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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 30, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather Clear and cooler More data on Page 3a the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-216192nd year no. 243. High Point n. C., monday afternoon August 30. 1976 18 pages daily 15c, sunday 35 a ladies Man since acquiring the democratic presidential nomination. Jimmy Carter has become very popular with the ladies As seen Here in two photos taken sunday Junior league q. I done to want to give my name but you answered recently a person who asked about becoming a Debutante. What qualifications and prerequisites must a Young woman have to be asked to join the Junior league anon. A. A former president of the league said a Young woman has to be known by at least three members who propose her for membership to the admissions committee and they present the names to the whole membership for approval. The person should be Well known enough by the three so they could vouch for her ability and dedication As a worker throughout her Active membership. It is not necessary for her to be related to anyone who has been or is a member it is a training organization for Young women to serve the Community. They Are on provisional status for a year while they train through lectures workshops Volunteer duty in Many areas a civic affairs social service education Art Etc. Their membership has expanded As their program of services has grown but they Are limited in the number they can train thoroughly at one time. Civil air patrol q. I would like some information on the civil air patrol please what it is and what they do and How i could get in touch with somebody about joining. Thank you. Anon. A. The senior program for those Over 21 is on search and Rescue while cadets 13 to 21 train in aerospace education and flying the Cap is an auxiliary of the . Air Force dedicated to saving lives promoting safety in aviation aerospace education and interest in aviation. The seniors meet every second and fourth monday at 7 30 . At St. Christopher s episcopal Church Northeast Corner of Johnson and Eastchester and cadets meet there each monday at at 7 . You can Call Wayne Underwood at his Home after 6 475-1719 or just show up at a meeting. Its open to anyone girls and women included. Myca takes girls q. I am very interested in swimming and since the y has stopped taking people could you Tell me where i could go anon. Girl. A. Girls can swim at the Myca the Owca expects to reopen their Pool sept. 13 if the repair work is completed. Sound off the High Point Public school system is continuing its search for children in the City school area who Are not being served by any educational facility. Anyone having information concerning children from birth to age 21 with any handicapping condition who Are not presently in any school please Contact mrs. Merel Spivey 885-5141. In Plains a. Carter is often hugged and kissed by women who come out to Greet him while he is campaigning. A wire photo Senate nears hydroelectric project vote for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Earlier mail delivery q. Our mail is delivered around 2 . And i met our mail Carrier earlier one morning and asked him to give me our mail. He said carriers weren t allowed to do that. Is this True or was it that he did no to want to bother anon. A postmaster Lynn Blackwood said if a Carrier stops to look for mail out of his delivery sequence the time he uses will delay his deliveries to his other customers. Each Carrier has a certain number of hours and minutes to deliver his route and none is permitted to deliver it out of sequence Blackwood suggested if any customer needs an earlier delivery time he should consider renting a Post office Box. They Are available now at the main office and All stations. Washington a Congress is nearing final action on the Long standing attempt by environmentalists to Block a hydroelectric project on one of the world s oldest free flowing Rivers and this time the environmentalists could win As the Senate prepares to vote today on a Bill that would preserve a 26.5-mile segment of the new River in North Carolina the legislation which has already passed the House has Broad backing in the Senate and is also endorsed by the Ford administration. Those on both sides of the Issue now predict that the Senate will approve the Bill and Send it to president Ford. Senate leaders planned to take the measure up today but there was a Chance of delay if sen. James b Allend Ala. Pursues a filibuster he began on Friday against an antitrust Bill Congress will work Only a three Day week recessing on wednesday for a labor Day Holiday but the week could reveal major Progress on the part of Senate House what s inside amusements.8a bridge.8a classified ads.5-9b comics.10b crossword.8a editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-5b television .2b women a news6-7a weather.3a negotiators trying to Hammer out a final Compromise on the big tax revision Bill the conferees have been trying to reconcile