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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page eight Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Munday january 22. 193growth, of Duke University from Trinity College remarkable Stor old Trinity College dates Back to 1838 As one room school intriguing stories about institution and it growth related in conc ise history note the following tory in made up mostly from various stories contained in the a Centennial edition a of the Durham morning Herald of november 28, 1938. And the pictures with one exception Mere loaned by the Durham newspaper for use in this Story. The picture of the famous 1888-91 football team loaned by mrs. J. Pepper of Trinity. The Durham paper contained 44 pages mostly historical and current data about Trinity College and Duke University and the most Complete Story about the institution Ever compiled. To preserve space the Many separate stories by As Many different a rotters have been rolled Down to a single running Story beginning in the 1830s and carrying on until the present time. Statements of different writers May be found one after another in the a ame column by Geouge b. Hwan Trinity colleges now Duke University or a part of Duke University Sites Hack a lording to the St information obtainable to 1938. At least that is the Date generally accepted a its beginning though it that time it no More than a one room one teacher school and known a Browne a schoolhouse. It situated not far from the present Trinity High school which is on the same site of the original Trinity College building. The Ald building razed in 1924 after being condemned by the mate insurance department and the prot sent High school building erected in that year. The first Tea Corr at Brown s Allen Frazier Biri some time Between 1830 my 1838 and he regarded is one of the Best schoolmasters in Randolph county. In 1837, i he people of the Community were confronted with the Neces a Ity of securing another schoolmaster. Frazier having resigned and set up another school a few Miles Distant. Brantley York. A picturesque Pioneer in North Carolina education a. Selected in the latter part of 1837 on an agreement that he be paid 1200 per year furnished a House in which to live and fire Wood to Burn. He succeeded by Braxton a Raven in 184 2. Craven a lad of 19 or 20 years had been a student at new Garden. R w Guilford College and came to Trinity by the system of a a Riding and tying. He had set out on foot but found Tom English Riding along the same and be and Craven made the trip together by a Riding and tying one of them would ride ahead dismount hitch the horse to a tree and walk on. While the other coming behind would work passed the same examinations. Completed All requirements for the degree and then president Craven recommended to the trustees that they he granted the degrees they had earned. Not until 1896, after Trinity College had been moved to Durham were women admitted on equal terms with men. School of Cau a a school of Law established at Trinity College in i sgt and president Braxton Craven began his lectures on a political and natural Law a open to College seniors. Though not h i Nisei t a lawyer he had great interest in Law and five years later in 1855, he offered in constitutional Law and International Law. The Law school discontinued in 1882. The year in which Braxton Craven died. It revived and discontinued and revived again but not until 1904 it made a permanent department. At the death of Braxton Craven in 188 2, Rev. Marcus Wood made chairman of the Lainily and exercised the duties of president being followed in the same capacity by Rev. John Franklin Helt Nian who held the position until the election of or John Franklin Crowell in la St. Or. Crowell coming to Trinity from the principal ship of a Pennsylvania Seminary. He received at Trinity with ome misgivings. Being a northerner he had widely divergent ideas from those ingrained in the people of Randolph county. But he overcame some if not jail of the antagonism until he proposed the removal of the col a Ley w Hen the fires broke out the College moved or. Crowell widened its n o anew and scope j Nuth a to people the Tower to ing crashed to Trinity Hajj j i8 i Row Ell i alls re to Al to Durham then in a few thousand effected in 1891 the one new builder it came Back r one year going in september enlisted to Durham or. Crowe the shill Tan i Ming Mie ton i. Cd tin to Iii Duke or the land f and the f deigned by a i. And the Contra h Norton a my Money and the i rat if for Basat Burg Vilh Iii d with the specifications for the Tower and protested to Washington Duke Aud others. He said it stand. Or. Crowell had full Confidence in the architect and issued a statement that the building sound structurally and there no danger of the Tower Dollop sing. Three Days later on a sunday morning it fell. Norton then told to rebuild it along his own lines. Two decades later when the stage for a great advancement for the institution he loved. He visions and Hopes were a part of Trinity College even after he had left waiting for John Kilgo to fuse with his pwn ideals Aud go Forward with a new destiny for Trinity. Kha pm Hur i task or. Kilgo came to Trinity just after