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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - January 22, 1939, High Point, North Carolina V e a t ii e r Pudy with some min sunday. The High Point Enterprise High Point Industry at High Point offers Good Opportunity for Jear around work vol. 55�?no. 22 member associated a Hess High Point n. Cd a sunday Mohning january 22. 1939 Complete Nea service Price five cents ten rescued from Airliner Atlantic insurgents offensive is moving close to Barcelona new York Bermuda a luxury plane with second key Point Falls 0 Franco it capture if two Tow us sends government troops retreating to capital la and a be. France at the Nisil Frontier Jan. 21. A i a Spanish insurgent in smashing toward Bare a announced late tonight the it Ture of the important com mentions renter of Villanue in the second of four a Points in the Trovor Meni a ital is defences to fall today. If Ilia Tomiva it Geloni. Oil iii1 elite ram an -1 i a out 2 3 is so11fhm 1 Vii of has Iona. Reported captured by a Colli one which was said to have it a Villafranca Del Panades 22 is West and South of the Cape and to have pushed on two Sis beyond the town. La \ i n ii it in 1 Points came after insurgents driven Hack from a third Igualada 28 Miles West and i of Barcelona. Late tonight scr insurgents reported that Dada was surrounded Apt tire of the two towns was is once again to Retreat in i toward Barcelona. They formed a defense line run j from Villaneuva y Gertru on j Oast through Villafranca Del lad Quot. Igualada and Manresa. Miles Northwest of Barcelona j after Nightfall the insurgents within to Miles of Manresa. Official sources Iii Barcelona j said earlier tonight that Ign i and Villafranca Del Pana j were menaced but the off i communique said Only that i g in thews sectors Ami senators lend their ears urgent troop i filial town of a ulna Nile Tim it a n noun Ida. And i Bur that the from the a were reported n out of the by a gun fire from a raiment troops inking a k ugh a cover of Pine Groves plural Tao eos a Field head Lerida which last cd the capture of the insurgent Comitia both admitted a vital City 28 air capital was in the ids of the government Garri resisting insurgent military Headquart-1 conceded there still was Strong stance in the town which lies a Fain Highway leading to Colona from the West. I however the insurgent War a Hine bore Down on Barcelona ii the South along the Medit Lien to coast and in the capital r brigades of workers hastily de barricades for a House to a defense in the event the beyond the City fail to hold. J in to it s to the Border said Are in batteries were being in lied at Barcelona s Gates and drag fortifications within the a Lorida it Patch aul the in gent government anticipating 1 Tine of the capital ordered is Lish Niento it of governmental mane by to take Over the City tile touted Stales naval at not at pans. Captain planets Cogswell left for Barcelona a Ipa tied by an assistant als i Liliar till the Spanish Suva i tin t s i no Omaha at v ii la ii .1 Felt on t he civil i Itta 300 mile from Barre i a. In a position to Rush to Tho tile h coast to remove i s. Cit i Iii an a no ic1 to it i Quot to a to i a Bassy list about too persons j hied to Aid. Including about puerto it Tea us and filipinos. I j d m. An a p a a \ in just a trifle bored appear Veteran senator Alben Barkley top Charles Mcnary Center Millard Tydings lower As they listen to Young senator Rush Holt of West Virginia blast Harry Hopkins and spa during Senate debate on Hopkins appointment As Sec Quot try of Commerce. A few minutes later Barkley Rose to answer Deal baiter Holt a charges of spa politics in Kentucky administration Relief wants rejected again Senate committee refuges to re store $150,000.00 1 to w a spending police chief wounds negro Ccim-a1 of spa i to the at by an iced Washington. Jan 21 administration lieutenants suffered another thumping defeat on the Relief Issue today when the Senate appropriation Metier rejected a promo add 1150.000,000 to the spending Bill by a top heavy vote of 7. The committee decided to rain the Relief appropriation $725.000.000-�?the sum voted a he House and approved by appropriations subcommittee. President Roosevelt had As for $875,000,000 and had warned that a $150,000,000 Cut Iii the allotment would throw 1,-000, persons off Relief tolls. Administration leaders obviously were surprised at the big committee majority favouring the $72,. allotment but they immediately drafted strategy Tor a floor fight to increase the Bili by $150,000,000. They indicated they were not so confident however As they had