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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Cloudy and mild More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 244 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation ----882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other dept. 885-2181 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon August 31, 1976 20 pages daily 15. Sunday 35 Meany opens drive against gop Carter asks Power to fire feb head Washington a Jimmy Carter told the Afu Cio today that the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board should be under closer control and that the president should have the Power to fire him. Carter said eight years of presidents Nixon and Ford have led to economic stagnation and have changed the american spirit for the worse creating a need for changes in the economic system. The speech by the former Georgia governor followed a fiery talk by Al Cio president George Meany kicking off organized labor s drive to oust the republicans from the White House. Meany brought top Al Cio leaders Here to outline political strategy vowing that labor a is going to do All we can to help elect the democratic ticket in november Carter proposed that the term of the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board a nmn for the same four years As the members of the Board now serve 14-year terms and cannot be removed except for wrongdoing. While maintaining the boards Independence the chairman would consult More closely with the president other executive leaders and the members of Congress in developing a consistent economic policy a the democratic presidential nominee said. Carter s plan is certain to be applauded by some democratic members of Congress who believe the Federal Reserve has had too much say in the setting of interest rates and in other u s economic policy. It is equally certain to be opposed by some business leaders who believe the Federal Reserve should be relatively free of political considerations and the terms of presidents. In his first approach to the Al Cio since winning its endorsement earlier in the month. Carter argued that unemployment can be kept Low while inflation is kept in Check he promised that economic policies in a Carter administration would be More consistent than under the gop administration saying a a More coherent set of Long term economic goals can help us eliminate the wild rollercoaster dips of the last eight As to a policy requiring a percentage of americans to be unemployed Carter said the Issue is whether one economic group can Force others a to pay the Price for the incompetence of their leaders. I say that any economic philosophy that relies on keeping people out of work is morally economically and politically Carter said he will exert every Effort to protect the nation from a debilitating inflation and promised he would not subject organized labor to special restrictions Meany in his speech to the Union s general Board said. A we be had enough of government by veto by stalemate by inaction by deceit and by Pardon a a government that just drifts along with no leadership no firm policy foreign or Carter and his vice presidential running mate sen Walter f. Mondale a can and will Lead this country with firm resolve vision Meany said. A America needs them. We need them and we Are going see Carter on 2a Jimmy Carter George Meany 60 arrested London race riots leave 460 injured for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge even one checking results of trial q. Do you Contact the clerk of court in Greensboro or How do you find information about a trial that was held several years ago i was the victim and this was a Federal Case and i was just too Young to remember All the facts. I know what the verdict was hut Don t understand Why. This has bothered me for a Long time because i can t remember and is there some Way i can find out about the Case thank you. Anon woman. A. You can go to room 338 of the Federal courthouse located in the old Post office building at the Corner of Market and Eugene St in Greensboro their hours Are 8 30 to 5 . You can ask for mrs Georgia Taylor or anyone there if she s out. Criminal records Are kept there for about ten years after a Case then Are shipped to a storage facility in East Point a. Mrs. Taylor said she believed the 1966-67 records had been shipped so if the Case was tried at that Point in time or earlier they would have to Send for it. That would take about two weeks securing driving records q. Could you please Tell me the place in Raleigh i would write to get my driving record and How much it costs. . A. Send $2 and give your License number full name and Date of birth to the division of motor vehicles. Driver License Section. Raleigh. N. 27611. Cane bottomed chairs q. Could you please Tell me where i can Purchase Rattan Cane for bottoming chairs because ifs More durable for porch chairs than the fancy canes. There a also something called Flat and Oval Reeds for porch chairs but in a not familiar with this one. Help will be appreciated. Mrs. Y. A. You can try fiber sales at 319 n. Hamilton. They Are wholesalers Selling to furniture manufacturers but they sometimes have broken Rolls or bails which retail customers May buy. Steve Mccloy says they do have the Rattan Cane and other types of Cane grasses and Reeds which Are imported from the Orient. W i. Spaugh is son on English Road Sells a Rush Cord made of twisted paper often used for chair Bottoms and rockers. They also occasionally have broken lots which the Public May buy. Sound off we Are in need of leaders for the girl scouts in the Archdale area. Please Contact Betty Bivens at 431-7355 if you Are interested. Thank you. Re action to the person who inquired about a big Brothers organization the Myca is making plans for something on that order although not affiliated with big Brothers of America. We Hope to have a program for fatherless boys to be called High Point Brothers. We Are not accepting applications from the boys yet but we Are recruiting Young men Over 18 to be the Brothers. If anyone is interested please Call the Myca 8824854. Bob Rule. There is a big brother organization for Guilford county run by the Myca la Greensboro. The person to Contact is Jim Auman and they Are in need of men and also women for the big sister program. Or. . London a sixty persons began appearing in court today after the annual Calypso carnival in North London a notting Hill District ended in rioting and running Street Battles Between police and civilians in the neighbourhood of West Indian immigrants. Scotland Yard reported More than 450 persons injured. Three shops looted and 45 vehicles and 31 shops offices and Public facilities damaged in monday night s violence. Sir Robert Mark metropolitan commissioner of police said 325 policemen and 131 civilians were Hurt. He said 119 police and 29 civilians were treated in hospitals and one civilian and 29 police were admitted Mark said 50 of those arrested were Black. A Scotland Yard spokesman said those arrested faced a total of 75 charges including robbery Possession of offensive weapons theft threatening behaviour and assault and obstruction. He said 15 Are juveniles a magistrate sentenced Gilly Holm a 21-year-old White student of jewelry design who allegedly grabbed two bottles of Sherry from smashed shop