tanker Virginia Sinclair two Canadian destroyers the British Cruiser Orion and Vincent Astor a yacht Nurmahal with Astor aboard. Aircraft enlisted in the search besides the army machine included the pan american airways Quot Bermuda Clipper Quot which shared radio Aud port facilities with the Cavalier on the Bermuda run and two coast guard planes from Floyd Bennett Field. One of the coast guard pianos returned after exhausting its gasoline Supply in fighting headwinds. Pan american airways divided the four wireless hands used by Ilio Cavalier Between its port Washington station and imperials station in Bermuda for stand by service. The Cavalier a Short Brothers. British built flying boat inaugurated the Bermuda service with pan americans a Bermuda in june 1937. Usually each service flew two round trips a week. Five additional coast guard vessels one from Norfolk Aud four from bore were preparing to join the search tonight. The coast guard station Here said the Sebago would set Forth from Norfolk and the Campbell Mohawk Pont Chartrain and Galatea from new York. Sos we face., ship pin Cess wet Cue. The Stormy. One it. Which set Nett Field. To return Cut violets not absorb water through their Sims. They die quickly unless water is placed occasionally on Tho Flowers themselves. S. Coast guard plane out from Floyd Ben new York was forced after Iso Miles of flying due to fuel shortage caused by bucking hard winds. It was estimated that the Cavalier was about 385 Miles from Bermuda when its trouble developed. Tile passengers aboard were listed a mrs. George Ingham. Hamilton. Bermuda mrs. Edna Watson Bermuda or. Aud mrs. Donald Miller Lincoln neb. Charles Talbot Brookline mass. Or. And mrs. J. Gordon Noaks of Malba n. Y., and miss Nellie Smith of Pembroke Bermuda. Members of the Crew m. R. Aide son Captain Neil Richardson first officer Patrick Chapman radio officer David Williams Stew a Dand Robert Spence Steward. The Story of the flight from the moment the big flying boat. With passenger quarters for a maximum of 20/ persons left Manhasset Bay at port Washington at 10 42 a. In. Wars one of impending trouble at 12 23 p. Iii. Tile Cavalier radioed a running into bad weather. May have to a period of silence followed. The pan american station at port Washington was unable to Contact the troubled plane. Then at 12 57 came the Soh Call. Two minutes later the Cavalier messaged Quot All engines failing through a Landing was effected at 1 12, and one minute later the last word crackled through on the Morse code Carburettor icing a common cause of trouble on Domestic Alt j lines before a heating mechanism was invented quickly renders motors useless. Co 1.1 i be m or i motors the Cavalier was designed to senator Burke rebukes Board says Correct he action necessary Washington Jan. 21. Up a senator Burke a neb told the National labor relations boat i today it had produce Quot a a of thou approaching Industrial in a letter to chairman j. Warren Madden of the Board Burke Mil i to a the matter is so serious that corrective action must be taken before irreparable damage is the Burke letter was in response to on1 by Madden criticizing earlier attacks by Burke Quot your recent Public letter to me reads like a labor Board the senator wrote. Quot it shows the same studied Effort to build up a a background of prejudice against your intended victim a practice for which you have been recently soundly rebuked by th1 Quot you Are highly critical Quot he added Quot because i have consistently urged an Independent investigation of your activities. You greatly prefer to investigate yourself. Your anxiety in that respect is readily understandable fleeced new Shaw k it ii Mhz Washington. Jan. 21.�? up news correspondents elected Alfred of. Flynn of the Wall Street journal chairman today of the standing committee on rules governing the Capitol press galleries. Flynn had been Secretary. Surprising results were obtained in experiments conducted by the University of Saskatchewan on grass Root research. A clump of Prairie grass Wras found to develop so Miles of roots in a lines of soil 7 feet deep and 4 feet Square 2 Miles of roots were added by each Days grow til. Queer questions on Merit exam i Twenty five Hundred applicants stand test for acc positions Raleigh Jan. 21. A up a some 2,500 applicants for clerical positions with the state unemployment compensation commission took Merit examinations today in 12 North Carolina cities. They were asked questions such As if it costs so much to Send a letter first class to California and so much to Send a registered letter to Des Moines and so much to Send a special delivery letter to now York City and so much to Send a letter to France and so much to Send a letter to Mexico City How much would it Cost altogether to Send three first class letters to California two registered letters to Des Moines. Etc if Mecklenburg county is 32, Wake is 14, Forsyth is 107, Wilson is 12.468. Etc., for 30 or 40 counties. Place the Given numbers before the counties in the following list. And a list of the 30 or 40 counties in different order followed questions such As the first were designed to show1 whether the applicants understood simple arithmetic of the sort used by clerks in offices Frank t. Devy ver of Duke University supervisor of the examinations said. Questions such As the second required Little brain work he said but were meant to test the Speed and accuracy of the applicants. Other questions dealt with spelling. Punctuation and the meaning of words with clerical problems and with specialized office pro Medure. Persons making grades of higher than 50 per cent will be Given performance tests at a later Date. That is. If they Are calculating clerks they will be Given a calculating machine and told to a certain Job. If they Are bookkeeping clerks they will be Given a set of books and told to balance them. Next saturday approximately 1,800 applicants for administrative jobs will be examined in the same 12 cities new Bern Wilmington. Elizabeth City Fayetteville Wilson Raleigh Durham. Greensboro Winston Salem Hickory Asheville and Charlotte. Controversies loom in general Assembly continued from Page i Hee. A done to a store used As a school building in his county. Two important Laws two Laws of state wide signify la j Anco were passed by the Assembly i this week. One a faced receivers of Banks under embezzlement i j Laws and the