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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1976, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - August 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Tup High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a Rawley Orvice pres. Mrs. C h. Lockwood vice pres. Good afternoon Rowan s contributions Are numerous Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr. Joe Brown editor by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus thursday August 26, 1976 her voices Are growing louder fifty six years ago today american women gained the right to vote. At that time dire predictions about the future of the family unit were made by those against female suffrage. Many men said that future candidates could be elected by the emotionally oriented women on the basis of a Nice smile or a handsome family. Very Little of what was predicted came to pass. The women a movement lost its momentum after accomplishing its main purpose by gaining the vote not finding new life until the 60�?Ts when it took on the. Issues of equal pay and equal treatment under the Law North Carolina s women who represent 58 per cent of the states voters have by no Means justified the states reluctance to ratify the 19th ammend ment North Carolina did t do that until 1971 they have not gone out and elected a Large number of women to state offices. Indeed they have often proved More suspicious of female candidates than their male counterparts. For this reason it is a woman of Superior Quality who does get elected to a local state or National Post. Statistics also show that women while in the majority of registered voters do not vote As heavily As men except on certain issues such As liquor by the drink. North Carolina women have been a major Factor in defeating such referendums in the past. Leaders across the state have agreed however that women Are becoming More interested in the issues which touch their lives than before. The equal rights amendment has certainly brought out Large numbers of women working for and against its passage. Other issues such As equal pay tax sex err options for Day care expenses and local problems have drawn the interest of Many women from All walks of life statewide. A this latter circumstance May be the Best result of the women a liberation movement. Whether for it or against it women have become More aware of themselves and their responsibilities and rights As citizens. Voting is both a right and a responsibility for women As Well As men. The anniversary of the 19th amendment a a passage reminds women that it has not always been so. Mary Elizabeth a lid Dye Hanford Salisbury a gift to the Republican National ticket As wife of senator Robert Dole draws anew the spotlight on Rowan county from whence has emerged considerable Impact on this state and now the nation. Recent developments indicate that another Salisbury native. Rachel Gray will be sent from the Post of mayor pro tem of High Point to the state Senate. Indeed it appears that Rowan county which has sons and daughters making names and fortunes in various High places All Over the world May be to North Carolina what Cleveland county was half a Century ago when it was the political powerhouse of the state. In education in Medicine. In the arts in the clergy in politics teaching and business Rowan folks both natives of that area and those who have found their Opportunity there have written their names High in varied accomplishments beginning the list is Rev. Samuel e. Mccorkle who barely missed being the president of the University of North Carolina after he had been a vital Force in its founding. Only the fact that William r. Davie accept a Clergyman to head that institution stopped him Mccorkle went Back to his native Rowan and set up the famous Zion Parnassus Academy at which six of the first seven students to be graduated to the University at Chapel Hill studied. And there were the Lingle Brothers who achieved greatness Walter As the distinguished president of Davidson College Tom who won his degree from Leipzig University in Germany As a linguist who did outstanding work with language for our service men in world War i and will who service fully distinguished himself As a presbyterian missionary to China. Or. Archibald Henderson was the Brilliant mathematician and philosopher on the unc Chapel Hill faculty and Sidney Blackmer won High rank on the Broadway stage As a leading Man for what seemed a generation in the Field of Industry and business Carl Horn advanced to chair Manship of the Duke Power company Lewis Morris to the presidency of Cone Mills corporation at Greensboro and de l Rankin who served As right hand Man to governors William b. Umstead and Luther h Hodges to the vice presidency of Cannon Mills company. William d. Snider Able editor of the Greensboro daily news and record is a Salisbury son while John w. Harden a native of Alamance emerged to importance in his newspaper career at Salisbury. Three generations of Hurley have Given their area a characterful newspaper Young Jim having headed brilliantly the recent successful fundraising Effort for Catawba College. Politically potent. Rowan furnished Lee s. Overman As . Senator the late Kerr Craige Ramsey As speaker of the House and Phil Kirk currently Secretary of human resources for the state of North Carolina to mention just a few. There is a Rich history in Rowan county something which Tho Young de Clement is promoting in remarkable fashion through a foundation the uncompromising or. Helms sen. Jesse Helms announcement that he would not support president