been earlier that the Senate i son would restore the Cut. One administration Follower conceded that Economy advocates might have sufficient votes now to retain the $725,000,000 allocation but said the picture might he changed next week. He said that mayors Relief organizations and other interested parties undoubtedly would exert Strong pressure for an in crease in the appropriation and would Sway some votes. Republicans and democrats opposing the higher figure were plainly jubilant. Several commit Kernersville officer shoots Howard Friend economic War being fought says Landon one time presidential nominee declares democracy and totalitarians in War Luni in id on Page 2, Sec. A i font inned on Page 2, Sec. A William l. Dawkins. High i outer who last monday became Hief of police in Kernersville yesterday afternoon shot and wounded Howard Friend. 22-year-old negro in an altercation resulting from an attempt to arrest the negro. Chief Dawkins who for several years was a member of the High Point police department was in the City last night and his face and body bore Marks and bruises he said he received while grappling with the negro n an Effort to arrest him on a drunkenness charge. Friend shot twice through the Abdomen was rushed to a win t on Salem Hospital where attendants reported Hia condition to a serious. Chief Dawkins said Mose John negro operator of the store in Kernersville where the altercation occurred and Cliff Friend the wounded Man s brother were arrested. Friend he said was charged with As Sault with a deadly weapon. The officer said the 210 Pound six foot three negro Drew an axe on him. Friend he said has a Long police record. Dawkins said he travelling alone in the car went to a negro Section of Kernersville after reports of a disturbance and called Friend to the car. He said the negro became surly and that he got out of the car and grappled with him. Topeka Jan. 21.�? apr democratic and totalitarian governments Are almost at death grips in an economic War and any nation a head Over heels in debt is in a had position to defend itself a Alf m. Landon told the Kansas press association tonight. # a this clash May never come to open military violence but it is just As hitter and just As real none the less. It is an economic War. Based on new methods of economic penetration. These new methods Are just As dangerous to representative government As new War machines. Jobs and Opportunity for millions of free men Are at stake. Financial Reserve Quot in today a modern warfare a the 1936 Republican presidential nominee said in a nationwide broadcast Quot financial reserves Are just As important As military reserves. In any War modern or ancient the country with the soundest finances and the greatest natural resources possessed an undeniable advantage. A sound fiscal policy is prerequisite to preparation for military or naval defense. It is prerequisite As Well to preparation for economic conflict. Quot our government cannot continue hoping for the future Breaks financially any More than it dares Gamble on the Lack of necessity for military defences. Any government head Over heels in debt is in a bad position to defend As a member of the in United states delegation to the recent pan american conference at Lima Peru Landon said he and others were interested in learning firsthand to what extent nazi communist or fascist nation had entered the political life of the South american countries. Quot it did t take Long to find out that totalitarian propaganda had had its effect Quot he said. Quot a fascinating and dangerous Maze of propaganda and intrigue has been directed against us and our democratic ideals in those Landon said that despite a German and italian controlled press or. South America Quot the general feeling of the nations to the South of us is Friendly to the in United instead of being a justification for continued deficit he asserted the state of world affairs is a mandate for a balanced budget. Quot our president sees the necessity for adequate naval and military defense. But even after six years of failure to restore employment and Prosperity he has failed the lady wishes journalists you Tornowske Wohlt a duct is not a Bode Mills for n. C. Kernersville Jan. 21.