other exempted vet i eran employees of the unemployment commission from Merit examinations. Another major development was an unfavourable committee report for a Bill to abandon the state s lethal Gas Ehammer and return to electrocution As a method of sex Cut Lon still a ending is a Bill to abandon capital punishment altogether. The state fair tax association the league of municipalities and the association of county commissioners appeared before the finance committee to urge changes in the Revenue Bill. The fair tax delegation 200 Strong asked immediate repeal of the sales tax. The other two organizations asked that All receipts from the intangibles tax be turned Over to counties and municipalities. At present the state and its subdivisions share the intangibles receipts on a 50-50 basis. Supporters of governor Hoey. However were lined up solidly against any move to repeal the sales Levy. The governor himself speaking in Burlington assorted that repeal of the Levy would Quot wreck a the Public school system. Us Ain store Tay representative Vogler of Mecklenburg proposed a $1,000 tax for each store in excess of three operated by a Chain in one town. M. S. Breckinridge University of North Carolina professor suggested at a finance committee hearing that a Chain store tax be based on the number of units which a company operates whether or not the units Are situated in North Carolina. Under this proposal he said a company which has Only one store in North Carolina but operated 599 elsewhere would be taxed for 600 units. Proposals to Levy a tax of one Quarter of a cent per kilowatt hour on All electric Energy produced or sold in the state and to place a franchise tax on radio broadcasting stations were introduced from the floor of the Assembly. One of the major Hills of the week was a measure to provide for sessions of the Assembly every four years instead of every two As now. Under the proposals state senators and representatives would he elected every four years. A preview of what May be sex pet Ted at the University of North Carolina tuition hearing was offered this week when presidents of the n. C. College for negroes negro a. Aud t. College and Elizabeth City Normal school for negroes appeared before the appropriations committee to oppose tuition increases Al their schools. However f. L. Atkins president of the Winston Salem negro teachers College said he thought tuition at his school was Quot too Low a and should to increased from $15 to $36. He estimated the increase would bring a 15 to 20 per cent drop in enrolment. James e. Shepard president of the n. C. College for negroes said that an increase of $34,945 would be needed in ills appropriation to finance proposed graduate courses at tile school. Wheeler advocates Long Range plan for Relief of american rails problem no Panacea for situation and no i be to offer Iii Regency Aid Washington Jan. 21.�? up a chairman Wheeler d., Mon of the Senate interstate Corn Merce Merce committee expressed conviction today that any Ald Congress can give to the railroads must be of a Long Range rather than an emergency nature. Quot there is no Panacea that can be worked out for immediate Benefit to the railroads outside of giving them Money out of the Treasury of the United states Quot he said. Quot i done to think the president would want to that and in a sure i done to want to talked with eur Wheeler has conferred with president Roosevelt in recent weeks on the problem raised by failure of Many railroads to earn even their fixed charges. He said he thought a helpful Long time program could be worked out and was drafting legislation to accomplish these major objectives 1. Reorganization or the interstate Commerce commission with control of All forms of transportation except aeronautics a costed in the Agency. 2. Make possible voluntary coordinate n of Railroad facilities and voluntary consolidation even of competing lines subject to inc approval and with the condition that labor to protected against loss of employment. 3. So feeding up of financial reorganizations probably by giving the interstate Commerce commission greater authority to fix the amount of recapitalization and interest charges. He expressed the opinion proposals for a special court to handle Railroad reorganizations were impractical Debi Raule Wheeler said that even though these measures did not Promise immediate financial Relief he Felt it would be desirable to enact them at Thi i session. Asserting that All Railroad legislation was Quot highly controversial Quot Wheeler said it we Ould be necessary to obtain substantial agreement among the committees of Congress the Railroad brotherhoods and managements and the administration if a Railroad program was to be successful. Persons close to the White House said president Roosevelt has not yet endorsed a specific legislative program to help the roads. He is expected to Confer within a few Days with some members of the special Railroad labor management committee which recently recommended an extensive legislative program. Wheeler said he intended to discuss his Bills with the president before introducing them and that he would ask senator Truman i Toto be co sponsor of the program. His proposals would carry out some recommendations of the president s special committee and ignore others. Second key Point Falls to Franco continued from Page in Sec. Ai White haired Veteran general Juan vague pushed beyond Jendrej on the Mediterranean coast to it Point within 28 Milos of Barr Iona. Insurgent dispatches said general Yagues troops crossed the Barcelona provincial line about five Miles from Vendrell occupied the villages of Bros and Clarl Nna and reached the Bank of Tho River Fox near the Boundary. Government forces were reported to have fallen Back to v11-Laneuva Gertru 25 Miles Belo Barcelona. The governments main Defesa line was believed to have been reformed from Villanueva northward to Igualada. Outcome of the Battle for Igualada military observers believed will decide whether the government armies which have been steadily falling Back have enough punch left to slow Down the insurgent drive. The Only place in the United states where the american Flag a flown officially both Day and night is Oer the National Capitol in Washington. Five billions in Gold and a billion in diamonds have been extracted from the african continent. 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