the House version which would bring about $16 Billioni in new Money to the . Treasury by trimming some tax preferences with the Senate Bill. Which continues Many of these preferences and would cause a slight loss in tax revenues. Both versions however extend the some $17 billion in tax reductions enacted last year no votes Are expected on the tax Bill in either chamber before Congress returns on sept 8, even if the conferees finish work this week in other congressional action. The House was scheduled to vote this week on a Bill giving automobile manufacturers More time to comply with emission control regulations the Senate has already voted to delay full compliance with these standards a some of which Are to take effect next year a until 1980-Model cars. Both Chambers Are also to take up appropriations Bills for legislative expenses this week there could be attempts in both houses to Block Cost of living increases for members of Congress which Are contained in the legislation geologists claim the new River which rises in the Northwestern North Carolina mountains in two Forks that join to flow northward across Virginia and into West Virginia is part of what May be the oldest River Basin in the Western hemisphere after the interview today Carter told reporters that according to the tentative agreement the first debate would be held the third week in september and would be patterned primarily after proposal put Forth by the league of women voters. According to that plan the debates would be of a general nature As Carter advocates and not on specific topics As Ford has said he would like. A if president Ford can go in briefed on just one narrow subject with a whole sheaf of documents and memorized statements. I think that would remove a great Deal of the debate aspect a Carter told reporters. The candidate said on television that he wanted the debates in a Neutral a i personally Don t favor the first debate for instance. To be in the Aura of Washington where the presidency itself the office can be used for Fords advantage a he said. A a we re both running for president for the first time and it puts us on an equal asked whether he would object to the participation of other presidential candidates in the debate Carter replied a i done to have any objections about it i think that would ruin the debate format. It would be More like a forum a he said he would let lawyers the Federal election commission and his and Ford s representatives work out the problem. A i done to want to try to decide that Carter said. Carter also said he and running mate sen. Walter Mondale would Campaign All Over the country and not concentrate Only on a few key Stater a until much later and Only if it s a i done to think it will be necessary a he added. Carter said Mondale and their families would distribute their Campaign time throughout All 50 states and would remain with that plan unless Public opinion polls reveal a need for a shift. A we still have some flexibility during the month of he said. Quot but during september Well be campaigning through the earlier this month news Secretary Jody Powell said Carter would focus much of his attention on so called a a battlegrounds states which include California and those in the Industrial Midwest and the Northeast. As he has done before the democratic nominee attacked Ford for alleged Lack of leadership saying he knew of no substantive proposal the president has made in his two years of office. He sat there dormant in the White House fearful of taking any action a Carter said Luna Hisada bomb ended Clear d Light Breeze editor s note a most agree it was a cloudless Day Complete with a gentle Breeze a until the bomb came. And suddenly the Bright summer Sun was upon Hiroshima. Here is an account by e. Bryant Phillips of the new Bern Sun journal. Minnesota Beach . A it is a Long Way from Pamlico sound to Hiroshima and it has been a Long time since aug 6,1945, but Luna Hisada remembers the Flash that caused her to see Quot every color in the Rainbow a it was that aug. 6 morning when the first atomic bomb exploded Over the 4-Square-mile City of 300,000. The clocks stopped at 8 15 a in. Very few people in the City survived but Luna Hisada did while vacationing at this Pamlico county resort with the family of her brother Juan recently she recalled what it was like to be in Hiroshima the Day the Sun touched the Earth. Her brother acted As interpreter during the interview Luna a native of Bolivia worked in Hiroshima in 1945 then 20, she was working at the University of Hiroshima. Air raid warnings were common in the City she said so everyone routinely sought shelter when the sirens wailed the morning of aug. 6. But after the sirens sounded for a Brief period they stopped because Here was Only one american plane High above the City. Luna was still on the floor under her desk when other secretaries went to the surrounding windows to see what was happening then came the Flash she quickly closed her eyes but Luna said the Flash caused her to see a every color in the Rainbow she glanced up and saw her friends at the