windows to one month s imprisonment. A this was doting. The courts must stamp out such behaviour a the magistrate said police said the violence broke out after Black youths tried to free an arrested pickpocket in a crowded Street. Mark denied allegations by carnival organizers that the trouble was sparked by a police show of Force on a rubbish left after night of violence a wire photo festive occasion. He estimated there were 1,600 police to some 150,000 revellers and said the ratio was not unusual for crowd control. West Indian Community leaders said that Between 200,000 and 300,000 nonwhite immigrants were in the notting Hill District of North London when the violence erupted on the final night of the three Day festival of steel band music flamboyant costumes dancing and singing it has been held during the annual three Day August Bank Holiday for to years Bill goes to Ford Senate votes to save River Washington apr the rapids and Scenic Gorges of the upper new River in North Carolina will be preserved by Law in their Pristine form under legislation that president Ford is expected to sign the Senate completed congressional action on the Bill monday approving it 69 to 16 congressional passage constitutes a major Victory for environmentalists who have been fighting a proposal first made 13 years ago to dam the River. Environmental groups made preserving the new River the oldest River in the Western hemisphere a National Issue. In doing so. They won enough votes to get the Bill through both houses of Congress this year after similar Bills had failed in the past. The appalachian Power . Has been seeking to build two dams near Galax Ajust North of the North Carolina line the 8845-million Blue Ridge project would create 42,000 acres of lakes and inundate the headwaters of the River the Bill would Block this plan by designating 26.5 Miles of the River in North Carolina As part of the Federal wild and Scenic River system. Sen Floyd Haskell d-colo., called the River a geologically unique and said he hoped it would remain so a for the children and grandchildren of people now living a North Fork of new River a wire photo opposition was led by senators from Virginia. Which would receive most of the Power from the project. Sen Harry f. Byrd and Asaid the Bill a a will have a chilling effect on the willingness of private Enterprise to invest in this Type of project in the future Quot Byrd also read the Senate a plea by Virginia gov. Mills e Godwin to delay action on the Bill a conservative. Sen. Jesse Helms in c., opposed such suggestions. A we have a Chance to Settle the matter once and for All today a he said urging approval of the preservation plan. Home loan Money increasing Washington a savers Are pouring their Money into savings and loan associations at a near record rate a trend that should make More Money available for Home mortgages the government reports. Deposits outpaced withdrawals by 83 3 billion in july at the federally insured associations the Federal Home loan Bank Board announced monday the figure was a record for the month and doubled the net new savings in june of 81 4 billion. Mortgage lending slipped from 88.1 billion in june to 87.6 billion in july but the Board termed the july mortgage figure substantial and noted there is usually a a. Home on 2 a what s inside amusements.5b bridge.7b classified ads7-1 in crossword.7b editorials4a a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-5b television .2b women a news6-7a weather.3a dirty Don s dozen blows it Glenns ferry Idaho a dirty Don and his buddies chased a pickup truck Down the interstate because the pickup sideswiped Don and the Guy was t going to get away with that. The Only trouble was that the cobers followed the wrong truck. A wild scramble Over 70 Miles of interstate 80 in Southwest Idaho ended monday night when Tom Whitehead identified Only As being from Washington convinced officers he did no to hit dirty done struck near Glenns ferry. Whitehead his wife two daughters and a Nephew were returning from an Arizona vacation when they became the object of the 75-mile-per-hour Chase by what Boise county Deputy sheriff Al i Ewis described As a two or three cars and two big trucks a they had him boxed in and they were trying to run him off the Road to Stop him the farther he went the bigger criminal he Lewis said the vehicles responded to Don s citizens band radio appeals for help Lewis and Elmore county Deputy Muril Hillman finally halted Whitehead near Mountain Home after he fled the pack for 55 Miles West on 1-80, made a a turn and returned 15 Miles East. After convincing Whitehead not to press charges against the eager cobers the officers sent him on his Way. A Don apologized to Whitehead a Lewis said. A the had just been picking on the wrong landlords pocketing medicaid Washington apr much of the Money that finances the medicaid program winds up in the pockets of landlords instead of paying for medical care. Senate investigators say. A Senate subcommittee staff reported monday after an eight month study of the medicaid program that fee splitting agreements Between physicians and landlords Lead to numerous abuses in effect the physician ends up working for the landlord on a commission basis such agreements a present serious moral Legal and ethical the subcommittee said hearings on medicaid continued today before a subcommittee of the Senate committee on aging the panel is chaired by sen Frank e. Moss. Dutah meanwhile Val j Halamandaris associate counsel of the Senate committee and the head of the investigation said medicaid Bills from clinics and physicians surveyed in the study would be examined for any sign of criminal fraud prosecution would be sought if there is evidence of fraud he said. In studying clinics in intercity areas the investigators found that a most of the medicaid Money went to businessmen who owned the building or held the most of the physicians were allowed to keep about 20 to 40 per cent of the Money they generated from medicaid the subcommittee staff said the physicians were under heavy pressure from their landlords to see More patients order More medical tests and spend less and less time with each patient it said the report expressed a grave reservations that the Congress intended 60 to 80 per cent of medicaid monies to be spent for rent to be relegated As profit for a businessman rather than As a legitimate fee for the services rendered by practitioners a the report said the practice presents serious ethical questions it quoted from an opinion by the american medical association judicial Council that said a an arrangement by virtue of which a physician leases office space for a percentage of Gross income is not acceptable it is violative of ethical the subcommittee staff said the percentage lease a undeniably increases providers propensity to commit abusive in order to document the abuses Moss and subcommittee investigators posed As indigent medicaid patients and visited medicaid clinics they complained of having colds although congressional doctors had previously found them to be in perfect health. A Large variety of ailments were diagnosed at the clinics and numerous costly and unnecessary tests were made Moss said enough prescriptions were Given them a to fill a five drawer filing Cabinet a the report said

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