a period of turmoil and Idi sention president Crowell had been faced with much difficulty and opposition in his management of the College. Financial difficulties Lack of faculty cooperation jealousies among the trustees and methodist leaders and resentment at having a a Yankee president a had greatly i handicapped or. Crowell. Partie i ulary had Crowell been disheartened at the attitude of the constituency. When Rev. Or. Kilgo began his duties As president the methodists were relieved to Welcome a southerner especially one who had so impressed the constituency of the College with his ability As a preacher and an i educational Leader. The task before president i John Kilgo such As to a Challenge his Best Powers and i capabilities. He inherited a col Liege of 62 acres three bundling. A debt of $40,000, and a i Small endowment. Scientific i equipment meagre the Library a Mere Skeleton and a academic standards were Low Iii spite of Iii. Crowells attempts to raise them. Sixteen years later Trinity eol i lege had a modern Library building and adequately equipped laboratories and classrooms. Its assets amounted to one and a Quarter million Dollar it had the largest endowment of any Southern College. Academic standards were High and Trinity widely known for its out staring faculty its free academic atmosphere its leadership in co education and its Acho Early publications. These things were largely the work of John c. Kilgo ably backed by the generosity of the Duke family. I Iii us disks heart in soliciting funds for Trinity College or. Kilgo soon convinced that the College could never be adequately endowed by popular subscription. Some other source must be found if Trinity were to continue to grow. Wash i Egton Duke bad apparently lost i much of the interest which had prompted him in 1h90 to give funds for the erection of the new buildings. Some of the Riff ii cuties of the Crowell darn Luis i nation Hod disheartened him. J moreover or. Duke disillusioned be earn e the methodists had failed to donate Well to Trinity College. J instead of the egg shaped Ball. But to or. Kilgo is due much of the credit for the fact that j Trinity College became a financial sue Ess Washington Duke on december 5, 1896. Donated 100,000 to the endowment i fund. Supplementing that in Uhm with another $100,000 and further donations on through the be irs followed by his skis j Benjamin Duke and James b. Dukes and culminating with the i indenture if 1924 which brought millions to tile institution with tile stipulation that the name he chanced to Duke University Trinity College and Duke uni i verify have had Only four presidents Braxton Craven or. Cro the Dukes Benjamin Duke top and Washington Duke below. Old Trinity College of past years Rte. John William Powell waiter Hines Page James Allen Barksdale. Cleo pitas radome Lee Thomas Barker Williams John Iamb brow or Millard Mial Walter Emerson Faison Edgar Bascom Barber Joseph Gill Brown. Edmond Deberry we Ooley we rain Thomas Braswell brine h High Merrimon Samuel Jones vouch William Troy Saunders. Herman Robinson Hail Benjamin Franklin Long William Allen Bobbitt and Benjamin r. Hall. The following year the Eta chapter of Kappa Sigma established. Sluice ii Here i old Trinity College when it a hunted at Trinity North Carolina before tilt turn of tin Century. Mount tile horse ride on past his companion hitch the horse and walk on. Waeny to exactly hitch hiking but who know but that hitch hiking a development of that practice Normal school in 1851, under the direction of Braxton Craven the school became a Normal school and the first teacher training school in the state its graduates being licensed to teach in the common schools of North Carolina but this did not prove successful As some of a the political leaders of North Carolina were Adverse to subsidizing any other school than the University of North Craven then authorized by the trustees to propose to the North Carolina conference of the methodist episcopal Church that it take Over the institution and in 1858 it became Church property. The name at this time changed to Trinity College. The Gap Between Browne a schoolhouse and Trinity College a filled in by Union Institute and Normal school. The first a. B. Degree to a woman granted by Trinity College in 1878. For several years three Sisters daughters of professor Giles had been studying in the College studying the same courses As the men. They were not allowed to attend classes with the men until a heir senior year when president Craven permitted them to join his own classes for seniors but in private they did the same building destroyed by fire it necessary to dynamite the Tower Structure to dear he ground for a new building it easy sledding for Trinity College during its first years at Durham. Troubles multiplied. Financial and otherwise but the Dukes came to the res Cut every time a Wail went up and their contributions increased. Resignation of Crowell president Crowell resigned in May 1894, under fire. He charged with autocracy and Lack of coordinating spirit in the faculty. The following August or. John Carlisle Kilgo began his duties to president of Trinity College. He a native of Laurens s. C., and the next Iii years the term of ills pre i Dency