window a have their clothes melt off of suddenly it was pitch dark. A i thought i was dead Luna recalled the darkness was followed be bomb on 2a Eastern . Drought nears 0 new record of five months Raleigh a a drought that has left much of Eastern North Carolina parched continued unabated As the fifth month of it nears an end Raleigh and Chapel Hill have been hit the hardest by the Long dry spell. Both cities have been forced to rely on emergency water supplies from other towns and each has imposed ordinances setting out stiff penalties for anyone caught wasting water there had been some Hope for a weekend rainfall As a cold front moved across the state but Only traces of rain fell sunday. Raleigh s chief source of water is the Neuse River which normally has a flow of about 400 million Gallons a Day. Saturday the flow was Only 8 6 million Gallons and on sunday it was about la million Gallons sunday s flow was up Only because Durham and Butner had released a combined 7 5 million Gallons from their reservoirs upstream Friday the drought is the worst since record keeping began in 1887, weathermen said in april through july the nor Mal rainfall is better than 15 inches but this year it was about 8 5 inches. In Chapel Hill 30 Miles West of Raleigh problems continued As University Lake the City a main source of water remained at Little More than half its capacity. The Purchase of about three million Gallons of water a Day from Durham has saved Chapel Hill from a More severe crisis Durham has promised to continue supplying the neighbouring town unless its supplies become threatened emergency ordinances in full slate for november gop names two candidates by the associated press As the state Republican party filled out its slate of candidates for statewide office the two democrats in the Runoff for nomination for lieutenant governor disagreed about the value of experience for the office. Meeting in Greensboro sunday the state gop executive committee nominated de Tenney of Chapel Hill for commissioner of insurance and Evelyn Tyler of Greensboro for superintendent of Public instruction the nominations gave the party a full slate of statewide candidates in the nov. 2 general election Tenney a licensed in us Rancman who says his principle business is real estate said he would work to abolish the office if elected. He said he believes the Industry should be regulated by a panel chosen by the governor and approved by the legislature Tenney nominated Over two other insurance agents will face incumbent commissioner John Ingram who handily won renomination Over Joe Johnson an insurance professor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Mrs Tyler won Over Wayne county teacher Gene Baker though she said she Hadnot worked up her Campaign platform she said her beliefs were similar to those of Rocky mount school superintendent Ben Currin easily beaten in the aug 17 primary by incumbent a Craig Phillips saying she favored the superintendent being appointed. Mrs Tyler offered her support for a proposed 20 per cent pay increase for teachers in the next two year budget the state Board of education proposed that so gof on 2a Evelyn Tyler de Tenney Raleigh and Chapel Hill Are aimed at preventing wasteful uses of water anyone caught washing a car or watering lawns or shrubs could be fined $50 and jailed 30 Days Chapel Hill restaurants May not give customers a Glass of water unless it is re Quested and most restaurants Are using plastic plates and utensils to avoid washing dishes police have reported no arrests so far but some warnings had been issued on july 23, Raleigh officials called on citizens to voluntarily Cut water use though the emergency ordinance was later passed it was not put into effect until last saturday when the water Supply dropped and use had gone up Chapel Hill the Home of the University of North Carolina imposed its emergency ordinance aug 18, just Days before the thousands of students returned for the fall semester. The University which operates the area s water system said it is a last resort but it might temporarily close the University if the situation gets bad enough. Students arrived for the fall semester at Chapel Hill and the several colleges in Raleigh including North Carolina state last week pushing up the demand for water College officials have participated in water conservation efforts by passing out brochures and putting up signs and posters asking students to conserve water Carter reports tentative debate format set Plains a. Apr Jimmy Carter said today a tentative agreement has been reached Between his Campaign and that of president Ford on a format of three debates Between the candidates each lasting 75 minutes. The democratic presidential nominee said the subjects of the debates if they Are defined a would be worked out in proper Carter made the comments in an interview from Plains on the neg today program. Representatives of the two candidates met in Washington last thursday to discuss the debates format. Another meeting is planned for this week

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