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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page ten Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Hatch Point. North carom sunday january 22, 1930 Hope of employment in big country Road project in stat e said to be unduly raised truck Drivers to strike in Midi. Ino change in Highway it of Miff Sion policy to Cap spa pullets Only Lim Vedanta gemini 10 state capital Short shots Enterprise Bureau sir Walter Lintel by Hunky a kit 11 Iii Anh i Ann Nim but Raleigh Jan. 21.�? tile most Enterprise Bureau sir Walter hotel j insidious lobby of Tho session so Raleigh Jan. 21. Hopes of far har been that conducted by North Carolina labourers that a hey employee of the unemployment May get a Chance at four millions j compensation commission in he a dollars Worth of country Road a Zajf 0 the Bill blanketing them work during the next few Mouths seem to Hae been unduly raised by recent dispatches from Raleigh. These stories stated that state spa administrator George Coan had made available three million dollars to supplement the million dollars earmarked by governor Hoey for farm to Market Road work during the Spring and Early summer. Availability of the Money is not questioned but practicability of its use is very questionable. There is no change in the Long established policy of the Highway commission to use spa allocations for labor Only when it is advantageous to the state and when its use will get More Road work for the North Carolina dollars. There have been other in under Ltd Iii service. The Bill was accorded passage without dissent and relieves clerks stenographers and higher up executives in the commission of taking the Merit examinations which begin Friday of this week. A Rule imposed by chairman Cutlar Moore of the state alcoholic beverages boards prohibiting anyone connected with the Board giving out any information in his absence was rescinded this week. Probably after the chairman had overheard some of the Side remarks about a emr. Hitler Moore a and possibly because of the Seeley Resolution requiring ail state departments and bureaus to make available legislators any information they wanted. Instances have been known of office Edi stances in which spa announced l0 recognize Mem availability of funds which could it hit <rni1<kvtll not be economically used in the tax Oil liquor male higher tuition at a Tate institutions and the fact that the budget appropriations Hill made no appropriation whatever for ii Henries senator Gibbs does not expect that these Xxiii in thu four big lights on the floor of tile Senate because he is mindful of elections and constitutional amendments hut he does think the xviii lie Devil the Money committees a great Deal. Detroit Jan. 21�? Ltd a a state vide strike of Union truck Drivers monday was announced tonight by j. M. O Laughlin president of the Drivers Union. Before the announcement was made gov. Frank d. Fitzgerald had intervened in the Hope of preventing the strike which resulted from a jurisdictional dispute Between two american federation of labor unions. The strike began in Detroit wednesday but was limited to deliveries of Beer from Detroit brew eries. The two unions involved in the dispute Are the teamsters Union. Local 271, and the brewery workers Union. Local 38. It was said the strike would halt All deliveries by Union truckers of foodstuffs and merchandise. Americans first Coal mine was opened in 1730 near Richmond. Va., whence commercial shipments were made to Boston Philadelphia. And new York As late As 1789. Would Deport aliens who Are members of communist party in United states Washington Jan. 21�? it a a Contention that membership in t i Joseph g. Strecker of hot Springs Ark. A final decision on this Liaiga i Tion is awaited by Secretary per i Kins As a guide to possible deportation proceedings against Harry Bridges. Australian born West coast Cio Leader. Communist party subjects an a a a Leraan i a ?0 �?~i1� i House committee Winch investigated in american activities has asked the labor department head to take such action. Witnesses lie fore his committee testified that Bridges had associated with communists. Alien to deportation from the United states was presented to the supreme court today by government spokesmen. A Brief filed by solicitor general Robert a Jackson and Gerard d. Reilly labor department solicitor asked the tribunal to sustain a deportation order against North America has Rio ties of beetles. 