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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 21, 1939, High Point, North Carolina 7 each or air and warmer tonight sunday Cloud the High Point Enterprise High Point Industry at High Point offers Good Opportunity for year around work vol. 55 no. 21 Mem Rah associated Fuess High Point n. J., s Vii a voter noon Jain a 21, 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cent Franco drive to Barcelona is setback last minute bulletins continue Berlin Jan. 21.�?<19�?field Mars h a i Hermann w Wilhelm Goering assured Georg rub Lee american director of the intergovernmental refugee committee today that Germany was ready to continue trying to find Hays of sending her flows i Broad. Rublee who arranged to go to Paris tonight said he would return to Berlin Early next week. He said that the negotiations would continue on the basis of the plan already offered by and discussed with or. Hjalmar Schacht ousted yesterday As president of the Reichs Bank. Kill Dee asserted that his talk today wit i the no. 2 Man of the nazi regime was a very cordial and the Rocha Chat plan which Rubier and two Merican assistants came Here Jan. To to discuss made the assistance of other governments in an expansion of Germany a Export Trade a condition of a i cooperation in German jewish emigration arrangements. Iii dim. Oil win new York Jan. 21.�?4.11�? Cohoe and fire Headquarters relived an emergency report Tola v that the front of a build _ at a it the Street and eleventh i me had collapsed and tripled an undetermined number of children in the debris. Two o of and ladder companies the ire Rescue squad Hod a a Maal i Tail of police officers were rushed to the scene. A woman Telephone operator it the Packard motor a oui Mux a Block away said the milling xxx As an unoccupied four Story Brick tenement. It collapsed without warning die Quot Aid. And a Shower of bricks struck a motor ear either St acting at the curb or passing she said she heard that a Nan and a Little girl had been aught in the fall of bricks and did timbers. Euro let kill Hite girl Charlotte. Jan. a Isaac Blister billiard a Nerro. Xxx As arrested Here today on charge of attacking a 9-year cd xxx Tut girl about Midnight. The girl told officers she was returning Home after going to a Iraq he cafe and xxx As dragged a bout half a Block by the Nero before her screams frightened Hun into releasing her. Cd military raining asked Lively rattle in Prospect her is die Washington. Jan. 21.�? pm a Lively congressional contest pealed in Prospect today Over a Opsal to make military train a mandatory for the .100.000 hers of the civilian Conser on corps. Chairman May i by of the Mise military committed prod legislation requiring every c member to take not less than o nor More than five hours of ii it a by training each week. A these boys Are under the us vision of army officers right tile kentuckian said. A so in it be a Good idea to be them military training inroad of some of the other prompts they have a he advocated such training Dell a recent statement by pre sift Roosevelt that the proposal d been turned Down some time the plan found both support d opposition i Moi members May a committee. Representative Anderson i i said to thought it might be Ood idea but representative Kirkman t or Ala it. Although orally favouring the proposal diced it a void be Defeated. A rebels claim nil Cio support Detroit Jan. 21. A Ltd ill support of Tho Congress of Austria organizations claimed Lay by the insurgent faction 1 thing president Homer mar j for control of tin United i to Mobile workers Union. Leaders of the group which i suspended by Martin yester and subsequently suspended i i impeached him. Said 16 Cio ional directors Anil organisers ived today for conferences on Cio Aid would be most of Tive. Martin s faction controlled the w International Headquarters grounded by six Untung guards i a police est of i Martin ered today Tho Union office had closed yesterday. Join Relief slash. May take Licking on Senate Back Igualada senator Adamss Peang 0e Numberg concedes hard fight expected the Senate vote will first lest on efforts to economize by William b. Ardery Washington Jan. 21.