�? the following notice which is unique in nature Ami con tent was placed on the bulletin Hoard in the lobby of the Kernersville Post office this week a attention All gossiped a please he Radii cd that i Ain not Nair cd neither Ain i Almut to in. I want the pro pie of Kernersville to clearly understand that i do not appreciate any such ridiculous gossip. I would certainly thank you folks to Laj off the very unusual notice was signal a pm is Saddle postmaster la a in on lint Hie humorously remarked that he had never seen nor heard of a notice of the nature of the i Kiva one being placed on the bulletin tamed of Tho Bual Post office. The notice was placed in the local Post of flee lobby As a result of certain rumours current in Kernersville that the woman whose name appears at the Lait Tom of the notice had been mar lied to an elderly gentleman in Kernersville. Trade wheat for nazi arms it lot Resolution you in for Assembly to make appropriation for Laboratory 13 aboard falters Esso Raytown Standard Oil freighter reports three others apparently drowned liner Down since 1 13 saturday afternoon new York Jan. 22.�? sunday a a the Tanker Esso Raytown reported to the coast guard Early today that it Hail found to survivors out of 13 persons Abear the British Fly Cavalier which was forced Down at sea Between Hill Dan. 21 warmly Ender Nur French Rev cals a heal to buy newspaper la. S. Relief l o Spain i my i German runs for the Aud to see la vital need for sound government finances. This is tragic indeed for our country. Quot our greatest immediate dangers Are from the economic invasions of the world by totalitarian Powers from class hatred Ami name calling growing into disunity at Home and from reckless spending to ruin leading to mounting debts and Toulouse. France Jan. 21. A i the important newspaper de pee he de Toulouse said tonight that american wheat and flour sent into insurgent Spain to relieve suffering had been exchanged by the insurgent Gorman munitions. The newspaper one of most influential in Frame owned by Interior minister Albert a naut and Aud his brother declared Quot enormous quantities of american wheat contributed by charitable organizations have been sent to nazi Germany to pay for Quot in the port of pasayes near san Sebastian German freighter arrive the newspaper continued. A Quot they unload new War material on the pier where a Load of wheat has already been placed. Quot the wheat or flour is loaded aboard the ship which then sails for Germany. Quot a Short time ago a Large German ship arrived at pasayes. It was loaded with shells Ami i air plane bombs. In Suall the Load of wheat or flour was As j Semb Ted on the pier before he j ing loaded but this time the it Argo was not ready Quot German authorities refused to a single Shell be unloaded while the wheat was not there. For some Unknow n reason the ovum wine wheat furnished nere by Gen i or Altissimo Francisco Franco or by the american Aid committee did not arrive for six Days. The German ship remained at Anchor until the Exchange was or Many establishes ast Shadow army n by Edwin he an Keberlin Jan. 21.�? i the regime acted today to put Many on the broadest War lug of her peacetime history nigh establishment of a vast Adow a Lull i la a Iii i la imm s i. T Quot it in follow i swiftly upon let Sal yesterday of or. Hjalmar Lacht in a Quot Nazif cation Quot of Keic thank which observers would give free reign to an a a sifted rearmament program Missal of Schacht who replaced by or. Walter in. Economics minister had sed George in Blee american of sending her i cent a Hie ways jews abroad. New decrees created the machinery for development of All Able bodied men Over 17 year old a excepting jews and criminals into a military trained Nili itary minded Reserve for Germany s standing army estimated at i.. Strong. Hitler made it obligatory for every male after completing his military service to join defense units affiliated with the Brown shirt National socialist storm troops or to participate in other party formations such As the is Blackshire elite it or of the inter government guar the Nukk motor corps refugee committee to under or the a sex flying corps that negotiations for Tho another development in ration of German jews had i economic and military prepared Ken Down. Ness included ouster of two of meld Marshall Herman Wil schachts longtime associates n Host ing. Hitlers no. I j Friedrich w Dreyse and Ernst however assured it till a v i a a Iii not w a nit nue the search for a duels from t h e Leif Habauk Recto rate. Reevse was succeed Dolf Bri Noraann. Huelser a Post was not filled immediately. Drinkmann informed interested americans that the new financial setup would not affect interest payments on the Dawes Aud Young world War reparations Loans to Germany to facilitate payment of world War indemnities. The Stork Market reacted to inflationary tendencies by rising an average of one and one half per rent above yesterdays ten per cent Rise. Some stocks went up two and three per cent. On the diplomatic front the appointment of Captain Fritz Weldeman hitlers personal adjuvant and world War company s,a11 commander As Consul general at san Francisco was announced officially. Official sources said the appointment had no political Sig nit icare. They said Wiedemann cd in the vice presidency by Kun sheriff s brother sought for robbery Hickory. Jan. 21.