Fords Campaign unless the latter adheres to the policies of the Republican party platform should Surprise few people who Are politically aware. Helms has demonstrated in the past that he will not co Compromise in any Way his conservative principles even if that Compromise would be to the advantage of his political group. This latest announcement is but another example of his idealistic inflexibility. Now we have nothing against being the new Elizabeth president Gerald Ford s selection of sen Robert Dole As his running mate has also brought mrs. Elizabeth Hanford Liddy Dole into the National spotlight and that can Only help the image of North Carolina women. Mrs Dole is a graduate of Duke University where she was Phi Beta Kappa and president of the student government she holds a Law degree and a masters in education from Harvard she served As Deputy director for the office of consumer affairs before taking her current Post on the Federal Trade commission. In Short Liddy Dole is everything another Elizabeth from North Carolina is not. At least she proves to the world that every female who migrates from North Carolina to Washington is not a dumb blonde who can to Type projecting the news idealistic or nor do we oppose refusing to Compromise principles. It would be easier for us to congratulate sen. Helms for standing by what he believes in if we agreed with More of what he believes. In this Case however it seems More appropriate to offer condolences to president Ford. If Helms proves True to his word and we have Little doubt in that respect the president stands to lose a popular Southern senators support or take on a platform which criticizes his own foreign policy. We suspect he will chose the former course. From what Helms has said in the past his presence in the Republican party is not Likely after november. While his loss would Hurt Ford in North Carolina in the Long run the Republican candidate would be setting himself up for much criticism from the democrats should he whole heartily endorse a part platform that rejects his administrations foreign policy. For unlike his opponent Jimmy Carter who virtually drafted the democratic stance on most issues. Ford did not have a very heavy hand in putting together the Republican platform Helms and Tom Ellis both Ronald Reagan supporters had More to do with what went into the final product than Ford did therefore it would be understandable if the president chose to Chart his own course. Judging from what Helms said wednesday he holds no High Hopes for the Republican chances of retaining the White House anyway. That kind of an attitude May not represent the support Ford needs at this time anyway. Ii Muhm Khz Idi a i of a vast the we again foday lord How i wish Hep cd a was Washington merry go round restoring Many of the old buildings whose Walls if they could talk could Tell interesting stories of bygone Days and events. Rowan strongly presbyterian and lutheran has produced scads of Good preachers who have moved on to other pulpits and a flock of Good and Well trained medical men who have Given it a heritage from the Days when or John Whitehead and or. Ernest Stokes made their Whitehead Stokes Hospital at Salisbury one of the Early medical centers. That Hospital Drew patients from All Over Central North Carolina when the government wanted to place there the veterans Hospital serving among others mental patients there went up a Hue and cry against it but now it is the county a largest Industry with a thousand or More employees drawing Rowan a largest payroll. Rowan has a Way of mastering even that which they set out not liking turning adversity into Prosperity to make the course a and its cherished leaders a run smoothly whether it be in politics business journalism preaching or what have you Many More including old timers like Henry and Dave Hinckle and their varied livery stables in Salisbury As Well As the horniest branches at Statesville and Hickory could be cited but what we be listed tells quite a Story of Rowan s Potency. Items appearing that Tell of first one and then another family reunion hereabouts Are a healthy sign in any area Kinsmen who often come from distances to renew old friendships and kinship Are Given an Opportunity to revisit old scenes and to meet and Greet one another As they gather around a common outdoor table or sit in the Shade of a hallowed churchyard or Home and recall experiences from earlier Days. Thus Are kept alive family traditions along with valued family history handed Down to younger generations and often recorded while at the same time the spirit of comradeship and brotherly love is engendered these Are things much needed the world Over in these times. The family reunion is a Fine old Southern custom that should not Only be kept alive but should be embraced by Many other families As Well. Local Jaycees Are working toward their most exciting time of the year As they prepare for their Guilford county agricultural fair which will open on sept. To for an eight Day run at the Fairgrounds in the Florence Community Midway Between High Point and Greensboro and easily accessible to a wide area of folks there is always something special about the High Point Jaycees at a fair time a but chairmen Larry Anderson and George Pope have More going than has usually been the Case Given fair weather it promises to be the finest Ever in every Way. The Doak Finch Homestead situated in a 72-acre tract on Thomasville Southside and one of the handsomest residences of the area is on the Market priced at $350,000 a and a bargain for someone Able and willing to swing Manning is coming from san