�? apr economic advocates probably will a pet the whey beaten out of them when the question of slashing $150,000,- he from the spa fund As Ltd by president Roosevelt reaches the Senate floor senator Adamsk Solo conceded ruefully today. Adams is chairman of the Senate subcommittee which yesterday followed the example of the House of representatives and voted $725,000,000, instead of the $875,000,000 requested by or. Roosevelt to operate the work Relief Agency through june to beat of i Job the coloradans who voted for the reduction predicted it probably would be approved today by the full Senate appropriations committee. But he added a the committee will probably get the whey beaten out of it on the floor of the Senate As it usually does when it makes an honest Effort to the Senate vote will he the first test of sentiment there toward any part of the presidents program of continued Large Ecale spending to meet contentions that reduction of the work Relief fund would Force a drastic reduction in spa Rolls in mid Winter the subcommittee wrote into the Bill a prohibition against reducing the Rolls by More than 150,-000 during february and March. There now Are about 3,000,000 work Relief employees i to eviction in Snow senator Byrnes de who submitted this proposal said it would prevent the administration a from putting people out in j the Byrnes said it would permit Relief Roll to be maintained at 1.900,000 on june Ion or the same number receiving Relief in january a year ago. A i offered the proposal for the purpose of getting the Best j possible Compromise a Byrnes As sorted. Senator Harrison a miss who worked with Byrnes in de sonic Init of a number herself pretty Mary inn so Yecney. Telephone operator at an Atlantic City hotel Hon nominated to be official hostess to the other cute Iii Niimi who xviii take tart in the Kihm Atlantic City Beauty pageant. Tydings flays political activities by president radio artists vote to strike await orders from executive Board says he ill \ Ole for lie appointment of Harry Hopkins by John m. Hightower a the Hington j 76th con Are Chic ago. Jan. Nearly 2,000 of is. The i count x sing the proposal said it Wae j a a very Fine compromised and i senator Mcnary of Oregon the Republican Leader predicted professional radio entertain most Republic on would support j were ready today to strike for it. I but one administration Leader said privately there would he ample votes to raise the appropriation to $875.000,000. Leaf tobacco Market winds up at Winston Winston Salem Jan. 21 a the Leaf tobacco Market Bere closed thursday. Winston Salem remains Leader of the old Belt markets while advancing to second place in the Bright flue cured Belt. According to the figures of supervisor of sales James t. Booth 52,105,314 pounds of tobacco have been sold at an average Price of $22.46 a Hundred. Money paid out ran to $11,702,-711.21. Higher wages. The Chicago local of the american federation of radio artist Quot voted unanimously last night to strike upon orders from the National executive Hoard like action was taken earlier this week by the new York local and balloting was scheduled for today in Angelet and tomorrow in san fan disco. A rejection by the american association of advertising agencies of demands for an increase wage scale and pay for rehearsals was the basis for the threatened strike. Majority of the big commercial shows originate in new York. Chicago los Angelo and san Francisco and might he silenced if the strike were called. Its third week today a plying signs that peace makers faced a i task in their eff arts party Harmony before Campagna. The two major s go Gressional action appropriation and pres veil appointments boiling to the surface Ness generated by the Nuht two years ago a ated last summer by efforts to defeat unfit of tic senators. The situation was do clearly yesterday who Tydings did Dent Roosevelt s in Success to bring about his def Nom nation by former j. Lewis a new Deal Tydings spoke duri on or. Roosevelt s a i of Harry Hopkins of administrator to be is Commerce. He related president and Lewis to eluded Multi Doug Chieve 19 40 government business will get in Harmony Elliot son of president Roosevelt says it ill a unprecedented fort Worth. Tex. Jan 21 up a a inside sources at Washington believe the next two months will see an a a unprecedented movement toward Harmony Between government leaders and business Elliott Roosevelt Eon of the president said in a radio broadcast last Nfn it. The younger Roosevelt just returned from Washington where he conferred we Ith the president and other administration leaders said the movement would begin with conciliatory conferences Xith Heads of Public utilities. Enumerating other Likely results of the congressional session. Roosevelt predicted Early revision of the agricultural adjustment act with Battle Lints already being drawn Between proponents of the Domestic allotment plan and those who favor continuation of the present plan. A new defense program which include civil training of pilots in schools Aud colleges of the country and expansion of the facilities of military forces. Legislation not due for another year to control instability overproduction and waste in the Oil Industry unless the states and the Industry itself take Steps to solve the problem meantime. Curtailment of Twa expenditures and a reduction in spa funds with states and communities required to furnish any additional funds necessary to care for the needy. Legislation to furnish temporary Relief for the railroads although no plan for