�?hap sheriff Ray Pitts a Aid today that ave Young men of this Section two of them his Brothers were implicated in an attempted robbery with firearms at a it bin near the Fred Smith service station in Longview about la o clock last night. One of the Brothers Ralph already has been arrested and the lither. Luther was being sought the sheriff said. The two Pitts youth Are also Brothers of Oscar Pitts state prison superintendent at Raleigh. Also under arrest were men hooked by the sheriff As Jiminy Thornburg and Francis Huffman of Hickory. Fred Thornburg is under guard at Hickory memorial Hospital where he is being treated for gunshot wounds in the face. Officers said Fred Smith operator of the service station is in another Hospital with a gunshot wound in the leg. Mrs. Smith who said she fired five shots at would be Holdup men. Was dismissed from a Hospital this afternoon following treatment for a blow on the head. Baldanzi speaker at two meeting Greensboro Jan. I. Apr George Baldanzi of new York. President of Fille in United textile workers of America is scheduled to deliver the principal address tomorrow at a statewide conference of members of the textile workers organizing committee Here. Others Oil the program inc lid la. R. Lawrence of Atlanta Southeastern regional director of two Seth p. Brewer Carolinas administrator and Henry i. Adams of Charlotte state director. Officials of the state department of labor and the unemployment compensation commission have been invited to Send representatives. Approximately 200 delegates from All sections of the state Are expected to attend the one Day meeting. It is the first North Carolina conference held since two was organized in april 1937. Chapel apr the highly significant results already achieved by the Herty foundation Laboratory in the i South a the North Carolina newspaper Institute at its closing session Here today unanimously adopted a Resolution a earnestly urging the Jeu Era i Assembly to make a reasonable appropriation for the support of the Laboratory to the end that it May be continued in increased Georgia the North Carolina i publishers and editors were in i formed already has made a substantial contribution toward the maintenance of the Laboratory which promises a vast expansion of White paper industries in the South and South Carolina and i other Southern states were said to be preparing to give financial sup port to the project soon. Brewster talks the Resolution followed an and i dress by Donald r. Brewster Field director for Hie Herty lab oratory who declared that Quot North j Carolina is favourably situated to i provide suitable Sites for at least one and possibly several White pay per Mills to manufacture news j print and other types of White a i per or bleached sulphate pulp i which could be shipped to Northern Whit a Aijrer Mills to replace imported pulp. A recent Federal Forest Survey showed that the Timber Supply in i North Carolina is ample to is ply Quot any conceivable number White paper Mills that May j needed Quot Brewster said. Transportation facilities a Supply climate labor and fuel i other favourable factors posses by this state he added. Brewster said the a Success development of the first paper Mill in the South to i newsprint at Lufkin Texa i the Way for Many similar Mills in every Southern state up to the Point where we May expect to have 4o or 50 More such Mills in the South. Quot North Carolina needs and eau support several of these Mills. Its Farmers need the Market which these Mills will create for their Wood and labor. Its communities and counties need the tax resources that would result i from such lied industries Ami j its newspapers need the new sub j scribers Aud the reduced costs of j newsprint paper that would if to get these Mills be said i North Carolina need Quot the con a tinned efforts and assistance of a i pulp and paper research Laboratory that is striving j to improve processes with Southern in Aper industries in the South. Which already represent an in j vestment of 200 million dollars can be More than doubled in the next five or ten years through an expansion of the White paper Industry Brewster said. Mrs. F. F. Mcculloch editor of the Bladen journal and vice president of the