considered the greatest period in the history of Trinity College it saw Trinity College develop from a three building College with Small inadequate endowment to a College whose 6 2 acres were dotted with new buildings and whose endowment a the largest in the j sout h. More important than lie physical advancement the new Scholastic standards of the College its reputation As a stronghold of academic Freedom and the High calibre of its faculty and students. John Franklin Crowell had Laid the foil twin t ions for a new Trinity. He had effected the removal of the College from Trinity to Durham he had set tile Well or. Kilgo incumbent or. Ton few. Who it i 0 w Hen or and the present William pres a selected in Kilgo resigned and who bus guided its destiny for is years. The a Rise of Duke University and its antecedent Trinity College. Has paralleled or. Few a presidency and the Clene of the 2 a year period affords a appropriate time to Trace the in dilution s remarkable transformation from a Small but excellent College to a University which now has eight fully organized Chemis and colleges Iii which 3,400 students Are enrolled All departments and divisions notably staffed and possessing Library resources of More than 50u.ooo volumes. When or. Few inaugurated the Trinity ii Barry consisted of 37.662 volumes. Its faculty numbered 3 5 incl students 363. Quot i Katsou lox<3 ago fraternities at Trinity Colleg it and Duke University Are aimed As old As the institution itself. The fir Chi Phi. The a act elate is not known but it in the year 1871 and the Cha liter operated without the knowledge of president Craven who somewhat opposed to secret societies among the students. Alpha Tau Omega followed in 1,8 72. There were 2 4 chapter members of this a a frat and they we re George Bain Everett Furnifold Mali Meitl Simmon. George Israel Watson. Junius Cassius Black Junius Augustus Shaw t in the data seems to be a of which i knew Little. It list but that i j body on the of understood thai organized Iii j the rear of the Home and it is spot has been permanent Mal i seems to know the Soi l la s i hex 1 football j football cd at Trinity cd j sufi in i Ell. Abolished brought Back j courage by Durham now Thorn Semina school for i it hand nothing j about �?o1919,�?T�?T anybody else As known to oxalic it All Hillside knew. It is the a a order Little Cabin in Braxton Craven related that the marked with a or. But no one ast where it is be into sex lie Nee lege Back in the Mira god by growl Kiugo and later nto favor and in few. Robert Lee president of sous at Buena Vista is in Virginia the j Man who made the first kick off in 1888. In the first inter Colle i late match of present Day football South of the Potomac River i is responsible for a concise his a tory of the All american sport a ii conceived at Trinity College. Writing 35 years after his College Days Durham recalls j w Ith vivid clarity an historic game the first Ever played Between Trinity College and the University of North Carolina at Raleigh on thanksgiving Day. In Trinity a five Yard line. So close did Carolina come to or. Durham relates How delegates from three colleges met immediately Atter that game and arranged a Spring schedule for Wake Forest Trinity and Carolina. A foot of Snow on the football Field interrupted the first game which set in february Between Trinity and Wake Forest. There much discussion about this new game As to whether the sport should be played regt Adless of weather conditions. He says a after a conference Ordinary sanity conquered the imaginary ethics and our game cow \ n from Princeton the next game scheduled Between the University of North Carolina and Wake Forest. Following the first game with Trinity. North Carolina had immediately sent for Cowan the Captain of the famous Princeton eleven of that year to come Down and teach them some strategy. Cowan apparently made Over the Carolina team beginning at the Bottom and substituting brain for brawn in Many places. Trinity players were informed by scouts that the game under Cowans direction a. Something new and powerful something beyond Trinity a Power to understand let alone defeat. Let the historian Tell you about that game in his own manner a the moment the game began at Raleigh it evident that scouts had not overstated the trouble. The University scored so rapidly on us that i at fullback with some greater Opportunity to see the manner and method of it wa.? As confused As if i were in the midst of a Cyclone. Quot University won the toss and chose to have the Sun and a March wind at their Hacks. When they obtained Possession of the Ball they came tearing through us and around us. I do not mean that they made every third Down As required in that Day. Whatever our team lacked in training it did not Lack in scrapping quantic s Aud individual football in Tinct. But they kept a coming they scored once and were ready to score again when Captain Steve Bragaw now playing halfback Lay still on the ground after a Rush with Ball with his leg broken might have encouraged us Duke University s presidents be to Sham i i in i shown above Are the four president who have nerved University. Top left is Braxton Ltd Raven and right is John in tin Crowell. Bottom left is Bishop