permanent solution of the carriers problems is in sight. Roosevelt said a majority of government leaders in Washington predict that 1919 will show a decided improvement in business. Opponents of Japan warned Premier says extermination awaits persistent opponents shares Ruppert Fortune a under the will of the late Hewer a Ort it Nian colonel Jacob Ruppert Helen Wilt Lii Oie Weyant above xxii left Saini too outright and became one of three women xxx to Xxiii gel the new York Yankees Hall team along is it ii other properties in the colonels residual estate. Miss we ant Xmas known on the stage As win Thrope Wayne. Hitler fires two More in Reich Bank shake up Tokyo Jan. 21. The pre ii Jeffa of j tiler Kiichiro Hiranuma warned the Relief today that extermination awaits Lent Boose persistent opponents of Japan. A brought a bag for those who fail to outline Bitt a Derst amp and to the end and Here court Hill after persist in the opposition to d Acront Japan a he cried in a speech be new Deal f0re parliaments a we i idly dem other alternative that t i minute to s question whether for once was to China a office official replied a nitrated senator need or i efforts it for up. David chorus girl made Rich by Ruppert is surprised new York. Jan. 21.�? a breweries and in an a a 37-yeat-old former chorus girl j cumulation of Manhattan real is who did what everyone would in than anyone else has ,. Piled up except the Astor clan like to do woke up and found heavy sate find Federal in herself a millionaire Hasni to de Herlt Anoe taxes will chop off More cited what to do with the vast than half the estate hut miss Fortune left her by col. Jacob Weyant Xmas expected to receive Ruppert. More than $5,000,000. She also a some Good. I Hope a soiled Xxiii receive a tax free bequest of Helen Winthrop Weyant a trim $300,000 Cash Chestnut haired woman with a the other two thirds of the pert face and Well kept figure. Estate go equally to two nieces however she Bas no plans for of Ruppert mrs. Joseph holler the future because she Hasni to fan and mrs. Basil Maguire had a Chance to catch her breath both of Greenwich Conn. Yet. But she has no thought of m is Weyant Aud Ber co heirs Matrimony. Wont have to worry about and her Blue eyes were still bewildered at yesterday s news that she had been bequeathed one third of the $30,000,000 to $70,-000,000 estate of the Spruce Little 71-year-old Bachelor sportsman. Whom she described As a a very old a i feel awl fully honoured a she said. A i am surprised and a Little frightened. I knew nothing about it not even when i saw j him the night before he neither the actress nor her at him there were four Board i torne>8 know exactly How much my Erst the group he Elal constitutes the it Ive Board. Cards armed with Short club in evidence at the offices. She will received but she is one a Hird owner of the wealthy world Hampton now York Yankee baseball club and has an equal interest in one of lire world s ministering their Empire in baseball and Beer. A quartet of associates was named by th1 Little colonel As executors. Bewildered by her sudden prominence miss Weyant said she herself could not understand the bequest. A i bad no idea that i was going to be remembered in t ii a Way. Colonel Ruppert was an old Friend of my family and i have known him since i was a she said a Mutual fondness for animals had cemented the Friendship Between them. In recent years she said she had served As hostess for Ruppert at Xvi a my parties on his Garrison in. Y., estate. Point Merit Mer pah ret Ary of that the Rode toil Oiler through Maryland and that the president promised a Bridge would be built across the lower Potomac River a it was one of the most disgraceful exhibitions in the poll Leal history of the United sates the Maryland senator said Quot there is not a Man in this Senate who ran deny it. A $3,-000,000 Bridge was dangled be fur the people of Maryland As political bait but they voted for me 3 to some other senators had criticized some of Hope us actions while Relief director but Tydings shouted to the listening Senate and crowded galleries it not Hopkins a shut a higher a Tho Ity who opposed me in a Why should we censure Harry Hopkins a he continued adding be would vote for him. A is Here a Man in this body who does no to know that Harry hop-1 did no More than was expected of him a Tydings said he exp in the Senate for the years a shorn of All shorn of All influence Wii ii the greatest no accorded a candidate a that he said bitter tones a is democracy a a Herair Gillette a Lowa xxx hoes renomination Hopkins opposed disclosed that he too. Would to e for confirmation like Tydings he argued that behind the Effort to eliminate him was a group of Hopkins was defended by senators Norris ind neb who critic Zed the democratic majority for having rejected proposals last t oui Iund on i a it 8 toted Tel be next two patronage a and