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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - September 1, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain thursday More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 245 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon september i 1976 76 pages daily 15c, sunday 35c Dole swings into Carter stronghold Washington apr Republican vice presidential nominee Bob Dole is embarking on a two Day Campaign swing through the South vowing to take on Jimmy Carter in his own backyard and to show that republicans a Karen t writing off any part of the country a the Kansas senator who was to make Campaign appearances today in Georgia and North and South Carolina disputed speculation that the a democratic presidential nominee has wide ranging support in the South a once Carter is revealed As the Liberal he is there will be a big shift in the South to the Republican Dole said tuesday in Wilmington Del a pc artery a support is very soft in the Dole accused the former Georgia governor of a a receiving his marching orders from sen. Bob Dole a f l Cio president George Meany a reference to Means a a endorsement on tuesday of Carters Campaign and the labor Leader s stiff criticism of the Ford administration and of the Gap platform for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one dried water stains q. I am calling about dried water stains on car windows. We have tried All that we can think of and nothing takes them off. Will you please find out what will and put this in the paper thank you. . A some of the stain might be resin from Pines or other Trees in which Case equal parts of water and alcohol might help another cause can be washing windows in the Sun the sudsy water dries too quickly and leaves streaks other solutions you can try Are cornstarch about g cup stirred in half a gallon of water and wiped with a squeeze or newspapers. Household ammonia one half cup White vinegar in warm water a cloth or newspapers soaked in vinegar and polished with dry newspapers crumpled tissue paper is also supposed to be Good to Shine washed windows or mirrors. Origin of word q. Where did the word scrimmage come from anon. Man. A according to a Book of word origins it is a corruption of the word skirmish and the imaginary line is the open space Between opposing teams where a Ball is put into play. Sound off our High Point Community theatre desperately needs a piano for use during rehearsals it the opening production the Kaufman Gershwin musical a of thee i sing a which will be performed oct. I and i. Anyone having a piano to donate for these rehearsals is requested to Contact mrs. . at 885-4251, or 885-0039. Thank you keeping children j. I would like to know if one needs a License to keep children in your own Home. If so what is the Cost of the License and to whom does one apply How main children can one take care of a what is the limit thank you very much. Mrs. W. A there is a privilege License tax of $2 per child which applies to those keeping six or More children persons keeping one to five children pay no fee and a License is not required but they must Register with the state Day care licensing Board the address is office of child Day Are licensing . Box 10157, Raleigh n c. 27603 their phone number is 829-4801 they can mail you the materials on standards for facilities which covers space location safety sanitation staff qualifications staff child ratio and other requirements jeep races q. Where can i get information about any jeep rules or anything like that thank you. I m. A there is a tar wheelers 4 wheel drive club. The address is . Box 2325, Winston Salem n c. 27102 Jim Pennell is president of the club registration for voting q. Is it too late to Register for the election . A for the nov. 2 general election you must Register by Dole was to hold another Airport news conference in Atlanta today then Fly to Macon a. A not far from Carters Home town of Plains a for a Republican rally. On thursday he will be in Salisbury n c. A Home of his wife. Elizabeth Hanford Dole whom the candidate Calls a my Southern strategy a and then attend a party fundraising event in Spartansburg s c noting that he had followed Carter to the podium in Seattle at the american legion and at the Iowa state fair. Dole said. A a we re following Carter now but soon we re going to be ahead of him a addressing a $500-a-plate banquet in Wilmington for Delaware gop congressional candidate Tom Evans. Dole said his principal role in the Ford Campaign is to travel around the country speaking on behalf of the president and responding to issues raised by Cartel in several Wilmington Campaign appearances. Dole referred to the watergate scandals claiming that even though he was gof party chairman at the time of the i 972 Wra Ter Gate break in and initial cover up. Various investigations had cleared him and other party officials of any direct role in the misdeeds a the Republican party had no part in that nor did its officers Dole said a a it a a fact the Republican party was not involved Gerald Ford was not involved Dole became party chairman in 1971. But he had a tailing out with then president Richard m Nixon in late 1972 and was asked to step Down earlier tuesday. Dole visited his old office at the Republican National committee Headquarters in Washington and told cheering workers that this year a unlike 1972 when Nixon a reelection committee ran most of the show a the party organization would play a a significant role Quot in the presidential Campaign Dole formally launched his Campaign on tuesday by christening his new red. White and Blue chartered 727 jetliner the Bob Dole Campaign his wife did the honors by pouring a bottle of Champagne Over the plane at Washington National Airport what s inside Apex Reservoir drying up the Apex town water Reservoir which normally holds too million Gallons of water is fast drying up because of the drought. Without rain. Officials say the Reservoir will be dry in seven Days and Apex will be relying solely on the water system of Raleigh which also is experiencing a water shortage. A wire photo for its members House leery of pay raise Washington a the House of representatives faces a ticklish decision on whether to accept a pay raise this election year there is Strong sentiment in both parties in favor of amending the legislative appropriation Bill today to deny funds for the pay raise that otherwise will come automatically get i Hor two years the pay of members of Congress has been tied to the Over All government formula that provides Tor cos of living in creases. If it is allowed to go into effect the 1976 raise will increase members salaries from $44,600 to about $46,740 while key democrats and republicans agreed on the principle of foregoing the pay hike they squared away for a rough partisan fight on other proposals that the gop minority is pushing in the name of congressional Reform. Limiting perquisites and tightening House fiscal practices has been a prime political Issue in the Wake of the sex payroll scandals that mostly involved accusations against democrats democrats contend they already have taken important Steps to curb any abuses and that other major actions should await recommendations of Congress newly created commission on administration review at the Behest of the House democratic caucus the democratic majority on the rules committee authorized door consideration of amendments that would bar and pay raise through sept 30. 