John c. Kilgo and right is pc Swetil president la. Vav. P. Few. Might have discouraged the verify teams of 0 there no evidence of it in the they ran up 17 Point with clock like Advance to find itself. This game for me a. A Nightmare. We the this and Una scoring i on us in any first of fullback were on Durham says a Cdr. Crowell came to Trinity As president in the fall of 1887, my freshman j year. The style of football in Vogue at that time a the old Kab my game which forbade i running Villi the Hall a round rubber covered canvass affair. The old game cultivated an a b ii a try to keep one feet and to t k under any and All conditions and positions of the Hall. To stumble or fall or he tripped and thrown were All Clits editable to a players reputation. We played the old style game until the Spring of the year 1 888, by which time or. Crowell who just out of Yale Polege found some Odd moments to introduce the game to us As it played by Yale Harvard and Princeton. I quite Well remember with what bad Grace All of us. ,. Took to the custom of being violently tackled and thrown on the ground. I a. After acquiring the rudimentary knowledge of the new game in the Spring of 188s, we it a nit Hack in the fall with a desire to do something with it. We asked for a match with North Carolina University on thanksgiving Day. They told us that they had a game scheduled for the week of the state fair in Raleigh to he played after the old time fashion and with a spherical Hall. They consented to play til new game with us on thanksgiving Day if we would agree to play with the round giving As a reason that they would not be Able to acquaint themselves with the eccentric behaviour of the elliptical Ball in so Short a time. We agreed to this condition and prepared for the match. St it fed opponents a one of the items of preparation for a Hal dozen of us to attend the state fair and see the game Between Wake Forest and the University and find out what manner of men and football players they were. I recall the disputes and discussions in the midst of that game about the proper rules and regulations governing it of which of course there no authoritative code. A i remember that the Hall being thrown either backward or Forward and in some cases struck with the Fiat. I May say for the Benefit of the present Gen elation. That i have seen men in the old clays of the Light rub her covered of n it a Hall who could Bat one of the in w Ith his closed fit almost on an air Lim for As much As 75 Yards. All we found out from watching the Wake Forest la University game that or. Graham of the University Strong on his punts and an artful dodger it is Well for Trinity men to know that for the first four years of Trinity s football history which culminated in the great team of 1891, Trinity did not have a football coach or Trainer of any sort. Or Crowells instruction to us went no further than the rudiments which he gave us in that first Spring of 1888. The Man. Not a player who did most to study the rules and read up on Tho methods and strategy of the game j. Frank Jones he manager referee Umpire and coach from the beginning until june. 1890. East \ n it furious a having Learned what we could of tile game and lie strategy in this untutored fashion we met the University eleven at Raleigh on thanksgiving Day 1 888, the game fast and furious however unscientific and the almost unanimous rooting of the Raleigh fans especially the Young women for the University. Of course we had More friends after the game finished. Nobody need then i ashamed to claim Kin with us. The score 16-0 in Trinity a favor. Captain Whit Johnson had overtaken Aud tackled the artful dodger or. Graham wit i defensive most of the time with George Graham Send those Long punts right to me of a Brilliant Sunset with a West wind behind them helpless to assist the line Eort of Rush or run and frightened out of my wits that those kicks would get away from me when they shifted to that sort of attack. Kim Ini the halves a we played 4 5 minute halves in those Days. At the Encl of the first 3u minutes our line had begun to solve some of this new strategy and beginning to hold against it. Our offensives around the ends were futile and this despite the fact that both 45 minutes of the second half. He came out of the game with each one of his ears Lorn Loose from his Scalp at both top and Bottom. I shall never forget How i Felt when the score 16 to 17 and we were approaching the goal line. The one question whether the whistle would blow before we reached it. There had been much time taken out and nobody knew just what the official report would be. Winning Toi him we a we went Over the line for the touchdown that made the score 20 to 17 the whole heavens made a half revolution. Now we were deliberate t it he Point of laziness while the University team in a fearful hurry. We were required under penalty to kick at the goal after a touchdown and there a difference in the procedure in Case it misled. Deciding to Swap off two Points for the 20 Yards More the University would gain Captain Whit Johnson gave me Ray orders to kick that Ball out of j the Park and miss the goal. My brother Stonewall lying prone on the ground held it for me. As his custom and i sent