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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a Rawley or vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good afternoon 4 a tuesday August 31, 1976 an Issue for candidates a the bar association feels it is imperative that North Carolina move to a truly nonpartisan nonpolitical selection process for our judges and we must find ways of achieving this those words Are lifted directly from a statement by . Bar Assn. President Ralph m. Stockton or. Who announced last week the creation of a special study committee on the administration of Justice to attack not Only that particular problem but several related issues for Overall improvement of the courts and judicial system. We offer a round of applause and a wish for godspeed. It is not we however who need convincing. It is the members of the general Assembly of North Carolina All of whom Are to be elected in november. It is that body a and its individual members a who somehow must be convinced that the political Arena is no place for picking judges whether at the District court or the supreme court Levels or anywhere Between. Surely the most recent election experience the August primary ought to have convinced at least those potential Assembly members from Guilford county of the futility of political selection of judges. There were contests for four of the eight District judgeship and the voters went virtually Blind into the ballot Booth to make the selections. Some of the strange names on the ballot had been seen before in restrained political advertising. Some had not. And we can Only a modern parable the parable which follows has been making the rounds Long enough so that the authorship is now officially listed As it was passed along to us As appropriate in a National election season. A Young Man lived with his parents in a Low Cost Public housing development. He attended Public school Rode the free bus enjoyed the free lunch program. After graduation from High school he entered the army and after discharge kept his National service life insurance. He then enrolled in Ohio univ., using his benefits. Upon graduation he married a Public health nurse bought a farm with an Cha loan then went into the feed and hardware business with help from the Small business administration. His first baby was born in the county Hospital built partly with government funds he bought More acres and obtained emergency feed from the government put part of his land under the Eisenhower soil Bank program and used the payments for not growing crops to help pay his debts. His now elderly parents were living comfortably upon the smaller of his two farms along with social Security and old age assistance checks. The Rural electrification administration supplied lines and a loan from the projecting the news Farmers Home administration helped Clear the land the government stocked a Pond with fish and guaranteed him a Sale for his farm products. He banked his Money in an institution which a government Agency insured for every depositor. His son attended Ohio state University engineering school under the National defense education act and his daughter is in nurses training under the nurses training act. He signed a petition seeking Federal assistance for an Industrial project to help the Economy of the area. About that time he bought business and real estate property at the county seat aided by an Cha loan was elected to an office in the local chamber of Commerce. He wrote his congressmen protesting excessive government spending and High taxes a a believe in individualism and oppose All socialist trends. People should stand on their own it s the kind of Story we suppose that a Republican might attribute to a Democrat and a Democrat to a Republican in Short it might have something to say about All of us because that s the kind of nation ours has become remember when we once spoke so disdainfully about a Cradle to grave welfare statism Roy Wilkins at 75 United Appeal City s biggest Challenge Hope that the Zeal for election did not Lead any of the candidates to make promises in Exchange for votes other than even handed and diligent handling of the affairs of the office. The problem grows even larger when voters must choose Between seekers for higher judicial posts appealing to a statewide electorate and yet avoiding the hurly Burly of the political Arena. The tried and proven system involves the initial appointment of judges followed by a periodic resubmission to the voters to approve or disapprove Perfi Mance avoiding the head to head partisan races that we face at every general election. North Carolina has done Well in its recent court Reform. It has replaced the old. Varied system of lower courts with a uniform arrangement. But it must now take the second Strong step of assuring that people on the Bench Are qualified for their tasks and temperamentally suited to perform them. In Many jurisdictions there Are still people sitting in judgment without even a modicum of Legal training who May get along on common sense in handling Misdemeanour cases but who Are totally lost in the complicated areas of civil Law. No amount of system Reform is going to go very far when that condition is allowed to exist. In the weeks before the election we would Hope that candidates for