Marino. California to take Over sept. I general manage ship of the fit Back division of Ohio Art company. He has purchased the v Morgan s Lovely Home at Igor country club drive and they will be moving next week to an apartment at Westchester key the splendid Lake Junaluska singers Are coming to the High Point theatre sept 28 under sponsorship of first United methodist Church furniture imports Are a lucrative business for some foreign manufacturers something that will show More than Ever in the fall Market Here including the chinese whose Bamboo items outpace the combined $24 million shipments from Japan and Hong Kong Edgar Hartley beloved As longtime Myca director will be 89 years old saturday the Urban ministry a non profit organization which does a world of Good in our Community. Faces budget raising time again dependent upon churches and Christian individuals for its support Blue Cross overcharges show in audit England Brown parched land Cambridge. England a there has been no drought like it in More than 250 years the last rain in my Garden fell three weeks ago and before that there had been one minimal Trace in two and a half months lawns Are parched Brown the old Trees Are dying and the Farmers have Long faces in what used to be a Green and pleasant land the pea and bean crops have been a disaster the potatoes Are too Small and the ministry of agriculture said on aug 9 Quot generally sugar beet growth is at a stand still the growth of Lodder crops remain Static and grass growth has now stopped or is very slow Over practically the whole countr it a decline in the output of milk con tues a the prospects Are grim and frightening a said a spokesman for the confederation of British Industry of rain does t fall soon supplies to Industry will be Cut in Many parts of the country that could mean a three Day work week for Tae tories and even closures As heat wave follows heat wave Only Beer consumption has hit an All time High Wales has been one of the most afflicted areas a million people in Southern Wales have their water Supply Cut off every night Baths Are now out so is watering the Garden the Fine for ignoring restrictions on water use is now $750 and May yet go up local water authorities have been Given Power to it met or Cut off supplies under emergency legislation the situation shows no signs of in prove nent Ding Range forecasts Call for warm dry and sunny periods for the rest of the summer and september and october Are usually the driest months of the year be cause extremely dry conditions prevail there is an Ever present danger of Brush fires in to years ago i visited the drought stricken areas of Africa South of the Sahara and watched nomads bringing their precious camels goats and mangy cows to the slaughterhouses because there was no More fodder i never envisaged that the same thing could happen in England with a Bale of Hay Histing up to $6. Many English Farmers Are leading their cattle to Market there can be Little doubt that the Prospect of a deteriorating climate can produce widespread social unrest last May the i s Central intelligence Agency made Public its first weather forecast because it Felt that climatic changes might cause mass hunger the economic and political collapse of nations and Quot militarily Large scale migrations of their people a while climatologists May be in disagreement on whether the world s weather is getting warmer or colder they Are in agree ment that a Belt of wet Westerly winds has moved South this is Good for places like Iran Afghanistan. Libya Egypt and Mexico it is bad news for Canada. England. Russia and China although it is fanciful to think of Olive Groves in Sussex or oranges in Hampshire banners Here Are having to think about switching to crops like Corn and Oil seeds everywhere attitudes Are going to have to be reexamined Many of the tourists Corning to in air conditioned England Are saying they will never come Back in the summer because Quot it s too such comments make Clear that what we thought was unthinkable is now with us Yorick Blumenfeld by Jack Anderson with Les Whitten Washington Blue Cross has been telling the american Public that it does More Quot than just pay Bills Quot that s Tiue the boys at Blue Cross like to run up Bills of their own and stick Uncle Sam with the Tab. A confidential audit prepared by the department of health education and welfare reveals that at least five Blue Cross companies overcharged the Federal government thousands of dollars in the administration of medicare programs the Federal government pays the giant health insurance system $7 2 million per year to administer a portion of the $17 7 billion medicare program Blue Cross then signs subcontracts with its subsidiaries which handle the Day to Day Drudgery of processing claims the hew report charges Itiat Blue Cross subcontractors in Iowa Maine Nebraska and Wisconsin purchased luxury automobiles chartered private air planes and foisted the Bills off on medicare Here Are the details a some Blue Cross executives flew first class to business meetings and stayed at the finest hotels they took their families along and charged it All to the government Quot charging medicare for the meetings was a questionable the audit states Quot since the meetings were of a general nature held in settings outside the contractors service area a Blue Cross officials in Iowa and Wisconsin bought fleets of luxury automobiles. Which they charged to medicare these costs were said the confidential audit and Quot unallowable for reimbursement to the a Blue Cross workers also charged the taxpayers thousands of dollars for Quot business automobiles