North Carolina press association presided Over a session of the weeklies today and a. Carey Dowd jr., publisher of the Charlotte news presided Over a session of dailies. A. C. Lassiter of Raleigh who was reelected counsel for the association gave a legislative report. The final registration figures showed an attendance of More than 185. Tug boat York and Bermuda yesterday apparently drowned. Murder trial goes to jury decision to determine further course of prosecution Brunswick ga., Jan 21 a if Pic the murder trial of George Cleyborn negro late today neared a jury whose decision will determine the course of further prosecution in the slaying of or. Charles h. I a. Indicted with Cleyborn on murder charges in the <1 nth of be 71-year-old episcopal Rector were h. And w. H. Gofer White Brothers and resort operators on St. Simon Island. They were indicted largely on the basis of an admission since repudiated by Cleyborn that he was hired by the golfers to shoot the Clergyman As he sat at his desk in the rectory on the night of february 5. The Brothers have not been tried and the state indicated today the verdict on Cleyborn the report said new three were lost in of be w h it Mak pave would determine in larg i it plans for trying them. Closing arguments of began this afternoon aft morning had been Given chiefly to rebuttal witnesses i the state. The state sought to Streng i its Case by the testimony of police officers who arrested i j. Gofer. They said Mvi. C j was present and asked they going to get Henry j Gofer i too Quot the state rested its Case la in on testimony concerning t horns statement of guilt testimony by mrs. Arite Ste i that she saw h a Gofer pay part Nisei the Over for Hen two h. Ofer Quot Are w. H. Ovoid a the ten survivors were found i clinging to the wreckage of the j battered Cavalier w hich had been forced Down by heavy icing at 1 18 p. In. Est after leaving new i York for Bermuda. Cold and exhausted by their ten hour Battle against the Waves the survivors could not be questioned immediately the coast guard 1 Learned. Names of the survivors were not known immediately. The coast guard Cutter Champlain which was standing near the Esso Baytown swept the tossing sea with its powerful searchlights i trying to locate the three missing persons. The report of the Rescue from the Esse Raytown to the coast guard at 12 20 a. In. Read Quot we picked up to survivors. These survivors feel certain the other three Are St Inda re Oil boat the Baytown owned by the Standard Oil company of new Jersey was the first Rescue ship to reach the scene of a he crash of the huge seaplane. About a dozen air and surface Craft engaged in a 10-hour search for the stricken ship a 20-ton luxurious giant of the Skyway capable of carrying 20 Pennon. An s i s several hours aft r the Cavalier s Takeoff from Bort Washington i Ong Island for Hamilton Bermuda started a Parade by air and sea to the location j Given by the flying boat about i 322 Miles Southeast of Cape May n. Coast guard cutters Plaues Pas j Senger steamers tankers a. S. I and Canadian Navy Kraft All joined the Rush in an Effort to Rescue i he eight passengers Aud Crew of five. The Cavaliers wireless was silenced after sending one last a word the la s. Gunboat Erie bound from the canal zone to the new York Navy Yard was about 16 i Miles from the scene of the i wreckage when the to Bac. N the town do the Job. To $150 a to some of the state witnesses said Tot Cleyborn orally reaffirmed his guilt after repudiating the written statement. Rep hurried to Jap invasion at standstill Shanghai Jan. 22�? sunday a a chinese military report. Today said the japanese invaders had been fought to a standstill in South China despite their intensified offensives. They reported a renewed japanese Effort to Cross the West River near Salti Shui some 20 Miles West of Canton had been repulsed. The chinese simultaneously drove a wedge into the sector preventing the joining of japanese forces near Samshun and others operating along the Canton Rall Way North of Samshun the advices said. Reports from Lakhoi South Western Kiangtung province near i French Ludo Chiba said japanese j warships shelled chinese defences alone the coast yesterday Bitt j land batteries prevented any landings by the invaders. About 120 Miles Southwest of Shanghai the chinese were reported to have recaptured Wuyang 2 Miles Southwest of hang How Aud j Yihang 15 Miles West of hang How. These had been Points of deepest japanese penetration in that sector since hang How fell december 24, 1937. Ted its finding. It the spot with a Doc the Esso Baytown had sent an urgent