the general Assembly will address themselves to this subject. Wed like to hear some promises that they will actively pursue a solution. By Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus september like a Tawny cat sleeps on the Hillside dreaming in Golden Sun of now and Here unmindful that gears Are somewhere shifting seasons on toward a time of falling leaves and Snow. Bonnie May Malody the United Appeal for some $670,000 in High Point and environs opens formally tomorrow with a kick off event to celebrate the greatest such Challenge this Community has known. No finer tribute could be made to the generosity of a people responding Well to pre solicitations that reflect a determination to meet their responsibility to the most outstanding such Appeal yet. The Campaign will consume waking hours and More of the largest Field of workers chairman Murphy Osborne has mustered one that believes strongly in what they Are doing to see that our Community measures up fully and promptly to its responsibilities because it believes in people in the future and in the vitality of the human spirit. It knows that where one part suffers or is in need the whole Community suffers and stands in need and that when one part is helped the whole benefits Call it Charity if you like or an investment in the Means of building character in Strong bodies. The United fund is each of these and both but you can Call it Confidence too a Confidence that each of us knows the boundless Blessing of being asked rather than having to ask. For help. The Money you give to this great cause goes where the Best judgment and common sense of responsible citizens sends it. The very essence of the a United Quot Way is careful screening and continuous checking on the Validity of the Many health welfare and recreational services that share in our Community a annual gift through the United Way. Dig a Little deeper. You owe it to yourself. Mrs. Bonnie Lowder who operates the City drive in shoe shop at 200 s. Elm and her husband a real estate appraiser caught the Peanut growing fever in Wake of Jimmy Carters nomination they planted some peanuts in the Garden at their Home in a act executive director Roy Wilkins was born 75 years ago a aug. 30, 1901. In 1901, the year Roy Wilkins was born Jim Crow was the custom and the Law of the land five years earlier in Plessy v Ferguson the supreme court had held that Public facilities for different races could meet the equal Protection test of the Constitution if they were separate but possibly the proudest moment of Wilkins Long career with the a act was the court s reversal of the Plessy decision in 1954 Wilkins at that time was administrator of internal affairs for the a act which he had joined As a College student in Minnesota he was unanimously appointed to succeed Walter White As the organizations executive director after Whites death in 1955 during Wilkins Long tenure As head of the a act Congress and the courts have repeatedly reaffirmed the substance and expanded the scope of the Brown decision unfortunately Wilkins distinguished career is ending on a sour note he announced in january that he would resign on Jan i 1977, the expiration Date of his current contract then he changed his mind at the a act convention in Memphis last month he asked to remain in office until july 1977 the next a act convention will be held that month in St. Louis which is Wilkins Birthplace taken by itself Wilkins plea was bound to stir controversy within the organization but he further inflamed feelings by denouncing an alleged a Campaign of vilification Quot against him by certain a act Board members in the end. The Board voted to wait until september before deciding whether to Grant Wilkins request one of the More remarkable aspects of the a act As of Wilkins career is its longevity. Founded in 1909, it is the country a oldest civil rights organization it failed in its first objective which was to persuade Congress to pass anti Lynching legislation however the steady reduction in lynchings after world War i is credited in part to the a act s educational activities the organization then turned its attention to school desegregation. From time to time the a act has been accused of being excessively cautious such criticism reached a Crescendo in the Middle and late 1960s. When such militant groups As the Black panthers came into being Young Black leaders such As Eldridge Cleaver Stokely Carmichael. Huey p Newton and Bobby Seale frightened White americans with their revolutionary rhetoric. Today Newton and Carmichael Are living abroad. Cleaver is in jail after voluntarily returning from exile and Seale has entered politics he ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Oakland. Calif., in 1973 and May run again this year. The a act meanwhile survived the turmoil of the 1960s virtually unscathed at least As far As its membership base is concerned its finances Are another matter it was disclosed last november that the organization was running a deficit of nearly $250,000 and was barely meeting its payrolls a group of 34 prominent business and labor leaders came to the Rescue with a nationwide fund drive on april 2. The group presented Wilkins with a Check for $300,000. The a act under Wilkins has accomplished much but much More remains to be done. Finding someone