1977 the committee turned Down Republican demands that the appropriations Bill be opened up for a variety of other amendments the Republican policy committee said that if the democratic majority refuses to let other amendments come to a vote a thee charges will be justified that the House remains a sem secret c i u b self perpetuating itself with see House on 2a to Stop probe Hays making Deal to quit Washington a lawyers for rep Wayne i. Hays and the House ethics committee Are negotiating a Deal for Hays to resign from Congress in return for a halt w Ayne Hays to the panel s probe of payroll sex charges against him several sources reported speaker Carl Albert would make an announcement later in the Day that Hays has resigned effective sept 8 the chairman of the ethics committee was understood amusements. Kia to be thinking of withholding Bridge. I and formal action dropping classified ads. 3-71 the investigation out of con comics. Kie Cern that it would appear a crossword. 12c Deal had been made editorials. 4a it was understood that the financial. .2 a chairman would Rev instead obituaries. 21 on House rules that the resignation would make the television. .21 investigation moot and that women a news. .1-5b the probe would be dropped weather. .3a automatically the bargaining hit a Snag late tuesday on a question of timing. The ethics committee was reported to be considering a Resolution that said Hays was resigning effective sept 8, that the committee s payroll sex inquiry would be suspended immediately when Hay s letter of resignation was delivered but that the investigation would not completely terminate until he actually resigns the Hays Case also is being investigated by the Justice department to determine whether the congressman should be prosecuted any Hays resignation would have no Impact on that investigation a reliable source said the Ohio Democrat had been expected tuesday to deliver his resignation letter to speaker Carl Albert and then to the ethics committee but sources later said Hays representatives had not left the letter with the committee the Hays representatives indicated they objected to the committee s reluctance to guarantee that its inquiry will end until Hays actually be Hays on 2a began in 1931 tji Plennie Wingo he walks backward in Highway one. Calif a at 81. Plennie l Wingo is once again on the March in reverse Wingo the unchallenged world s backward walking Champion is striding South while facing North on this Scenic coastal Highway. Today he was about hallway Between the towns of Cambria and Harmony some 135 Miles South of san Francisco where he began his Jaunt july 31. A live got my fast walking shoes on. And i m feeling just declared Wingo in a Telephone interview from a Roadside Booth he s bound for Santa Monica about 400 Miles from san Francisco. He expects to reach Santa Monica sometime in october i in having a Good time meeting Good people and getting plenty of invitations to stay in people s Homes a said the onetime restaurateur and meat Market owner a everyone wants to help Wingo Dapper in his suit Gray Fedora and glasses equipped with rear View mirrors came out of retirement at the Behest of Ripley a believe it or not. Whose san Francisco museum has immortalized him in Wax the museum is paying his expenses on the trip Plennie l Wingo strode backward into history in 193132. When he walked 8,000 Miles from Santa Monica to Istanbul that record has been declared permanent by the guinness Book of world records which describes Wingo As a the greatest exponent of reverse pedestrian ism a in addition he also claims the world record for Speed backward walking having covered the 45 see he walks on 2a Vietnam slowly opening its doors by Colin Hoath t written for Canadian press Hanoi Vietnam apr Vietnam is slowly opening its doors to the West As the government in Hanoi seeks Money and technology for postwar reconstruction. A we have just and reasonable Deputy foreign minister Phan Hien said in an interview a today we have need of Aid and we shall not refuse it wherever it comes from so Long As it has no political ties in the bar of the thang i Xii hotel the drinkers Are certain to include soviet technicians East German Seamer and polish engineers but increasingly there Are westerners a French ship owner an australian Wool Salesman a British industrialist perhaps a Canadian oilman Vietnam appears to have identified Canada As an editor s note a Olin Heath a correspondent for the Canadian broadcasting corporation visited Vietnam Tor three weeks in August with a film Crew at the invitation of the communist government. Immediate source of assistance the recent invitation to the Canadian broadcasting corporation to film a report on life in both North and South Vietnam was seen by diplomats Here As the opening shot in Hanoi a wooing of the Ottawa government similar approaches also Are being made to West Germany and Norway. The vietnamese a have no alternative but to go for a period of economic recovery a commented one longtime diplomatic observer Here a the ple in the North Are looking for some improvements in their Way of life and the government knows the Economy is based More on muscle Power than machines at a construction site for the City a flood defences workers haul dirt from the River Bank to the dikes in baskets suspended from poles across their shoulders in the Countryside commune workers stand for hours rhythmically swinging a wooden bucket to scoop water from a canal into the Rice Paddy. Highways Are dotted with heavily Laden carts each pulled by a peasant in the North most food is rationed the system seems to ensure that a Basic Supply of essential foods i available to the people at Low prices at state stores at times there Are shortages. But at most a a Vietnam on 2a

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