that Jority Ever e in my in ave no it Exter the foreign merely. A the translation is Correct As it Baron Hiranuma who formed a Cabinet Jan. 6 to guide Japan toward a a nod order in gave his Maiden speech before the opening do t session just after foreign minister Hachiro Arita outlined japanese pan Asia am lit ions seeking a new East Asia upon an ethical foundation wherein Japan China and Manchukuo x x x will stand United and linked together for Active collaboration x x the Premier emphasized the necessity for pan Asin ism Aud said measures for strengthening National resources and National morale would he instituted As soon As possible. A the creation of a Strong armament xxx constitutes outmost essential objective a he said adding that War time control measures would be placed on a permanent basis. Foreign minister Arita formally enunciated japans pan Acia ambitions in Diat was considered by some to he the most important statement of japanese foreign policy in her history. Maryland u. President expects missing co eds to Quot turn up at Homes Quot College Park. Md., Jan 21. It a or. In c. Byrd president of the University of Maryland. Said today he expected two co eds missing since they hoarded a Washington bound bus wednesday would a turn up at their Homes in a Short �?�1 done to think there is much to worry about a he added. A they Are both perfectly Able to take care of Washington police said meanwhile they had no clues to the whereabouts of the two 19-year-old pre medical students. Joy Lucille heaster of Salisbury md., and Joan Beatrice Matheke of Newark n. College officials i were at a loss to explain their id sap Pearalee. I to followers of or. Schacht Are hemmed from Reich Bank directorate by a fax in Whiteleather j Berlin. Jan 21. A j leks fuels ref Hitler continued i today his eradication of the it on serval a influence of or. Hjalmar Schacht from the Reich Bank j and at the same time moved to i i n c e a a e Germany s Arm strength with a decree that every Able bodied Man Over it must keep fit for military service. The fuehrer removed from the Hanks directorate two Fol i Lowers of Schacht ousted yesterday from the presid m y. Friedrich xxx. Dreyse was succeeded As vice president by Rudolf Brink Matin righthand Man of ski aches successor As president. Economics minister Walther Funk. Both Dreyse the Board s oldest member and Ernst Huelse the other director removed joined Schacht in opposing unrestricted spending and financing by piling up huge Short term debts. Their ousting left Little doubt that the shelving of Schacht resulted from Sharp difference of opinion with ambitions of nazi leaders. The fuehrer s military measure would abolish physical unfitness in male germans by compelling All but jew and Crimi nals to take training from 17 up under direction of the Brown shined storm troop organization. Hitler raised the storm troops sport badge heretofore a purely nazi party Honor to the status continued on Page a a Mother and child burned to death two trapped in flaming Home it Williamston Early today Williamston Jan. 21.�? mrs. Ignite Smith 23, and her year old daughter were burned to death Early today when fire destroyed their farm Home near Here. The charred bodies clamped together were found in the ashes of the Kitchen near the spot where a window opened into the Yard mrs. Smith apparently had tried to escape through the window. Mrs. Smith was the daughter of or. And mrs. John k. Griffin members of a prominent Martin county family. Smith overcome with grief was restrained by friends As he sought to go into the blazing House in an Effort to Rescue his wife and child. Recounting the tragedy he said he called ids sister in Law miss Verna Griffin a visitor in the Home when he discovered the fire and then went to a neighbor s to summon assistance. When he returned to the scene. He said he heard his wife a screams and realized she was trapped. Miss Griffin said she called her sister several times before leaving the House and getting no reply assumed mrs. Smith and the child already had left the House. No hike expected on Beer taxes in state town is considered key Point in government s main defense line Menda be France at the Spanish Frontier Jan. apr the insurgents great drive toward Barcelona to Lay was reported to have met its first serious setback whet a violent government counterattack drove Generalissimo Franco s troops Back out of the important town of Igualada. This town 28 airline Miles vet of the government capital was considered a key Point in the governments main defense line. Acknowledge i insurgent dispatches both from Burgos and Lerida acknowledged that Igualada which the insurgents reported last night they had entered was in the hands of a government Garrison today. Instead of continuing their efforts to storm Igualada general Francois columns were reported fanning out to the North and South of