10,000 Vav it two old s it it a m Nett i it inn. 1 up a a suggestion by a a Cwb Al Kerino organization hat polio men grow beards in keep Iii with the forthcoming Pronel Reb Bra Tion was an. Aby i by chief e. Raymond Cato. A a officers must always Appel neat and clean shaven a the Cha said. A it. Might he Dis stroj for some of them to raise fierce looking whiskers and then Law some night stick their faces int an automobile they have Steppe it might frighten some lady Xvi did not state. In announcing allocation of the funds administrator Coan said a this will mean that 4,000 spa workers who have been Idle for the last sit weeks due to Lack of sponsors funds for farm to Market roads May be put to work at once and thousands of other needy North carolinians will keep jobs on Road unfortunately there is More optimism than actual fact in that observation. Officials of the Highway and Public works commission advise that no program has been worked out for the use of this Money. The governor recently allocated $2,500,000 of surplus Highway funds for Road improvement spellers of the i so offending Esles. Snore them by to dial or not to dial is soon j to be the question in the state j capital City. Whether a tis More j pleasant to hear the operator say j Quot the line is or to hear the earpiece of the a phone growl at you. State office buildings have j the dial system and some of Hie j officials do not like it. Two us i preme court judges had the things j taken out of their offices. Now j the phone company w hich is i erecting a million Dollar office building Here proposes to Quot mod j Ernie cd the whole system by installation of dial phones will Wynne owner and builder of Raleigh a first Exchange is circulate j ing a petition against the a Damn j discount i things and the names on it look like the Roll Call of state official Dom. A ably and representative Moore of Pitt does no to object to newspapers telling w hat lie does. He does seriously object to them guessing at Why he does it. Rising to a Point of personal privilege he protested being classed As an anti diversion is just because he voted to sustain the chair s ruling in sending the Stone Resolution to committee on roads rather than to finance. The Resolution declared it. The sense of the House that no Highway funds should be diverted but or. Moore insists that the subject matter of the Resolution was not being voted on. The fact that the budget com i flying that a million dollars of Mission appropriation Bil makes it would be used on far in to in Art no provision whatever for school Ket roads. The Highway commis-1 libraries has got lots of the collusion has no intention of using try folks Back Home no the necks this million dollars for any other j of their representatives Aud at purpose but the primary concern the joint meeting of Senate and is the Best roads for the least Money possible without relation to spa allocations. A we appreciate the spirit of cooperation manifested by w said chief Highway Engineer Vav. Vance raise Quot and we expect to utilize every Dollar of spa Money and every hour of spa labor that we can. But our chief concern is to get the most possible for the Dollar which North Carolina pays. In Many instances the class of work we need can be done much More economically by machinery than by Man Power. On some other jobs experience has shown that spa lab not it was further porn Highway officials that Mountain sections we Stone and gravel is an item in Road building doing by spa worker in practical in the far dredging is necessary Chinery is required and the manpower Cost is a Small part of the total. There is a certainty that a goodly part of the spa All Oca Tion will be used and matched by state funds but the unemployed Man who Hopes to get one of the reputed 4.000 jobs on farm to mar Ket Road work is Apt to find that his Hopes have been falsely raised there just won t be that Many jobs for the reason that the men responsible for building and maintaining North Carolina highways Are not going to let the interests of the roads suffer just because of the need of folks for w Ork. House Library commit Row this attitude will to the lawmakers. Rumblings about the Capitol corridors warn of interesting foreclosures to come of recipients of Campaign contributions last summer failing to deliver As agreed after they became members of Tho general Assembly. Such rumours always come and always must be discounted. This time however there is some documentary evidence that May grievously plague certain legislators. Since discovery of the East Texas Oil Field in 1930, it has produced More than 800., barrels of Oil. The Field is expected to prod use a total of barrel. J he Quick c2 aun Duj. Low Cost Relief for Winter Wash Days Thrift service to pounds 70c the Ideal Low priced service for the Winter months not a backache in a bag full not a moan on a monday not a Washtub on a was Day. Thrift to service does All the washing the heaviest part of the ironing and sends your apparel Home a damped a to be ironed at your convenience. J take was Day out of your Home for Complete laundry service dial 3319 819-21 South main Street aia a a. N. A a a a Jit a t a a i xfe., a hitch laundry expert Rud \ we restore the original Beauty All the Lustre i hues and beaut that was originally in