it As far Over the Fence As the lord would let me. However with one University player hanging on to the top of the four foot Slat which were nailed above the 10-foot boards that and had gone Home resting Well de served laurels. Two we later Trinity met Wake Foi a team which had been we off the Earth in a previous it with the University to the a of 33-0. That seemed like ing hide and go seek for Trinity men just a Little Sci made f it fun Lime thought ii spite or maybe because their extreme Confidence themselves Trinity squat of in the mud by a 32-0 Sci in favor of Wake Forest and so ended the first and half of football for the ginning Trinity eleven and six it of my comp Mien and rivalry Benn the Tbs cd original com pet ii Carolina Wake Forest and e when it Dill Trinity. In 1 890 most of the wore balt a at Trinity and football schedule looked mid a ii Loti la it Mill arrange games with either her two major opponents the men decided to take on i diversity of Virginia. Hurl Captain for that year he has an amusing Story to about something that Happy in that game that can probe Only happen once in a hum million times. During a very impetuous v v a i Ltd a t ii soil inning the second half the Tiret first tobacco factory h Cox ppm or it to we a in a Jefe Ara Quot Harts Ais i a a a or t a i i believe it Cir not hut tile fit Duke tobacco factory the Little Aback shown Aland Daniels and Rahders were the fastest men on their feet i have Ever known i called on to punt at nearly every third Down. We had to make five Yards in three Downs at that time. This punting helped us to catch out breath and hold them until we finally discovered one and Only one method of Advance. This to let Crowell touch the Ball As daily snapped it of that the quarterback Stonewall Durham could go Forward with it under that Rule that required it to touch a third Man before being advanced. Stonewall a Advance through the Center the halves and ends dropping in lie Hind him for an undisguised drive Forward by main strength. By this method we scored one touchdown four Points just As the first half closed. A i shall never forget the Confidence with which president Crowell stated to us in the intermission that we were the stronger team and would surely win. It looked to me that time against us because our method too slow with All its apparent certainly. Of course we could not make every first Down and the loss of time in getting Possession of the Hall again made it appear that the doctors Confidence overgrown. However we went into the second half with the determination to hurry it up. Tax Story is simply told for the reason that practically without exception Stonewall Durham carried the Hall on every Rush Trinity made for the made the Park Fence and another apparently on the outside of the Fence to throw the Ball Hack it returned in the minimum of time and the University team lined up on the 25-Yard line for a scrimmage. With a feverish Rush they Cam Forward with tie Hall to or 15 Yards before it changed hands. In the meantime the referee had called that there Only one More minute to play. Frank Jones coaching from the Side lines yelled a i it Boh kick thai goal i remember now Only that i had to lean Forward a lit1 to cat ii the pass from my brother and the Black got that Hie Ball made Between Tho goal poets. A goal from the Field counted five Points. This my Only contribution to winning except for the punting duels with Graham Aller our line began to hold. I took no part in pushing the Hall Forward except in the Exchange of Trinity swagger and As pathetic and humorous As his description of the first real football game Trinity Ever played is Durham s recounting of what came after that glorious Victory. It that the Trinity team swaggered somewhat feeling they were far Superior to the University and indeed to the entire science of football. They had by their own a native manhood conquered the pick of the More numerous football materials at Chapel Hill chosen and coat Heel by the lading football expert of America Bael ended 40 in favor of t try one of the prize Tri players had overdone his dog persistence in bucking entire Virginia squad and of the ground unconscious w the plovers disentangled. Acce ing to the captains own eco this is what happened twin Brothers a this left us without a a Tor bark and our offensive Ert warily lost its punch. M. Plyler had told me during intermission that ii in s shape As to let his twin Brot a. Vv., take his place for second half. I knew it thing but bunk and twin Brerly loyalty that made him hut i consented and a. I Stop that first r i indeed Little to in them. M. T. Was the heavier. In the of the injury on i Slot Bel to there bet we what ment m. T. Came on the Field Ani told him quietly to get had his old Lilac and shove a. Out to left end. From Whir took Billy Mcdowell to play second half As quarterback. A substitution of Obi twin Brol for another not noticed the Virginia squad. I have defense to make for the i Ter Fuge i can Only say that need great and that pro Donee part cepe in it by i ing made these twin Plyler very much alike. Taking game and its conventional justices altogether my console font inned on Page o. Sec

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