to fill his shoes will be no easy task ii my Vav Al Mijoi Kim we regret your Side provoked an incident by running into our axes Randolph a Wharrie mountains sector. They developed beautifully with splendid foliage until a Rabbit got hungry for that greenery. Before the Lowers realized what was happening b re Rabbit had consumed the tops and has even come Back for More As new growth pushed up. They tried to locate the Rabbit and remove it permanently from their Peanut Patch. But he was too elusive for them a neighbor volunteered information that the goobers would develop in the ground without the uppers but mrs. Lowder was sceptical. She asked her daddy Marshall Morton if he thought peanuts would come through without their tops. A if you really want to know Quot or. Morton answered a a you a Best talk to a Peanut Man a i suggest Jimmy Carter Quot Guilford county a sheltered workshop located at 4009 w. Wendover ave. In Greensboro will hold its formal opening As part of the Kendall Center project on sept. To from to a m. To 3 p m there Are 111 people already in that interesting workshop with 60 More on the waiting list in to work areas. No sooner did de Mendenhall get reappointed to the Board of Federal National mortgage Assn than it redeemed a billion dollars of its outstanding obligations and then borrowed an additional $1.2 billion in minimum denominations of $10,000 through a nationwide dealer group. Mrs. Charles h Walsh who As Valette Jones Harris sparked the High Point humane society that Over past years did a lot of Good work in behalf of animals has arranged a luncheon at the Owca sept 9 to generate renewed interest in the Guilford county humane society which has grown out of those original efforts Here an immediate purpose of the group will be to seek ways to find somehow better shelter facilities than now provided so inadequately spread of the humane society into a countywide unit should serve to give it greater clout in getting attention into the care and treatment of animals in need of their kind of befriending. International photo Technik published at Munich West Germany As the most prestigious publication in the Industry hails Alderman s Here As a photographers to the it tells in its English edition the remarkable Story of How the business began with a Man a chair and a camera in 1898. Today it has become probably the largest commercial photography studio in the world a total resource for vital communications of Quality taste and innovation. The facility covers 4v2 acres and employs Over 450 people. Alderman grew up with the Home furnishings Industry entered around High Point a furniture capital of the world it serves a diverse clientele that includes the nation s leading retailers mail order houses hotel Motel chains business incentive Catalon producers the building products Industry As Well As major furniture manufacturers because it is isolated from the commodities and services available in Large Urban centers everything essential is under one roof a 75,000-Square foot warehouse computer controlled shipping and receiving vast studios with 60-foot Concrete a a Infinity areas a gallery of 300,000 decorative accessories and a fully equipped set construction department. In addition it s facilities include film processing. Mechanical Art typesetting color separation Dot etching and film retouching departments audiovisual and motion picture production a bindery and an offset printing operation Bonnie Peterson who did the Story for photo Technik. Quotes president Sidney a Gayle in assessing his company a operation As saying a at Alderman we do it All. And we constantly strive to do it Well. Everything from props to film processing from layout to printing All Are a in House to provide professional services to every High Praise that from the most celebrated publication in the Industry Washington merry go round Fri agents suffer for larger guilt by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington we have had our brushes with the Fri which in times past has sometimes transgressed the Law in the name of Law and order but the Justice department is now going too far in its efforts to Nail More than 30 Field agents for those transgressions they Are under investigation for allegedly breaking into private residences tapping telephones and opening mail without Legal authority. We have established that the Fri agents who carried out these assignments were merely obeying orders they were under tight discipline in each instance the agent received the approval of the Section chief who got his authorization from Washington top Fri officials furthermore kept the Justice department fully informed of these dubious and devious activities sources familiar with the operation say the attorney general himself not Only knew what the Fri was doing but gave his general authorization. It will be interesting to see whether the Justice department can now prosecute lowly agents for carrying out the orders of its own High muck a mucks. Footnote the targets of most of the Fri break ins were the socialist workers party and the Radical weathermen. There is evidence that the weathermen travelled Between the United states and Cuba that they received financial support from Fidel Castro s government and that they were responsible for several bombings in the