your Bug will in brought bark. Stains and spots carefully removed. You la he pleased with our Fine work and the appearance of your rugs. A u is tumor e relayed ire special act Are session placing in on the pension any other one probably in passed every div dual names tolls than for purport. The first Suc h measure hit the House Hopper thursday 5 when Mcneill of Hoke asked a a pension for widow Stubbs of bit county. Who reads the ads anyway is out by some Small portent e ban entire where Exma Lerose saw his Bill will solve problem Washington Jan 21 -<7pl rep. Artliner and predict i today Congress would enact cot of product Ion farm Bill time for it to apply to 1939 Ops. Annke. Critical of the admin ration farm program assert the principle of his b la coned with i earlier proposal r refinancing of farm Mort go would Quot solve till counts farm problem once and for tilt Cost of production Hill Haen endorsed by 17 senator. A hike said. And two other member have introduced Titlar measures. The measures mid guarantee Farmers pro it Ion costs plus a reasonable fit of about 5 per cent on crops whose interstate and reign Commerce volume exerts $ Hutu too annually. Steal it Home it Houston. Tex. Jan. 21. A it a police today began a drive to rid the City of thieves and burglar. Imagine their embarrassment when tile fire theft reported a that of expensive overcoat from the Muni pal court room in the police station senator Doc or loin la Ong of Halifax does t like the Way the dignified senator have been i Cen Tisi ii the several occasions of joint sessions this year lust after voting against a joint Resolution inviting aubre Vav Illinois to address the Assembly tile outspoken doctor Rose to move that negotiations he entered into xxx till tile Lions officials Balking to proper seating. The House Resolution xxx Bidi the doctor of min gtd was any xxx a and he a and Xisra t lint there would in a Seal for him. When the governor delivered his message and xxx Lien Secre. A Ary Pei Kins spoke outsiders so crowd tile aisles and lobbies that the senators had to squat where they could. William y. Blackett solicitor of the judicial District comprising Wake and Franklin counties and son of the late governor has set a record worthy of emulation by other prosecuting attorneys. Upon completion of his fir four year term the Wake clerk of court presented a report to the grand jury chowing that solicitor by Kett had prosecuted 2.4s4 cases won convictions in More than 96 per cent of them and a not missed a Day from criminal it ourt since he became folic Tutor january i 1935. Representative v. To Payne of Alexander counts himself a a school Many in the sense i lint he had Long been identified xxx till school work Iii some phase he Doe a t think much of the of Ali Grade idea. The alexandrian is prepared to xxx age As vigorous tight its May in necessary to obtain More Money for tin grossly under paid janitors and labourer around school buildings. His primary concern is safer buses i xxx till older and More comm tent Drivers. Parole Edwin j Gill i making absolutely no i comment on proposals to change j North Carolina s method of exe j coition Quot i Haven to a tiling to say about he declared punit ively. Incidentally. Or. Gill has never j attended an execution though it j is his unpleasant duty to determine who shall die and who shall live. A luxe never Felt like attending an he Caid. A no j matter How bad they Are All have a human Side i get to know them in investigating that ii eases and it gels too close to me for me to want to see any one of them listen Over mfr master singers coloured quartet Munday i 15 . To 1 30 . Spoti Sord by master retreading co. The oldest member of the legislature in years is the youngest member of the Senate in Point of service this session. Senator Joseph la Separk of Aeron was not Able to take the Natl of office As a senator until week. He is 6 7 years of hut one of the most Debonair men about tile Capitol. The a let s read the ads together let s get the combined thrill of comparing notes and calling each other s attention to the exciting things that the advertisement writers have thought up for us. It is a great idea and puts crinkles up and Down your spine. It promotes Chu miness and Goodwill in the family and that s Worth while too. Here Are typical readers. The Field of the High Point Enterprise is High Point Thomasville Lexington Asheboro Kernersville and the area surrounding these towns. It is a highly concentrated circulation within this 30-mile radius. A ,-9 Zvy z a 111 a a a a a a. In in men a i or in Auk Bibb of Warrenton. Member of tin appropriations committee indices that four items xviii cause a great Ileal of worry to Faith tile Money Committer. These ate diversion of High Xay funds the increase in state merchants Wise advertise in the High Point Enterprise

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