wireless message saying Quot survivors Are had off of you can t Send doctor tonight will Start for Cape a bight i Way Quot Quot will Send doctor right away Quot the Erie replied. The gunboat turned on Power fill sea flights to Aid its Rar. H for the Rescue ship. With the failure of the Early search resources of army Navy a Oast guard and in american airways were being mobilized to renew the Hunt at Dawn. The new Navy Blimp Quot a 2&Quot prepared to leave the naval air base at Lakehurst. N. J., at Midnight for the scene. Seven army Quot flying fortresses Quot were ready to Fly in formation from Langley Field va., before Dawn to begin sear Hing at 6 . A aboard the luxury Airliner when a he left port Washington n. at 10 42 a in. Est for Hamilton Bermuda were eight passengers and a Crew of five. Throughout the night at least a dozen ships including coast guard cutters passenger liners ii Navy destroyer out of Norfolk. Va., freighters and tankers beaded for the position reported by the Cavalier shortly before she radioed her last word at 1 13 . Quot sinking Quot at Midnight eight Coset guard vessels abandoned their set fish and planned to resume Rescue efforts at Dawn on orders from continued on Page 2. See. A controversies loom in general Assembly continued on Page 2, Sec. A would Elemit radio Washington Jan. 21�? up a representative Ceiler any proposed legislation today to exempt radio station owners from liability for a Anderous statements made Over the facilities. The exemption would be contingent upon proof by the station operator tha he had exercised due care to prevent the violation. Prisoner waitress married in prison Louisville. Ivy., Jan. 21. A a while a group of women prisoners looked on from their cells. William m. Gillen 25, under life sentence for murder and mrs. Roberta Mcguffey 23-year-old waitress were married today in the county jail. The bridesmaid miss Virginia Reed described the ceremony As Quot sad. But wonderful a Gillen May become eligible for parole in eight and a half years. However he still faces trial on is charges of armed robbery any one of which May carry the death penalty upon conviction. By Frank in Gilbreth Raleigh n. A. Jan. 21.�? three of the most controversial proposals of the 1939 general Assembly a election Law reforms tuition increases and liquor tax boosts will come under legislative scrutiny next week. An increase in Tho liquor tax of from seven to to per cent As provided in the Revenue Bill will be discussed monday afternoon at a hearing of alcoholic beverage control officials before the joint finance committee. A proposal to increase tuition at the three units of the greater University of North Carolina by approximately $50 a year will be considered at a hearing tuesday before the joint appropriations committee. Or. Frank p. Graham president of the greater University. Ami other fault men Are expected to Lead the discussion. Ten or More election Reform Bills some of which Call for the outright Lei Cal of the Absentee t ballot will be taken up wednesday at a meeting of legislative elections committee. Members of the state Board of elections May testify concerning alleged frauds in the 1 938 primaries. Ian in Large those three general subjects will loom Large in the activity of the 1 939 general Assembly which in Tine weeks has received a multiplicity of proposals but enacted Only a handful of Laws. Also slated to be considered by committees next week is a request by railroads for lower franchise taxes and a proposal by the state merchants association to repeal the general three per cent sales tax. No hearings have been slated yet on Highway diversion which i May prove to be the most controversial question of the session. Measures which would inn the legislature on record As opposing i Transfer of Money from the High Way to the general fund were presented in both houses this week the measures were referred to the finance committee. With routine sessions the assemblymen wound up their third week of Law making today and adjourned until 8 of clock monday night. Only one Law was passed at today a session it was a proposal by representative Tompkins of Jackson to repeal an act permitting the payment of taxes in Sylva with municipal Bonds. The House passed and sent to the Senate a Bill by the Mecklenburg county delegation authorizing special court terms in that county and a Bill by Patton of Macon to repeal an act creating a jury commission in Macon. The Senate passed and sent to the House a proposal by Rodman of Beaufort to Settle fire damages continued on bag a a isec. A

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