the town in efforts to surround it and compel ifs Garrison to surrender. Meanwhile Francos air Force subjected Barcelona to a series of raids in two of which a deluge j of bombs was loosed on the City and port. Two others were driven off by government planes. Rush fortifications with Battle lines Only some to i Miles to the West. Government leaders hastily pushed fortifications at the very Gates of tee City i for a last ditch stand if necessary j dispatches said artillery was be i ing placed at Barcelona s Gates j and sandbag barriers raided in Side the City. Earlier today insurgents had reported capture of both Igualada and Vendrell. The latter 32 Miles Southwest of Barcelona on the Highway near the Mediterranean the double insurgent drive put i Barcelona on the Eastern Point of a Triangle with Cue army moving slowly toward the capital from the West and another advancing a from the Southwest. Both reported victories came As i surprises to military observers on the French Border who had exported the government n line to i hold at least temporarily. Opposes secret state meetings writer blames secrecy for critical european i affairs Durham. N. A. Jan. 21.�? 41 a John n. Aiken editorial writer for the Baltimore Sun paper told Delegate attending the North Carolina pres Institute last night that it was a dangerous thing for the press to allow the government to work in secret. The present situation in Europe might have been in critical be said if the English press had not permitted the British Cabinet to transact its business behind closed doors particularly at the time of lifting sanctions from Italy. Success in grappling with world problems said or. H. Hart of Duke University depends upon the clarity honesty impartiality and Wisdom with which news is handled. Ile added that a loss of the Freedom of the pres would tie one of the most ominous symptoms of world or. Hart is a humanity is a Young giant a he said a wakening to consciousness with a newspaper in ins hand. For thousands of years cities have had collective conscious i Ness but the world mind n i merging into unified Anarene a j Only in our Day. Newspapers serve not Only As eyes and ears for the world thinker hut also As interpreter revealing meaning warning of dangers bringing to the world consciousness possible program for deliverance and by Henry Averill Quot diction and regulations of the enter Rte Bureau. Sir Walter hotel transportation of Beer on the Kaleigh Jan. 21.�?comment highways hut dealers contend of legislators particularly mein a that it is a comparatively easy bars of the finance committee indicate that there is Small likelihood that the present tax of 24 cents a Case of 24 bottles of Beer xviii be increased. Instead there has developed a decided current of legislative opinion favouring a new method of collecting the tax on Beer which would keep the rate As at present. The budget commission recommended a 50 per cent increase in the Beer Levy and shortly after the session convened there were rumblings of an attempt to double the current tax. The Revenue department two years ago resisted efforts to change collection methods. Present method of collecting Beer taxes is for the wholesale dealer or bottler to pay the state Levy of $3 per barrel or one cent Ter bottle. These dealers Are required to keep voluminous record. And there Are numerous matter to Bootleg Beer into the state by Means of fake interstate Bills of lading. It is proposed to Levy a Crown tax a so called a a identification method whereby every bottle of Beer sold anywhere in North Carolina would show clearly whether or not the tax has been paid thereon. Adoption of the new method dealers claim would increase Revenue about $400,000 annually without any increase whatever in he rate. Opposition to this change however is expected to develop from the bottlers of soft drinks to whom the Prospect of a a Crown tax Bas for years been a veritable Nightmare. They done to want any such precedent established for fear that the legislators looking around for new tax sources. Xviii Lay such a tax on their products. Nine More years of Relief la Guardia Washington Jan. 21. A of a mayor forello la Guardia in new York think the government work Relief program will have to be continued for nine years. This was disclosed today with the publication of testimony before the Senate appropriation subcommittee which considered the spa appropriation Bill. La Guardia said his nine year estimate was a a a guess but that with perfecting of the social be Curtly program and improvement in business it should he possible to terminate the Relief program in that period. Fella or Townsend r., said that continuance of Relief for it nine years would lift the govern ment debt to $80,,,. A yes a the new York mayor responded a but i could Conter plate a much larger debt tha

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