United states. Under the Law the Fri could conduct warrant less searches and wiretaps if the action was directed against people who were a threat to National Security or were connected with a foreign government. Political Deal the Day before Tom Kleppe resigned As Small business chief to take Over the Interior department he did a 1976 by Niane for crying out loud first mama will you Knock off the Ratchet Lawing Quot a quiet. Multi minion Dollar favor for friends in the Oil business Kleppe arbitrarily overruled his staff at the Small business administration to allow eight Large refineries to qualify for preferential treatment the decision gives them Access to $20 million in government Oil it was a last minute ruling that has the sour smell of politics for one of the eight beneficiaries powering Oil a California company is represented in Washington by the Law firm of president Fords close Friend Robert Collier in fact Collier was among the few friends the president invited to his swearing in ceremony two years ago. Powering had become too Large to qualify As a Small business under the sea Stan Dards for refineries therefore it was about to lose the Opportunity to Purchase cheap government Oil which is set aside for Small refineries. The government receives Oil from the major Oil companies As a Royalty for drilling on government land this cheap Royalty Oil is made available to Small companies to help them compete with the giants. After powering outgrew its status As a Small business it Fried to get the standards changed so it would still be eligible for the Royalty Oil but the sea staff recommended strongly against it the cheap Oil should be reserved the staff urged for firms that refined less than 30,000 barrels per Day. A to increase the capacity Standard at a time when Royalty Oil is in limited the staff cautioned a would severely diminish the share now going to each Small business to a Point where they May lose economic effectiveness a nevertheless Kleppe raised the Standard to 45,000 barrels per Day. By an interesting coincidence powering refines 44,120 barrels per Day. It looks almost As if the new Standard was set to accommodate the company with the White House connection however seven other refineries also will Benefit from the ruling the Day after Kleppe made this Multi million Dollar adjustment in the Small business standards he resigned from the sea to become the new Interior Secretary Kleppe claims he made the decision simply to resolve the matter before leaving sea. He selected the 45.000 figure he said As a Compromise Between the 30.-000 his staff recommended and the 60,000 sought by the refineries the eight companies that will Benefit from Kleppey a decision Are hardly Small the smallest among them does an annual $171 million Worth of business. Nor was Kleppe unaware of the Friendship Between the president and Collier our sea sources say Kleppe had full knowledge that his decision would Benefit a presidential crony. Footnote reps. John letter to the editor Moss a Calif and John dinged. A mid asked the general accounting office to investigate Kleppe s decision the Gao found no Contact Between Kleppe and Oil lobbyists but the Gao investigators noted that they did t have Access to a Complete record of Kleppey a contacts. Tricky Ferdinand Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos has found an ingenious Means of giving the appearance of respectably to his regime. He took an advertisement in Fortune Magazine paid Well Over $100,000 for it. And then quoted from it As if it were an Independent assessment of How he runs his country in releases to the captive philippine press a Marcos spokesman described the Adas Quot one of the featured articles in then the spokesmen quoted the and s Praise for the Philippines Oil reserves Economy and government. Hospital is lauded to the editor i have just been released from the High Point memorial Hospital after a 15-Day stay and i would like to take this time to express my feelings toward the Hospital i have been in and out of hospitals quite a few times in my 47 years but never have i got the treatment that i received at High Point. Unless you be been there no one knows the meaning of a Friendly a hello Quot or a How do you feel today a when you Are lying there counting every minute of Days that seem like will never end those few words can become a countless Blessing just to know someone cares. I know that these people Are doing their jobs and i for one believe they should receive a Well deserved thank you for everything there is no partiality shown in this Hospital each and every patient receives the same treatment the nurses Are very efficient and show a dedication to not Only the Hospital but to each and every person involved everyone works together to make nothing less than a perfect Hospital staff people Are so thoughtless about the importance of a Good Hospital until they get sick and that is when they realize the need. Even though the circumstances were As they were i am so thankful i had the Opportunity to meet so Many of the Hospital staff members everyone was so Nice and Friendly to me that i wanted to express my appreciation. Be proud of that wonderful Hospital you have and speak of it with Pride mrs Margaret Shaver Lexington

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