which they put to personal use employees in Iowa and Maine took the vehicles Home after work and used them As it they owned them a Blue Cross executives often shunned commercial airlines and chartered private planes in each instance. The audit charges commercial flights were available the Public paid Blue Cross auditors who should have halted the waste of Federal Money simply looked the other Way on one occasion according to a confidential memorandum a government investigator grilled a Blue Cross auditor about the personal use of Federal monies Quot so what Quot snapped the Blue Cross Man Quot Well Call it compensation and make the necessary adjustments a Blue Cross current medicare contract expires at the end of september our sources predict however that the insurance colossus will flex its political muscle and get the agreement renewed rep Charles Vanik a Ohio chairman of the House ways and Means oversight subcommittee will hold hearings on the Blue Cross medicare contract later this month we think this is the tip of the iceberg said one House investigator Vanik anticipates finding similar abuses in Blue Cross administration of the medicaid program and defense department insurance plans footnote a Blue Cross spokesman tacitly admitted to our associate Marc sino Lonsky that the insurance organization had overcharged the Federal government but the thousands of dollars involved he argued was Quot insignificant in comparison to the total amount of the contract Blue Cross he added. Is trying to Quot Correct the problem revolving republicans this year Hep Bli the National whirligig Mondale s inaction aiding lobbyists by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington spotlighted sen Walter f Mondale. D Minnis on the spot politically because the Senate finance committee of which he is a member is dragging its feet in closing the loopholes of the renegotiation act it is estimated that Over the years. $2 billion of the taxpayers Money has been sliced out through these Windfall apertures moreover unless the Senate finance committee acts by sept 30. 1976. The usual Extension act will leave the loopholes open the legislation closing these loopholes was passed in the House after a herculean struggle by rep Joseph g mints. D a j., of the House banking and currency committee beaten in the House the most formidable Industrial lobby in the capital mustered All of its strength to Stop the minish reforms in the Senate it appears to have succeeded. The Senate finance committee on which the distinguished democratic nominee for vice president sits has taken no action at All which of course Means it is taking the strongest possible action on behalf of the lobbyists coming at a time when it has been proven within the last month that certain democratic senators namely Daniel Inove of Hawaii and Joseph Montoya of new Mexico have introduced legislation actually written by the lobbyists the Senate finance committee and sen Mondale Are placed in the unhappy position of rendering a much greater service to these interested groups by doing nothing at All oddly enough. John Milton s ode on his blindness has particular application to the Senate finance committee they also serve who Only stand and wait a wrote the great Milton Little realizing his deathless words would apply to the Minnesota senator who aspires to the vice presidency of the United states. For by standing and waiting sen Mondale is serving the highly paid lobbyists in such manner that their employers would be Picayune to Challenge their generous evaluation of their own services after All it May be assumed that it takes a lot of work to get a Senate committee to do nothing while $2 billion a year of the taxpayers Money gushes out like the Potomac in Spring flood the strategy of the lobbyists is to Force the Reform measures into the new Congress under parliamentary rules the general oversight and renegotiation committee of which rep minish is chairman would then have to Start All Over again cans won t be Able to use the traditional Campaign theme. Quot done to change horses in Midstream Quot at least that s what democratic party Boss Bob Strauss is saying in a fundraising letter. Strauss outlines the game of government musical chairs the Gor has been playing during the past seven years both Richard Nixon and Sprio Agnew resigned from office that meant two appointed vice presidents and one appointed president. Strauss Points out there have been six different Republican attorneys general five Commerce and labor secretaries four secretaries at defense. Interior and health education and welfare. The department of housing and Urban development has had three different Bosses in seven years. Meanwhile the Cia is on its fourth new director As is the budget office and the Federal Energy a a ministration the Fri command has turned Over Only three times Strauss of course is pushing for one More change at All of these agencies that would by the appointment of democratic party faithful in a Carter administration Washington whirl prior to a recent House poll on anti abortion rep Wayne Hays d Ohio. Was asked by his cloakroom colleagues How he planned to vote Hays who has admitted to a personal Liaison with Elizabeth Ray. Smiled Back Quot since i be come out foursquare Tor sex i i guess i have to favor a rep Robert Giaimo. D -conn., May now be regretting his ardent support for congressional funding of a subway system for Washington the construction Crews have now made a Trench out of the Street in front of his Home and he is awakened every morning by the turmoil

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